Welcome to Monday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our WEEI.com home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

Welcome to Monday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our WEEI.com home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

NFL: Lions at Seahawks, 8:30 p.m. (ESPN; WEEI-AM)


Rex Ryan‘s Bills are leading the league, but not in the right categories. In Sunday’s 24-10 loss to the visiting Giants, the Bills committed 17 penalties, giving them a league-leading 57 this season. In fact, it’s the most penalties by a team through four games in a decade.

Despite that, Ryan found positives in his team’s aggressiveness.

“Well, I’m going to tell you something: I’m proud of the way this team played,” an animated Ryan said after his team fell to 2-2. “Can you play a lot smarter? Absolutely. But I’ll take a team that can fight over a team that won’t — that will sit back and take it — any day of the week. And bring on the next team.

“So that’s how I look at it. Give me a team that’s got some fight, and we’ll compete to the very end, right, wrong or indifferent. No matter how good the officiating is, or whatever.”

Ryan did not appreciate members of the media saying his team had an issue with discipline, even though Buffalo had two touchdowns called back due to penalties Sunday.

“You guys write the story, so you’ll write it the way you want to write it,” Ryan said. “I know the one thing I know for a fact is that we have heart. The discipline things? I get it. When you have 17 penalties, that’s obviously a sign of lack of discipline. That’s not the real deal, but this is a free country. Write what you believe.”

Added Ryan: “I get it, no question about it. We can focus on the negatives and all that — and I get it, that’s your guys’ job — but you might not understand the game the way I understand [it] because I’ve been on the other side. I’ve been a part of a 20-some-penalty performance by the Ravens, OK? And we went on and we fixed it. We’ll fix it here.”

Some players say they believe the officials are making calls based on the Bills’ reputation, and defensive tackle Kyle Williams said they’ll now have to be “choirboys” because other teams will try to goad them into lashing out.

“Oh, I think we’re there,” Williams said of the reputation. “Especially in the fourth quarter, when we go back out. [Linebacker] Preston [Brown] is ripping out a ball and he gets 15 yards thrown on him for throwing an elbow when he’s trying to rip the ball out. So I think once you get to that point, they’re looking for things, whether they’re legitimate or not, they’re looking for things like that.”

However, safety Corey Graham called Sunday’s display “embarrassing.”

“One after another, dumb penalties,” the former University of New Hampshire star said. “It’s terrible. We can’t win games like that.”

— The Colts have taken a step back this season with their play on the field, and now it appears their game-day staff has taken a step back in time.

Three female reporters were temporarily denied entry to the Jaguars locker room after Sunday’s game in Indianapolis by an attendant.

Tweeted Yahoo’s Graham Watson: I was just blocked from a locker room by an old, out-of-touch geezer who wasn’t sure women were allowed because “you know how guys are.”

“At first we thought we had the wrong door,” Watson told the Indianapolis Star. “He said, ‘€˜I’m not sure you’re allowed back there.’ ”

The women said the attendant then asked around to see if the women were allowed in the locker room. After a few minutes, a Jaguars staffer told him they were OK to enter.

Watson, said this was her first gender discrimination.

“Never ever have I had someone stop me from going into a locker room I was allowed to go into,” she said. “I’ve covered events all over the world. I was stunned. I was angry.

“He should not be working the door of an NFL locker room.”

Watson noted later that the PR staffs from both teams apologized for the incident.

— Jason Whitlock became the latest big name to depart ESPN, agreeing to a buyout last month, Sports Illustrated reported Sunday.

Whitlock joined ESPN in August 2013 and was to be the founding editor of a website about race and sports called The Undefeated, but earlier this year he was removed from that role, reportedly amid questions about his leadership style. He has continued to appear on ESPN programs.

“We have mutually agreed to part ways, which was Jason’s preference following the shift from his role as editor-in-chief,” ESPN said in a statement. “Jason is a talented print and television commentator, and we wish him success in his next chapter. ESPN remains fully committed to The Undefeated and plans continue toward an official launch.”

Whitlock was with ESPN previously from 2002-06. He then worked for Fox Sports from 2007-13. Now he’s expected to sign up for a second stint with Fox.

ON THIS DAY TRIVIA (answer below): On Oct. 5, 2005, the Red Sox lost Game 2 of the American League Division Series when the White Sox took advantage of a key error by which Boston player to score five runs in the fifth and rally for a 5-4 victory?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Unbelievably, I wave to the Red Sox for the final time. Thank you, boys. … Orsillo rounding third and heading home.” — Don Orsillo, acknowledging a tribute from the players after Sunday’s game, his last as NESN’s play-by-play announcer

STAT OF THE DAY: 4 — Interceptions thrown by Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston, the top overall pick in the draft, in Sunday’s 37-23 loss to the Panthers

‘NET RESULTS (mobile users, check the website to see the videos): Orioles center fielder Nolan Remold makes a diving catch of Jacoby Ellsbury‘s fly ball for an out against the Yankees.

Marlins outfielder Ichiro Suzuki makes his first major league pitching appearance in Sunday’s game against the Phillies.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Second baseman Tony Graffanino, who missed a double-play grounder that led to three unearned runs

SOOTHING SOUNDS: Steve Miller was born on this day in 1943.

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Greg and Chris discuss the debacle that is the Miami Dolphins in the midst of getting beat pretty badly in London by the Jets a week removed from getting destroyed by the Bills. Where does Miami go from here?
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Curran calls Greg and Chris to discuss the struggles of the Dolphins and Colts along with the state of Pats durng their bye. He gets into the defense and how they've performed, specifically the secondary and Devin McCourty.

[0:12:18] ... Beat up your safety to compete in folks think about this weather. Rodney Harrison. Bob Sanders tort all the Malo Earl Woods who will be able to say Q for the Packers. It read. Go Earl Thomas you ...
[0:14:14] ... Thinking Frank Gore. With going to be some kind of remedy or Trent Cole and kind of a remedy at 030. Big serious. Narrow. Personnel decisions. And that bitten by crippling elephant fun the gun on ...
[0:15:36] ... and Annika and he will regret. Well just started to look better David Carr. That all the things work if you don't have a system in place organization and waits. I mean offensive system at an ...

Pete calls the boys to go over all of the big fantasy topics of the day - Luck missing the game and the fantasy implications, injuries, Matt Stafford's recent play, sleepers, daily fantasy value picks and more.

[0:03:15] ... that forming and and tell me how you would play guys. Like Frank Gore TY Hilton doctor Martin creek now that lucky is out Hasselbeck is him. I mean you just don't downgrade everybody I mean ...
[0:05:33] ... getting some. Some big plays on the muddy field seemed deal with Matt Jones I think today against the Eagles he and nasty back and muddy track I think he could be a sleeper. And here's ...
[0:09:49] ... whether it's a year long league. Would you feel comfortable and trust Drew Brees as your quarterback today in his return. You know that's a tough call I mean I I I do you avoid breeze ...
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Chris brings a couple interesting topics to the table: where are the Pats deficiencies besides at CB/the secondary and can Gronk be named MVP if he puts together another huge season? The guys talk about Gronk's impact thus far and why he is loved so much by Pats nation.

[0:07:41] ... receiving. But there's a whole. Want to stuff that goes into it. Jason Witten in 2012 Tony Gonzales in 2000 foreign Dow's Clark in 2000 not all had a hundred catches you would have to have ...
[0:09:32] ... a raise is bull Letterman that you're you're looking guy you're the Kellen Winslow in 1980 at 89 catches 198188. Catches 1983 88 catches. Granted that was it was a different era for you OS that ...
[0:11:03] ... me and here's why I disagree with the U. I'm not expecting Aaron Rodgers to. Fall off hitting point yeah probably have. One of those bad games like he did last year late in the season where he throws two or three picks only as a 130 art but that. Aaron Rodgers is the machine and that machine ain't slowing down but I actually brought. Assuming that and it continues to put up the ...

WIth Andrew Luck missing today's game, Greg and Chris take a step back and discuss what happened to the Colts a year removed from being in the AFC Championship. Should they go backwards this year in order to build better going forward?

[0:02:26] ... sing luck. We think that we can get past Jacksonville. We have Matt Hasselbeck started because knee you know we have the Thursday may team next week. We came you know we if if regal looking ...
[0:04:04] ... and we're Tony Dungy got him to a point. In the end Jon Gruden came in and he was the guy it was Republicans take over the top. Maybe he needed different coach maybe you needed ...
[0:06:12] ... You have no defense of what I think or yearly done on Frank Gore. Or maybe year to where we're seeing other francoeur is past his victories one of those thirty year old running backs who just it's just it's done even if he wasn't Chris eat this is Frank Gore two years ago. It wasn't Smart money why would you pick up Frank Gore. Why would you draft eighty mile wide receiver in the first round would you desperately needed lying play on either side of ...
[0:07:45] ... three of twenty deep passes this season before. That deep pass to Brandon Marshall we talk about teams like the colts who were struggling a recurrent come to a crossroads. In their season. In your looking ...

The great Field Yates joins Greg and Chris to talk some football. He talks about the early game and how Miami's backs are against the wall. Field also talks about the struggling Colts with Andrew Luck officially ruled out for today's game, potential trades around the league including Matt Forte, the bad decision from Steelers coach Mike Tomlin so far this season, other solid teams in the AFC that are not named the Patriots and if the Arizona Cardinals are for real amongst some other topics.

[0:00:53] ... that's the fact that Andrew Luck will not play today for the Indianapolis Colts and this comes a week after which they. Probably ended up. Trading their season. And do you think that this could be. A major source of concern for the Indianapolis Colts that maybe it's not just a one game thing that they may be sell more there that will linger. I mean it's ...
[0:07:30] ... they had the level the success that they did last year before Carson Palmer went down but I have a feeling today that game at Arizona Saint Louis game. The potentially be sneaky good. Welcome to ...
[0:08:28] ... fields. Is Joseph Philbin its job on the line today if the Miami Dolphins not just lose but lose badly again. They're great I'll say there is that spin servers that under current surrounding the game ...
[0:11:45] ... to be holed up there had been perpich. That first week certainly Antonio Bryant big date but it we know Italy about oh in the big day or big banners playing quarterback for him. But the ...

Greg and Chris kick off the bye week edition of NFL Sunday discussing the state of Pats even though it's very early. Chris talks about what has gone right so far. They get into other teams in the AFC that are playing well. The boys chat about how it will be nice to sit back and watch the rest of the league all day, including the early morning game live from London.