Judy Battista, NFL.com, warns the listeners about the negative ramifications that will occur when Tom Brady and the NFLPA takes the NFL to court.
Robert Kraft decided, in May, to drop the rhetoric directed at the NFL in hopes that Roger Goodell would be lenient on Tom Brady. Today, he stated that he was wrong.

[0:01:08] ... to give the lawyers out of the wrong. I had hopes that Tom Brady is appealed to Italy. Would provide Roger Goodell that necessarily explanation. Don't overturn his suspension. Two things week. Talk about during the commercial break on the heels of those comments from Robert Kraft which you've heard alive here on W yeah I'm just moments ago these days than it. Two things that came from this Kristi city gets extra away and it's good point. If Robert Kraft does wanna do something and extend the middle finger a little further to the National Football League on this now. Why not give to strap scheme now their jobs back yeah. If they really did nothing wrong as Tom Brady stated not only on his behalf but also on behalf of the equipment staff and his FaceBook post. And Robert Kraft has decided to re enter the ring here. One of those two need to stay suspended if they did nothing to Robert. And oppose go to okay from the comeback that could submit paperwork right relate to hire these guys again but that also explains people say why would you dismiss these two individuals. Amir Robert Kraft and he tried to do everything possible at that stage. If you try to rig help exonerate Tom Brady Billick will cooperate obviously fired these two guys were under investigation. Done the texts with some things there were said to mean maybe there was wrongdoing within the office maybe there was some. Equipment that was being passed along sneakers things like that the deflator wanted everything else. Let's just do what's right let's just clear the room. You don't get rid of these guys momentarily noble with the idea may bring in the back in the future will see I will accept this penalty. And hopefully that'll all be make it easier for Tom Brady's case. Right let's just it and will re submit paperwork try to get these guys hired again to get a film will ...
[0:04:00] ... tell me if you think my thinking is flawed here but did Tom Brady's argument in the federal court regardless of which courts in. Manhattan Minnesota or whatever but did his argument just gets stronger. Based on what what Kraft said what do you our mission of Robert Kraft. That he was making a deal with Roger Goodell which affected the suspension of Tom Brady strikes me as being out of the bounds of procedure. Affair. Would just out of bounds and teacher if the whole fight ...
[0:04:55] ... was an agreement or anything was negotiate artistic it was almost like. Robert Kraft in his own mind thought that this was a good faith agreement almost like OK okay but I will Alec septic. Because in my own mind. I think this will help Tom Brady I don't think that Robert Roger Goodell shared that opinion with him. And that's because it was a brutal gonna you gotta read you what Julia from the dogma out nope that was I don't know Robert Kraft what he just said about. So I accepted this to help exonerate already arid and those are expressing Roger Goodell but that's the point. You what did you started his own which a lot of people he obviously did. I'm not in I think. IRobot anybody else I walked away with the impression that Robert Kraft was saying to all of us that I tried to make a deal with Roger Goodell. And I thought we had made a deal and then nothing came of it. Now he was flawed and is thinking because you can't make a deal without Brady President Bush here and it's here where he's. Back in May I had to make a difficult decision. That I now regret. I tried ...
[0:06:49] ... to give the lawyers out of the wrong I had hopes that Tom Brady's appealed to Little League. Would provide Roger Goodell than necessarily explanation. So overturn his suspension. Now. The league has taken the matter ...

When the show opened today, we went to the press conference, live, where Robert Kraft condemned the NFL's decision to uphold Tom Brady's suspension. Bill Belichick spoke shortly after. Lou, Christian and Tim reacted immediately after.
The guys talk about the story of Cecile the Lion, who was killed by a Minnesota dentist. Jimmy Kimmel opened his show on the topic last night, and we played some of the audio from his monologue.
Matt Light was Tom Brady's teammate, but more importantly, was a NFLPA rep for the team. He spoke with MFB from a Union perspective and how other players could be taking jabs at Brady, despite the fact he support from the Union.

NY Post 7-29-15NY PostThis woman in a burqa was not heading to any prayer services.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and her kid sister hid under traditional Muslim wear — during the holy month of Ramadan — so they could get secret plastic surgery in Paris, The Post has learned.

The Brazilian stunner orchestrated the cloak-and-dagger mission so she could sneak into the swank International Clinique du Parc Monceau for work on her boobs and eyes, sources said.

A dead giveaway was the footwear — Muslim women are forbidden from wearing open-toed shoes.

A source said she was concerned that her breasts had sagged after having two children — and the surgery was a 35th-birthday and post-retirement present to herself.

Gisele and sister Rafaela were picked up by Bundchen’€™s longtime chauffeur at the Bristol Hotel and driven to the clinic on July 15, sources said. The photo below shows Gisele with the driver before she donned the burqa.

The next day, after the two surgeries, the trusty driver — who has worked for Gisele since at least 2010 — took the two women back to the hotel, where they packed up their belongings.

This is the story the guys were talking about on Dennis & Callahan on Wednesday morning. And my takeaway is that it runs in the family, obviously.

Not the cheating, the sneaking around and the artificial enhancements. I’m talking about the competitive edge. The burning desire to be the best. To test yourself to the limits and make yourself better even when you’re already the best there ever was.

Gisele has bewbs and eyes that 99.99999 percent of the female population of the world would sell their children to a Third World Apple iSweatshop to get. But they’re not good enough for her. So she goes to Paris in disguise to make them even better. That’s what puts the “super” in supermodel. It’s the same drive, the same fire in the belly, that has her husband coming to training camp three days early the season after he cemented his legacy as the greatest of all time.

So congratulations, Gisele. Hopefully you’ll do a little self-scouting on this, watch some film, recognize that critical open-toed shoes mistake and come back next time ready to do even better. And finding a cosmetic surgeon’s office that understands the meaning of “confidentiality” would go a long way, too. Congrats on the work you had done. We’re all looking forward to seeing how they came out.


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You know, the question gets asked every so often “Why would the NFL go after its best franchise and most marquee player if he didn’t do anything wrong?”

Well here’s your answer. The NFL, the 31 other franchises, the football media and most of America are so convinced the Patriots are always cheating, always pushing rules to the limits and getting away with it, that the perception has become reality for them. It’s to the point they’re chasing ghosts that never existed.

Just look at that ESPN graphic. There was no tape of the Rams’ walk-through. Never. The NFL knows it. The Rams know it. ESPN knows it. The man who reported it knows it, retracted the story and apologized for it. And yet the fiction has become fact.

So naturally when some slappy equipment guy from the Colts starts a story about the Patriots monkeying around with footballs, the public is already so invested in this myth of “a pattern of cheating” that people are willing to go along with the fairy tale. And there should be no doubt in any of our minds that the idea Tom Brady smashed his phone to hide evidence from Ted Wells has already permanently embedded itself in simple minds everywhere.

Again I’m left to say it: Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not really out to get you.


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Portland Press HeraldScarborough police are keeping an eye on the Prout’s Neck property of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who upheld the four-game suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on Tuesday — a decision that’s unlikely to sit well with fans of the Super Bowl champions.

The NFL contacted Scarborough police Tuesday.

“They did reach out and let us know about the decision and that it might not be popular,” said Scarborough Police Chief Robbie Moulton.

He said there had been no problems or threats that he was aware of since the decision was announced and police were not planning anything unusual in terms of protection. …

Goodell is believed to own a $6.5 million house on Bohemia Way.

There you have it, people of New England. Here you go, Mainiacs from the great state of Vacationland. That’s what Roger Goodell thinks of you. He sits up there behind the gates of his $6.5 million Xanadu out on Prout’s Neck playing God with your quarterback’s life and thinks you’re all a bunch of murderous psychopaths who are going to end up standing in his bathroom like Donnie Wahlberg in “The Sixth Sense.”

That’s how little respect he has for you. And frankly, how little he thinks of Scarborough’s finest. He expects the police to take patrols off the street and protection away from the good, salt-of-the-earth citizens who live there year-round so he can continue to spin his web of lies. I guess that $44 million he’s being paid by Mr. Kraft isn’t enough to get him to pay for a couple of night watchmen. Or dogs. Or bees. Or the dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot bees at you, like a normal evil bazillionaire.

Of course I’m not advocating any sort of violence be done to Goodell or his mansion. But if a few well-placed eggs make their way onto his roof or a couple of dozen rolls of toilet paper should find their way into his trees, I won’t shed a tear. Granted, it’d probably cost the Patriots a couple of draft picks. But it’d be worth it.


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“I first and foremost need to apologize to our fans because I truly believe what I did in May given the actual evidence of this situation and the league’s history on discipline matters would make it much easier for the league to exonerate Tom Brady. Unfortunately I was wrong. I was wrong to put my faith in the league.” – Robert Kraft

Holy schneikies. Every time I think the Deflategate saga holds no more surprises for us, it takes another shocking turn. Mr. Kraft could have gone to that podium, stared out at the assembled media horde for a second and said, “I am Iron Man,” and I wouldn’t have been more surprised than I was at this.

For Patriots fans, this is a moment, perhaps not of triumph, but definitely one to embrace. Pats fans on the whole felt betrayed back in May when their Dear Leader took the dreaded high road at that press conference in San Francisco. Particularly since the Kraft-pitulation came as it did 24 hours after Peter King published an interview with him that was all full of great vengeance and furious anger, which is what fans wanted. Mr. Kraft had given the troops a phenomenal pre-battle speech, whipped them into a frenzy and then suddenly told them to stand down. It felt like running full speed on a treadmill then having someone hit the emergency stop button. Only way more painful.

So while this doesn’t take the bitter aftertaste of the surrender away altogether, it does help a little. It can’t be easy for powerful people to admit they were wrong and the great unwashed public was right. If it were, they’d do it a lot more often than they do. And it has to be especially hard when you’ve asked that same public to trust your judgment and they rip your decision anyway even though you’re the sole reason they have a team to bellyache about in the first place.

But more than anything, this latest development tells Pats fans they were right all along. They didn’t trust the NFL to do the right thing. Saw no benefit to Mr. Kraft playing nice with the other owners. And basically looked at him like you would some loved one who was running with the wrong crowd of people who take advantage of his good nature, are only nice to his face and treat him like garbage behind his back every chance they get. And now that he’s been sufficient burned by these back-stabbing Dorito Dinks, he’s big enough a man to admit we were right all along.

It won’t bring those draft picks back. But it means we do have the owner back defending the wall with us. And that is a pure good.

Apology accepted.


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In the days and weeks to come, the Deflategate War is going to rage on. Roger Goodell launched a major offensive Tuesday by upholding Tom Brady‘s draconian suspension. Brady, his agent Don Yee and the Patriots have launched a three-pronged counteroffensive and vowed to continue the attack.

And if you’re a Brady loyalist who’s defended the wall from the beginning of this campaign, you’re going to have to arm yourself. The enemies of all that is good will continue to press the attack. And you’ll need ammo. So with that, I present to you in handy list form the five core counterarguments to Goodell’s decision. Memorize them. You’ll need them as the battle rages on.

1. The appeal process was a rigged game all along.

Read through Roger Goodell’s decision and I defy you to find even one instance where he gave credit to Brady’s arguments or deviated even slightly from either Ted Wells’ report or Troy Vincent’s punishment. Scratch that. Let me save you the trouble. There isn’t one. The entire document is nothing but a Spark Notes version of the Wells report. All 243 pages boiled down to 20.

Even with respect to Wells’ most ridiculous conclusions, like the claim that Walt Anderson misremembered which gauge he used to measure the footballs before the AFC title game, Goodell found Wells’ logic “unassailable” (see footnote 1). For all the attention he paid to Brady’s appeal, he could have saved everybody in that room 10 hours of their lives and taken them to a Dave & Busters instead because he completely rubber stamped everything that came from the league prior. Or better yet, he could have saved himself a lot of time working on this damn report and just wrote, “You’re right, Ted!”

As the saying goes, when two people agree on everything, only one of them is doing the thinking.

2. Goodell completely ignored the science.

As I’ve said from the day the Wells Report came out, the science firm Ted Wells went all the way across the country to find is a notorious Junk Science R Us hired gun who will tell their clients anything they want to hear, from smoking won’t kill you to rainforests are the perfect dumping grounds for toxic waste. Virtually no one supports their findings on Deflategate except Wells. And now, to the shock of none of us, Goodell.

Brady’s team brought in Dean Snyder, an expert from Yale, to rip Exponent’s laughably pseudo-science apart. They might as well have brought in Rob Schneider for all the weight Goodell gave his testimony. As a side note, I’m going to suggest that the next time a Patriots player is fighting for his reputation in the face of garbage science, his lawyers bring in an expert who wears a lab coat and glasses and talks with a German accent. Maybe then the commissioner will actually listen to him.

3. The destroyed phone is a red herring.

As Brady said in his Facebook post Wednesday, he wasn’t going to hand over his phone. He was under no obligation to hand over his phone. His phone broke, so he replaced it. The fact that he had an assistant destroy it is no more relevant than if he put it in a sock drawer, donated it to the troops, chucked it into his coy pond or sleeps with it under his pillow every night. The football world will forever act like he pulled an Aaron Hernandez with it. But the phone is his to do with what he pleases. And if it was still intact, neither Wells nor Goodell would have a single byte more evidence than they do without it. Which leads me to …

4. Brady did cooperate.

Wells’ investigators and Goodell have all the information they requested. Or need. Goodell himself says in footnote 11 that he was given a spreadsheet with all 10,000 texts Brady sent over the four months in question (that is about 85 per day, by the way. Is he a quarterback or a 15-year-old girl?), and the contact info for everyone he had texted with. Goodell was told his staff was free to reach out to anyone on the list to find out what Brady had texted to them, but he says that “is simply not practical.”

So after an investigation that took over 100 days and has cost more than $10 million, an appeal process that took over a month, and a punishment to one of the greats ever to play the game that is unprecedented in NFL history, Goodell couldn’t be bothered to follow up and find out what exactly Brady said in those messages he’s being suspended for. Got it.

Also, we need to keep in mind that the NFL has all the texts between Brady, Jim McNally and John Jastremski. But somewhere in those other 10,000 messages must be the smoking gun. Not that anyone should take the time to look for it. Let’s just assume it is and continue to watch the commissioner not earn his $44 million.

5. The punishment still doesn’t fit the alleged crime.

Even if every conclusion Goodell reached is true — which it is not, but just play the game with me — there is no justification for a four-game suspension. He compares altering the footballs to PED use, while ignoring the fact that when footballs have been tampered with before, it was met with little more than a “Hey, you kids, knock that off” from officials. The Carolina Panthers put balls in front of the sideline heaters in Minnesota last year and were simply told to stop it. The San Diego Chargers put stickum-covered towels on their game balls, then hid the towels, and they were fined $10,000. Then that fine was dropped.

And if Goodell wants to hang his noose on the gallows of “non-cooperation,” he’s not only ignoring the fact that he was handed all the information he needed, when Brett Favre refused to hand over his phone after sending pictures of his Li’l Gunslinger to a female Jets employee, he got a small fine. The Ravens pretended the Ray Rice “Elevator of Domestic Abuse” video didn’t exist and got nothing. Tom Brady destroys his phone and gets four games, Ray Lewis destroyed a white suit splattered with blood at a crime scene, and he gets zero games, a statue and a plum job at ESPN.

Memorize them. Use them. And by all means, stay with me on that wall.


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