A loyal Boston Bruins fan laments the injury to Zdeno Chara. An Ole Miss fan has a meltdown. Army football finds itself in some hot water.
Tom Brady had a near-perfect day on Sunday. Tim Hasselbeck joined the show to talk about the QB's performance.

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Kevin Millar joins MFB to relive the greatest moments from the 2004 season in which the team came back from an improbable three games to none deficit to beat the Yankees and later go on to win the World Series.
Tim Wright had a career day yesterday as the Pats trounced the Bears in Foxboro. Wright talked about the Rutgers connection with Coach Belichick, and compares the rumors of playing in New England with the facts.

[0:00:08] ... One of five touchdown passes from Tom Brady yesterday's patriots Monday and 9837 WEEI it's immensely Maloney Christian Fauria. Please rejoin right up like him right the guy caught the pass courtesy of town fair tire find mass money dot com ...
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Patriots WR Julian Edelman has seen less and less targets during the last few games. But acknowledged that the offense is playing well and is confidence that his targets will improve. He also realized the importance of this Sunday's game against Denver, but stressed that his focus is NOT on Peyton Manning, but the Denver defense.

[0:03:14] ... Yes I think this is a big Julian and when we think Denver Broncos you know everybody else play well listen Julie element in the slot making big plays return route you know double moves. But ...
[0:04:26] ... You know for me personally glow off this week yeah I'll take Peyton Manning your brother that ultimately is locked up confuse the so what are the rules of the road and so how many rounds ...
[0:05:02] ... I mean is this in realizing your budget in a moment of Peyton Manning Tom Brady threw the best of play the game in your rate they're in the low. You know me and I've played in a ...
[0:06:18] ... let's go to pre game. Sound yet likable you know pack passed Greg Dobbs and a prospectus and a you know it's just totally be easy easy he's really good player and he's very instinctive player ...

Tom Brady played a near-perfect game at home against Chicago. The Packers lost and Lions played poorly in a win. Christian may want to re-visit his 2-4 prediction, but mostly, everyone is ready for Peyton Manning and Denver Broncos.

[0:03:46] ... took advantage and victim all the way down one yet does does Jay Cutler wanna play football. Have you seen a more miserable man playing each sport that he should love kids game it was. Does ...
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[0:06:01] ... you feel good about mark freshman rallying the troops if you think Jay Cutler is that kind of guy. You know if you think Brandon Marshall is is vocal enough leader to kind of you're expected tough battle to come in here but don't let him fall behind ...
[0:09:06] ... them to lose the game like the fact that okay I see Aaron Rodgers struggled you know you know obviously Indianapolis can BP you can put a bullet points on them. OK but it's going to ...

What started as a promising season for the Jets quickly came crashing down in eight weeks. After a 43-23 home loss to the Bills, there could be some changes coming in New York.

Quarterback Geno Smith, who was selected in the second round of the 2013 draft, has all but flopped this season. Sunday’€™s game against Buffalo was no different. By the end of the first quarter, three of his eight passes were intercepted.

“It was just atrocious the way that I started out,” Smith said. “I never expected to start a game out like that.”

Backup Mike Vick entered for the struggling QB, but that did not matter. The Jets’€™ worst start since coach Eric Mangini’€™s 2007 team has led many in the New York area to call for changes in the Meadowlands.

Many feel that Smith has gotten ample time to succeed with the Jets, but he’€™s continually come up short. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News wrote that it’€™s time for New York to move on from Smith and allow Vick to get some starts. It’€™s not the long-term solution, though it would be an improvement over Smith’€™s turnover-filled play.

But a quarterback shakeup would just be the beginning. The New York Post went as far as to say coach Rex Ryan should be fired Monday. Although general manager Jon Idzik hasn’t done much to acquire skill position talent, giving Ryan the ax would send more shock waves through the team, according to Mike Vaccaro.

“No, I’€™m not worried about that,” Ryan said about his future on Sunday. “I’€™m worried about the team. The team is the focus. I tell you that because it’€™s true.”

Blog Author: 
Andrew Battifarano

Here are the highlights from Monday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

– It was a big weekend at the box office, as “Fury,” “Gone Girl,” and “St. Vincent” all finished in the top 10 in ticket sales. No. 1 was “Ouija,” topping all of the movies with $20 million.  The horror flick did horrible with the critics, but the board game-based movie was a hit with audience goers.

Callahan didn’t see that movie, but he enjoyed seeing the Bill Murray comedy “St. Vincent.”

“I’ll give it B-plus,” Callahan said. “It’s Bill Murray being Bill Murray is what it is. … Really being Bill Murray, like, kind of grouchy. He is likable in the end, you know how it works.”

Minihane and Dennis discussed Ben Affleck’s “Gone Girl,” saying there is one part in particular that hinders the movie.

“I gave it a B, I think you’re with me, the ending wasn’t good,” said Minihane.

Replied Dennis: “Well, it’s the way the book ended.”

Said Minihane: “That doesn’t excuse it, though.”

“What, you want them to change the ending?” asked Dennis.

Replied Callahan: “Just like ‘Lone Survivor,’ just change the ending — make it sexier.”

At first, Minihane couldn’t pronounce the movie “Ouija” and was surprised to learn that it was about the popular game.

“That’s how you say it? I didn’t know that,” Minihane said. “Like a stupid Ouija board? They made a movie about that? It made $20 million.”

– Comedian Jim Carrey hosted “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend as his new movie “Dumb and Dumber To” is on the verge of being released in theaters. Though there were high expectations going into the episode, the hosts again were disappointed with the sketch show.

“Are we at all concerned yet? Because I am about ‘Dumb and Dumber To,’ Minihane said.

Replied Callahan: “This has nothing to do with the movie.”

“I’m a little worried Jim Carrey’s lost his fastball,” Minihane said.

– In a somewhat of a surprising move, The Boston Globe backed Charlie Baker’s candidacy for governor over democratic candidate Martha Coakley. The newspaper has largely supported democratic candidates during election time. This endorsement had Callahan in a very confused state.

“I base my electoral decisions on [going against] Globe endorsements,” Callahan said. “I don’t know, I’m confused. What do I do?”

Replied Minihane: “You can’t vote for Martha Coakley.”

Said Callahan: “I would never do that. I would never, ever do that to you or anyone else.”

“What you do is you punt on it,” Minihane said.”

Blog Author: 
Andrew Battifarano
Tom Brady discussed his dominating performance over the Bears.

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