The guys wrap up the show discussing former Red Sox prospect Michael Kopech hitting 110 on a radar gun...with a running throw, and the "Fire Claude" rumors that surround the Bruins.

[0:00:44] ... and throws and union says the net is a little god help Happy Gilmore but possible pitcher you know pitchers don't do that credit amount. Guys that are in utter. But I'd say I've never seen ...
[0:02:29] ... and knowing that the patriots again also said there in their. They're key period of the year. Nobody's gonna really be paying attention to what's going on the bronze in the two if you gonna make moves. We don't want to a different coach if you don't make that deal. And maybe that deal might feel a little controversial isn't this the time that. Well I mean. Do you think that that just because the patriots and assembled there not getting any attention from. From firing your Italy's won't be a two week long story if you wait three weeks. You wait in the trading deadline is late writers and march 1 and it was more than I thought it was there was practice what they called off ...
[0:04:03] ... ridiculous. But the question I would have is you get to that trading deadline there's a very good that you get some young kids in the organization apparently good great upside. I'm means they got potential and could be good could it may be not soak it. And the talking about possibly making a deal to you make that he'll. Before the trading deadline to improve your routine not in usual. Improve the future. I'm Carla dealing carnal way yes it's a question mark Alicia getting ...

The guys talk about Mike Tomlin calling out Antonio Brown for his Facebook Live video, and they get into the Patriots/Steelers preview for the AFCCG.

[0:03:48] ... you think Tom leaving cares Noelle it was like acted up in Tony Brown local. And I and I wonder like what is that guy that reporters think in after hearing Thomas press conference yesterday. They're ...
[0:05:37] ... on Mike Tomlin and this is where you can go back to Bill Belichick act. And Belichick won't give the media what they want and they get pissed off about it we get pissed off about ...
[0:09:21] ... to be his story. So he has to address these things. So Bill Belichick did this and started opening up and talking about players we would laughter. Media would like they would door which opened the press conferences and they would like I always liked bill because bill gives us what we want okay. But would Bill Belichick act. Be helping his team we went through a week of a playoff game. We had no idea what was going on with Wes Welker after the forty jokes now it was obvious to Belichick told the team in advance benefit we know that now. There are going to be Knoll forty jokes they're gonna be nothing no mention that. Wes Welker basically said screw you wouldn't want them to do it well Heidi with a bunch of you know felt like we weren't ...
[0:10:43] ... seek Mozilla there's no wind I went out there talking about the Wes Welker in his plans and going public with it. He created story after the game. Which is fine art app you notice Wes Welker didn't play so after the game the next day after the game when your job is done. People start talking about only did Wes Welker didn't actually see that first series and became a story but after he's creating a story before now. He adds that in ...

Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about Roger Goodell and his streak of avoiding big games in Foxboro, and they also touch on Colin Cowherd saying Brady could be traded if he has a bad game against the Steelers.

[0:01:49] ... it just points up at the real life soldier that we needed Josh Miller so it's. I just said Edward Josh didn't tag him as just yelled out the front door dissent judge in his jail. Things like you intact. Deputy county would that's yeah I don't think it Democrats are losing Josh Miller I'll sit on your. It Twitter feed job waiting to sell it someone like goes out there are two million Josh is ...
[0:07:43] ... would Kurt Warner doing prime years ago passed they have a pastor Troy Brown yes you have a great require about MVP trophy on the does that. There's no way Tom Brady obedient VP of the ...
[0:10:40] ... Now and just be done and I don't I don't I went Blaine Saipaia every city I would not just auto with everything the way it ended here I mean you wait that's Super Bowl press ...
[0:17:30] ... Mike off so no one hears it could we are looking for Josh Miller. And house getting some more Intel about where Josh Miller is and how we can get him on the show once and that's what I'm he would just are you want to ...

The focus shifts towards the match up on the field, and we talk to Tom E. Curran, who helps preview the AFCCG and gives his insight on why Goodell is avoiding Gillette Stadium.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are both tied to Donald Trump, but somehow Robert Kraft gets to skate, even though he appears to be closer with the President-Elect than either his coach or quarterback.

Trump made the rounds at a pre-inauguration dinner in Washington D.C. Tuesday, mingling with a plethora of diplomats, politicians and donors. The Daily Mail posted photographs from the event, one of which featured Kraft arm-in-arm with senior Trump propagandist, Kellyanne Conway (pictured above). Billionaire real-estate developer Richard LeFrak, who Trump asked recently to lead a new infrastructure council, was also in the shot.

It’s not surprising that Kraft is celebrating Trump’s victory. He called the former reality television a star a “good friend” ahead of the Massachusetts primary last year and was seen at Trump Tower in November. When I reached out to the Trump spokesperson Hope Hicks to ask about the meeting, she said it was a “congratulatory visit.”

While Brady and Belichick have tried to distance themselves from Trump since the election, expect Kraft to only get cozier with the President-Elect. If the Patriots advance to the Super Bowl, perhaps Trump will be seated in Kraft’s box. He’s been there before, and in fact, even once paid a visit to the Patriots’ locker room after a victory in 2012.

The New England Patriots are the official football team of Donald Trump. There’s no debate about that.

Blog Author: 
Alex Reimer

Over the last couple of years, Bill Belichick has made a habit of botching the names of popular social media platforms. His apparent ignorance of the Internet came to the forefront again this week, when he was asked on Dale & Holley about Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown live-streaming a video of the team’s locker room on Facebook Live.

“Yeah, as you know I’m not on SnapFace and all that, I don’t really get those,” he said. “I’m just really worried about getting our team ready to go. I’m not really too worried about what they put on InstantChat, or whatever it is.”

While InstantChat is a new addition to Belichick’s repertoire, SnapFace is an old favorite. He first dropped the term around Patriots reporters last year and it seems to be picking up steam. According to NFL Network’s social team, “SnapFace” has been used on Twitter more than 12,000 times over the last day.

At his press conference Wednesday, Belichick referenced InstaFace, which might be an offshoot of SnapFace.

Malapropisms aside, it’s worth noting that the pre-fixes Belichick’s fictional social media networks are up to date with the latest trends. Back in 2011, he was talking about MyFace. As John Tomase points out, maybe Belichick is more aware of the social media landscape than he likes to let us believe.

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Alex Reimer

NY Daily NewsOn the eve of the Baseball Hall of Fame announcement, former slugger and self-proclaimed “godfather of steroids” Jose Canseco went off on a Twitter rant, ripping the writers, the voting process and naming players on the ballot as definite juicers.

Canseco, author of the 2005 book “Juiced,” which outed players as steroid users, claims in one tweet that Mike Piazza — inducted last year — used steroids and Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez should definitely get in because of that.

Rodriguez was one of the players Canseco specifically mentioned in his book who used steroids. He also calls Sports Illustrated writer Tom Verducci an “idiot” for thinking Jeff Bagwell did not use steroids.

Canseco is a tough one because he’s insane and I never know whether or not to believe anything he says. Do we ignore him because he sounds crazy or he is actually telling the truth? He says he’s an expert on the PED era since he was a part of it, but is he too off-the-wall to be helping the MLB with this?

I don’t know, but here are some of his ideas and thoughts:

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Lucy Burdge
Alex's personal life comes up on the show.
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