It’s moments like this that make me think that there’s more to being a great athlete than just hand-eye coordination or speed or strength or whatever. That there’s something supernatural about them. That they were gifted some magical powers like the gods of Rome or Greece.

It would be one thing if Watson nailed this halfcourt shot. That would be impressive. A 100-to-1 shot. But getting it to stick on the rim is something else entirely that has absolutely nothing to do with talent. It’s wizardy. You or I or any mortal could stand under the basket from now until Bubba wins his next major trying to duplicate that and never would.

And even more surreally, it’s as if the universe balanced itself out from Michael Jordan hitting this impossibly magical shot:

You can call it coincidence if you want. But I’m calling these great athletes for what they are: inhuman. This shot by Watson proves it.

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Jerry Thornton




In case you’ve preoccupied with your own forgettable, insignificant little existence and missed out on the truly important celebrity life story of our times, Nick “Shaggy P” Young of the Los Angeles Lakers, who reportedly is engaged to singer/implant enthusiast Iggy Azalea, was outed last week by his own teammate, rookie D’Angelo Williams. Williams committed the cardinal sin of recording Young talking about cheating on Iggy with a 19-year-old, then let the video go viral.

Understandably, it is not sitting too well with the rest of the Lakers. According to ESPN:

The emergence of the video, sources said, has been the talk of the locker room for the past several days and has led to a tangible strain between Russell and some teammates.

At a recent breakfast meeting, one source said, no Laker would sit with Russell at his table. The source added that, in another instance, Russell came into the locker room and sat next to guard Lou Williams, who got up and walked away.

“It’s bad,” one team source told ESPN.com’s Ramona Shelburne. “It’s about as bad as it can get. There were trust issues already. Now there’s no trust.

You certainly have to agree that the silent treatment serves Williams right. He broke every rule in every bro code book, and while he was at it added a few more chapters and then broke every one of them, too. Hell, when I had roommates, we had a standing rule that if a guy got a call from a girl on the land line and you were 99.9 percent certain who it was, you still never called her by name on the once chance in 1,000 you were wrong.

Now this clown — this rookie, no less — not only blows up Shaggy P’s spot, he lets it get out on the Internet? The only rational, appropriate response is to pull a Mean Girls on him and leave the table when he sits down. That is the nuclear option that has been used to treat social pariahs and people with cooties since the time of the Last Supper. And nobody’s earned it like Russell has.

So I hope the video was worth destroying your career over, kid. Iggy Azalea might appreciate it, but no man ever will.

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Jerry Thornton
In a match up for the ages, Michael Holley had to respond to some Gary Tanguay comments during the afternoon crossover.

[0:03:11] ... detaining but there in the same spot. They need. A finisher now Isaiah Thomas in the eyes of some is a finisher. He's a finisher on a team like this yeah. He is not he's not a final three players have been through earlier go like a garbage yeah I mean and we realize it's we did in the account has sports and he called me a hater but all light stuff on Sar but that's the truth saving the Bruins. You saw it last night 39 saves for Kincaid yeah and their accuracy was amazing because they hit the goalie every time. They need to finishers they don't have a finisher who's gonna bury. Got 35 goals score MR Sheehan but have more Sheehan like Isiah Thomas is your finisher you're not a great team are disagree with that Marcia and is one of the the so you think abortion as your number one offensive player -- Stanley Cup caliber team if he's your number one score then that's fine yeah I mean martian should be counted on for thirty goals ...
[0:05:23] ... way back wade mentality Collins went straight races ran off the re brand X ray okay I was Helena to a brand that's right. You had braces you off the bus from Columbus a pitcher for ...

Kirk made his presence known to DJ and Gary today and he had some issues to bring up with both.

[0:00:01] ... is going to be my segue to the NFL about the about patriot fans that are that it's it's blue book. I get apoplectic yeah. You can't even raise the question. It's like dealing with a ...
[0:03:20] ... young enough I was ever gonna yeah yeah do that but the patriot fans off. It's his killer reputation of having any integrity or toughness ability to criticize I don't agree rattle out of group that ...
[0:07:21] ... tiger I also would never throw let's say about things walker and TJ beam width apart before you and you would. I forget I forget things like monitor its capacity for forgiveness note you hit my ...
[0:08:05] ... me it feels good you know Wii is I'm not saying these Howard Stern Kirk and I'm saying he's a good post you what ten years ago he just. It is good post right now I ...

WEEI Columnist Rob Bradford joins Gary and DJ to talk Red Sox at the end of Spring Training.

[0:00:00] ... joins us now WEEI dot com rob breaking news is happening to Fort Myers today. A lot of per did not meet that Gary because they're so good looking good so talented. Yeah I T I ...
[0:01:35] ... get that started opening date here are sitting in my car the Port Charlotte right now. A few feet away. Infield where trap shot start with a rep who's starting infielder for the Red Sox. So ...
[0:03:11] ... You about if that's why we're here by. OK it's not obviously John Farrell told he's starting a third of you wouldn't excellent. Ought to ought. Here today toward toward bellow of advisors are already phones exists at CBC's look bad practice more. He's hitching his wagon of nose can be managed by like June. It's a against the rocks that any right right about now I'm at the Port Charlotte Britain not Brady did today I have I have my buddy sent it. Rob is nothing if not Saturday he had blood ...
[0:06:42] ... Gets into that. There is no fit for a mayor duplication with Chris Young Chris what Don at John well the debate a plate or. But Resnick it's still in Detroit the difficult apart the guy ...

Gary Tanguay and DJ Bean discuss some lingering issues with the Red Sox and the possible issues in the outfield.
In for OMF, DJ Bean and Gary Tanguay kick off the show talking Bruins and what has led them to where they are this season.

TMZBig day for Caitlyn Jenner … she just teed off in her 1st golf tournament as a woman — and SMASHED her first shot right down the fairway. 

Jenner is participating in the ANA Inspiration Pro-Am in Rancho Mirage, CA — playing in the same foursome as U.S. soccer legend, Abby Wambach. 

For the record, Caitlyn’s first swing looked GREAT — confident, good follow through and powerful. 

I’ve said all along I have two issues with Caitlyn Jenner. First, that she’s made herself way hotter than any 66-year-old has a right to be. And second, that with that much athleticism, she damned well had better be golfing from the back tees.

Well, at least that second issue appears to be resolved. I support anyone’s freedom to be whatever they want to be. But that tolerance goes only so far as the golf course. If we start allowing scratch golfers to move up to the forward tees just because they identify as female, the courses will be filled with sandbaggers in skirts and wigs striping drives from the reds and turning every hole into a pitch-and-putt. And if you don’t believe me, you’ve never played a $5 Nassau against the creeps at my local muni.

As far as my first concern, Caitlyn is not doing me any favors in that tasteful skirt and sweater combo. My Weymouth friends and I have always contended that women always look hotter on a golf course, and Jenner is no exception. I can be accepting of many things, but I struggle with anyone her age making themselves sexually attractive to me. Keep crushing your drives, Caitlyn. But please dial it down a notch on the sexy, please.

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Jerry Thornton

The good, righteous, red-blooded ‘Mericans over at PatsFans.com sent me this and asked me to help support their boycott of the first round of the NFL draft to protest the injustice done to the Patriots by the league.

Ordinarily, fan protests tend to be pointless, futile gestures that are largely symbolic, designed only to make the organizers feel good and never go anywhere. But I have to admit, this one has some merit to it. If it’s successful, it will directly affect the NFL’s bottom line. Eyeballs on TV sets mean ratings that mean ad revenue that means actual, quantifiable harm to the league. It won’t get the draft picks back, but it’s the only kind of message that gets heard in the halls of power at the Football Kremlin on Park Avenue.

But is it too much to ask? I say this for selfish reasons. I love the draft. It could be my favorite non-competitive event on the sports calendar. I’ve been a draft geek for as long as I can remember, back even before it was on TV and following the results meant listening to sports radio shows updating you live. Now it’s theater. Seeing players’ reactions, getting a load of their families and girlfriends, watching the high prospects’ mortified agony as they drop, Brady Quinn-style, monitoring the stupid, regrettable things all the draft gurus say.

Asking me to be watching “Daredevil” on Netflix while Jets fans are going all orgasmic over their latest future bust is like asking me to skip Christmas to protest the way the stores call it “the holidays.” I admit the cause is just. But that’s a big ask.

So I put it up to you: Do the good people of New England have the stomach for boycotting the first round to send a message to the NFL?

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.

And while we’re at it, let me add the unprecedented double poll. Every year I put lots of man hours into writing Patriots draft previews. It’s a labor of love, but by no means easy. And while I’ve had my successes (Dominique Easley, Don’ta Hightower, Nate Solder and others), it’s tough enough trying to predict whom they’ll take in the late first round. Hitting one in the late second is like firing a cannon and hoping to hit a target on the other side of the horizon. Again, I leave the decision up to you. Thanks.

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.
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Jerry Thornton
Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey

After a slight scare, Mets fans can rest easy. Ace right-hander Matt Harvey will not miss any time after passing a blood clot in his bladder and is on track to take the mound in Sunday night’s season opener at Kansas City.

Harvey first noticed something was wrong on Sunday, when he felt pain and discomfort that only grew worse throughout the night.

“I didn’t really know what was going on,” Harvey told reporters Tuesday. “I was having trouble using the restroom and, obviously, any time there’s discoloration in your urine, it’s not a great feeling. So I didn’t know what was going on with my stomach, but we had some tests yesterday and everything is fine now.”

After alerting the team of what he was experiencing, he wound up in the hospital instead of in Jupiter, Florida, for the Mets’ spring training game against the Cardinals. After a day of testing and procedures, however, he appears to be back pain-free.

“I guess it started with a bladder infection that created a blood clot in the bladder,” Harvey said. “Passed it yesterday. It wasn’t a great first day of my 27th birthday, but I cleared that and we had a little procedure done this morning just to go in and check the bladder, and everything was clear. I’m cleared to go, cleared to do some minor activities today, and then we’ll be back to normal tomorrow.”

For the Mets, not losing Harvey for any extended time is a relief to say the least. He led the team to the World Series last season after posting a record of 13-8 with a 2.71 ERA in 29 starts.

Team captain David Wright was happy to hear the news Tuesday, after the team was tight-lipped the day before regarding particulars of the situation.

“Obviously from a personal standpoint it’s a relief because you want to see guys in good health,” Wright said. “You never want to see anything else. And then from a baseball standpoint it’s good news as well. Good news on all fronts. Should be ready to roll, and glad it’s basically a non-issue.”

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Travis Upham