Showtime mic'd up Bill Belichick for the Thursday night game against the Texans, and we hear some quotes from Bill on the field, including joking with Texans coaches about who will start at QB.

[0:00:01] ... again. Make a run it. Make a run it. Joked last night Bill Belichick might make a lot of talking about with the distilled Omnia on the yourself. So it's like he's taking credit to leave ...
[0:03:42] ... discipline huge penalties. That wouldn't shock me at all come from the Buffalo Bills. But if you're gonna say which gives a better chance of me Jacobi I still think you're running. You're you're you're questioning ...
[0:05:04] ... don't get many options. May hold onto you'll actually get him. Mets' epic game broke out over rock just. I think you mentioned that. It looked OpenId and Steve I heard him talking about record I saw Tim Tebow it's too big to bring Tim Tebow again girl I like on site. Analysts breaking news. This is taking batting box. In the instructional. This great team. Freak injuries. Raking freaking out and Michael Jordan. Like it's news that it. First game we get all the details are quick to seize majority at. Who lights are you ...

Once again, David Price threw a stinker against the Yankees, and this time it prevented the Sox from clinching the AL East and snapped the 11 game winning streak. Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about last night's game and what kind of problem the Sox may have in Price can't come up big in important games.

[0:06:52] ... needs to do some sort of study to figure out why that David Ortiz biggest moment would make the biggest why a guy like David Wright and to meet opposite plenty opportunities. To help OK so you would Bartlett says it was OK let's look at this I ...
[0:11:25] ... manage a bullpen. And between this last night I firmly believe that John Farrell. This year has done a very good job managing this team. But he's very port managing a game. Gay and I think ...
[0:12:06] ... that make me a little scared going into play I noticed that John Farrell makes these mistakes. It could be the difference of winning or losing the game and everything becomes. Exaggerated. Out larger than life when you get into a post season and the other was David Price did a terrific job last nine games but there. Last night. You know ship things out the plastics out something on the line. It's not the same David Price it's that David Price and 08 it starts in the post season. David Ortiz forget about he would own five no fear whatsoever he will come up big deal that would numerous times in a post ...
[0:15:39] ... which is great but if the red Foxx were to make the World Series. And not win has happened when they were fired a manager. Even after a chilling like that I mean a word for it. And moved the World Series on. I think it would be pretty difficult if I'm surprised you beat the division and make a run and they get ...

Gary Tanguay walked out on the show for the second time in three months this morning. Here is the management approved version of today's events.
Gerry, Kirk and the callers react to another abrupt exit by Gary Tanguay. And Curtis discussed the greatest day of his life.
We discuss whether or not parents should coach their kids teams and Gary takes offense to their comments and walks out of the station again.
Chris Mad Dog Russo weighed in on Tom Brady's Italian vacation and Headlines with Kirk.
The guys discussed some leftover thoughts from the debate and talked about a recent blog post regarding the contestants on Dino's Casting Couch.

“I think this gig is a little overrated” –Gary Tanguay, 6:09 am

(Just to be completely clear: Gary Tanguay is not now, nor has he ever been, a pedophile. And to say otherwise is not funny.)

Before quitting in an absolute outrage (we’ll get to that), former Casting Couch front-runner, Gary “Bumbelina” Tanguay, showed up ready to talk about the debate, which he couldn’t stay awake for so he “taped it” and watched it Tuesday night instead of the Red Sox game.

His analysis? “It was the same as all the others.”

Gary also still doesn’t listen to the show unless he’s on it and even then it’s questionable. To be fair, he’s been busy watching “Broadchurch” and driving to different bus stops. He can’t be expected to sit around for four hours and listen to the whole show like some people who write blogs about it…

Gary’s sources tell him Brady is well-endowed and describe his penis as a “baby arm,” “hose reel” and “driftwood.” Who else is going to give you that information?

And he figured out the secret to why Gerry and Kirk are great talk show hosts: everything bothers them.

One of the things that bothers Gary is being called a pedophile (which is not funny). After Kirk and Gerry called him that AS A JOKE he SMASHED HIS HEADPHONES, stormed out of the studio and QUIT. This is a man who once punted a ukulele into a ceiling so you can be sure this is not an act.

Is this the last we’ll see of Gary Tanguay? Only time will tell. Randi Tanguay has nothing to worry about now because he’s way too sensitive for me to go out with him.

This happened:

As the world’s biggest fan of “The Office,” this was in the top two days of Curtis’ life. The first was likely when he got Pudge, not his wedding day.

Listen to Kirk and Curtis’ podcast with John Krasinski, which comes out on Thursday.

Here are the latest Casting Couch ratings:

Gary got skewered.

Line of the day: Not a line, but when a caller compared Gary to Joe Paterno, Kirk was laughing so hard you could hear him crying.

Caller of the day: John in Eastie, who pissed Gary off saying Gary doesn’t love his kids because he doesn’t coach their teams. This is when Gary started going berserk and ended up walking out of the studio.

Producer contribution of the day: Ken played Sandusky sound during the Tanguay/pedophile fiasco and sent Gary over the edge.

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Lucy Burdge
Gary stormed out of the studio for the second time in three months after he was labeled a bad father and a pedophile. His future at the station remains highly in doubt.

[0:01:42] ... are lol what we did in Sudbury is four at the town lacrosse team. We brought back a player who had been on a championship team just got out of college you know he was working ...
[0:02:39] ... lousy parent knowing regular guys are lousy parent you don't understand. What's summer camp can do for a Q and unlike curl who can't take his eyes confiscated a light emitted is always looking over shoulder ...
[0:03:46] ... believe I'm actually calling to support that language position I'd played. I played hockey I played baseball growing up as a kid my father actively coast but he would not coach a team on which I ...
[0:10:56] ... trying to stars I don't and sinners I don't know for seniors. Matt Miller he is I've seen Tampa Tampa is gonna is legit. Did you think that that was an overreaction. Yes but did you ...


The New York Post spoke with Eric Mangini — which is to say, the spiritually broken, Eric Mangini-shaped, hollowed-out shell of a man that walks the Earth in disgrace after stabbing Bill Belichick in the back — and the result is a lengthy piece about his life of shame and regret in the nine years since he set off Spygate:

Bill Belichick read at Eric and Julie Mangini’s wedding. Mangini’s son Luke’s middle name is William, named after Belichick.

Mangini followed Belichick from Cleveland, where he was a ball boy, to the Jets to the Patriots. The two have not had a real conversation in 10 years.

Leaving the Patriots for the Jets head-coaching job against Belichick’s wishes damaged the relationship. Spygate ended it.

“Spygate is a big regret,” Mangini said. “It wasn’t supposed to go down the way it went down. … It wasn’t worth it to me personally. It wasn’t worth it to the relationship.”

The relationship died. Belichick’s legacy was tainted. Mangini was seen as a traitor.

“I cared about him,” Mangini said. “I didn’t want to hurt him. I didn’t want to hurt the Patriots. They were a huge part of my life, too, and the Kraft family. The Krafts were always great to me. It wasn’t like I was thinking I really want to get these guys.”

This is one of those instructive, moral tales that teach us there truly is nothing new under the sun. That every aspect of the human condition has been covered in some way by the great artists of the past because people have not changed at all down through the ages.

Eric Mangini’s story was perfectly captured in Dante’s 14th century poem “Inferno,” in which the protagonists travel into Hell, which is comprised of nine concentric circles. The worse your sins, the deeper into the circles you are sent. They range from misdemeanor crimes in the outermost circles like “Limbo” for virtuous pagans who did not accept Christ and “Lust” for the unrepentant horny, to the felonies in the inner circles, such as “Violence” in the seventh circle and “Fraud” in the eighth.

And the ninth? The very innermost circle? That is reserved for “Treachery.” It is a lake of ice called Cocytus frozen into which are all the betrayers. The mutineers. Those who turned on the ones who trusted them. The greatest gift God gives is love. And there is no greater sin than to commit treason upon that love.

Bill Belichick loved Eric Mangini. He gave him his career, did a reading at his wedding and gave his name to his son. And in return, he was betrayed. And now Mangina is frozen in his mentor’s own personal Coctyus, under the ice for all eternity to contemplate the egregiousness of his sins.

The damage to Belichick’s reputation caused by Mangini will never be repaired, no matter how many more Super Bowls he wins. But, as the classics taught us a long time ago, the damage to the one doing the back stabbing is far, far worse.

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Jerry Thornton