A Christmas eve edition of "The Price is Right," Chris Price of WEEI.com makes some predictions for the Patriots Sunday afternoon tilt against the visiting Buffalo Bills.

[0:01:09] ... Chris it's prediction time price is right that's what we do. Will Tom Brady play more than a half in this football game on Sunday. I think you're gonna play how in in the first series ...
[0:01:50] ... the first two plus. All right Chris you and I both know Bill Belichick loves to use these games at the end of the season to. Let's say pull a trek out of his slave. And he did so with the drug Doug Flutie drop kick and I think it was the 2005. Season finale. My question to you is. Bill Belichick does he have a gimmick up his sleeve for Sunday that we did not see coming and what will it pay. What ...
[0:07:45] ... in paradise is over overstating it but I don't think Josh McDaniels Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were all on the same page. Do you get that sense that there is some tension. In the way the patriots are going about their offensive game plan week to week as we go into the policies and. I think there's contention but I think at the same time I think it's the same level of tension that we saw in your. Between Tom Brady and bill O'Brien. It when things don't necessarily go their way there's a level frustration. I hate being too in you know ...
[0:09:07] ... some tension there but I don't think it's major concern for. Will Vince Wilfork reaches. Is needed snouts to get his one point five million dollar bonus next week. Yeah yet you will I think that ...

Andy Brickley joined the show to talk about the Bruins, who are in the midst of a 3-game winning streak. The team clearly has deficiencies and may need to make a few moves before the deadline.

[0:05:29] ... this year but when you play that they report years in the Electoral College all that trouble I can understand the frustration that it creaky yet but. So concerned about him got by your. What it ...
[0:06:04] ... months of the season despite the consistency anyway. They haven't really replaced Jarome Iginla and I think you know going forward that's you know I think where this team needs to focus on is. Getting that ...
[0:07:40] ... looking at the I certainly thought they chair of the division title Bob Barker old temple real good teams. Which no ought to broker a thought it was at about Caroline not the look good players ...
[0:10:51] ... how he is managing this roster I wanna talk. Very quickly about Zdeno Chara and how cloned or manage him he's 37. He's obviously coming off in the injury missed. Mop and hamper so to start ...

Bradford asks everyone who will listen, "Who's the most famous person to use your bathroom?"

[0:01:55] ... ads seen. Oval one bedroom. Apartment in Boise Ide all. Of one Antoine Walker. I was in riddles and that's not a storied years ago. It's one it's one walker trying to make a comeback that ...
[0:07:35] ... Gregg wanted to go to Boise I don't do with story and Antoine Walker. I knew my time was limited I knew at that at some I knew very end of my time was a was ...
[0:09:04] ... that keeps a game seven you know Orchard Park get hurt haven't Kevin Garnett. Not playing defense in games and I ran out of gas. It can I'd assess what him butcher in Europe that's in just running out of read what did you say that about Kevin Garnett right you don't wanna run out of town as I would butchered it. Paul Pierce Jim O'Brien offense the last ten minutes Paul Pierce I've isolation and on our test the tiger last ten minutes of the game. Two week. Can we just talk about the time that I was in eighth grade my dog was hit by car in my front yard shot rather discuss that and disgusting six and the and what's not Kevin Garnett running out of gas was not be offensive game plan it was Kendrick Perkins getting hurt at perk not gotten hurt. They actually would have rebounded in game seven may actually what got rebounds a game seven they got an annihilating every time and Kendrick Perkins. After. No I'd never Kendrick Perkins and audio players. Think about that out of ears I have lunch one time in new York city park. He stuck me ...

Greg, Rob and Mike talk about Bill Belichick's bristly approach to the media.

[0:04:16] ... fans from bill wrecked. Eric got woody woody like the war from Tom Brady what he liked it here more than that a couple. And that I don't know if that's from the coach. Of course ...
[0:06:28] ... start off all my questions like that now I know kind of Lucille Ball is contractually obligated so. Are you are you planning on playing yours starters. For the entire game on this this Sunday. Don't. ...
[0:09:09] ... to good on the rule or broad of a bitch session. Up Bill Belichick and his press conference I was not expecting this but it's apparently really upsets you and it's not like you are up ...
[0:13:21] ... not winning news you know how it public I remember going year. Bill Belichick I am bill Belichick's play her but coat first. Coaching head coaching game was at Foxboro. Against the patriots would use of Cleveland. I remember they lost that guy and Dallas actually buy it for well yeah season Curtis hunter earners hunter way up there the running back. And they lost and he wiz is back on tour. Yeah artist minor Miller notes hunter hunter I remember that artists actually in my previous life I covered Bill Belichick with the browns in 1993. But she didn't know I did not know did I just like Ural Cincinnati all the time ...

Just like on a Sunday morning in the summer, Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley hit the airwaves to talk about the Bruins win last night, and Patriots possibly resting starters against Buffalo this Sunday.

[0:08:17] ... Jack McMullen and her thoughts about how the starter should sit here Rodney Harrison. And his spots and wrenching interviews and Alaska company just heard Jack Edwards. The Brooke I think it here in the tone ...
[0:12:08] ... me right now anyway. So patriots SI under buck against the up Buffalo Bills. Let's talk Red Sox to just a few yeah laughter yeah things in the game like it's like it was days off ...
[0:19:54] ... gave Robert Mientkiewicz and Cabrera played vital roles and their winning the World Series. And do you Steen made the comment at any fatal flaw used term this. Meaning they didn't have the proper defense. So ...
[0:20:43] ... my tree he ought to get the other guy go to the Seattle Mariners and they get back. Spike all brave Aniston of course right and in why because Lou Gorman adroitly figured they needed. Defense ...

Everyone’s entitled to their own holiday traditions, obviously. But no matter what yours are, you have to admit it just isn’t Christmas until you’ve seen the Dallas Cowboys sing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” to Tom Landry. Take all your presents, trees, baked hams, Elves on Shelves, 4 o’clock Masses, Secret Santas and “It’s a Wonderful Life”s and not one of them shows the true meaning of Christmas the way this video does. NOW you can enjoy your holiday.

P.S. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there never was and never will be a time in history like the 1980s. A magical era where anything was possible, from Wham! to “The A-Team,” from parachute pants to David Hasselhoff singing as Berlin Wall fell to NFL teams making terrible, cringe-worthy videos. It was time of wonder where miracles like this happened every day. If you missed it, I feel sorry for you.

P.P.S. I would give the entire United Thornton College Fund to see the Patriots do something like this with Belichick.


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Jerry Thornton

Over the final days of the year, WEEI.com will count down the top 14 stories of 2014 in Boston sports. This is No. 14: Patriots trade Logan Mankins to Buccaneers. To read other stories in this series, click here.

Logan Mankins (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Logan Mankins was a stalwart for nine seasons in New England before being shipped to the Buccaneers. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Before the 2014 season began, it appeared that other than training camp roster cuts, the Patriots had their team set. By end of the preseason, however, the trade of a veteran player shook up the foundation of the team.

New England dealt six-time Pro Bowl selection Logan Mankins to the Buccaneers for tight end Tim Wright and a fourth-round pick on Aug. 26. Wright, a second-year player, caught 54 passes and three touchdowns in his rookie season with the Buccaneers. The move gave the Patriots more depth in the passing game, but it came as a surprise to many that it was Mankins who was traded.

Mankins said he was disappointed about leaving the Patriots and people with whom he developed close relationships.

“€œI’ve talked to Tom [Brady]. I’ve talked to probably 99 percent of the team,” Mankins said after being dealt. “€œI’€™m not going to get into what we said. … I’€™ll miss Tom for sure, and I’€™ll miss a lot of those guys. I had a lot of good friends, a lot of coaches I was good friends with.”

“€œOnce you’ve been around this business long enough, you know anything’€™s possible. If you don’€™t understand that it’€™s a business, you’€™re lying to yourself.”

Brady had Mankins as a force on the offensive line for nine years in New England. The quarterback was mostly reserved about the situation and his feelings on it, but Brady said he hoped Mankins continued his successful career in Tampa Bay.

“€œI haven’€™t really spoken to anybody about it,” Brady said during an appearance on Dennis & Callahan. “€œI have my own personal feelings that obviously are very personal to me. Whatever those are, I just want our team to be the best it can be for this year. I love Logan, Logan was a great friend of mine. Nobody stood for Patriot football more than him. But he’€™s moved on. I hope he’€™s happy. We’€™ll keep in touch.”

Coach Bill Belichick had watched and coached the reliable lineman his entire career. The coach gave nothing but praises to Mankins following the trade. The decision, although tough, came down to what would help the Patriots the most going forward.

“€œLogan Mankins is everything we would ever want in a football player,” Belichick said. “It is hard to imagine a better player at his position, a tougher competitor or a person to represent our program. He is one of the all-time great Patriots and the best guard I ever coached. Logan brought a quiet but unmistakable presence and leadership that will be impossible to duplicate.

“Unfortunately, this is the time of year when difficult decisions have to be made€” and this is one of the most difficult we will ever make, but like every other decision it was made for what we feel is in the best interests of the team.”

Many pointed to the money as the key reason for the trade. Mankins became the highest-paid guard in the NFL after he signed a six-year, $51 million deal in 2010. Wright was set to make less than $500,000 for the 2014 season.

ESPN’€™s Adam Schefter, on the other hand, said there were plenty of other reasons for the deal.

“They saved, what, 6 1/2, 7 million dollars in cash? And I don’€™t believe it was a financially driven decision. But do I believe that was a part of it? Yes,”€ Schefter said during an appearance on Middays with MFB. “Do I believe part of it was trading and adding a tight end who they believe in? Yes. Getting a fourth-round pick? Yes. Giving some of these either young guys, the Josh Klines of the world, an opportunity? Yes. All of these things together, and when you factor them all in, it just made sense for them to do that.”

Without Mankins on the line of scrimmage to protect Brady, questions loomed about how the Patriots could replace his presence. And without longtime offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia to help out some of the inexperienced linemen like Jordan Devey and Josh Kline, some felt the line would take a hit. Tackle Sebastian Vollmer said New England had enough experience to fill the void and keep Brady on is feet.

“We have a lot of guys with a lot of good experience, like Dan Connolly and Ryan Wendell and Sebastian Vollmer and there’€™s a whole list of guys who know what they’€™re doing. We can definitely get by,” Solder said at the end of the preseason.

But in New England’€™s first game of the season, the offensive line couldn’t handle the pressure from the Dolphins. Brady was sacked four times and lost two fumbles during a loss in which the Patriots were shut out in the second half.

Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi said after that game that the trade was the wrong move for short-term success.

“I think there were two mistakes made regarding this team right now for this year,” Bruschi said. “The two mistakes were [trading Logan Mankins] and [drafting Jimmy Garoppolo]. Were those the right decisions for down the road? Sure. But for right now, those were mistakes for this team. Mankins would be there to solidify some of the problems they have at that offensive line.”

After a difficult 2-2 start to the year for New England, a stretch of seven consecutive wins shifted much of the talk away from the trade and the play of the offensive line. Brady got more time in the pocket, and he excelled as he had in previous years.

“We all work together,” Nate Solder said. “We have a captain with Dan [Connolly] and we have several guys that have played a lot of ball, so we’€™€™re moving forward.”

As for Wright, he became an effective weapon in the red zone, grabbing six touchdowns heading into Sunday’s season finale, including two scores in one game against the Lions.

“Every time we throw to him it’€™s a touchdown — we’€™ll try to find him more down there,” Brady said after the game against Detroit. “He does a great job in the coverage and finds the open spots.”

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Time to make that list and -- if you have time, I know I'm doing a lot of last-minute shopping -- check it twice. Some of Boston's sports figures are in line for great gifts this year -- maybe one of those cars with the giant bow on the roof like in the commercials.




NJ.comA man dressed as one of Santa’s little helpers found himself in trouble … when Riverdale police allegedly discovered him drunkenly passed out in a car.

Around 3:30 a.m., Sgt. Pat Harden was dispatched to the parking lot of Target …Harden located the car, a gray Toyota van, parked by the store’s loading dock with its engine running, lights on and music blaring …

The driver, Brian Chellis, 23, of Cedar Grove, was asleep behind the wheel, wearing an “Elf on the Shelf” costume … After shutting off the car’s engine and waking Chellis, the sergeant detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath, the lieutenant said. Harden further observed that Chellis seemed confused over his whereabouts and had an open can of beer inside of the car.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news on Christmas Eve. Believe me I’d prefer to keep everything positive and upbeat. But at the same time I feel it’s my duty to make sure that everyone out there who has an appreciation for Elf Culture celebrate responsibly. Like the old saying goes: The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear; not getting pie-eyed by yourself in a Target parking lot. Remember, elves should try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup. Just be careful what kind of syrup you’re having, so you don’t end up passed out behind the wheel someplace. Or worse, do this:

So be careful tonight. Drink responsibly. And don’t be like Brian Chellis, just another cotton-headed ninnymuggins.


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