Bill Simmons' new HBO show Any Given Wednesday debuts and the guys react to his guest Ben Affleck ranting with sometimes slurry speech on DeflateGate

[0:00:17] ... sports media history. For number reasons there's no ratings and HBO that's Bill Maher survived doesn't matter how bad to show sucks that's a Bill Maher survive. I'm not passing judgments and show emceed the dinner last night there are in the eight inning of the Red Sox game. Simmons had this for sure Ben Affleck and he had borrowed. The Charles Barkley and and LA most of the web sites that review these things don't even need ...
[0:03:10] ... and by the way you know. They were on regular plane was Tom Brady you Tom Brady had his rings and he let your mini. Where are you also had not shows or whatever with with with Tom in ...
[0:04:11] ... somewhere that the a lot of speculation was that by the DMZ Ben Affleck slurring ranting and HBO to auction as we have to see. I would say he's a little else would agree or disagree ...
[0:06:05] ... if people working inside the NFL. Who all come from organizations that Tom Brady whip their ass over the last 1015 years wolf I would room. Jets and the Broncos and everybody else who are now ...

Hour one of Thursday's show features Callahan and Minihane being forced to lead the show without Dino (who called off on short notice). The guys talk Sox and with fill-in Marine corps vet-producer Matt Morel

All this time I’ve been touting Dragan Bender as my choice for the Celtics with the third overall pick, but for all the wrong reasons. I’ve wanted Bender because he learned to speak English from watching Chandler Bing and for dragon-themed blogs that will right themselves.

But that was before science got involved. Now, thanks to John Brinkus and his crack research staff, we know that Bender shoots like Steph Curry only 15 percent faster, can lower his center of gravity like Karl Anthony-Towns and defends like two-time Defensive Player of the Year Kawhi Leonard. Now, they didn’t specifically mention that he also can rebound like Bill Russell, jump like Dominique Wilkins, cook like Gordon Ramsey and play trumpet like Miles Davis, but that’s implied if not directly stated.

Bear in mind, this isn’t some video my man Dragan’s agent put out. This is cold, hard, analytical data mining. Bender might be a living stick figure who’s never played ball on North American soil and isn’t old enough to buy a beer. But he’s got my vote. It’s science.

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Jerry Thornton
Former Celtics General Manager Jan Volk joins Kirk Minihane for a discussion that any Celtics fan will love. Kirk and Jan talk about the legendary 85/86 Celtics and how the team was constructed and of course the decision to draft Len Bias and his tragic death.

(NSFW, language)

I recognize Chris Price posted this earlier, but I wouldn’t be deserving of the blogging street cred I’ve worked so hard to achieve if I didn’t discuss it here.

We don’t often know these celebrities. Fame does things to people. You could understand if Ben Affleck went from Cambridge Ringe & Latin kid to Hollywood big shot, winning Oscars, jetting around the globe with Tom Brady and his hot nanny and it changed him. It’s hard to ever know that guy sitting in the front row right next to the Red Sox dugout is still the same old guy, or a well-connected poseur.

Well this video tells us all we need to know. Affleck is still the same Masshole he always was.

He has to be. He’s a good actor, but nobody can fake that. That Deflategate anger is real. That spitting hatred for the NFL is genuine. And that profane, vitriolic disgust over the whole circus is pure us. It’s like he took a year’s worth of Thornography posts (particularly the one about Eli Manning doctoring footballs), mixed it with a healthy dose of non-FCC language and came up with a rant for the ages.

Well done, Batfleck. This more than makes up for “Gigli” and “Batman v Superman.” My boy is wicked smart.

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Jerry Thornton

I’m about to leave for Buffalo to cover the NHL draft, so my contributions here won’t be plentiful the next couple days. As such, I leave you with a reminder that Dru Hill named three of their four studio albums after Dru puns (all images courtesy of Wikipedia).

Here is their first album, 1996’s self-titled “Dru Hill.” So I guess they had “Dru” in all four of their album names.


Then there was 1998’s “Enter the Dru.” If you don’t know what they were getting at there then I hate you.


2002 brought “Dru World Order.”


And the most clever (and not at all forced) of them all: “InDRUpendence Day.”



Such a shame that they didn’t keep recording albums. “J.D. Dru” would have been the most fire album of 2007.


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DJ Bean
Mut recaps the Red Sox 8-6 loss to the White Sox.

[0:24:04] ... Simply put tiger being nicer than I would be affects your call. Brian Butterfield is a good third base coach he is even a better man it was. It was when dole can. Ask. Is what ...
[0:24:35] ... price of the world's. Op that was an awful awful sent by Brian Butterfield. I think you Brian butter fuel is asked me disaster after the game tonight. If you would send Ortiz again you're probably tell you eaten I'd like to have that went back. It was a bad bad send. By Butterfield base voted Chris Young instead. He's out at the plate and when teams are struggling to try to get a run home there are you forcing ...

Hour one of Thursday's show features Callahan and Minihane being forced to lead the show without Dino (who called off on short notice). The guys talk Sox and with fill-in Marine corps vet-producer Matt Morel

[0:00:54] ... yeah pretty soon. Did he just to be on the clock. Yeah John Farrell wishes. He could move the clock back for coach you aren't. The letter. An appeal to this morning is that accurate John ...
[0:05:57] ... Democrats hey if you don't handling is enough no argument like count Hanley Ramirez. Outfielder and Red Sox history please a guy who does he got shot I don't think I'm that in our face we'll ...
[0:26:24] ... will have to determine and we're experts on this why him. Weathered Ben Affleck was under the influence would only get back there may be. Brent for May be here Derrek and we may be here ...
[0:28:11] ... get brought up six what 77797937. In your mirrors the NBA draft. Ben Affleck a lot to get through today. Many hand count him mines then. You listen to his ranch in morning drive you subscribe ...

We check in with the skipper of the Sox for our weekly in-depth look at all things Red Sox.
We check in with the skipper of the Sox for our weekly in-depth look at all things Red Sox.