The tweet is a little ominous sounding. Dale, Buck and Greg Dickerson discuss what very well could be the end of the Jon Lester era with the Boston Red Sox.
We tackle four topics all sparked by the Red Sox worst to first to worst run in 2012-2014.
We tackle four topics all sparked by the Red Sox worst to first to worst run in 2012-2014.

On Tuesday’s edition of Three for All on Middays with MFB, Lou MerloniChristian Fauria and Tim Benz discussed the “Family Guy”-”Simpsons” crossover episode, and Fauria’s girlfriend called in to criticize his birthday gift buying abilities. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

A preview of a “Family Guy”-”Simpsons” crossover episode was released at Comic-con this past weekend. The episode, titled “The Simpsons Guy” is set to air in a one-hour “Family Guy” season premier Sept. 28.

Benz, a big “Family Guy” fan, was thrilled to hear the news.

“That’s one of my shows,” he said.

Benz also included a link on the MFB home page to a Mike Tyson cartoon.

“It looks pretty funny, actually,” Fauria said.

But stealing the show on Tuesday’s segment was Fauria and his girlfriend, Kim.

Fauria recently took Kim to New York City for dinner and to see the play “Jersey Boys” for her birthday. But it turns out it didn’t count as a gift in her eyes because he was there and both sides enjoyed the trip.

“I kind of felt like she thought I was biting on her birthday present,” Fauria said.

“My question is if you take your girlfriend or wife on a vacation, on a weekend trip for her birthday, should you get full credit for that gift regardless of the fact that you’re going with them, you’re enjoying the play, you’re enjoying the dinner?”

Said Merloni: “It depends. If you were taking her to New York City to see “Jersey Boys,” that’s not really much of a present.”

Benz added: “If I take my wife to Miami in the middle of winter because we want to go to Miami and get away that’s great and all. But if I’m going to Miami because I want to take her to an Iron Maiden concert, I don’t think that’s going to go over so well.”

Kim made a surprise call to the show to clarify the situation.

“You’re getting a really small snapshot of what happened,” she said. “He was very proactive because he was trying to make up for last year’s birthday.”

She said last year Fauria went to the mall the day before her birthday and got her sunglasses, then put candles with the wrong age on cupcakes he made her.

Kim then got back into the lead-up to this year’s birthday. She said Fauria asked her whether she wanted to see Lionel Richie or “Jersey Boys.”

“In all the years Christian and I have been together I challenge him to tell me one time he’s heard me listening to Lionel Richie,” she said.

Said Benz: “So he said, ‘Let me take you to something I want to do, or something I want to do more.’ “

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Nick Canelas
Christian tells a story about taking his girlfriend to see "Jersey Boys" in NYC, but he leaves out some crucial details. Luckily, she was listening and called the show to clarify exactly what kind of shenanigans he was trying to pull.
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Kelvin Benjamin

Kelvin Benjamin

Panthers coach Ron Rivera said Monday an MRI revealed rookie receiver Kelvin Benjamin has a bone bruise in his left knee and will miss at least a few days of training camp.

Benjamin apparently injured the knee Sunday when he collided with another player. The Panthers sent the first-round pick in for an MRI as a precautionary measure.

“We got a bit of good news,” Rivera said. “It’s stable and everything is fine. There’s nothing structurally wrong. It is bruised. There is a swelling and what we refer to as a hot spot.”

Rivera said it should take a “few days” for the swelling to subside, but wouldn’t give a specific timetable on Benjamin’s return.

The former Florida State receiver has been working with the starters so far in camp. He made 54 catches for 1,011 yards and 15 touchdowns for FSU last season, made the winning touchdown catch against Auburn in the national championship game.

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Nick Canelas
A whale watch boat is stranded overnight in the Boston Harbor

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