I’m going to continue with the ComicCon theme here with another trailer that dropped in San Diego over the weekend.

The producers of “Kong: Skull Island” insist they have gone to great lengths to avoid the “Beauty and the Beast” storyline and do a straight-up monster movie, set in the 1970s. And from this, it looks like they crushed it. They had me at Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston, then owned me at evil John Goodman. But add Samuel L. Jackson and I am in. Hell, at least we know a ridiculously massive Kong could give Samuel L. a fair fight.

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Jerry Thornton

Cover bands aren’t always great. Bands doing covers? That’s a different story.

With the exception of really crusty and stubborn people, anyone can appreciate a good cover. Artists can take their favorite songs and completely reimagine them, or they can pay tribute by trying to replicate the original. Neither practice should be considered superior to the other, though shot-for-shot remakes are often pooh-poohed.

On Tuesday, pop group MisterWives released a cover of “Same Drugs,” a wonderfully delicate-yet-ambitious ballad off Chance the Rapper’s “Coloring Book” mixtape. The original is below, followed by the MisterWives version.

Aside from taking the song up a whole step to accommodate for a female singer, this rendition would probably fall into the category of a shot-for-shot remake, yet it isn’t. If anything, MisterWives doing a cover close to original helped to highlight the brilliance of Chance the Rapper’s process.

Structurally, both versions are the same. Aside from the aforementioned key and Mandy Lee jumping up an octave in the second verse, MisterWives doesn’t play with the song’s main elements. Even the percussive scatting that opens the piece is there, and it’s just as charming as it is in the original.

Yet they do the song like a pop song, which is what it’s dying to be (side note: this song was also dying to be sung by a woman; more on that below). MisterWives’ traditional pop approach is where it strays from the original most; that’s where Chance The Rapper should receive even more praise for his performance.

The MisterWives version sees Lee’s vocals treated with the reverb accompanies nearly every pop vocal. That reverb should be there; it isn’t on the original. Lee gives an honest, straightforward vocal performance. Chance sits behind the beat on the melody throughout.

Therein lies the song’s majesty: Chance wrote a touching pop song and, dynamically speaking, recorded it like a rap song.

Interestingly enough, the only well-known pop artist who might do such a thing (and does such a thing often) is Regina Spektor, who originally sang on the Coloring Book version before being cut.

In this respect, Spektor and Chance have long seemed to be a perfect fit for a collaboration. At the very least, they’ll be heard on the same project when “Hamilton Mixtape” comes out later this year.


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DJ Bean
Glenn, Lou, and Christian examine the blow-back Michael Jordan is receiving for donating to both sides of the Police violence divide. OMF thinks he did the right thing.

[0:00:03] ... we talked about it a little bit yesterday a fascinating story was Michael Jordan. For the first time. Engaging in social issues he has done an unbelievable job on purpose. A staying clear on what was ...
[0:02:42] ... either you're on the side of the fence are you on the side effects. Many like OK this is great Michael Jordan to speak out and you know not immediately knew perfectly well and I think that he didn't. Dress and why are people that what you'll get. Are you want won't want to because that's usually what you want to ask a parent you're black I matter. If you were a pure eye sockets solves the problems like itself Michael Jordan was trying to solve the problem you really do but we resist this bit. So you wait for Michael Jordan disappear to make some major contribution to society of the play basketball you have every right and that's bit of given the ...
[0:03:41] ... the issues that a goal on the world. But here's a guy Michael Jordan donates a million dollars in both sides of I thought it was perfect I just so. And and and again this is the danger of it he does so that I think most people view was correct and he still didn't trash fully answered in the weight when somebody else speaks up. You know or tries to do something that these athletes it's almost like fifth do your job no year old stay the hell out of it. So far all these years Lou they wanted African American. Community wanted. Michael Jordan to be more vocal one and beat Jim Brown okay so now clean out do you actually engages in a in important. Social issue here. And they want him to actually. ...
[0:05:12] ... century. She is unbelievable it's not what the policeman getting it is overtime pay they're not having an aunt an additional policeman's bowl. This is going to be institute for community. Police relations that's what's going ...

Glenn, Lou, and Christian try to figure out what exactly a 7 month investigation of Peyton Manning entails, and why is Josh Gordon allowed to be around the team during his 4 game suspension, but tom Brady isn't?

[0:01:12] ... again is no consistency with the commissioner. What you want to embarrass. Peyton Manning right now and we don't know this thing position we all know that is people got into the operation. Of the guys ...
[0:02:58] ... gonna. I know what I don't wanna sit there and look at. Tom Brady in his case compare it to patent and that you puff is not come parable Jordan's only compare. In one case. The commissioner went out of his way. To embarrass Tom Brady again one of the brands of the National Football League and the case. Eight he was extremely protective. Of that rain. I don't see any difference. The differences is that there wasn't an outcry article give them the god it's being chart yes that's right. An army Peyton Manning there was not there was nothing national people knowing that we're talking about hitting and investigate every else is like. This didn't ...
[0:04:02] ... you know had a strong racial favoritism to tie amber mean to Peyton Manning. Where he should shall be able to operate I ever did. And I problem head on at the difference was you didn't have 31 other owners out there screaming at the commissioner Neil was breeding and toasters do a lot for Tom. Hey you wanna it was an AFC title game. Go to a Super Bowl. Within hours after the game there were accusations. Happen overnight and it just blew up with the patriots hold water with that ...
[0:05:15] ... was that they're saying you gotta do something with the with the Peyton Manning he did absolutely nothing. That's the problem might have would I if they they don't always in demand. Because he's taking a ...

YouTubeShocking footage shows the moment a prestigious beach rugby tournament descended into chaos when players started brawling.

Security guards and police officers were forced to break up the scuffles between the stocky young athletes.

Four teams have been disqualified after the confrontations during the Beach Rugby Wales tournament on Saturday. …

Brawls were filmed breaking out on the pitches during two games – one between Porth A and Wattstown, and another between Ferndale and Rhigos.

OK, now I get why Bill Belichick signed off on letting Nate Ebner miss most of camp chasing an Olympic rugby medal. If this is what a “friendly” is like in the sport, then I’m all for it.

In the normal course of business, I’d rather everybody be at the Gillette practice field, positional meetings and the film room, studying how to be Arizona in Week One. But if rugby consists of gangs of random, uniformed fat guys from Porth A, Wattstown, Ferndale and Rhigos coming at each other from all directions like the third act of “The Warriors” then I have to think squaring off against the entire rugby-playing world in the Amazon has to help a guy get ready for the Bills and Jets.

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Jerry Thornton
Glenn, Lou, and Christian try to decide if Chris Sale is "Winning-obsessed" or "Fatal Attraction level crazy." But you still want him, right?

[0:01:36] ... on those days. What is so important Jose cantata. Is done portage James Shields up because there are comfortable depiction and it happened to fall on your day. We want somebody else to pitch in those ...
[0:04:16] ... you want more we don't need promo night. He said battles with Robin Ventura before Kagan a vocal one that everybody saw last year. He had a problem that were somebody who's throwing it somebody he went to the Kansas City Royals clubhouse at the end of the game wanted to fight I don't mind that we and we know want the the does a long list here. Of defiance with this guy. There really is but this takes at all. I just can't believe this is different though this this this is that it's just it's different to stick up for your teammate in spring training it's childish and off but that might have been whatever. You know would you talk with a instinct is say I don't mind at all in effect I liked it. Would you like if if you found out the one of the Red Sox pitchers walked in on. Someone's locker room after the game because they're pissed at some vitriol but when you love this is ...

ScooplaWe know that Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato are the best of friends [and] openly discussed his break-up with former Miss USA Olivia Culpo. The two of them dated for almost two years and were definitely one of the hottest couples out there.

When Nick was making a decision on the relationship, he called Demi for advice and she said, “Just go, create and be free.” Apparently there were other words exchanged, but Nick kept them secret – don’t tease us like that!

Demi chimed it to say, not beating around the bush, “Honestly, I didn’t like her anyway.”

“[Nick] is a guy in his 20’s and he’s famous and he likes to have a lot of fun. Listen, even when he was in a relationship, I was like, ‘Get out of that. You could f*ck anybody you want right now, so have fun and do that.”

Nice try, Demi Lovato, but no one’s buying it. Here she is, trying to burn Olivia Culpo like she’s the loser in this equation when nothing could be further from the truth.

Oh, so the former Miss Rhode Island-turned-Miss USA gets dumped by Nick Jonas and had to settle for … Danny Amendola. Instead of still being fettered to the corpse of a former boy band heartthrob whose career has the shelf life of a gallon of milk, she ends up with an absurdly attractive member of the handsomest team in the NFL, who’s a member of a great comedy duo and while we’re talking about him, a Super Bowl champion.

Amendola will still be a football legend and adding championship rings to his resume when Nick Jonas is getting slime dropped on him at the Nick Teen Choice Awards and hoping to land a hosting gig on the Game Show Network. So maybe Demi did orchestrate the breakup because she wanted Nick to get as much strange as he can before his career is over. But my guess is Olivia finally realized playtime was over and she needed to upgrade from this boy to a true man.

Either way, it’s the best thing that ever happened to her.



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Jerry Thornton
Lou doesn't want to make a big deal, or give up big time prospects. Glenn, Lou, and Christian discuss whether or not the Red Sox need to make any deal before Monday's deadline.

[0:00:49] ... of that like coming back flying back. Just knowing basically to the Green Bay Packers are opening actually watching. One all season starts might like basic ends. All aspects all aspects of fun. Today yes that's right ...
[0:07:20] ... suddenly he brings us and we've said because Dave Dombrowski is like Jim Carrey in liar liar. He's gonna tell you what's going on again from day one he hasn't lied about anything is now PH ...
[0:13:23] ... just doesn't look when you just care to Yahoo!. Credit compared to Randy Johnson's scary yeah I mean I don't know no that's you know that's off the charts. Just the way he pitches every everything ...
[0:15:55] ... Theo gave up on believed to Kabul for both because they want World Series and a thousand years but. Picking up an awful lot. Yeah they're just refer to what's in their questions whether they have ...

ComplexIt’s been more than a year now since we’ve put up any posts about Michael Vick’s brother Marcus doing anything reckless on Twitter. …

Over the course of the last two days, the younger Vick has sent out a series of tweets about how someone he knows needs to “stop spreading Herpes around.” …

And while none of those tweets made headlines because no one knew what in the world Marcus was talking about, he raised quite a few eyebrows on Tuesday morning when he responded to a tweet from Twitter user @TStauff, who suggested that Bills running back LeSean McCoy had stolen his girl. In doing so, Marcus accused McCoy of having herpes and of giving herpes to his ex.

This is just another example of why I believe with all my heart that karma is a thing. Even though sometimes it comes back to bite the wrong person in the genitalia.

Here we have poor Marcus Vick. Not only does he get his girlfriend stolen by LeSean McCoy, but his now-ex honey is tainted with the herp. Why? Because of something he did? No. But because Michael Vick went around years ago spreading herpes under the pseudonym Ron Mexico. It’s like that old Bible verse about “The sins of the brother will be visited upon the other brother, often in the form of an incurable venereal disease.” Or something like that. I’ve really only watched the History Channel version of the book so I forget.

Nevertheless, you have to feel bad for the runt of the Vick litter. He’s out a girlfriend. Even if he wants to take her back, he’d be staring down the barrel of Shady McCoy’s second-hand cooties. And his only recourse is to go on Twitter and tell the world about it, as any reasonable man would do. It’s a fate worse than being a disgraced former dog fight ring organizer.

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Jerry Thornton

The Blue Jays reportedly have agreed with the Padres on a trade that will send outfielder Melvin Upton Jr. to the American League East. According to Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, the Blue Jays will send a not-yet identified Class-A player to the Padres for the 31-year-old. The trade needs the approval from Major League Baseball.

Upton is slashing .256/.304/.439 in 92 games this season. He has 16 home runs and 45 RBIs and is fourth in the National League with 20 stolen bases. The veteran is in the midst of a bounce-back season after batting .184 and .208 in 2013 and 2014, respectively, and playing only 87 games last year. He will earn $15.45 million this season and $16.45 million next year, but the Padres reportedly will be paying a significant amount of Upton’s remaining contract.

The Blue Jays, who trail the Orioles by three games in the American League East, likely will utilize Upton to bring depth and versatility to their outfield. Upton is quick and can play all outfield positions, but he’ll likely battle center fielder Kevin Pillar for playing time.

Upton is the fourth well-known player the struggling Padres have traded away this year, joining James Shields, Fernando Rodney and now-Red Sox pitcher Drew Pomeranz.

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Nicholas Frazier