We tackle four topics all sparked by Bill Simmons (likely scripted) WWE style meltdown where he dared his employers to suspend him.
Pats-Chiefs Preview

[0:02:44] ... one of those -- the -- -- game I mean last week Andy Reid said. It -- -- high -- and struggle to assume it was going to be. -- games minimum go to running back ...
[0:03:21] ... our that we did last week I honestly don't know. -- and Andy Reid was asked today. Two to talk about the patriots offensive line and what he saw there and he he didn't comment on any reason why he wouldn't address that -- awful. Are because the chiefs have the same problems with the a. Oh yeah it could achieve. Definitely. Have the same problem in protecting Alex Smith did not look at it over the number it's actually created The Herald that have all been able -- Tom Brady and ...
[0:05:25] ... mostly it's him running for -- That's a reality and -- right Alex Smith in meat yeah athletic and -- would -- and there are a lot of hitting your outlet. It every yard comes at ...
[0:06:34] ... moving the ball at will. Over -- -- up the middle so. Bill Belichick coached Joseph -- you guys are going to on the ultimate all expect a lot of -- in this game and yeah. ...

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’s Three for All on Middays with MFB with Lou Merloni, Christian Fauria and Tim Benz. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

– The Comedy Central show “South Park” took aim at the Washington Redskins in Wednesday night’s season premiere, making fun of the team for keeping the nickname despite protests that it’s racially offensive.

The hosts were impressed that the show took out injured quarterback Robert Griffin III, who had appeared in the promos, and quickly replaced him with Kirk Cousins.

At the end of the episode, the players quit the team in protest and team owner Dan Snyder takes to the field himself to play the Cowboys and is massacred.

“Dan Snyder became the hero at the end of the episode,” Benz said. “The owners looked bad, [Roger] Goodell looked bad, the entire NFL looked bad, they made fun of Ray Rice, [but] they made Dan Snyder into the sympathetic figure. That was my favorite part about it.”

– A Peruvian woman claims the popular Disney movie “Frozen” is based on her life story and she is suing for $250 million. Isabella Tanikumi says Disney plagiarized her 2010 autobiography “Living My Truth,” which detailed her childhood in the Andean mountains.

“She had mystical powers?” Fauria wondered.

“She says they stole her life story and she feels like this situation has ruined her life,” Merloni said.

” ‘Rocky’ was about me. That’s my life story,” Fauria joked. “I’m sure it’s yours, too, and every other Italian.”

– Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan owns a restaurant in Florida, and the dress code has led to accusations that the establishment is biased.

Among the rules for evening admission: No excessively baggy attire, no low-hanging pants, no hats facing sideways or back-facing, no oversized or excessive jewelry, no do-rags, skull caps or bandanas.

“It’s that urban stereotype that they don’t want in there,” Fauria said.

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Adam Schefter joins us to talk about the ongoing Roger Goodell saga, the struggles of the Patriots offense, and the best teams in the NFL.
The guys discuss what the Red Sox should do with the struggling Will Middlebrooks
Free Simmons was trending on Twitter and that's exactly what Bill Simmons wanted. Dino, Gerry and Kirk credit Simmons for his shrewd move.

A former stripper claiming that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones allegedly sexually assaulted her in a bathroom now says Jones also paid her money for almost five years to keep quiet about the incident.

Jana Weckerly said Jones performed unconsented sexual acts on her and forced her to watch Jones receive oral sex from another woman in a Texas hotel bathroom in 2009. Since then, Weckerly claims Jones has sent hush money to her bank account.

The updated lawsuit says Jones attempted to pay off Weckerly until the five-year statute of limitations expired. A hearing will be held Friday to determine if the lawsuit was filed too late because of the statute. The lawsuit does not state on exact date or location the alleged incident took place.

The updated lawsuit filed Monday is seeking $1 million in damages from Jones. Jones’ attorney Levi McCathern has denied the allegations that Jones committed any such acts.

“This is nothing more than an attempt to embarrass and extort Jerry Jones,” McCathern said in a statement earlier in September.

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Andrew Battifarano
Chris Russo on Jeter's final week.

[0:00:19] ... guests we've had historically on this program is our good friend Chris mad dog Russo Chris of course is the host of high heat on MLB network and mad dog at least on Sirius XM radio. Published -- mad dog. -- -- -- that morning -- I haven't heard RJ go to long time I would do it fails at that brings back good memories are good memories actually I get coverage at the other way -- is gonna plant that latest figure I'd be shocked if he -- -- -- -- care what in fact Olbermann says. Stuff all the dignity what they're Red Sox to get you -- -- -- -- -- Well one more thing that you and I have in common Chris I don't care little woman says either I said at the outset of this program New York is in an upheaval at every level. The weather forecast is very bad for tonight's final. A Derek Jeter gave the Yankees have but announced no contingency plans that ticket brokers are petrified. How is this gonna play out on a ...
[0:04:02] ... -- Williams that late this period the -- -- well -- -- mad dog it was Williams Indians courier and I understand -- anywhere yeah but 38 -- every government it's quite -- this year. Or ...
[0:05:21] ... so that may get -- again -- actually walked. The streets nine Yankee Stadium that he is the Fed yet you've bought time you could put it below Barrett vacancy exit you wish. He's not what ...
[0:08:25] ... the last time the or Jeter play shortstop and it would be Yankee Stadium if he does play at Fenway Park and you think he will it would be at DH but here's the difference between ...

Larry Lucchino on the upcoming weekend of Jeter.

[0:00:00] ... The front office report that Larry Lucchino is brought you by noon turf care and Toshiba business solutions have always Larry joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning ...
[0:07:42] ... on last week we asked him about the -- stuff in the domestic violence and Ray Rice that is one organizationally. We see stuff like this happen even other sports you take some inventory and look at how you guys handle things you know I think for example you were doing something tonight we -- have Manny. Front -- like he was earlier this year before the re arrest that -- -- stuff he'd been arrested obviously. For domestic violence a couple years ago -- you look at things like that when these things happen. Yes we we we we certainly do ...
[0:09:37] ... as a ballplayer I -- I don't think you'll see too many Talking Heads. But there will be plenty of gesture of respect for. Terms of tangible gifts which I'm not figuring it may red convertible ...

Chris Mad Dog Russo on Derek jeter.