We look back at some of the classic temper tantrums of athletes and coaches.

[0:00:57] ... right first of all we've got to start. In 1983. When the Chicago Cubs manager Lee LE. Yeah man after the cubs lost by one to the Dodgers he was mad at cubs fans because they ...
[0:03:05] ... one manager to another this time it's Hal McRae. Manager of the Kansas City Royals after the team lost to the tigers five to three. McCray got a little upset when he got the same old question ...
[0:10:51] ... from our dollars. So that's why I just looked at the 1995 Kansas City Royals. The guy Hal McRae was defending so vigorously with Keith Miller. Out of 95. I don't might still be out yet and ...
[0:14:00] ... I was as the economic brother about this yes. Today a boat David Ortiz and when he retires. Who wouldn't baseball can replace him as far as. His level of fame Blake he's. To my theories the only guy in baseball that transcends the sport. Bet that is into the pop culture event at SNL will do a carrier of him. And they're used to be lots of those guys that it. That was Derek Jeter there was a ride it was Clemens it was Ken Griffey junior because he's get in the hall at Obama got no ...

This is one of those times I’m not bother excerpting the article or fleshing out any of the details because this is the least surprising story since the Book of Genesis broke the news that the oceans are made of water.

Peyton Manning long ago left the NFL’s jurisdiction. But even if he hadn’t, there was never more than zero desire on the league’s part to find him guilty, so there can’t be a Patriots fan walking the Earth who thought there’d be any other result. Frankly, I think the NFL is lying about conducting any investigation at all, but the outcome is exactly what we knew it would be.

I’ll just say this. Based on the facts Al Jazeera caught a known PED dealer on a hidden camera bragging about dealing PEDs to Peyton Manning, we know Mrs. Peyton Manning was getting deliveries from the guy, Manning went to Europe to get treatments not legal in the United States, he sent goons to Charlie Sly’s parents’ house posing as the police to intimidate the hell out the man and he put together the best statistical season by a quarterback ever at the age of 39 after having four neck surgeries, it’s more probable than not that he took performance enhancers.

But in this universe, that standard only applies if you’re Tom Brady. And a definitive statement given on videotape with evidence to back it up carries more weight than some slappie texting the word “deflator” to his buddy in the middle of May. I was expecting this news, and long ago gave up on expecting justice.

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Jerry Thornton
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JunkeeThe preparations for the 2016 Rio Olympics are not going that well. Today the Australian Olympic team have stated that their accommodation for the games is so bad that it’s basically “unliveable”. …  with Australian Olympic Committee leader Kitty Chiller saying that at this stage, there’s no way that her team is moving in.

“For over a week now AOC staff have been working long hours to get our section of the village ready for our athletes,” Chiller told Fairfax. “Problems include blocked toilets, leaking pipes, exposed wiring, darkened stairwells where no lighting has been installed and dirty floors in need of a massive clean.”

“In operations areas water has come through the ceiling resulting in large puddles on the floor around cabling and wiring.” …

When talking about the issue with Brazilian news outlet Folha De S.Paulo, Mayor Eduardo Paes commented that: “I almost feel like putting a kangaroo in front of their building to make them feel at home.”

Ha! Kangaroos! Good one, Mayor Paes! See, Australia is where kangaroos are from! So when the Australians nitpick about little things like backed up toilets leaking pee water down on top of exposed wiring on their floor, crack wise about kangaroos. Boom! Problems solved!

And besides, what’s wrong with these Aussies anyway? Lighten up, princess. A little raw sewage, live electrical wires and pitch-black blind descents down a poorly constructed incline never hurt anyone! I thought they were a tough breed Down Under. I thought they were descended from prison inmates and built to survive as gasoline-hunting marauders in a post-apocalyptic hellscape. Not this bunch of poop- and electrocution-phobic Nancys.

So I’m glad the mayor of the Olympics host city is treating the first athletes to arrive with the kind of complete disregard and hatred of foreigners that’s been a hallmark of the games since 1936. Though at least Hitler could get the toilets to work.

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Jerry Thornton


TMZ  – Another New England Patriots star … dating ANOTHER smokin’ hot supermodel. 

This time, it’s wide receiver Julian Edelman and Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima. 

Sources close to the two tell us … they met at the beginning of the month in Miami through mutual friends and have been out a couple of times. …

In fact, EdeLima was spotted out on a day date at Straight Wharf in Nantucket over the weekend holding hands! 

Please, Hammer! Don’t hurt ’em!

Tom Brady, you’re go-to wide receiver sees your world class Victoria’s Secret model and raises you the World’s Most Beautiful Woman.

And believe me, I am not just saying this about Adriana Lima because she’s canoodling with Minitron in Nantucket. I have been saying this for years. She is the perfect package. My absolute wheelhouse chick. And it killed a part of my soul when she was slumming with some athletic nobody like Marko Jaric. Clearly she, like me, wanted to see her with a man worthy of her lofty status at the top of the Supermodel Pyramid. And wisely understood what Gisele figured out long ago: that only a Patriot would do.

This is how a dynasty should operate. Winners on the field, winners off the field and establish that Alpha Male status by dating total dime pieces, and it filters down to the players. They know that nothing less than the best will do. Maintaining a great dating game translates into championships. Winning at football and winning at life go hand in hand.

Brady with Gisele. Mr. Kraft with Ricki Lander. Bill Belichick with Linda Holliday. Danny Amendola with Miss USA Olivia Culpo. And now Edelman fires back with my ultimate woman. The Patriots will not rest until they’ve done it with every insanely hot woman in the world.

It’s your move, Rob Gronkowski.


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Jerry Thornton

Pro Football TalkPatriots coach Bill Belichick has assembled the least diverse staff of any head coach in the NFL, according to an ESPN study of diversity in NFL coaching.

Belichick’s staff of 14 coaches includes just two minorities, meaning the Patriots have the NFL’s least diverse staff, according to ESPN.

You have to say this for ESPN: there is no quit in them.

They’ve come after Bill Belichick time and time again to prove he’s a cheater, a liar, and an arrogant, disrespectful misanthrope, only to come up with nothing. So now they imply he’s a racist.

Every shot they’ve fired at Belichick has been discredited, so now they’re throwing the empty gun. From Tom Jackson’s timeless classic “They hate their coach” to Chris Mortensen’s infamous Tweet about the PSI to the Don Van Natta/SethWickersham hit piece on the eve of the 2015 season has been point/counterpointed by Patriots fans, middle school Science Fair projects and the NFL’s own multi-million dollar investigation. So now, they come after him with a much, much worse accusation. And one that can’t be disproven: what’s in his heart. ESPN knocked on our front door trying to hand us a leaflet claiming The Hooded One is a cheater, only to be kicked down the steps. Now they’re trying to crawl in through the window screaming “racism.”

Once again though, thankfully, the facts get in the World Wide Leader’s way. I could list the minority coaches Belichick has hired, developed, won with and made the careers of. Or point out that Jim Brown has said Belichick volunteers more of time and money helping him mentor minorities in prison than any African-American athlete today. But I’d be making those “Some of my best friends are …” type arguments. Instead I’ll just point out he has put together the best coaching in football, and it’s not even a debate. In the ultimate meritocracy, he has hired people from every walk of life, from former players to guys who went to boarding schools to rocket scientists. He’s had one of the youngest coordinators in the league and just re-hired a position coach who came to the Patriots during the first Reagan Administration.

If he hasn’t proven through his actions that it is all about what you can do to help his team win and not what your background is, no one has. And to take a snapshot of this one particular moment in Belichick’s time here and imply that it means he doesn’t hire minorities is exactly the same situation as Red Auerbach in the 80s. The most pioneering executive in NBA history built a dynasty that had several great white players, and there were people claiming the Celtics were a racist organization for it.

So do your worst, ESPN. Bring it on. You’ve lost all credibility anyway. You might as well give us something to talk about while we wait for your next Patriots hatchet job.

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Jerry Thornton