I really don’t know what I just watched. My tastes in videos runs more toward funny or nerdishly awe-inspiring than mesmerizing. But that’s exactly what this was. I couldn’t turn away and it made me feel every happy feeling I’ve ever had. It’s what I imagine being on Ecstasy like, except visual. And with food.  No wonder it was posted Sunday and already is up over 8.3 million views. For all I know it was sent to Earth by some alien race to hypnotize us into compliance, but I don’t care. I’ll just keep watching.

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Bill Belichick went on a rant on his conference call today about how he is no longer using tablets on the sideline. Also, Terry Francona flipped off the camera last night...was it on purpose? Glenn, Lou and Christian get into both topics.

[0:06:41] ... pitching specially at the top of the rotation and or yelling and Andrew Miller at the other end Antonio is not bad either. And as you can show he's not bad either. But when they get ...
[0:12:34] ... really it is that the best the beauty of it he's got Andrew Miller weapon it give both sides out. But you've gut Alan you know and it's probably good matchup and to mill the order ...
[0:13:49] ... general I think last night. If he would have success with a Andrew Miller in the middle innings that's where he would have gone he would've gone to six that he would have gotten Miller. As ...
[0:15:43] ... but I wanted to give them credit because. Everybody had written off Mike Napoli and I get first half of the season two years ago he was a disaster here batting about a buck sixty. Maybe less than that it was awful no power. I goes to Texas has a really good second half of the season finds his swing and we've talked about bringing him in the offseason in the past on a Mike Napoli. Like to happily he's been huge here. Put them for the Indians series and everything Coco Crisp. Hole you were rebound defensively on the field but he came animated good play out the key out that they needed he's pretty good Mike Napoli on the big east. Has been good for the Indians it's a team likes to run they like the move that wanted to constantly in motion. Mike Napoli you don't think of is a guy who can move always been one of the best base runners Jesse's been all the ...

Chris Chase of Fox Sports ranked the Patriots as the dirtiest team in the NFL, even after what Burfict did this week. The guys talk more about Burfict and the NFL.

[0:02:15] ... this perfect. We'll get him in a minute. An headhunters such as Rodney Harrison Purdue meriwether. Is it perennial being near the top of the league in various holding categories. Are you dirty if you want ...
[0:07:47] ... has had a two week. Yeah Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin announces Ben Roethlisberger is officially out there we go in on of that week I'm pissed at this and I know again if you've dated ...
[0:09:59] ... In and for five weeks it will be all laugh. About the Buffalo Bills but here's what pisses me off the most. About no Roethlisberger on Sunday because I'm sure with his defense turns. What I've ...
[0:16:51] ... the season. The New York Jets number one and run before the Baltimore Ravens number five in run defense so when they face a team that is able to stop the run. And that they forced the Buffalo Bills to throw the football the Buffalo Bills lose the football game. If you allow them to run. Control game. That's how buffalo what you can't do that over sixty ...

Monday Night Football was yet another noncompetitive embarrassment, and Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about why the NFL ratings are dropping.

[0:00:43] ... officiating that we are talking about how horrendous officiating. In last night's Monday Night Football absolutely horrendous that they. That proof the Gerard Butler broke. Averages. Twenty point eight penalties per game matches to give you. An ...
[0:13:04] ... and John Ferrell yeah where is an excellent credit may have been the football league because he says you know they can and bill says. Coaches lose game. Coaches don't win games they lose and players went ...
[0:13:50] ... is Richard. Our Richard. Good morning gentlemen mrs. thanks very much fertig Mike Wallace's and will we call. I have a comment boat Robert Kraft situation. It's I think it seems pretty obvious that he's just ...
[0:23:43] ... up because the Seahawks trending in the right direction lots attitude. Possible Super Bowl match up rematch and we want all ratings megawatt. On November the ninth. I think the political season's got an awful lot ...

Christian Fauria is sick of Patriots fans being mad at Robert Kraft for loving ESPN, while Lou defends the anger of Patriots Nation.
Glenn, Lou and Christian open the show with a number of topics, including: last night's ALCS and Trevor Bauer bleeding everyone & Robert Kraft gushing over ESPN and it's leadership.

On Sunday Robert Klemko of MMQB tweeted out a video he took from the Bills tailgate scene of a woman tackling a dummy dressed as Colin Kaepernick and claiming she was egged on by Bills Mafia drunks yelling, “Tackle the Muslim!” The Internet responded on full blast, with people pointing out, correctly, that you never once hear the word “Muslim” in the clip. But Klemko stood his ground and said it happened before he pressed “record.”

Well, the Bills Mafia chick on the video has responded on Medium. Alexis Dent, the self-described “sunshine and whiskey enthusiast” who “will run for cupcakes” (my kind of woman) is coming at Klemko, guns blazing:

You claimed that someone at the tailgate yelled “ ‘tackle the Muslim’, then a young lady obliges.” Unfortunately, that young lady was me. After I confronted you to retract your statement, knowing that neither myself nor anyone I was with made that statement OR even heard anyone else make a foul statement, you refused. In fact, you even talked down to me. … However, I have video coverage (#thanksSnapchat) from the minutes and moments leading up to my tackle, and not once does someone yell anything of that nature. I offered to show you them, but you didn’t respond. Guess it’s not fun being called out, eh? …

Lucky for me, anyone with a brain could tell that you were trying to turn some good-natured fun (that happens at every Bills mafia tailgate) into fodder for your social justice circle jerk. …

Let me reiterate my point: I don’t care that the video is out there. I think the world needs more fun, laughter, and good-natured antics. If I can contribute to people getting a good laugh, I’m cool with that. But I will refuse to become the focal point of racially charged accusations. The world doesn’t need anymore hatred; I’m sure we can both agree on that.

The letter goes on. Calling out Peter King and Trenni Kusnierek for defending Klemko. Explaining Alexis’ own past blogging celebrity gossip. And expressing her own support for Kaepernick. But she had me at “hello.” There is nothing that so becomes a woman as defending her right to a little harmless, drunken antics and putting the Social Justice Warriors among us on blast.

Seriously, I never thought I’d find romance among the same Bills Mafia crew that slams themselves into tables, tips over Port-o-Potties with people in them and makes vodka luges out of each other’s butt cracks. But I think I’m in love Alexis Dent.

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5. Aaron Rodgers
Grudge Factor: 2
Obviously, Rodgers has no direct involvement in any of the multiple assaults on the Patriots over the last couple of seasons. But he makes the list as a sort of unindicted co-conspirator of those who did. New England will not and should not ever forget that in the weeks prior to the Deflategate conspiracy being put into motion, the Patriots played at Green Bay. And in the middle of that game, Jim Nantz and Phil Simms had a big chucklefest between themselves about how Aaron Rodgers told them he likes his footballs inflated above the legal limit. How he’ll have them over-pumped and hope the officials don’t notice. It did not register even the slightest with America or Pats fans. Just another disposable anecdote in a season filled with them, used once and then thrown away.

Until Tom Brady got accused of preferring his footballs underinflated and it became a national scandal. Then it became obvious that Brady is considered Rodgers evil twin by the rest of the country. The Goofus to his Gallant. Brady’s supposed (and denied) tampering with the balls is an outrage; Rodgers’ admitted tampering is a funny story.

Funny thing about that, though. Since the crackdown on the care of footballs began, Rodgers has put together the worst stretch of quarterbacking of his career. In 2014, he won the league MVP, led the league with an interception percentage of only 1.0 and had a passer rating of 112.2 Last season his passer rating fell off a cliff to 92.7 and this year it’s down to 88.4. And his interception percentage has more than doubled to 2.2. Meanwhile, using the same, allegedly carefully calibrated balls as Mr. Discount Double Check, Brady has just put together arguably the best back-to-back games in the history of the quarterback position.

So who’s the one who needs to cheat to win?
Misery Index: 4

4. New York Jets
Grudge Factor: 4
Like Rodgers, the Jets were a non-combatant in the Deflategate war, but they no doubt gave care and comfort to the enemy. They’re on this for committing the most blatant act of tampering in memory. And they absolutely, positively skated.

The Jets tampered with Darrelle Revis. That is a fact not in dispute. They were found guilty and apologized. And for that, they were fined $100,000. Basically pocket change to their owner, the heir to a baby powder fortune. A league that typically settles these tampering disputes by giving the team that was done dirty a draft pick from the perpetrator, did nothing to help the Patriots after they lost the consensus best defensive back of his era.

So how are the Jets doing? They are 1-5. Monday night they lost to Arizona 28-3, produced 11 first downs total and replaced their quarterback. And Revis, to whom they’re on the hook for $39 million guaranteed, has been in and out of the lineup. And the even worse news is that they get the honor of being the only team in the regular season to face Tom Brady twice.
Misery Index: 5

Grudge Factor: 8
I don’t have to take too big a wind up describing the case against the World Wide Leader. I’ll just pitch from the stretch, shorten my delivery and say NFL’s Ministry of Truth has been point of the spear for the anti-Patriots movement.

And all that trading their integrity to make ESPN’s leash-holders in the NFL office happy has given them plummeting ratings thanks in part to epic programming like the Jets at Arizona. In the last five years, they’ve lost 11.3 million subscribers, including 4.1 million in the last year alone. That translates to $350 million in lost revenue. So I guess they can’t afford to change Chris Mortensen’s false report, which is still uncorrected on their website. Or hire someone to go find Kelly Naqi.
Misery Index: 10

2. Baltimore Ravens
Grudge Factor: 9
The Ravens were the J. Robert Oppenheimer of the Deflategate nuke. John Harbaugh was mortally offended that the Patriots outschemed him in the January, 2015 playoff game. So team staff contacted the Colts and together they plotted revenge. The business of an Indy linebacker intercepting a Brady pass and thinking the ball felt funny is a fiction. That much was confirmed by the Colts GM Ryan Grigson who admitted the Ravens alerted his office to “issues” with the footballs.

Well, since that playoff game, the Ravens have gone 8-14. They are currently in a three-game losing streak in what was supposed to be the soft part of their schedule. And Harbaugh is fielding questions about the analytics that say his team has a 19% chance of making the playoffs. In mid-October.
Misery Index: 100

1. Indianapolis Colts
Grudge Factor: 10

Since the infamous AFC title game blowout that started it all, the Colts are a sub-.500 team. The club’s pickled-brained owner followed up an 8-8 season by bringing his entire staff back. They are now 2-4 an in last place of the worst division in football. Grigson has blamed his team’s failures on the size of Andrew Luck’s contract, as if he didn’t negotiate it, sign it and write the bonus checks. And Luck, the franchise player they tanked an entire season in order to draft, whom they’re paying such an onerous amount of money to, is currently 11th in the league in passer rating, just ahead of Case Keenum and Tyrod Taylor.

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh.
Misery Index: One billion.

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The guys discussed Robert Kraft's sit down with Hannah Storm and Vontaze Burfict's dirty hits Sunday against the Patriots.
The guys discuss Robert Klemko's story that was ripped apart by Alexis Dent.