A weekend basketball game was disrupted with offensive chants between Newton North chanting "sausage-fest" at CM, who responded with "You killed Jesus." Glenn and Christian debate on whether this is a big deal.
A weekend basketball game was disrupted with offensive chants between Newton North chanting "sausage-fest" at CM, who responded with "You killed Jesus." Glenn and Christian debate on whether this is a big deal.
Travis Shaw looks like he's making a cause to crack the starting lineup for the Sox, but unfortunately for him, Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez stand in his way. Glenn and Christian talk about how they want to see him start.

















For the last 100-plus years, our city and our region have been blessed with the best the sports world has to offer. Great teams. Legendary coaches. Unforgettable moments. Championships. Dynasties. And a mother lode of great athletes that is the envy of virtually every other sports city. Which begs the question:

Who is the best athlete in the history of Boston sports?

It’s a question that has fueled a million bar room arguments, and now we’re taking it into the 21st century because Dale & Holley with Thornton are letting you decide with a March Madness tournament. We’ve arranged 64 of the greatest athletes our sacred homeland has seen, from the 1900s to our current best of the best. Vote for the winner of each matchup, beginning with Monday’s first round in the Dale Arnold regional. We will roll out another regional each day until Thursday, announce the first round winners on Friday, and roll out the second round next week.

Click here to start voting. And just as an added bonus, because we love you and want you to feel appreciated, just for signing up you are entered to win a football autographed by Tom Brady, whom I’m fairly certain made it into the field of 64.

How the winners are determined is entirely up to you. Do you give more weight to championships or individual statistics? Favor one sport over another? Give more credit to guys you’ve seen over those from the past? That’s your call. We’re not just here to defend democracy, we’re here to practice it.

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Jerry Thornton

One of my favorite days of the sports year is March Madness’ Selection Sunday. And one of my favorite parts of Selection Sunday is all the pundits losing their minds over the grave injustice the committee perpetrated on some mid-major bubble team by leaving them out of the tournament. I don’t know why, exactly. Maybe it’s the “Participation Trophy Culture” aspect of it. How every team in Division 1 is “a great program and their coach is doing a tremendous job and those kids have worked so hard and they must really be disappointed.” Like every school is entitled to a bid or something.

But this year is different. This year, I’m the one doing the crying for a great program that really did get jobbed by the selection committee: America. Because Monmouth was left out of the tournament. The team with the most entertaining bench in the history of sports will not be (cliche’ alert) going to the dance, and that is a tragedy for us all.

I could make a case for how the Hawks should be in on the basis of their 27-7 record or their wins over Georgetown and Notre Dame. But not of that matters to me. All I really was interested in was watching the world’s most creative bench warmers work their patented brand of magic. Those lovable goobers are a credit to less talented athletes everywhere, and we are being deprived of their creative genius. Those Monmouth garbage time players worked so hard, too. They must really be disappointed.

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Jerry Thornton
On Friday afternoon, the Patriots released an update to "The Wells Report in Context" and the guys wonder "What's the point?"
Trump responds to his Chicago rally being shut down by protesters.

[0:01:11] ... busy week for John Donna G trump my Republican candidate for president United States picked off by. I would I thought Friday night as he beat the wildest night. The presidential race of their receivers to Popeye I think by troubled Saturday. That was the most amazing performance and here is the thing that ...
[0:03:09] ... over that mean what you say yes policy get the all important Pete Rose endorsement. It's true Big Apple and in Ohio. I wouldn't be surprised everyone alive or triple Meet the Press yesterday by chance ...
[0:08:56] ... that just looking like the worst rabble the establishment people you know Mitt Romney is gonna be period to Ohio events to cut case. Who that looks to me like the ultimate step trough is what ...

On the heels of discussion about Pablo Sandoval's albatross of a contract, the guys discuss some of the worst all time.

[0:01:57] ... was his skill set. Offerman got a 26 million over four years. Edgar Renteria. And infield right in feels the problem for. He was fine middle and Saint Louis existing laws couldn't handle Austin Matt comment JT snow my personal for a 101. Million I'm sorry. 103. Million dollars for Daisuke in 2007. He did have the one year but he was maddening. J. D. Drew Julio Lugo Josh Beckett John Lackey Adrian Gonzales he was OK Carl Crawford. This could be your winner being being being thinks that it against the winner and he's seven years a 142 million dollars ...

After hearing some "praise" from Brian Butterfield, the guys are convinced that it's going to be a rough year for Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez.


To the surprise of no one, I’m going to agree with my boy Portnoy here. This is exactly the kind of selfless humility we’ve come to expect from Bill Belichick.

A man of lesser character with his level of power and influence would have demanded to be moved. To an aisle seat at the very least, but probably to first class on the power of a few well delivered “Don’t you know who I am?”mentions thrown around. But not The Hooded One.

He’s of too high a stature for merely pulling rank. Playing the celebrity card is for pikers. To him, taking the aisle seat is a noblesse oblige thing. Something he does for the sake of the less accomplished commoners. This is the air travel equivalent of Jesus washing the feet of peasants. Of King Henry V walking among his soldiers in disguise on the eve of battle. This is John Jacob Astor putting on his formal wear to go down with the Titanic, leaving his seat on the lifeboat to someone else.

And the biggest beneficiaries are the other passengers sitting in coach. Because they can say that for once, they were treated a legend. First class all the way.

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Jerry Thornton