John Karalis of joins Lou and Christian to talk Celtics and the twitter beef between him and Lou. They also talk about how money doesn't get you what it used to when talking Horford's max deal and the Sandoval's contract
Jovn calls in from Malden to talk about the foul call on Marcus Smart from last night game and saying it was the right call. But being a ref himself he is used to taking the abuse from fans and Lou suggest we should go out and hug a ref.

[0:00:10] ... good first of all love your show that good arm. I'm a high school basketball Christians while awards are off like IR rep for reunion MBA and a satin. But a little time arm sometimes it gets ...
[0:01:29] ... about this cause in reaction he could have been checked himself. And saint Pierre model wanna make this call but there. I have to blows the whistle. You know don't those things do happen and that's ...
[0:02:12] ... brother you make that call you got to do your job typical Isiah Thomas would have split second. And eager to hit an elbow I want that call. Don't want. And ask your question the last game the last game you Grafton high school. Did you feel like did you feel like you're abused or feel like you sort of the year expressing your views and ...

Lou and Christian open the show talking about how Christian doesn't want to go skiing and sit on the chairlifts in the cold. They also talk about gifts Lou can bring down to spring training to help smooth over his relationship with Farrell
John Karalis of joins Lou and Christian to defend his views on Jae Crowder and Lou disrespecting him, leading to a twitter beef last night.

George “The Animal” Steele with his unique first pitch preparations.

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WWE legend George “The Animal” Steele died on Friday at 79. He threw out a few ceremonial first pitches in his time and had a very unique habit of chewing the baseball and biting off the hide before his pitch.

Seems really bizarre but if your name is The Animal, I guess you kind of have to do stuff like this.

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Lucy Burdge
Tom Brady's season was good enough without the Hollywood ending. (Kevin Jairaj/USA TODAY Sports)

Tom Brady’s season was good enough without the Hollywood ending. (Kevin Jairaj/USA Today Sports)

The worst movies are cheesy and predictable. The feature film project about Tom Brady’s historic comeback in Super Bowl LI will be both of those things.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Oscar-nominated screenwriters Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson are teaming up with New York Times best-selling author Casey Sherman to produce a book and movie about the Patriots’ improbable victory over the Falcons. Dave Wedge, who co-authored “Boston Strong” with Sherman, will be a part of the project as well.

Tamasy’s and Johnson’s involvement in the film is worrisome. Though they did fine work with Disney’s “The Finest Hour” and were up for an Oscar for their screenplay in “The Fighter,” they also were writers for “Patriots Day” –– perhaps the corniest Boston movie ever made. Every scene with dialogue was cringeworthy, from Mark Wahlberg’s hero cop character calling someone a “CHOWDAHEAD!!!” in the opening scene to his vomit-inducing speech about “good vs. evil” after Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured.

Deadline Hollywood’s write-up doesn’t make it seem like the Brady movie will be any better. The article’s author, Anita Busch, says the film chronicles Brady’s “fall from grace and then his triumphant return to lead the Patriots to their fifth Super Bowl championship.” Brady was victimized in Deflategate, but painting him as an underdog who battled back against all odds –– like Micky Ward –– is silly. During his four-game suspension, he sun-bathed nude on the Italian coast and went on a publicity tour for UGG slippers. He wasn’t exactly sent to the gulags.

That ties into the central problem with creating a Hollywood-produced retelling of the Patriots’ 2016 season: it was dramatic enough on its own. Additional angles or storylines, such as giving slain MIT police officer Sean Collier a fake girlfriend in “Patriots Day,” is tawdry and cheap.

The real-life drama of the Patriots storming back from a 25-point deficit in Super Bowl LI, and then accepting the Lombardi Trophy from Roger Goodell, was enough on its own. Replacing Brady with Wahlberg would be an easy way to turn the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all-time into a laughingstock.

There’s still a lot that can be gleamed from Deflategate, and the impact it had on this Patriots season. That’s why director Julie Marron is producing a documentary about it, due to be released this summer. The entire saga is a lesson in the corporate power dynamics of a multibillion-dollar organization, media manipulation and, frankly, the art of revenge. It’s best to address those themes in interviews with people who were there first-hand, not by turning Brady into a Tommy Saunders-inspired hero.

In this case, the reality is better than fiction ever could be. The retelling of Super Bowl LI should never be put in the hands of Hollywood.

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Alex Reimer
Chris Long is a free agent this offseason. (John David Mercer/USA TODAY Sports)

Chris Long is a free agent this offseason. (John David Mercer/USA TODAY Sports)

Last week, Chris Long shredded a New York Daily News columnist for writing him a dopey open letter about skipping the Patriots’ upcoming White House visit. On Thursday, he set his sights on folks who are bashing him for his plan to boycott the proceedings.

Long is one of six Patriots players who say they won’t be heading to the White House for a photo-op with President Donald Trump later this year. Though not all of the players said their decisions are political –– Dont’a Hightower also skipped in 2015 when Barack Obama was in office –– it’s fair to assume Long isn’t Trump’s biggest fan.

“I’m just not doing it,” he said recently on Barstool Sports’ “Pardon my Take” podcast when asked why he doesn’t want to go. “I’ve got plenty of serious political reasons that probably don’t belong on this show, but I’m just not doing it. America’s an awesome country, man. Everybody knows that. That’s why I have this choice.”

Since sportswriting is now a prominently liberal profession, Long didn’t hear a lot of disapproval about his decision in the media. But on Twitter, he decided to lash out at those who have been critical of him. Ironically, this shows Long is just as sensitive as our whiner-in-chief, who he presumably loathes. (That doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining, however. It’s always nice to see rubes get put in their place.)

The primary focus of Long’s charity is to provide clean drinking water to communities in East Africa, for what it’s worth.

Despite that tweet storm, Long’s best moment on social media remains when he issued a biting rebuttal to Roger Goodell’s ludicrous analogy about couch sitting being just as dangerous as playing football.

“I am #blessed to survive a night on the couch. But I knew the risks,” he wrote after Super Bowl 50.

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Alex Reimer
Hour 4. Darrelle Revis has gotten himself into a lot of trouble in Pennsylvania. Red Sox ownership holds a press conference from Spring Training.

[0:02:38] ... leader and I think Cuba should think he could mean in. Is Amani Toomer again Schwarz on the money was back at it today while. As you would say back at a today the her chamber ...
[0:08:20] ... would not bashing on the doors last 48 hours to defend. Audrey Ahman Green for those counts 6177797937. Speaking of New York. Cold Lee Harvey easiest pin staff writer. Spoke this morning with Revis is attorney ...
[0:17:04] ... able basketball I never saw Larry Bird play. But to insinuate that Isiah Thomas is having the kind of view Larry Bird has ever had is not some medium isn't one category and what's points per game scoring late games you can somewhat you wanna go kind of equate to Larry Bird five rebounds defense passing. Everything else. Larry Bird has an unranked teams and every other season telling these Isiah Thomas fans tonight. I'm you guys can call if you want I will toll may that was wrong with but Isiah Thomas senior receives on top 3040 play whatever dead wrong. But the truly great players. It's not it's up to that a game ...
[0:18:22] ... perform well Gary and she got the conversation with this guy about Isiah Thomas. Times have you ever eat up my hair. Then I'm OK. Okay well I covered the third night. Yeah. It was a ...

Hour 3. Mut's history as a radio host is revisited. Kirk's latest podcast features some in depth talk about radio in Boston with Glenn Ordway.
Hour 2. The guys discuss whether the Patriots should consider trading Jimmy Garoppolo. President Trump held an interesting press conference.