John Tomase reads some of the mean texts he's received during the show. Bradford asks Glenn if it bothers him about the time Minihane's podcasts are released every week
Glenn quizzes Bradford about if he is too close with the Red Sox players to say anything bad about them on air

[0:06:11] ... pagan. Because their jobs or hide in there. I mean you know Tim Wakefield has not said a negative thing about the Red Sox and she went on television. And I edit I understand where is ...
[0:08:28] ... be I'm going to be more critical that I ever was toward John Farrell. Don't you think that that's the key that's human nature to when you don't care about how the guy thinks it's there's ...
[0:09:27] ... all for examples because when any of these guys including David Ortiz Dustin Pedroia or anybody. Does something I've I'm say they've done some stupid with Dave Ortiz I said numerous times. Every single year he ...
[0:10:26] ... tip give me a name and I'll tell you if I blasted Dustin Pedroia yes when if you Boston. Policy and I have my blasted. A city had to stay up when we talk about his ...

Glenn is joined by Rob Bradford and Jon Tomase. They start the show talking about Hanley's monster 3 run HR game, and the less than stellar debut of newly acquired pitcher Drew Pomeranz


NY Post – Police arrested 17 people Wednesday after a melee broke out during a flag-burning in the streets outside the Republican National Convention. …

Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party said the group organized the burning of the American flag as a “political statement about the crimes of the American empire. There’s nothing great about America.”

Moments after the flag was set on fire, officers charged in to put it out with an extinguishing spray that some in the crowd thought was pepper spray because of similarities in the design of the canisters and the eye irritation caused by the fire-suppression substance.

“You’re on fire! You’re on fire, stupid!” a Cleveland officer shouted at a protester while firing the extinguishing spray.

Let’s review how this works, shall we? Radical hippie Communist trash hate America. Radical hippie Communist trash use the freedoms America provides them to promote a system that doesn’t allow exactly the freedoms they’re using. They hate the cops, who are there to protect them from getting the pinko snot beat out of them by the kinds of groups that are throwing bags of urine at each other. The whole time the police are trying to keep the peace in this chaos, crowds are chanting “Blue lives murder!” and fighting with them.

Into this literally flammable situation, someone takes a lighter to the symbol of the very liberty that allows them to do what their doing, under the protection of the courts and the U.S. Constitution. And because karma is a thing, said firestarter lights himself on fire.

And who’s job is it to put it out and save this ignoramus’ life? Not Carl “Marx” Dix. Not any of his comrades. No one on the lunatic fringe who are too busy trying to bring about a world without free speech, assembly, press or religion, but with gobs and gobs of central planning from bureaucrats. Of course, it’s the rank and file of the Cleveland Police Department, that’s who.

And if you think any of the phony, radical chic enemies of your basic rights said “thank you” to the cops who saved this Bolshevik’s life, you haven’t been paying attention the last 50 years or so.

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Jerry Thornton
Tanguay ticks off Kirk and Gerry by calling David Price 'above average' so far this season. Before that, though, the guys discuss the Red Sox 11-7 win over the Giants at Fenway which featured three homers from Hanley Ramirez and a stumble from Drew Pomeranz.
On night three of the RNC Convention, former presidential hopeful Ted Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump and got booed off the stage; Gerry Callahan defends him while Kirk Minihane is on the atack
Budding novelist (in his mind) Gary Tanguay - AKA 'Taray Garrison' - pens some new erotica for Kirk Minihane to read
Gary Tanguay - and then Kirk Minihane - read the 'Headlines' from the day's salacious news.
Gary Tanguay joins Gerry and Kirk to discuss the Wednesday night primetime events: the Drew Pomeranz debut for the Red Sox, Ted Cruz at the RNC, and Tanguay falling asleep live on Comcast

YouTubeA tennis star with a HUGE backhand directed at Taylor Swift — says she’s sick of the singer always portraying herself as the victim … just like she’s doing in the Kanye West feud.

The tennis star is 22-year-old Eugenie Bouchard — who’s a huge pop culture fan — and was asked about the Taylor vs. Kanye situation. …

“I feel like sometimes she portrays herself as the victim a lot and she did this time around. … You approved the thing where Kanye said he’d have sex with you but you didnt hear the time he said bitch? Like, come on. Like, it’s all the same thing to me … so I think she just way overreacted and I think she tried to get attention by saying she didn’t approve of that.”

I’ve stayed out of the Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian feud to this point. But now that my girl Eugenie Bouchard has weighed in, I can no longer be silent. It was either Dante Alighieri or Melania Trump who said that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who do not take sides in a great moral crisis. And this is one of those times.

I cannot be neutral on this one any longer. I should start by admitting I am predisposed to being on Team Taylor. Her catchy pop hooks and tender, bittersweet breakup songs touch the essence of my soul time and again. I also believe with all my heart that the Kardashians are all the sins of mankind made flesh, and Kim is the queen of their evil collective. So without question I went into this prepared to take Taylor’s side.

But when T-Swift loses Euenie Bouchard’s vote, she has lost mine. When adorable, talented, iconic Millennial blonds can’t stick together, than there is something really, really wrong going on. Taylor was caught in a lie, and people of integrity like me and Genie have to admit it. As much as it pains me to say it, Kimye are right in this one.

Or, the entire stupid thing is a made up publicity stunt to generate clicks for the “Famous”
video and sell Kanye’s crappy song. Either way, I’m on Team Eugenie, as always.




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A photo posted by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on


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