In Wednesday's Morning Mashup, we have a hilarious video of a fan making, um, inappropriate gestures before getting kicked out of the ballpark, the sad story of Vince Young's financial woes, and Tim Tebow's political future.

Yes, you read that last part right. 

In Tuesday's Morning Mashup, we have video of a brutal tailgating fight before the Kentucky-Western Kentucky football game Saturday that will make you lose faith in society. Actually, maybe you've already lost faith in society while watching Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless spew nonsense on ESPN. In that case, we have an item on Smith being fooled by The Onion that will make you smirk.

There's also this. Rex Ryan and the Jets fell to the Steelers Sunday, getting manhandled in the second half. Though, as always, Ryan still is exuding confidence in his team's ability.

In Friday's Morning Mashup, we have a hilarious video of a radio host ranting about Miami Univeristy's foobtall team, more replacement ref analysis, and an interesting article in the USA Today catching up with Manny Ramirez.

In Thursday's Morning Mashup, we have a photo of A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy's scar after getting out of surgery from the nasty line drive he took, hilarious out takes of John Clayton's "SportsCenter" commercial, video of Mike Francesa falling asleep on air while talking Red Sox-Yankees, and a report that Jim Calhoun is retiring as head coach of UConn's basketball team. 

Notre Dame will join the ACC as a full member in all sports except football and hockey, the league announced Wednesday morning.

In football, the Irish will remain independent but will play five games against ACC opponents each season.

The ACC does not have a hockey league, and Notre Dame is expected to join Hockey East for that sport.

In Wednesday's Morning Mashup, we have a story on a college football player who believes he was kicked off the team because of his sexuality.

Jamie Kuntz, of North Dakota State College of Sciences, was injured, so he was helping out his team by videotaping its game when his 65-year-old boyfriend joined him in the press box and gave him a kiss that was noticed by a teammate. Kuntz lied about the kiss initially and now finds himself off the team and looking to transfer.

In Tuesday's Morning Mashup, we have details on a report from The Associated Press that the NFL has created a plan for the replacement officials to officiate until at least Week 5, the Astros owner wanting Roger Clemens to pitch this season, and much more.

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In Monday's Morning Mashup, we have the Jets sounding off about media ploys, reaction to the replacement refs, and much more.

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In Friday's Mashup, we have details from an amazing profile of Rob Gronkowski via Sports Illustrated, a Ravens player and local politician getting into a squabble over gay rights, trivia and some great Internet videos. 

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In Thursday's Mashup, we have Santonio Holmes throwing Mark Sanchez under the bus about the Tim Tebow trade, Peyton Manning's jersey being banned in a Denver school district, trivia, and much more. 

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