Greg and Chris kick off the bye week edition of NFL Sunday discussing the state of Pats even though it's very early. Chris talks about what has gone right so far. They get into other teams in the AFC that are playing well. The boys chat about how it will be nice to sit back and watch the rest of the league all day, including the early morning game live from London.
Jim Hackett and Rotobahn's Pete Davidson get you ready for your fantasy football leagues and daily entries this week. There's an early game in London so the guys get right into who is available with all the huge amount of injuries adding up around the league. Jim and Pete spend a good deal of time going over Draft Kings and daily fantasy leagues and exactly how you should look at things to construct your team. Pete has a ton of knowledge on strategies to succeed in these daily leagues.
Danny talks about how the Bruins look heading towards their season opener and also talks about Red Sox management and what they need to focus on as they head towards the offseason.
Craig Mustard and Larry Johnson discuss the 2015 Red Sox season and the report that John Farrell will return as manager despite the team's late season success under Torey Lovullo. Bruins reporter DJ Bean sits in with Butch Stearns and Rob Bradford for some Bruins talk to get ready for the season.
Butch Stearns offers and takes listeners' Red Sox memories, good and bad, from 2015. Rob Bradford would prefer to look ahead, but offers his Sox expertise.
Former Patriots lineman Matt Light joins Butch Stearns and Rob Bradford to talk Patriots and Matt's 'Inflation Nation' charity event at
Former Patriots lineman Matt Light joins Butch Stearns and Rob Bradford to talk Patriots and Matt's 'Inflation Nation' charity event at
Craig Mustard and Larry Johnson talk to Boston Herald Red Sox reporter Scott Lauber live from Cleveland on the final weekend of the season to talk all things Sox.
ESPN Boston Patriots writer Mike Reiss joins Craig Mustard and Larry Johnson to talk #Pats on Saturday morning

[0:03:56] ... guys that I have for example get the ball out quick from Tom Brady's hand. I think that's part of it and I think the other part that the glioma mentioned list Tom Brady has played a big part in the two. Really working with those guys and knowing. It keeps bringing them along and you know he he made the point you said bring it to be intimidating guy. Sixteen years in the league. You know multiple MVP of Super Bowl champion four times. To have you know the president to say look I know I might have to be a little bit different with these guys and I would to someone like Ryan when Ballard Dan Connolly. I'm so Brady's played a part in it too. You know Mike you mentioned. The Dallas game against the war ones on Sunday night was really thinking too much about that but of course Dallas is playing the patriots next week and that is in the big deep. How the patriots up plan differently with a brand in Sweden at the Helm as opposed to Tony Romo. Well I think we've seen a quick little bit over the last couple these with the couple moves they've made you know ...
[0:08:58] ... what they're gonna do to adjust the brand in Sweden instead of Tony Romo because it's not going to be as. Pass oriented obviously with Sweden at the controls of Roma down for eight weeks. It ...