We discuss the fledgling interest in MLB's all-star game and how most will choose to watch other programming instead.
We discuss the fledgling interest in MLB's all-star game and how most will choose to watch other programming instead.
We tackle four topics all centering around great moments in All-Star game history, with a little Boston flavor to it.
We tackle four topics all centering around great moments in All-Star game history, with a little Boston flavor to it.
Former Red Sox shortstop, and current ESPN analyst, Nomar Garciaparra, calls MFB to talk about Derek Jeter's final All-Star game and the reception he's likely to receive. Tim and Lou also ask about the notion that participating in a HR Derby can negatively affect a hitter's swing. Nomar also thinks that, someday, David Ortiz will have a farewell tour similar to Jeter's.
Rory McIlroy upgrades his girlfriend. Target Field introduced the Self-Serve beer machine, charging 40 cents per ounce. Rob Bradford interviews January Jones of "Mad Men."

[0:07:32] ... the decision to brilliant if you don't well Brian and time that Grady Sizemore performing on the field let me ask you ran in -- and saw what you -- -- -- -- -- -- Bring ...
[0:08:30] ... make a move. But right now everyone's praising Dan Duquette. For signing Nelson Cruz. Based on that analysis you can give many credit he should give all the credit Nelson Cruz -- -- -- so we're not gonna give it and I've got to judge GM's then is that what with that right ...
[0:09:24] ... and it worked out they went from last place to winning a World Series. Any gonna give -- But they don't based on performance of players then maybe these at least he's consistent argument that. Yeah ...
[0:10:02] ... this all morning Nomar Garciaparra is gonna join us to talk about Derek Jeter's last all star game. When you talk about Derrick here in the 1 o'clock hour we will do so with Nomar the ...

On Tuesday’€™€™s Three For All on Middays with MFB, Tim Benz and Lou Merloni discussed Rory McIlroy‘s new love interest, self-serve beer machines and Rob Bradford‘s podcast with a “Mad Men” star. To listen to the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

McIlroy appears to be over the end of his relationship with tennis star Caroline Wozniacki. The golfer reportedly now is dating Irish model and singer Nadia Forde.

“I didn’t realize what he had graduated to from Caroline Wozniacki, the tennis player,” Benz said. “Congratulations, Rory, I guess you did upgrade after all.”

Benz tried describing Forde’s appearance but instead pushed the listeners to check out a link to photos of her on the MFB home page.

“You wouldn’t look at her and say ‘Irish girl,’ ” Benz said. “She looks a lot more exotic than that.”

– In a past Three for All segment, the guys discussed the DraftServ self-serve beer stations at Target Field just in time for the All-Star festivities.

It appears the stations were a success for Monday’s Home Run Derby.

“Apparently last night people were loving it. Apparently they have Shandy and Urban Pale Ale,” Merloni said. “They sell this by the ounce. So it’s 40 cents an ounce and Bud Light is 38 cents an ounce. So you can get a $10 card, prepaid, or a $20 prepaid card.

“You just roll up there, put in however many ounces you want, put that thing underneath.”

Merloni added: ”Apparently people are loving it. Maybe not crazy about the pour, but it’s outstanding.”

The stations are owned by the family of Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs.

“This is fantastic for Bruins fans,” Benz said.

– Producer Joe Zarbano brought his own topic to the table with Christian Fauria out for the day. He was creeped out by Bradford’s interview with January Jones from the TV series “Mad Men.”

“It was as creepy as you’d think it would be,” he said.

After listening to some audio from the show, Benz said, “Joey, I think you’re being a little too hard on Rob. Any double entendre there was her fault that she actually did.”

Benz added: “I walk away from that and don’t think to myself, ‘creepy,’ I think he was very nervous.”

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Nick Canelas
An abysmal first half yields abysmal grades. Specifically, Ben Cherington looks really bad after a slew of swings-and-misses. The callers came to his defense.
Erin Andrews willn replace Pam Oliver on the sidelines for Fox broadcasts and be paired with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Also, Tim and Lou discuss the repetitive nature of the HR Derby and wonder if Chris Berman could be replaced. Also, a hot microphone caught Berman and Kruk begrudgingly standing up for cancer.

[0:05:42] ... another guy give anybody give you -- that guide the play that's Adam Everett's spine -- change it up. Mean how many times can you back back back back back while that balls gone. Oh well ...
[0:09:12] ... to light right biggest sort of a lot of them winning the World Series I mean I think you can yeah I think -- up. What do I believe them well I -- I anonymous not I. I really do do you believe do you believe that it -- that impact all on him or easy just trying to say nice things and and played in the situation I'll wait. Couldn't hurt could. Yes -- -- Metheny. Adam Wainwright. Has the best numbers. Lately it's fourteen starts Wainwright has a better numbers seem real yet and there's another angle -- this. He puts his own guy on the -- say hey -- one thing I'll start you but you know you -- -- eighty mile an hour fastball and her Jeter's first and then I -- breaking -- -- curve ball -- pocket right there's nothing but fastballs that -- shot afterwards to strike out the five guys in -- -- -- -- -- -- but I'm just saying you know. Adam Wainwright is twelve and 4183. ERA. 183. So it is is it's up and it -- that Kershaw nobody's got a numbers better than -- -- -- an -- lower than that. Heidi it's an easy decision is that at a -- in attended a result amenities -- I thought about the Comcast. Tangling. -- we know about Lester. Not start caused the -- Eight we want the World Series last year he was outstanding as dominant an exhibit very good first half. -- the deserves a start I go Felix maybe even go to Cashmere next. Felix is eleven and two with a two won the irony I mean. The numbers -- there. -- to start your boy -- people understand. But it -- the stock. 6177797937. When we come back 25 minutes of uninterrupted sports talk next featuring blues take on LeBron James has one big thing that didn't happen. While Lou is gonna get that next does not -- seven W via. ...

Jon Lester spoke to the media yesterday and fielded many questions regarding his contract talks, or lack thereof. He re-iterated that a deadline for negotiations was set on opening day, and that no talks will continue during season, because a team in last place doesn't need the distraction.

[0:00:20] ... But really say how much has changed when we're still talking about Jon Lester contract -- It's good thing about it is businesses you can take a couple days off. If you do it the right ...
[0:01:10] ... you know we brought up negotiations that does a sticking point oh Stephen Drew or no -- the offseason I don't think that that was something that a lot of teams look at -- better include this. -- that are being. Immense -- Maloney Christian Fauria now is off will be all reunited again tomorrow for the first time in awhile when Christian comes back but. I was joking before the Jon Lester contract negotiations very much at the forefront. Of what we're talking about today or lack of negotiations might be the better way to phrase it and this is a topic that has. Burned out Christian and ever time I bring up Jon Lester situation -- the size size that. It's pretty important I think part of the reason he keeps coming up Lou is there's ...
[0:02:52] ... mid level free agent that is hoping that you know just Democrat Cody Ross. A couple of years back Cody Ross right there's an opportunity to trade and they did not get the off -- these are Red Sox. Probably other trade in the country and they'll probably call him mid level kind of guy that ever happened over the money the money really was near a deal wasn't there with cases Jon Lester. The minute free agency opens. He's going to call some from everybody right away brits -- to be one of a dozen ...
[0:08:49] ... just people rode that -- special Milwaukee that one year in 2300. Jon Lester they're -- already -- fifteen under. So there's a big difference on the -- a parable thirty years -- back -- inning ...