Tom Brady sat down with Peter King of the MMQB and talked about some of the most memorable moments of the Super Bowl comeback. We hear that sound and also talk about some other quotes from Brady, discussing why winning is easier than ever for the Patriots QB.
Lou and Christian open the show talking about the big news from yesterday -- Claude Julien replacing Michel Therrien as coach of the Canadiens. The guys talk about the reaction and the current state of the Bruins.
Ken Laird and Chris Curtis plug back in for a thorough audio review of Wednesday’s K&C Show featuring Kirk, Mut and Alex Reimer

In a recent column, ESPN public editor Jim Brady said he thinks it’s acceptable for media personalities to fire back at folks on Twitter. He’s taking his own advice.

Following a discussion on Kirk & Callahan Wednesday about his piece, which features interviews with ESPN personalities about their approaches to social media and political commentary, several listeners messaged Brady with their complaints about the story. Most notably, Brady failed to admonish hosts who have insinuated Boston is a racist city, such as Bomani Jones and Israel Gutierrez. After Celtics fans briefly applauded potential free agent forward Gordon Hayward before tip-off when the Jazz visited the T.D. Garden last month, Jones strongly hinted on “Highly Questionable” that race played a role in the warm reception.

“Is there another arena in the whole country that would get this charged about Gordon Hayward maybe coming as a free agent?,” he asked. “Clapping for Kevin Durant is one thing. But if you put Gordon Hayward on the same level as Kevin Durant, you might be the city that had the Kevin Love welcoming tour when he wasn’t even a free agent yet.”

Israel Gutierrez followed up on Around the Horn, saying the Celtics are “famous for having Larry Bird on their team.”

After failing to respond to an invitation to join K&C, Brady took his fight to the Twittersphere.

Even though the article was about ESPN’s social media policy, it failed to mention Curt Schilling, the most high-profile employee who’s ever been terminated for his behavior on the Internet. On Twitter, Brady said he omitted Schilling because the right-hander was a multiple time offender. He was suspended in 2015 for comparing radical Muslim jihadism to Nazism, roughly seven months before he was canned for sharing an anti-transgender picture on Facebook.

Perhaps the most puzzling line in the piece came when Brady was introducing Jones, who he says is “never shy at [sic] mixing it up with fans or with critics.” That characterization contradicts the accounts of dozens of Boston sports fans who Jones has blocked on Twitter. He also refused to come on WEEI last month to further explain his point.

This isn’t the first time the public editor has mixed it up with WEEI personalities and listeners. Earlier this year, after Brady declined a request to join the station to discuss Jones’ inflammatory comments, Kirk Minihane called him a “coward.” He responded by calling Minihane a “clown.”

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Alex Reimer

Sometimes, it’s not enough to wear your favorite players’ jersey. You must get his face tattooed on your rear end.

That’s what one Patriots fan did last week before the championship parade, which drew more than 1 million people to the streets of Boston. Before the festivities began, he decided to stop by Boston Barber & Tattoo Co. on Salem Street and get Tom Brady’s mug branded where the sun don’t shine.

In a phone call with, an employee at the tattoo parlor said several Patriots fans came by for some ink during the parade last week. In addition to the butt tattoo, two other patrons got some Patriots-related artwork on their lips.

New England fans have a history of sporting unusual ink. Prior to Super Bowl XLII, Victor Thompson, a resident of Laconia N.H., decided to get the Patriots’ logo tattooed on both sides of his head –– much like a football helmet. The 47-year-old passed away last year.

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Alex Reimer

The Score The Arizona Wildcats may be dealing with a few different faces this season.

With pitchers and catchers beginning to report to spring training across MLB this week, the Pac-12 conference baseball side decided to channel their best “Major League” impressions for the occasion Tuesday with a reenactment of the film’s most memorable scenes.

As the video’s caption points out, the Wildcats’ home diamond is Hi Corbett Field, formerly the spring training home of the Cleveland Indians and back drop of the 1989 baseball film, which explains the spot-on parody.

Good effort, but I wouldn’t call this spot-on. The coach’s voice is a pretty accurate impression and they even used a Mercedes in the recreation. But the Wildcats are not No. 1 in the Pac-12 for their acting skills. When the guy playing Willy Mays Hayes says he’s going to put on a hitting clinic, I do not believe him.

And check out the player at the end of the Wildcats’ version on the right during the sprint. He clearly unbuttoned the top half of his jersey for the camera.

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Lucy Burdge
Hour 4. Jim Brady misrepresents ESPN on social media. No one cares about Claude Julien.
A.J. Perez owns his mistake.

[0:00:17] ... aside and it never will look to political play. Okay that was Tom Brady yesterday. With might. For right openness it's yes yesterday morning Jeff. Guys our streak or count him out for Mike and has alongside. And AJ Perez of USA today. Saw heard that quote an innocuous quote it best and turned it into. Tom Brady says teenager put politics aside in the comes to White House visit which is just not true in let's say he made ...
[0:02:10] ... a bit unusual way in and the headlines the first headline was Tom Brady says he nature of politics aside when it comes to White House visit your lead was. Tom Brady said his teammate should be putting politics a sound that comes to visit the White House or not the headline restful. Go ...
[0:05:16] ... why you wrote about it because I don't public AJ you know Tom Brady trump is going to. Get you clicks to get your story Red Sea say he's that old they dealing with that. Okay ...
[0:07:57] ... never a political thing at least it never was to me to. Tom Brady said his team a should be putting politics aside when it comes to the White House how do you get from there ...

Hour 2. A.J. Perez made Tom Brady look bad with an awful misquote. Headlines with Kirk.
Hour 1. Everyone is freaking out about the Canadiens' hire. Brady will sell his workout plan after football.