This is pure nightmare fuel. You couldn’t have enough safety harnesses anchored to enough secured concrete pilings to justify putting human beings anywhere near this plunging, whitewater death trap. And yet these people sit on it like a Lay-Z-Boy. And I literally cringed watching that. I’m begging Omega and the rest of this crew to get a nice gift shop down at the base and never do this again.

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Jerry Thornton
Dinesh finally found a way to look cool in the 'Silicon Valley' finale. (John P. Johnson/HBO)

Dinesh finally found a way to look cool in the ‘Silicon Valley’ finale. (John P. Johnson/HBO)

When Season 3 of “Silicon Valley” began, Richard Hendricks had lost control of his own company and was forced to work under a bunch of idiots. Naturally, he was miserable. By the end of Season 4, a forced sale from one group of idiots to another had Richard in a pretty similar position, though instead of being depressed, Richard and the incubees couldn’€™t have been happier.

The reason, other than the fact that they could push around their “new” money guys (Erlich and Big Head) in ways they couldn’€™t with Raviga? Because Richard seems obsessed with being on the cusp of something rather than actually achieving it. When Pied Piper is the buzzed-about up-and-coming company, he thrives. Once he achieves a shred of success, he’€™s “sweating through his sheets.” With the company now pivoting (as Jared hinted late in Season 1), Pied Piper is no longer a job for Richard, but once again an avenue for showing everyone how smart he is, which is ultimately the neurotic-yet-extremely vain engineer’€™s purpose in life.

Here are tres notes on the final episode of Season 3:

– Call me crazy, but as soon as Monica noted that Raviga was forcing a sale of Pied Piper, I was giddy at the idea of Gavin buying it. A season in which they had to work under Gavin would have been great, as he still would have remained the enemy much like Action Jack was in the early going of Season 3. He’€™s made to be unlikeable, but Gavin is one of the best characters on the show.

On the subject of villains/obstacles, the sale of Pied Piper from Raviga combined with the possibility of Monica being fired brings up one troubling question: Is this the end of Laurie? Hopefully not, as this show turned what looked to be a one-dimensional boss into one of the show’€™s more entertaining characters.

– It’€™s an upset when anything Erlich-related isn’€™t laugh-out-loud funny, so who would have thought his monologue would be so boring? The scene on which the entire episode was built — Erlich recalling how his borderline creepy lunch-hour activity turned into a company-saving offer of Round 2 funding — had enough jokes to justify how long it dragged, but for the first time maybe in show history the viewer could understand why he wears on his colleagues.

On the subject of Erlich, his overestimation on himself being put in context by the heavy hitters of the industry is the best running joke of the entire series. The look on his face when he offered to sign the term sheet, only to be told, “You can if you want, but we still need [Richard’€™s] signature,” was gold.

– Dinesh absolutely owned the scene in which he and Gilfoyle pledge their willingness to commit fraud. He tries to be so many things in this series — mostly cool, in several ways that never work — but trying to badass tops the list. The best part about it? He could be, since the person with whom he was dealing (Richard) was one of only two people on the show (the other being Jared, of course) who actually is less badass than him.

Unsung hero of the episode: Neil in the blue Kia Sportage

Best line: “How does this compare with a typical board meeting?”

Jian Yang watch: Two scenes and he knocked both of them out of the park. Keep in mind that this followed an episode in which Jian Yang had no lines, cementing that the writers are being careful to not overuse their show’€™s secret weapon.

Last season’€™s “And what about me?” from Erlich was perhaps the best walkoff line in television history, but Jian Yang’€™s “this is you as an old man”€ prank call to end Season 3 set the bar pretty high for however they’€™ll wrap up Season 4.

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DJ Bean
OMF looks at the possibilities for Free Agency, specifically reports out of Canada about the possibility of Steven Stamkos and the Bruins.
We should be closing in on a Deflategate ruling soon, James Harrison will talk PED's on his terms, and $10,000 bongs?
Glenn has an Exclusive BBQ, and Lou whines about Friday's whines
John, Gerry and Kirk open the show Monday discussing the Red Sox slide, as well as beat writer Rob Bradford electing to go to a Texas waterpark by himself.
A conversation about OJ Simpson still being in the Hall of Fame and Peter King's desire to keep character concerns out of HOF voting spurns a discussion about Darren Sharper and others who Minihane wants banned for life from the Hall.


@nflcommish @nfl When you say “jump,” I don’t ask how high…I ask “Why?”

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@NFL I look forward to speaking with you. Goodnight

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To steal a line from John Lennon, these are strange days, indeed. Most peculiar, mama.

You know 2016 is the most bizarre year in recorded history when James Harrison, of all people, is making sense. When the diminutive, Patriots-hating, asterisk-loving, rage-aholic Steelers linebacker is on the side of right, I don’t even know how to begin to process it. But in this Bizarro World climate, he is absolutely right.

Al Jazeera does a report where a guy is caught on a hidden camera saying he’s sold performance enhancing drugs to four NFL players, whose names include Harrison and Peyton Manning. The league waits until Manning, the beloved and unassailable golden child, is safely retired and out of their jurisdiction, then five months later announces they’re launching an investigation, but it’s not going to start until next month? There are warning signs all over this and anyone who cooperates shouldn’t need Admiral Ackbar to tell them it’s a trap.

Someone is going to have to pay to make this Al Jazeera thing go away. And the way the NFL works, it’s just a matter of them deciding who is going to take the fall. So absolutely, Harrison is right to demand Roger Goodell will be there. I would also insist on live web streaming, my lawyer and a SEAL Team 6 on call for a quick ex-fil in the event Goodell’s goons start trying to box me into a corner on this.

That said, I’d have a bit more sympathy for Harrison if he hadn’t done everything short of stand behind his ferret-faced butt trumpet of a commissioner when Tom Brady was on the business end of a witch hunt. In fact, it was just last September that he said “I don’t see what a federal judge can do with something the players signed in the collective bargaining agreement, which gives Roger Goodell (power) to do what he wants to. And if that’s the case and he’s going by the letter of what he says, there’s nothing (a judge) can do.”

I guess it’s a little easier to put your faith in the man when he’s persecuting the quarterback you’re going to have to beat to get to the Super Bowl. But it’s good to know that, now that it’s happening to him, Harrison is finally making some sense.

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Jerry Thornton
Glenn, Lou, and Christian try to figure out why Clay Buchholz always "Feels Good" after horrible outings

[0:01:35] ... but he had any good if you felt real good until the Red Sox wanted to board the would you do you give up with a. Went wrong thought at that stuff like that involved with ...
[0:06:38] ... which you don't maybe it's a test into the weekend just. Even Steven Wright the one guy who was reliable we pretty much knew exactly what you're gonna get it unless it's really hot a ring. It's really hot and rainy. You're not gonna get a decent performer when we're we're concerned about him and cold weather wasn't a hot it's cold blood paramedic there anyway they're naturally hot sticky it all has to do it. You know his ...
[0:09:59] ... even know. Which you've got to do something. Because that's a given David Ortiz some days off let me get to meet your boat to a three the bench player short in a bull panel arm or too short. Before we start talking about rotation because that would conversational corporate bottom monthly I think it was going to be dealing a stud pitcher right now. This they should be some concern with David Ortiz she's been saying in this or you won't want people to question disease get so well. They've come how can you really ...
[0:10:50] ... play left really is that all we are right now with the Red Sox different at different lineup OK so yeah. Do you go do it now call up Oakland would you know let's just do ...

OMF hits on the C''s Draft, and the Kevin Durant Free Agent meetings, and Boston's chances