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Welcome to Monday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our WEEI.com home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

Welcome to Monday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our WEEI.com home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

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– Jets quarterback Geno Smith was not pleased Sunday after his team dropped a 24-17 decision to the Lions at MetLife Stadium, New York’s third straight loss.

When a fan heckled Smith as he walked off the field, Smith responded with a glare and some choice words: “[Expletive] you!”

During his postgame press conference, the normally even-tempered Smith apologized for yelling the fan, who was seated in a section behind the Jets bench that chanted “We want Vick!” during the game. Smith completed 17-of-33 passes for 209 yards and a touchdown, but he threw an interception and lost two fumbles.

“I want to apologize if any kids saw me saying any negative remarks walking off the field,” Smith said. “I kind of let my temper get the best of me in that situation, and it’s part of my learning process. I’ve got to get better with that. I’ve got to let that stuff roll off my back. But today I didn’t do well with that.”

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Coach Rex Ryan, who was fined $75,000 by the league for swearing at a fan who heckled him during halftime of a game against the Patriots in 2011, stood by his quarterback.

“I believe in him,” Ryan said. “I know he’s a hard-working guy. I think he’s got the tools to be really good, In my opinion, it’s not a question of if it’s going to happen, it’s a question of when. He’s going to be that kind of guy. I think he’s a good quarterback. I think he’s going to have a chance to really be something one day.”

Added Ryan: “I’m not going to replace him. I feel good about Geno, and again, I think he’s going to get it turned. I know he’s a tough, resilient young man. I think we’re going to win, and we’re going to win soon.”

Smith’s teammates voiced support as well. Defensive end Sheldon Richardson suggested that the critical fans “shut up.”

Added offensive lineman Willie Colon: “Just a frustrated quarterback. I cuss a lot, too. I’m trying not to cuss right now.He’s just passionate. There’s a lot put on his shoulders. A lot. Day to day, he hears it. So I feel bad for the kid, but I stand up for him.”

– Former Patriots assistant coach Charlie Weis was fired as head coach at Kansas on Sunday, a day after a 23-0 loss to Texas on homecoming day in Lawrence.

Weis was 6-22 in 2 1/2 seasons with the Jayhawks, who will be coached on an interim basis by defensive coordinator Clint Bowen.

“I normally do not favor changing coaches mid-season,” Kansas athletic director Sheahon Zenger said in a statement, “but I believe we have talented coaches and players in this program, and I think this decision gives our players the best chance to begin making progress right away.”

Weis previously struggled in five seasons at Notre Dame before being fired in 2009, then served as an assistant with the Chiefs and as offensive coordinator at Florida.

– The aunt of Kevin Ward Jr., who was killed after being struck by a sprint car driven by NASCAR star Tony Stewart, defended her late nephew and called for Stewart to be punished in an open letter to USA Today.

Wendi Ward questioned the toxicology report that indicated Kevin was under the influence of marijuana at the time of his death, noting: “Seems to me the wrong man was on trial. Tell me why Tony Stewart was not taken in for testing, why his car wasn’t impounded? Tell me how a man the size of Kevin can make a sprint car turn to the right on impact. Tell me how a lap before [the incident] everything was fine, but the following lap was poor lighting. Tell me how a NASCAR star totally forgot what caution means.”

“Maybe he should get a different headset so he is able to hear on the radio that the car in caution is up high, so go low. Or was he low until he rounded the corner and saw Kevin Jr. standing up for himself?

“I guess we will never know why all of this was not taken into consideration. Or will we never know why a fellow driver did not check on this young man or his family? Or do we know why? I do, because I have seen the video. It’s there, and it’s real.”

ON THIS DAY TRIVIA (answer below): On Sept. 29, 1968, the Red Sox closed out the season with a 4-3 loss to the Yankees. Despite going 0-for-5, Carl Yastrzemski won the American League batting title with a .301 average. Which Sox player finished first in the AL with 109 RBIs?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “A lot of fans told me that they came a long way to see these last games and I felt it was right to play here. Don’t think I didn’t think about it, I thought about it.” – Retiring Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, on playing at Fenway Park over the weekend

STAT OF THE DAY: 75 – Consecutive games with at least three catches for Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne, an NFL record

‘NET RESULTS (mobile users, check the website to see the videos): Nationals left fielder Steven Souza Jr. makes a diving catch for the final out of Jordan Zimmerman’s no-hitter against the Marlins.

The Athletics clinch a postseason berth on the season’s final day behind a complete-game shutout from Sonny Gray.

Dodgers manager for the day Juan Uribe wears Don Mattingly‘s jersey to start the game, then switches to the jersey of Tommy Lasorda.

Ohio State assistant football coach Anthony Schlegel destroys a fan who runs onto the field during Saturday’s game.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Ken Harrelson

SOOTHING SOUNDS: Suzzy Roche of The Roches was born on this day in 1956.

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Dan Barbarisi joins Rob Bradford to discuss the career of the one and only, Derek Jeter.

[0:01:43] ... that she was not the first one you hang out in the Yankee Stadium before games but. You know he wasn't happy about in the year he kind of let me know we had to go back and for a little while but you know. I respect his point of view which was that look -- -- I'm just trying to conduct a relationship here you know this is my girlfriend and then you know a lot of outside factors come in in kind of can get in the way of that and you know look he's a public figure he's a public person is obviously -- certain amount of you know things you give up when you become Derek Jeter but at the same time this is still a guy trying to make it work and his new girlfriend. And you know ...
[0:08:22] ... -- in China India and in game. The common thought is no Derek Jeter. You let him -- try but anyway yeah I mean that was that. Whoever it was never gonna happen yet I put ...
[0:09:22] ... to be I mean I think the real problem this team is Carlos Beltran market share in the middle that lineup just really not giving you much at all and can can mean anything until last ...
[0:10:10] ... get about a minute left who played shortstop for the -- the New York Yankees thanks -- -- I think he's the best choice I mean there's a chance to go with star power try to -- ...

Mut and Rob discuss their thoughts on the final season of Derek Jeter, his career and the response he's received in Boston for the final series of the year. They also take some calls on John Farrell and Xander's issues.

[0:03:16] ... on I've seen a -- archer. I've seen it frightening future -- Terry Francona shared a that the Yankees what you expect the reaction to be cute Derek Jeter today based Alex lost a -- here tremendous amount of blues. Now -- -- -- there you but it. I give my ...
[0:06:17] ... years admit that commitment had no probably because number one it was Derek Jeter who was telling him and over to. That's how it is and everyone understood that and there's not a lot of guys in in professional sports. Who have that kind of cash -- who have that kind of control over organization. A team like Derek Jeter does I think that is the thing that so striking to me and even with you when you talk to the media. ...
[0:08:17] ... And that's a pretty rare and we're talking about announcement yesterday with Tim Wakefield -- must have driven in a pitcher crazy. When not only does he get the big hit but it's like the other ...
[0:12:15] ... as the manager this team. Let's go to John -- wants stock Derek Jeter here in 937 WEEI John what's gone. Pay -- bill good. I don't think you can play this weekend and I'm not ...

Mut and Rob discuss the "kids" and the variety of young bodies the Red Sox called upon this season. Specifically, they look at Bogaerts and Bradley, Jr. and where things went wrong. They give their opinions on which one will right the ship next season.

[0:01:12] ... here here's the thing -- came in listen I was wrong about Stephen Drew but I looked at it as if you got back Stephen Drew. You go back the guy that a lot of most people thought you were getting you're gonna get better defensively at two ...
[0:08:39] ... defined in this day and age of certainly reduced use of steroids Major League Baseball I wanted it completely out of the game but reduced because the way to test. Guys like -- but it's absolutely there ...
[0:09:15] ... fans from New York. Doesn't change the fact that this feels like Yankee Stadium. Well you know what you like or the state and that's not hyperbole -- mean this. The the percentage outrage at the ratio is about you would see Yankee Stadium where you have within say 75%. Yankee. Fans and 25% -- expert and I think fans but in -- that year. That people are aware let's get to break up the outlook and packaged trending -- this appeasement of old games as well 617. 77979837. Is your phone number -- TT tech line. Is 37937. -- up until Red Sox pregame. Final game of the year my -- a career Derek Jeter we're talking about these Sports Radio WB yeah. ...

Torey Lovullo sits down with the boys to give his final assessment and analysis on a tough year for the Red Sox.

[0:03:26] ... he's a two week window to lift weights before the spring training. Craig Breslow. He he have a shoulders repeating you could be pitching spring training. Clay buckles did throw bullpen before spring training which you ...
[0:04:40] ... the positions of guys who replaced. I mean center field. It was Grady Sizemore and just listen. Thank goodness for Grady Sizemore -- it got us through every single day right right. So what we know what happened there precise more shortstop into Bogart's Oprah too many expectations 21 year old rookie. Catcher AJ Pierzynski of veteran who didn't seem to put much stock in spring training in you know we know what happened there. And then ...
[0:05:26] ... reason but you when you lose guys like colonials very -- Saltalamacchia. Stephen Drew a lot of ways solidify its offense and defense. You know. Those are tough guys to replace. Those those are those pictures ...
[0:06:55] ... enough to talk about on the air but. I heard enough about AJ Pierzynski being divisive force in this clubhouse okay and I don't mean to pile on him but you just mentioned losing Saltalamacchia numbering ...

Mut and Bradford are live from Fenway on the final day of the season to recap what went wrong in 2014 and what the future looks like for the Boston Red Sox.