Dale, Holley, and Keefe dive into the mess that is the Boston Bruins as they push for the playoffs.

[0:10:06] ... those guys can be a big time yet you can repeat. A Dominic Moore you know for Toronto are going to be when those are bribes are paid the price economic yeah denials judge's decision team ...
[0:10:59] ... at the age of forty. And get something substantive back for him Zdeno Chara is on moved to I certainly would because you could say that team oh you value jar. And he's only making little ...
[0:15:27] ... I'm not give him credit for cell in the eight against the Dallas Stars that's Thursday's opponent yes he faced 36 shots gave up three goals they win six to. Against the Florida Panthers Saturday's opponent I he faced a 119 shots in four games top 114. Of them. Won all four games against the Florida Panthers against Chicago. Which is who they play on Sunday and one goal against on twenty shot doesn't that's where the so just ...

HOUR 4 - How many big-games does Tuukka Rask have to miss before guys like Bergeron and Marchand call him out for it? Also, Belichick skips the coach's breakfast, the Raiders are headed to Las Vegas, Kirk rips "The Baseball Show" and Dale, Holley and Keefe rip the Whiner Line.
HOUR 3 - LaVar Ball joined ESPN's "First Take" again on Monday, and brought his NBA-bound son, Lonzo, with him. Unlike his father, Lonzo says all the right things, and is good at basketball. The guys also discuss Lonzo Ball's poor performance against Kentucky, and wonder if that will affect his draft status or his general perception by fans. Also, Dino is selling that house we heard so much about, at Miromar Lakes.
HOUR 2 - The Celtics are tied with Cleveland for 1st place in the East (although Cleveland has 2 games in hand) and are poised for a top 3 pick in the draft. "FiveThirtyEight" says the Celtics have a better chance than the Cavs of winning a championship. Also, the guys discuss Devin Booker's 70 point game, and how some of the Celtics players were chirping him about it.
HOUR 1 - The guys open the show discussing Tuukka Rask missing Saturday's game. Glenn thinks Tuukka could be done in Boston. The beat guys are starting to write about his future, which leads Lou to believe that the players are starting to gripe about him and feed guys like Haggs and Dupont. After the 1st segment, Lyndon "LB" Byers joins the guys in studio to talk about it.
Hour 4. Joe Sullivan didn’t want to appear on K&C. Instead, he appeared on Brand X. Drellich thinks working the beat is just as hard as when Gerry did it. Gerry likes Fences.
Hour 3. Drellich thinks Trump is a pathological liar while Gerry thinks Trump doesn’t lie as much as Obama. Kirk is sick of show promos and says K&C will no longer participate. Drellich says everyone did steroids just like everyone deflates balls.
Hour 2. Evan Drellich defends Michael Che, saying that it’s possible to say Boston is racist if you are black. Gerry and Kirk battle with Drellich, defending the city against Michael Che’s allegations. In headlines, the guys revisit the Maison family.
Hour 1. Evan Drellich makes his casting couch return. Over the weekend, Michael Che affirmed that he believes Boston is “the most racist city” he has ever been to.

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