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I have a confession to make. I’ve always attributed Danica Patrick’s celebrity to the fact that she’s not so much hot, but hot by the standards of NASCAR drivers. And frankly there are other, even more attractive women in motorsports, such as my boo, Ashley Force. But after watching this, I stand corrected. With 4th of July weekend upon us, I can’t help but think that a good looking female race car driver standing on her head doing erotic yoga is pretty much everything that’s right with the U.S. of A. Have a sexy Fourth, everyone.


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TMZWarren Sapp has BLOWN one of the greatest plea deals ever — AZ prosecutors are gunning to put him IN JAIL for breaking their deal in his hooker case by getting charged with domestic violence in Vegas … 

Sapp cut a huge deal with prosecutors in AZ after he was busted with prostitutes in February in which he agreed to complete various counseling programs and stay out of trouble, and in exchange the charges would be thrown out.

Problem is … the agreement specifically states that if he gets charged with ANY OTHER crime while enrolled in the program, the deal is off and Sapp would get 30 days in jail and 24 months probation.

Fast forward to Vegas … where Sapp was just charged with 3 counts of domestic violence for allegedly beating up his longtime girlfriend stemming from an incident in April. … which means Sapp could be headed to the clink in the very near future.

You have to feel for Warren Sapp. All he did after getting that sweetheart deal from prosecutors is throw a margarita in his girlfriend’s face in view of a casino security camera, yank her by the arm nearly to the ground, bite her finger, then stomp on her face with the size 15 feet that support his bloated, 300-pound carcass. And for that, they want to haul him off to the stoney lonesome like a common criminal.

I mean, Sapp is a man of integrity, is he not? Anyone as outspoken as he’s been about the Patriots and their habitual pattern of cheating would never do anything as wrong as beating up his longtime girlfriend while on probation for beating up prostitutes, would he? Not the Warren Sapp America knows and loves. And certainly not the Warren Sapp I talked to a Super Bowl media day when I asked him about his own quarterback Brad Johnson admitting he bribed the ball boys at the Super Bowl to doctor the balls to his liking the year the Buccaneers won it. Granted, Sapp just looked around the room and barked at me that he didn’t know what I was talking about. But his body language said “decency and honesty” all the way.

So I guess we can assume this is finally it, and Warren Sapp’s professional broadcasting career has come to a close for good. Because there can be no bouncing back from this. And all we’re left with is the memory of his utter contempt for the Patriots coming out in this legendary blooper for the ages. So good night, sweet prince. And best of luck in prison. Until your next arrest for beating up women, that is.


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Jerry Thornton

This father has been getting killed on the Internet for laying waste of his son while going after a foul ball. But he’ll get no grief from me. To my way of thinking, this is basic Intro to Parenting 101. Being a dad is all about teaching your sons how the world works. That there will always be people who are bigger, tougher and faster than you, and they will take what you want if you let them. Life isn’t about mercy; it’s about acquisition. To deny that is to deny history, from Alexander the Great to Genghis Khan to Hitler. And this little kid might as well learn the lesson now that if he wants something, he’ll have to be ready to defend it from powerful men with bad intent.

Or consider the animal kingdom. If a lion is going after a gazelle, is he supposed to worry about his cub getting in the way? Hell no. And later on, when your sitting with the lad gorging yourself on gazelle tenderloin, you can explain to him that it wasn’t personal. It’s kill or be killed out here. So good job, Phillies dad. You might be getting vilified elsewhere. But to me, you’re Father of the Year material.


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Jerry Thornton



National EnquirerLINDSEY VONN gave TIGER WOODS the ski boot after she caught him cheating with a fellow golfer’€™s ex-wife!

Horndog Tiger’€™s new squeeze is 27-year-old Amanda Boyd, whose marriage to struggling golfer Jason Dufner ended with a quickie divorce in April, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

“€œEven though Tiger dated Lindsey for years, he had a ‘€˜thing’€™ for Amanda,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

Tiger and his handlers can deny this story all they want, which they have. And lord knows in a year that’s been dominated by a goofy non-scandal blown all out of proportion by the media, I’m not exactly predisposed to believing everything I read in the press. Having said that, ask yourself this: When was the last time the National Enquirer got a story wrong? Time and time again they break a celebrity scandal, get called liars and a cash-for-trash tabloid, threatened with lawsuits, and come out the other side without a scratch on them. Bill Clinton, Frank Gifford, Tiger and all his sidepieces when he was still married — and literally dozens of others. All we ever heard were denials and threats by lawyers, until the story turned out to be 100 percent true.

And honestly, do you really think Tiger wouldn’t have sex with Amanda Dufner Boyd given the chance? The rumors that she was out there on tour touching everything that wouldn’t give her a two-stroke penalty have been out there for months. Assuming they’re true, do you think Tiger would say “Gee, Amanda. It sounds like fun, but it would be wrong…?” Tiger is a babehound of the highest order. He’s the first billion dollar athlete. The king of all he surveys. Every player on tour is making a ton more money just through Tiger’s mere presence in the game. If he feels entitled to start boinking the hot wife of every golfer in the PGA under a sort of golf Writ of Prima Nocta, it’s because he should. He’s earned it.

And while I’m no fan of Tiger the golfer and I’ve rooted for every shot he’s ever taken to wind up in a pond, I respect Tiger the ladies man. His on course game is shot all to hell, but it’s rewarding to know that he hasn’t let that affect his scoring off the course. Now the tough part will be wrapping my brain around the fact that a world class dangerette like Amanda Boyd might just be into the same kind of raunchy stuff that Tiger is. If so, and that cost him Lindsey Vonn, it’s a small price to pay.

I might hate the player, but I can’t hate his game.


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Jerry Thornton
The guys discussed the latest Red Sox news with Larry.

[0:00:19] ... with Larry Lucchino and of course from the front office. Of the Boston Red Sox Larry first of all happy fourth of July and thanked her which is one and who you're gonna throw out of the ...
[0:02:26] ... look it you made the pitching coach change from one yet mr. Carl Willis and it's seemed to do. Positive things for a number of guys on the staff meanwhile I believe years and one and ...
[0:04:34] ... has taken a lot of heat lately his teammate you. Think of Manny Ramirez it oh what's gonna happen. Not really I'm not really. Well it they have some similarities didn't play left field that'll never ...
[0:10:37] ... certain degree maybe embarrassed is too strong word but from this team guys forgetting how many outs there are. Pablo cent of all clicking like Simon street Rampage well is in the toilet during a game ...

The top stories of the day as recounted by Gary Tanguay.

[0:00:29] ... when it. Maybe under this headline you permanently much lacklustre holt for Brian Williams. Men and news at a resort Kennebunkport and going to play in the Islamic. Without question that's been enjoying every minute. Agent ...
[0:06:16] ... they've gone with the wind. But the utility that can show it. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner splitting up after ten years America's profile aren't really disappointed in this but there are very cute couple but it is at ...
[0:08:16] ... When Boston wave that the car in the dukes has generally had Bubba Watson bought the general level Watson ball one of the theaters it's kind of a lot because I found a life like that. ...

Buck on why Buchholz should stay in Boston.

[0:03:05] ... let you know vin baker came to mind. It has been subdued Carl Crawford. Was up there via does he still has a chance to turn this round out of chronicled there yet but has the ...
[0:09:04] ... a great job by Francona. But then you move on to the John Lackey senate majority yes. And wind Lackey get his money 85 million dollars we went on. But at least latchkey. And had some moments with the angels right wing 19092007. With an ERA of three point 01. And we said OK we can in all five news fourteen and five via pitched in a World Series. Are we get ethics I it's still a lot of money for John Lackey. But okay fine. And then we don't know what happily came Ares wife was sick he got a divorce the guy I ...
[0:13:19] ... two seasons beyond this one. He is a bargain that's the question. Andrew Miller. Good relief pitcher pitched extremely well he's gonna bring in into our drink is is that with the things yeah okay. Won't ...
[0:19:55] ... the Red Sox all the time yeah that was his. You know Matt Cain will do acute and more days it Jadox all these young pitchers they traded relief. Without. Norton's what is different listed cat ...

The guys discussed the Bruins moves this off-season.

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WEEI Bruins Reporter D.J. Bean joins Mikey Adams and Lenny Megliola to talk about the signing of winger Matt Beleskey on the opening day of NHL free agency.

[0:02:50] ... become a pop them because. He's not making David Clarkson Monday night Nick Price. My nose at three point eight million dollar dollar deal for two years right yeah. Use that bat that's nothing per especially ...
[0:07:44] ... for this team and some it and now we're about eight year. Phil Kessel today what do you think and act. These are very few he wobbled out of Toronto. Yeah I mean I. I don't ...
[0:08:52] ... ought to be questioned the compete you questioned streak on clay but. Sidney Crosby has me a lot of Bob looked really good so the idea of unholy child like sat next to them I mean ...
[0:10:51] ... bill talk on the earth one lap Adam. But he wrote the touchdown pass and they would they know that mumbo Jumbo. Like how he's not he's an incident. Keep the right right off the bat ...