Shawn Thornton discussed how he prepares on gameday in the postseason.
The guys opened the show talking about the Detroit Boston matchup.

Welcome to Friday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

Welcome to Friday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

MLB: Orioles at Red Sox, 7:10 p.m. (NESN Plus; WEEI-FM)
MLB: Reds at Cubs, 2:15 p.m. (WGN, MLB Network)
MLB: Yankees at Rays, 7:10 p.m. (MLB Network)
NHL playoffs: Red Wings at Bruins, 7:30 p.m. (NESN, NBCSN)
NHL playoffs: Canadiens at Lightning, 7 p.m. (CNBC)
NHL playoffs: Stars at Ducks, 10 p.m. (NBCSN)


Aaron Hernandez was cut by the Patriots after his arrest for the murder of Odin Lloyd. (AP)

The case against Aaron Hernandez continues to develop. (AP)

– Another Aaron Hernandez associate was arrested and will face charges related to the death of Odin Lloyd, for which the former Patriots tight end and two other men stand accused with murder.

On Thursday in federal court in Orlando, 23-year-old Oscar Hernandez (no relation to Aaron) was ordered detained until he is to be transferred to Boston to face charges of obstruction of justice, witness tampering and lying under oath after being indicted by a federal grand jury.

The indictment states that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives traced three guns that had been recovered during the investigation into Lloyd’s death, and the ATF determined that the guns had been purchased in Florida last April. None of the guns are the .45-caliber Glock investigators believe was used in the shooting.

One of the guns is believed to be a rifle that investigators found in a gray Toyota Camry with Florida license plates that was parked in the garage of Aaron Hernandez’s North Attleboro home.

Aaron Hernandez’s lawyers said previously that Oscar Hernandez was interviewed by investigators last June, 10 days after Lloyd’s death. According to Wednesday’s indictment, Oscar Hernandez lied about purchasing the Camry and arranging for it to be sent from Florida to North Attleboro.

Carmelo Anthony soon will be a free agent, and he made it clear he has no intention of signing up for another “embarrassing” season like this one, in which the Knicks went 37-45 and finished out the playoffs.

“I want to come back. But I also want to win,” Anthony told reporters Thursday at the team’s practice facility in Greenburgh, N.Y. “Me wanting to be here, if we can put ourselves in position to at least compete at a high level over the course of whatever — five years, the contract would be — then I’m willing to stay here and I’m willing to ride or die for New York.”

Added Anthony: “Man, I feel like we gave away this year. This is a year that we can’t get back. It is what it is, so there’s no need to cry over the spoiled milk. We’ve got to keep moving forward. But we have to build. Let’s be quite frank about it, we have to get better. As a team we have to get better.

“I don’t know if I can afford to wait another season of losing. I really can’t see that picture right now. As far as other teams out there, which quote-unquote team will be the best situation? You never know. Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. This is stuff that I’m going to have to sit down with my family and really figure things out. This is not a decision that’s going to happen overnight. It’s going to take some time.”

The Knicks can offer Anthony a five-year, $129.1 million deal, which is almost $33 million than he could get elsewhere, but he said that’s not of primary importance.

“At this point in my career, I’m not concerned about the money. The contract will be the contract regardless,” he said. “Without a doubt, at this point in my career it’s about winning. Nothing else matters. That’s not going to change. That’s still going to be my mindset, it is my mindset. You know, that’s going to be my No. 1.”

– Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig played in Thursday night’s game against the Giants in San Francisco and would not talk about specifics related to a report that smugglers who helped him defect from Cuba had threatened his life.

“I’m only concentrating on the season and being the best teammate and helping my teammates,” Puig said, adding: “I have great teammates who are helping support me so much this season and to focus on the season when I get to the stadium so I am comfortable. That way I don’t start thinking about anything negative in the stadium. I’m only thinking about working on the things that are going to make me a better ballplayer.”

According to court documents related to a federal lawsuit in Miami, smugglers made death threats against Puig and Cuban boxer Yunior Despaigne, claiming Puig owes them money.

“If you care about Yasiel, you worry about some serious stuff there that he has to deal with,” Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said. “If you care about him as a person, you worry about what he’s going through.”

ON THIS DAY TRIVIA (answer below): On April 18, 1997, the Bruins fired Steve Kasper one week after the season ended without the Bruins making the playoffs for the first time since 1967. Who replaced him?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I definitely want to be there, and just be around that atmosphere and show people that, you know, we’€™re not scared. I’€™m not frightened. I know we had another scare the other day, but I didn’€™t even think twice about not going, and I’€™ll definitely be there on Monday.” – Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman, in an interview Thursday with Dennis & Callahan, on his plans to attend this year’s race

STAT OF THE DAY: 16 – Consecutive batters retired at the start of Thursday’s game by Red Sox lefty Jon Lester, whose perfect game ended in the sixth inning of Boston’s 3-1 victory over the White Sox

‘NET RESULTS (mobile users, check the website to see the videos): Alexander Steen give the Blues a triple-overtime victory in Game 1 of their series vs. the defending-champion Blackhawks.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson throws a fastball on the ceremonial first pitch before Thursday’s Pirates-Brewers game in Pittsburgh.


SOOTHING SOUNDS: Mike Vickers, former guitarist for Manfred Mann, was born on this day in 1940.

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Jerry Spar
Scott talked about the fantastic E 60 documentary Dream On and how his friend is doing.

[0:00:00] ... for you Boston. 63. On -- piece that was exception. Well done. Steven Tyler Joseph Perry and you young -- in the back for the Southern California. So they didn't they must -- there with the Southern California kids choir great yes so I couldn't I didn't recognize the featuring -- right -- so obviously in Southern California. For point to an end to a great great piece is that like on demand this recommend no it's not -- -- -- -- look for -- and look for it on you guys did he plays against the wind is just -- -- strong. No it's called three months Audrey that's right three months three months and Ben Affleck and Tom Brady the narrative. Scott's stolen by yes that's true and we're so glad he's on the phone he's so mark. Reveals brand Scott ...
[0:02:48] ... was everybody's marked -- around you know just you know -- and Joaquin Phoenix. Lot of pain and but a lot of strength. I I -- what it was tough but not these that is toughness ...

The top of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Chelsea Clinton's pregnancy.

[0:01:04] ... more. Intimate that's true yes true yet people have Mount Everest. It's climbing Everest -- -- going out to do yeah that's relevant now line them it's not one -- -- painful cold and dangerous well. ...
[0:05:06] ... it's. A hard if not impossible joke brave man to be in elementary school teacher. Because every once a look at -- -- suspicion that women can be joblessness to we have no problem the woman and you have a young elementary school child if you walked in and there you see. -- -- Out -- yes that's what an honor it was Anderson I mean it's always exciting always perverts or protect rightly I don't know as a pervert and a solid guy someone looked like him there are 31 grade teachers right now it's cool she has. A female teacher is one male -- been there forever he's a great guy. But I have to admit I'd be more comfortable with the woman teacher is what I mean it's not if they are excited apparently got into the man high school junior. I'll just elementary school -- is public Dick -- what about decade drop kid off at daycare and you see that Harvard kill themselves well this couple weeks and that red -- I don't and you say. This is rightly can't -- a guy he can't do that job because he's -- I mean that's the strangest I think the age is is sort of variance here there may be guys who Ehrlich in two junior high. It's on to say the older you get the less. And concerning it is what you've had a different are you comfortable with your daughter when she was in junior high school for teacher was again. More comfortable or -- right so yeah. Of course everybody were the minute he's Cambridge parents that probably ...

Shawn Thornton discussed how he prepares on gameday in the postseason.

[0:03:05] ... the better team for sure. All the hockey history a seven game overtime game sevens in the first three series of the last three years. All of a lot of along with effect from it got. ...
[0:06:00] ... hopefully earlier but the ones that look up. Was the guy the red wings of their million Boston's gonna hate. Four or five days not always happens in life of the seven game series is always ...
[0:07:11] ... pushed around but also level up there a lot of skill the complete opposite. I told on Monday at Braintree high and good for one's stupid question or interview and -- -- in this is that ...
[0:10:25] ... not -- hate. No you can't think of actor category you'll want cheap shot the changes ami and we which a month ago Detroit fans are gonna hate it's not the odds are -- not a ...

The guys opened the show talking about the Detroit Boston matchup.

[0:06:02] ... that might I can't do it. It dawns on me that the Boston Bruins for the first time in a month month and a half it's an exhibit on the -- Actually playing -- hockey game ...
[0:08:15] ... how they are such such Faber David Edwards. Heavy favorites in the National Hockey League and he is worried that they are here Jerry and I are gonna say. Ouija show I was on our ups and ...
[0:19:07] ... about Pete sending. Correct pictures like that yes is people. And as Woody Harrelson said in the two detective and he. Kind of stuff people send me yeah. Supposed to -- but there's just to make ...
[0:19:49] ... does -- -- -- -- creates -- -- there is -- at Arizona Cardinals docket oh yeah yeah. Even care in the people that if this were done of the -- what's the big deal and ...

Kevin Millar joins the show from the golf course, discussing the Sox struggles to score runs and the Jon Lester contract negotiations.

[0:00:08] ... in the house we are joined every single Friday by our guy Kevin Millar -- who brought you by air rest restoration special stand -- -- -- -- my guess is that. Odds -- Friday it's ...
[0:00:55] ... Struggling offensively Kevin they great -- great pitching last night again from Jon Lester and their bullpen but as an offense that not really found. Their rhythm yet is an office at the plate. Do you ...
[0:03:05] ... be okay. Yeah I know one thing you guys always appreciated with Terry Francona is you would generally know if you were going to be a lot of coming into -- game immediately players expect plenty ...
[0:04:40] ... over the weekend on fox -- the Red Sox at all for Jon Lester for years. And seventy million dollars that we all agree that that number is not gonna get it done but out of that Kevin we have heard that. Some of the players in that Red Sox clubhouse were -- rolled their eyes habits and really that's all organ offered Jon Lester we offered Jacoby Ellsbury. Half we got on the market he went out their became a free agent made a lot of ...

We preview Red Wings-Bruins with the great Jack Edwards of NESN.