The Lions lost in a controversial ending last night on MNF. Lions Head Coach, Jim Caldwell, barely registers a pulse in his post game presser, and clearly doesn't know the rules.

[0:01:31] ... if that was the New England Patriots game. What do you think Bill Belichick would be doing he would be on behalf oil on the field ought to feel headset would be audit UN deal to ...
[0:04:05] ... game's gone a little bit longer we wait to hear the great Ray Lewis talk about the game always okay what we will. But now plus that that's Channel 8 the heck is what the issue ...
[0:13:43] ... where the difference. Of a guy like Jim Caldwell. Verses a a Bill Belichick maybe even even Rex Ryan will give Rex a little bit credit. He would have been out there you know rolling in ...
[0:18:05] ... sought the integrity of the game on center stage last night would Monday Night Football that's mr. commissioner. Incompetent officials. And the integrity. Was smashed to the ground last night in Seattle after the try to season ...

Glenn, Lou and Christian dive into the DraftKings/FanDuel scandal, and talk about how competitive advantages can be gained, and what the two businesses can do to prevent it.

[0:06:51] ... out more about. And you look at the history of look at Shaun Alexander and how golf dominating a back key was for that team and in two years later they could do it. We just ...
[0:14:10] ... think I was just looking at the guys want one point two Vincent Jackson Jeremy Maclin last week. Repeat more pic and poster. Nominee. But that's the insider I buy and hold on but that's the ...
[0:15:29] ... Jonas gray is. Used and were played against the heat at the Indianapolis Colts whose defense Sox who is important ports we were killed an avid listener I don't know about Jonas gray Jonas. It was ...

Rodney Harrison, NBC Sports, joined the show to talk about Bill Belichick's knowledge of the rules, Peyton Manning being the benefactor of a top-5 defense, and whether or not Rex Ryan will ever change.

Introducing instant Mixed Martial Arts legend Travis “The Brown Bomber” Wolford. This was his performance at The Ruckus in the Cage bout from Beckley, WV over the weekend.

There are very few occupations where you can forgive a guy pooping all over his work space in the middle of earning a paycheck, but I’d have to put MMA fighter on the short list. You might pride yourself on being able to work an eight hour shift without taking a duker all over the floor of your cubicle as much as I’m proud of my so-far dump-free record in the studio. But no one is locking you or me in a hexagon with a feral maniac hell bent on breaking our toes while punching our orbital bones in. If all Wolford did was crap his trunks, he’s a better man than me. And I admire his courage for wanting to continue the match. I just know that if I’m fighting the next bout, I’m not coming out of the locker room until I see them take a brand new mat out of the plastic wrap and personally watch them burn the old one. Like those warriors don’t have enough to worry about without catching other people’s poop cooties.


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Jerry Thornton


PeopleA Catholic priest in New Jersey allegedly aimed an antique musket at an 8-year-old parishioner last month because the little boy was a Dallas Cowboys fan and the priest rooted for the New York Giants.

A press release from prosecutors in Bergen County, New Jersey, contends the incident occurred before mass on September 13, when the Rev. Kevin Carter — the 54-year-old pastor at St. Margaret of Cortona Catholic Church in Little Ferry — allegedly invited his accuser into the church’s rectory.

Carter allegedly singled the boy out for being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys

According to prosecutors, the priest had the child stand against a wall and then retrieved his functioning Civil War-era rifle. Carter pointed the gun — which wasn’t loaded at the time –“ at the 8-year-old “with an indication that he would shoot him,” prosecutors said.

As much as I hate anyone who identifies as a New York Giants fan, I think we need to lighten up on Rev. Kevin Carter on this one. First of all, as stories go that include the phrase “allegedly invited his accuser in the church’s rectory” go, having one end with the kid staring down the barrel of a gun means this 8-year-old got off easy, relatively speaking.

Secondly, isn’t this what a good sports rivalry is supposed be all about? Two fan bases that hate each other so badly that putting a child on the business end of a Civil War musket is not off limits? It’s part of the fun of loving a particular team. After all, this is Cowboys-Giants. This isn’t Tennessee-Jacksonville we’re talking about. This rivalry is a blood feud that goes back generations. I’m sure there were 8-year-old Cowboys and Giants fans getting guns pointed at them back when Civil War weapons were the new big thing, and they survived, grew up and drew guns on someone else’s kid. It’s a circle of life kind of thing.

Believe me, if a fan of some Patriots rival pulled an antique roscoe on my son, I wouldn’t call the cops. I’d just be proud he stood his ground. Although I’ll never find out since the Patriots don’t have any rivals at this point. But if they did, I’d just accept it as part of what makes the life of a sports fan worth living. So go ahead, Father Carter. Do what your heart tells you. Have your fun. Point all the muskets at opposing fans you want. Just don’t ever bring up David Tyree or Mario Manningham around me. That would be cruel beyond belief.


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Jerry Thornton

We discussed this on the air on Dale & Holley Monday when it first broke, but it’s worth a mention here as well because it’s not every day that a reporter goes on his national talk show, talks directly to camera, and gives an athlete the kind of speech normally delivered by a movie bad guy to Liam Neeson while he’s chained to a heating duct.

For some reason I feel compelled to preface this by saying I like Stephen A. Smith. He’s bombastic and has an ego big enough for NASA to discover water on its surface. But he’s entertaining as hell. We had him on when we were at media row during Super Bowl week and he had me in stitches. That said, there is no way to justify going off the rails like this just because Kevin Durant called him a liar.

This is people’s exhibit No. 23,482 why no one trusts the media. One of the most common refrains among sports journalists is that they hate to be part of the story, which is a flat out lie. Sorry if that makes an enemy of Stephen A., but it’s true. Listen to any one minute segment of this rant and just count how many times he uses “I,” “me” or “mine,” and tell me he’d rather not have this be about him. He uses the first person pronoun more than Donald Trump recording the audio book of his autobiography.

Of course he has the right to be offended if he legitimately has sources that he trusts. Absolutely he should defend his reporting. But turning this beef all personal is the kind of crap that destroyed the newspaper industry back when they were the top of the upside down pyramid. From Ted Williams to Nomar Garciaparra to Bill Belichick, writers were always carrying out personal vendettas against sports figures they thought had done them wrong to the point you couldn’t trust a thing you read. Which is one of the things that fueled the rise of new media and made it so reporters with an axe to grind didn’t have the power they once did to destroy reputations the way they once did.

And yet in 2015 we’ve got one of the most high profile guys in sports media acting like it’s 1948 and he’s threatening to keep Teddy Ballgame off his MVP ballot. I mean, what exactly happens if Durant makes “an enemy” out of Stephen A. Smith? Will his career be ruined? Is Smith going to out him for some indiscretions he’s kept buried all these years? It’s crazy town. Durant is more popular and has more credibility with the public than every person at ESPN combined. And it’s not like they’ve done their own reputation for honesty and integrity any favors this year.

So like I said, I’m a Stephen A. fan. But I hope he just did this for the publicity, because if he’s serious, I’m going to have to rethink how much I do.


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Jerry Thornton

Be Back Soon…..I love baseball and I love my teammates like brothers, and I am also fully aware that I am leaving at…

Posted by CC Sabathia on Monday, October 5, 2015

NY PostStruggling Yankee pitcher CC Sabathia announced on Monday that he will spend the postseason drying out in rehab while his teammates chase a World Series title — a move that follows a weekend-long bender during a Baltimore road trip, sources told The Post. …

By Friday, the pitcher looked “out of it” as the team waited around Baltimore’s Camden Yards to play a game that was eventually rained out.

“He drank every day last week apart from the day he pitched,” the source said. “The tipping point was Friday when he was at the stadium. He carried on drinking Saturday.”

The team had been staying at the Four Seasons hotel during their Baltimore series. A bartender there told The Post he didn’t personally see CC, but said, “We have a strict policy. Whenever sports teams or big names come in, we give them whatever they need, no questions.”

“We have 24-hour room service here,” he added. “Whatever happens in their private room is out of our control.” …

While he’s not regarded as a big drinker, Sabathia was the team’s celebratory booze wrangler.

He arranged for magnums of champagne for the playoff-clinching clubhouse party on Thursday, and also ordered the bubbly for Alex Rodriguez’s 3,000th hit, sources said.

I certainly don’t begrudge CC Sabathia doing whatever he must to get his life in order. Granted, my friends have always discouraged each other from getting off the booze with “Nobody likes a quitter.” But if Sabathia feels like he has to get on the bright, more power to him. I have to think that even if I was a Yankee fan – only by the grace of God am I not – I’d put his personal needs ahead of the ball club.

But at the risk of sounding cold hearted, I have to admit I’m a little disappointed in this story. I mean, when you click on a New York tabloid article about a star athlete’s “weekend bender,” you expect more than just “he was drunk in his hotel room on his days off” and “he was hungover at the ballpark when he wasn’t scheduled to pitch.” I’m sorry, but that’s his rock bottom? That’s what inspired him to change his lifestyle for good? Feeling like crap on a rainy day? For most 35-year-olds I know, that’s a typical weekend. Hell, Mickey Mantle was doing most of those between games of double headers.

Again, I applaud the man. But the fact that he’s got another year left on a $182 million contract and a luxury hotel with a policy to give him anything he wants, the fact that he didn’t wake up in his room with a dozen room service pizzas, 20 movies ordered on his pay-per-view, three hookers and a Lamborghini parked in the living room means he deserves to be the next Dalai Lama, not in rehab. If there was a Nobel Prize for restraint, I’d give it to Sabathia. But he sees it differently, and good for him.

All I can add is that if Entercom ever puts me up in a hotel where the policy is “whenever sports talk show hosts and bloggers come in, we give them whatever they need, no questions,” they’re gonna need a bigger rehab facility.


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Jerry Thornton
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
Stephen A. confronted Kevin Durant on ESPN yesterday.
Another blown call in Seattle on Monday Night Football.