It'll be up to (from left) Danny Ainge, Brad Stevens and Wyc Grousbeck to return the Celtics to glory.</p>
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The Celtics are joining the move to Boston Landing. 

The team, in conjunction with New Balance, announced Tuesday their plans to move their practice and training facility from Waltham to the Allston-Brighton neighborhood of Boston, with a state-of-the-art complex opening in the Spring of 2018. 

The Celtics announce plans for a new practice facility at Boston Landing. (Image: Boston Celtics)

The Celtics announce plans for a new practice facility at Boston Landing. (Image: Boston Celtics)

The Celtics are joining the move to Boston Landing. 

The team, in conjunction with New Balance, announced Tuesday their plans to move their practice and training facility from Waltham to the Allston-Brighton neighborhood of Boston, with a state-of-the-art complex opening in the Spring of 2018. 

The Bruins will be literally right down the street and both Celtics and Bruins practice facilities will be in walking distance from WEEI and New Balance headquarters.


”We are proud to team with New Balance Development in the creation of a best-in-class athletic training and practice facility that will provide Celtics players, coaches, and training staff with the resources, technology, and programming to compete at the highest level in an increasingly competitive NBA landscape,” said Rich Gotham, President of the Boston Celtics, in a statement. “The Boston Landing location will bring us closer to our game day home at the TD Garden while providing high impact brand visibility.”

The Celtics practice facility will be the latest dramatic element at Boston Landing — at 55 feet in the air cantilevered out to the edge of the Mass Pike. The Celtics new practice home, including the team’s 17 NBA championship banners, will be highly visible from the Massachusetts Turnpike with a forty foot glass wall enclosing the practice courts that face the approximately 130,000 daily commuters. The practice facility will encompass approximately 70,000 square feet. 

“We are thrilled to welcome the Boston Celtics to Boston Landing,” Jim Halliday, Managing Director for NB Development Group LLC. “Adding another iconic brand like the Boston Celtics to Boston Landing at Allston-Brighton along the Mass Pike further advances the concept of Boston Landing serving as the gateway into the City of Boston from the west, while at the same time adding to the culture of health, wellness, and movement with this district.”

Features of the comprehensive practice facility will include:

  • Two state-of-the-art parquet floor basketball courts where the team will practice
  • Leading edge audio-visual technology throughout the facility
  • Expanded strength and conditioning, training, and recovery facilities
  • Best-in-class locker rooms and players’ lounge
  • Physical therapy areas including hydrotherapy pools
  • Sports science and nutrition facilities
  • Expanded media work room, press conference and broadcast facilities
  • A flexible hospitality area for guests and hosting community relations activities
  • Work space for the team’s coaching and basketball front office staffs

Construction at 40 Guest Street is expected to begin this Fall, with completion for the Spring of 2018. Elkus Manfredi Architects will handle the design and John Moriarty & Associates will handle the construction. Participating brokers from Transwestern/RBJ included Steve Purpura and Chris McCauley representing NB Development Group and Michael Joyce and Tom Ashe representing the Boston Celtics.

The team’s current practice facility at Healthpoint in Waltham has served as the Celtics practice home since 1999.

Boston Landing is a 15-acre mixed-use development in the Allston-Brighton neighborhood of Boston that includes the new world headquarters of New Balance Athletics, Inc. and the Bruins practice facility. A commuter rail station will be completed on the Framingham-Worcester line during Spring of 2017. In addition, the development includes additional office buildings, retail and restaurant space, a hotel and a sports complex.

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Mike Petraglia
Brad Stevens makes his first appearance on the Dale and Holley with Thornton show. We discuss the Atlanta series and what went wrong, and where the Celtics go from here.

[0:00:06] ... playoffs. Little disappointed that the Celtics didn't. When aired their series against Atlanta Hawks so we've been paying attention to the NBA playoffs and exciting step for him lots of questions. About the Celtics. And their ...
[0:05:31] ... Antonio great series. And you look at okay one series he had LeBron James moving on and in the other series he Kevin Durant scored 41 points is it that simple that. You have to get the next LeBron James the next Kevin Durant to get that championship level or. It can it be done and it's hard to do an MBA ...
[0:09:44] ... from talking to your players or other players. What's most important to MBA players were not gonna make money on the money's going to be great hit anywhere but what what's most important to him in ...
[0:14:06] ... welcome at this address talks a basketball make sure your coach up Isiah Thomas. At the lotteries sold at a figure options at an options increase. Yeah they go thank god I've really appreciate it over ...

Celtics coach Brad Stevens joined Dale & Holley Monday to discuss the current NBA landscape and the future of the team.

Brad Stevens

Brad Stevens

Celtics coach Brad Stevens joined Dale & Holley Monday to discuss the current NBA landscape and the future of the team.

This is considered a pivotal offseason for the Celtics, who are coming off a first-round elimination at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks but have the third-best shot at the first overall pick because they have the Nets’ first-round selection. Whether with picks, a trade of roster players or in free agency, the team hopes to add at least one star player to the roster.

Stevens, who is coming off his third season in Boston, says he will play whatever role he can in trying to recruit players, but noted he considers the Celtics’ history to be the biggest draw.

“I’ll play an active role. I’ll do anything that I can as far as meeting with guys, calling guys, whatever I can after the July 1 time frame when we’re given the go-ahead to meet with those guys. I think the best selling point, I would say that I’m probably not near that. I think that the tradition, the history, the way that the city embraces the Celtics, the way that our players feel about being Celtics, the amount of pride that they’ve taken in that, and this group in particular, how thankful they’ve been to get a chance to play in front of these fans and in this place where those banners hang above you —
to me, that’s the top of the list.

“I’m a basketball guy; I love the game and I love the tradition and the history and the tradition of the game. Maybe that just means to me, but I think it means a lot to a lot of people. Certainly there are other factors involved, when ultimately free agents have to choose a place to play, but for me, those were a lot of the things that obviously flattered me about being asked to be the coach here.”

The Celtics had an All-Star in Isaiah Thomas this season, but the feeling around the team is that it needs to have a true superstar in order to contend with teams like Cleveland in the East. Stevens acknowledged as much, but noted it’s how a team shapes its roster around stars that allows the team to thrive.

“A lot of the NBA is really focused on whoever your one, two or three guys that draw the most attention are, but then who can space the floor for those guys and how effective is that all working together,” he said.

Added Stevens: “Let’s say that you end up drafting a person that is a great rim-protector but may have limited offensively ability, for example. You’ve got to come up with a plan to manage and maximize that. I think that generally speaking, I think that versatility — and when I say versatility, I’m talking about guys that can guard really 2 through 4 — because at times those guys can switch everything and make it as difficult as possible on a number of different positions while at the same time shooting are two of the big things that we just have to continue to focus on.”

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Danny Ainge is looking toward a busy summer. (Mike Petraglia/ -- Now the real work begins for Danny Ainge.



WALTHAM – Quincy Ford really sounds like a Celtics fan already. 

There’s good reason for that. The 6-foot-8, 225-pound power forward prospect played his ball at Northeastern. And on Wednesday, during a pre-draft workout in Waltham, he got a taste of what it would be like to play for the team he’s admired and respected from afar. 

“For one, that they play hard all the way to the buzzer,” Ford said. “They don’t give up. I really like that they’re a young group because all the other teams, they have vets but they have a young core group and they really look close and they play hard together all the time, regardless the outcome. So, that’s one thing I truly respect, guys that play hard, no matter what.”

Already 23, Ford is the type of player Ainge was referring to on Wednesday when he said NBA teams are looking for size, length and the ability to score. During his five years at Northeastern, he was in double figures four seasons. The only year he didn’t average double figures was his junior season when a back injury limited him to two games. This past season, he caught the eyes of NBA scouts with averages of 16.4 points, 7.0 rebounds and 2.6 assists. 

“It was my very first workout. It was just an unbelievable experience. I’m truly blessed and humbled to be able to be considered to work out with a great group of guys here. It was a tough workout. I was tired. I really wanted to push my body to the limits. So, that was the goal coming in.”

Ford was very happy with what he showed Wednesday. 

“I felt like it was great,” Ford said. “Positive, positive feedback from the coaches and I think I really gave it my best.”

Ford also said he has no worries about playing his college career at Northeastern in the Colonial Athletic Conference. 

“Yeah, I don’t think so. I think if you’re good, they’ll find you,” Ford said. “That’s what I was taught growing up, regardless of where you go. My mom always described me as a big fish in a little pond, being at Northeastern. Just using that school, that platform to show my talent, to enjoy the process regardless of what the future holds. Just live each day the best I can. Whatever happens, happens.”

Ford was one of six players to work out Wednesday, the second day of workouts for the Celtics. Also showing off their skills Wednesday was Dorian Finney-Smith (Florida), Marcus Georges-Hunt (Georgia Tech), Sheldon McClellan (Miami), Mike Tobey (Virginia) and Jameel Warney (Stony Brook). 

The Celtics have three first-round picks and eight overall in this draft, including Brooklyn’s lottery pick. 


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Mike Petraglia

Danny Ainge

Danny Ainge

WALTHAM – With the cap flexibility and the possibility of names like Kevin Durant and Al Horford on the free agent market this summer, there’s one question at the top of everyone’s mind: Can Danny Ainge make Boston and the Celtics attractive to free agents next season? 

“I think our team is attractive to some,” Ainge said. “I think Boston and the tradition and the Celtics and their winning ways and our fan base and ownership group and sort of the chemistry that we have as an organization between coach, management, and ownership, I think that we’re an attractive place for free agents.”

Ainge is not permitted to talk about any free agents at all, not even potentially his own as they apply to next season, including Tyler Zeller, Evan Turner and Jared Sullinger.

What Ainge did make clear was that he believes with the coaching staff in place – led by wunderkind Brad Stevens – and the winning chemistry of a team that won 48 games a year ago, there is a lot to be drawn to in Boston.  

“But, ultimately, free agents want to come to a place where they can win,” Ainge said. “Where they get paid. Where they get an opportunity to play their game. There’s many factors. And some places people want to be closer to the sun, closer to equator, and I think that there’s just a lot of factors. But I do think that we are and we will be attractive to some free agents.”

Ainge is clearly aware of what’s at stake this offseason, including having a potential top-3 lottery pick and three picks in the first round to add to the free agent pool.  

“We look forward to every offseason. This offseason is bigger,” Ainge said. “My expectations are high this offseason, and yet I also know that it takes good fortune. We need the ping-pong balls to bounce our way to give us the best opportunity. Whether we use that pick or whether we trade that pick, and in free agency, we have opportunities.

“And that’s all we have. We have no guarantees of great things happening. We just have a lot of hope. And so we have a lot of work ahead of us, and we have to have plan A through Z. Usually it’s more A through G, but we have A through Z this year just (something) to have an opportunity to upgrade our team.”

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Mike Petraglia

Kelly Olynyk

Kelly Olynyk

WALTHAM  –  Turns out, Kelly Olynyk may need surgery after all to fix a shoulder that never fully healed after an injury that slowed his season. 

On Feb. 10 at TD Garden, he injured his shoulder in a collision against the Clippers in the first half. It was partially separated but began to heal after a 14-game absence. 

But upon his return he never fully regained the form that produced the most effective 3-point shooter on the team at 41 percent. He did help lengthen the Celtics bench and their spacing on the court but when he re-injured the same shoulder in Game 1 against the Hawks, he was reduced to a small bit player off the bench, missing Games 2 and 3 and playing sparingly in the final three games of the series. 

“Kelly is still deciding what to do with our medical staff and with the opinions that he’s received,” Danny Ainge said Wednesday. “We should know within the next week or so of what that decision will be, but surgery is an option and it is being discussed. He’ll make that decision soon.” 

As for other injured Celtics at the end of the season, Ainge said none will require surgery. Jae Crowder (right ankle), Isaiah Thomas (left wrist) and Avery Bradley (right hamstring) should all be back to full strength with rest and rehab. 

“Jae’s is a bone bruise in the foot,” Ainge said. “Some things just linger. He’ll be OK. Same with Isaiah, same with everybody else. I think the only surgery possibility is Kelly’s shoulder.”

Ainge made it clear that Bradley almost certainly would not have been able to return to the Atlanta series, simply because the team did not want to risk future injury. And returning soon after that was a “long shot” as well. 

“I think that first of all, the hamstring injury Avery had, a Grade 1 strain, it’s risky,” Ainge said. “You want to be really careful with that because if you get a second hamstring injury then they sort of have a tendency to linger throughout your career. So we probably wouldn’t have let Avery go back out unless he was just 100 percent and felt absolutely nothing. But I think that was always a long shot.”

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Mike Petraglia