LOS ANGELES -- Rajon Rondo received stitches in his chin after catching an elbow from Ron Artest in the third quarter. "I don't think it was intentional, but it was definitely a foul," Rondo said. "One of the fouls that wasn't called, but that's the way it goes." To read all of what Rondo said after the Celtics' Game 6 loss, go to the Green Street blog by clicking here.

Speaking after the Celtics' 89-67 loss to the Lakers in Game 6 of the NBA finals, C's coach Doc Rivers was not optimistic about the status of center Kendrick Perkins heading into Thursday's Game 7. Perkins sprained his right knee midway through the first quarter, contributing to the Celtics' problems on the boards, with the Lakers outrebounding the C's 52-39. "I don't know. It doesn't look great, but I don't know," Rivers said.


LOS ANGELES -- The Celtics' dreams of walking out of Staples Center on Tuesday night with their record 18th NBA title ended in ugly fashion as the Lakers blew out the C's, 89-67, to force a seventh and deciding game Thursday night in Southern California. Kobe Bryant led a balanced attack for the Lakers with 26 while Pau Gasol added 17. The Celtics were led by Ray Allen with 19. Paul Pierce had 13, Kevin Garnett chipped in with 12 and Rajon Rondo had 10 for Boston. 


Two of the referees who participated in the Celtics' Game 2 win against the Lakers in Los Angeles will be officiating Game 6, Monty McCutchen and Ken Mauer, with Joe DeRosa serving as the third referee for Tuesday night's finals game between the Celts and LA. In Game 2 the Lakers were afforded 41 free throw attempts to the Celtics' 26, but LA's Kobe Bryant also was whistled for his fifth foul early in the fourth quarter on a charge call issued by Mauer.

ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler talked to the Dennis & Callahan show Tuesday morning about all things NBA finals, including the fact that Lakers need more from their players not named Kobe Bryant if they are to be successful in the final two games of the series.


“If you’re Phil Jackson, you hope you can get it from somewhere because I don’t care what Kobe Bryant does tonight, it’s not going to be enough unless he gets some more balance across the board,” Legler said.

Tony Allen will become an unrestricted free agent this summer, but he would like to return to the Celtics next season.

“I am a Celtic,” he told WEEI.com. “I love being a Celtic. It’d mean everything in the world [return next season].”

Why a 2010 NBA finals stock watch? 



According to preliminary ratings, Game 5 of the Celtics-Lakers series was the highest-rated NBA finals game since 2004. The Celtics' victory on ABC garnered an overnight rating of 12.8, up 36 percent from last year's Lakers-Magic Game 5. This series has a higher rating than the teams' meeting in 2008, and it's the highest rated since the 2004 finals between the Lakers and Pistons.


Ratings measure the percentage of all homes with televisions tuned into a program. Overnight ratings represent the country's largest markets.

Jamal talked about the possibility of the Lakers losing three games in a row in the Finals, how the Celtics may be looking at Game 6 as their Game 7, the performance of Kobe in the Finals, if he would shut down Andrew Bynum for the rest of the series, the way Phil Jackson has managed everyone's minutes, which players have been a surprise and disappointment, and if he'd like a do-over on his pick of the Lakers winning the Finals

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Former Celtics forward Antoine Walker appeared in a Las Vegas court Monday and was ordered to face trial on felony bad check charges that he failed to repay almost $1 million in gambling debts to three Vegas casinos. The judge noted that Walker had yet to make any progress repaying some $770,000 he agreed to pay in restitution, court fees and penalties.


Walker filed for bankruptcy last month in Florida, and the Las Vegas prosecutor indicated that he is working with Walker's lawyer on a deal that would avoid forcing Walker to serve jail time.