Glen Davis led one of the best bench efforts in Celtics playoff history with a 18 points as the Celtics held on for a 96-89 win over the Lakers in Game 4 of the NBA finals Thursday night at TD Garden. The reserve unit of Davis, Nate Robinson, Rasheed Wallace and Tony Allen played the first nine minutes of the fourth quarter and built the lead up to double figures. 


With all the talk of Eddie F. Rush officiating Game 4 and Kendrick Perkins one technical away from a one-game suspension, there's been plenty of talk about the quality of officiating of the 2010 NBA finals. Lakers coach Phil Jackson said the officiating this finals series is no more controversial than in other championship series he's been in. 


Lakers head coach Phil Jackson said that his starting center will try to play through right knee pain in Game 4 of the NBA finals against the Celtics. 


"I think he'll give it a shot and see how he goes from there." Jackson said. "The big factor is he knows he's going to be in some kind of discomfort during course of a game. It comes. It goes. He feels sharp pain when he makes a certain move. He understands what it is so it's not something he gets concerned about doing again."


Doc Rivers told the media in his pregame press conference for Game 4 that Rasheed Wallace, who has struggled with back problems for the last couple of weeks, is "going to be fine" for Thursday night.


"Rasheed is going to be fine," Rivers said. "He's feeling a lot better today. We can't worry about it anyway. He'll be fine. We anticipate playing him a little bit more tonight for sure."


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ESPN columnist Bill Simmons joined the Dennis & Callahan show on Thursday morning and talked about the quick turnaround from Game 2 in Los Angeles to Game 3 in Boston, the inconsistencies of the officials, and the sloppiness of both teams in the series.


The officials for Game 4 of the NBA finals were announced Thursday morning, and the trio includes a referee Celtics fans won't be happy to see. Eddie F. Rush, who ejected Kendrick Perkins from the Eastern Conference finals Game 5 on a technical foul that later was rescinded by the league, will be on the floor along with Scott Foster and Greg Willard.


OK, Paul Pierce.



Welcome to the NBA’s bizarro finals, where whatever was true the day before is uncertain the next.



Celtics president Danny Ainge joined The Big Show on Wednesday and spoke about the number of fouls that have been called, the need for the Celtics to play like they did in the previous two rounds, and the lack of worry with just one day between games.