Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy joined the Dennis & Callahan show Tuesday morning to talk about the NBA finals. Donaghy was asked what we should expect from Dan Crawford, Bill Kennedy and Bennett Salvatore in Tuesday night's Game 3. "I think it brings some aggressive refereeing to get some of these illegal screens and some of this matchup trouble cleaned up with some aggressive whistles," he said.

The NBA has announced the referees who will be working Game 3 of the NBA finals: Dan Crawford, Bill Kennedy and Bennett Salvatore. According to, Crawford and Salvatore will be officiating their 12th playoff game this season, the most of any refs. It will be the 10th postseason game for Kennedy. Of refs whistling the road team for fouls in the playoffs, Crawford's crews have been among the leaders (seventh-most at 54 percent).

NBA commissioner David Stern joined the Dennis & Callahan show Tuesday morning, and the majority of the conversation centered on officiating. "We're proud, believe it or not, of our officials," Stern said. "And we thank you very much for caring so much."


Asked about "overofficiating" in the first two games, Stern replied, "Isn't it possible that there were that many fouls?"


According to a report on, the Cleveland Cavaliers have made an offer to Michigan State coach Tom Izzo to replace the recently fired Mike Brown. Izzo, who won a national championship in 2000 and has made six trips to the Final Four with the Spartans, is under contract with Michigan State through 2016 at an estimated $3 million a year.


Mark Hollis, the athletic director at Michigan State, told the Associated Press that no offer has been made to Izzo.


During the closing seconds of the C’s Game 2 win Sunday night, as Pierce helped up teammate Kendrick Perkins, he appeared to say, “We ain’t coming back [to LA].” If the Celtics were to win (or, for that matter, lose) the next three games in Boston, the series would be over without the Lakers hosting another game. The comment was a hot topic overnight on message boards across the country.

Ten thoughts following a Game 2 that will one day be known as the last time you ever saw Shelden Williams on the court for the Celtics



LOS ANGELES – For two days, all the Celtics heard about was how old they were and how badly they played, both of which are true. 



LOS ANGELES -- There were 58 fouls called in 48 minutes, but there was one that stood out from the rest. It was whistled just 45 seconds into the fourth quarter and it was number five … on Kobe Bryant



LOS ANGELES -- Despite his team taking 15 more free throws than the Celtics, Phil Jackson was not happy with the officiating after Game 2 of the NBA finals, primarly because Kobe Bryant spent most of the night in foul trouble. "I wasn't happy with those foul calls," Jackson said. "Those were unusual calls." Jackson also pointed to fouls called against Derek Fisher when he was guarding Ray Allen. "Are they going to allow us to take direct line cuts away from [Allen] so he has to divert his route?" Jackson said.

LOS ANGELES -- Rajon Rondo scored 19 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and had 10 assists in the Celtics' Game 2 victory over the Lakers in the NBA finals, and that still doesn't do his performance justice. "He did a lot of things," Doc Rivers said. "The blocked shots, the steals, he's our quarterback and he does a lot of things for us. He was special tonight."