Planet Mikey Show Glossary

Christina and “the girls”: refers to Christina the email female and her breasts

Q TIP: nickname given to John Ryder from Mikey referring to Ryder mentioning things already mentioned minutes ago

Can You Believe It: Mockery of Joe Castiglione

Lenny Megs is in the House: Meaning Co-Host Lenny Megliola has arrived in studio

Joe Fish: Mikey’s favorite seafood restaurant, not to be confused with Joey the Fish- his producer

JPOD: Mikey’s original producer, Jason Pothier

Joey the Fish: Mikey’s producer and arch nemesis

Lenny Megliola: Co-host from the Metro West Daily News. Planet Mikey legend

Planet Mikey Idol: Annual Planet Mikey Karaokee contest involving other WEEI workers, listeners, and members of the Boston Sports Media

Beat the Broads: On air contest during football season involving Planet Mikey listeners picking the current weeks spreads against a woman

Mikey being Mikey: refers to the T-Shirts made for Mikey

Smooth Operator: refers to planet Mikey caller Kristen from Milton

Big Daddy’s: Official eatery of the Planet Mikey Show

Dr. Robert Leonard: The doctor that performed Mikey’s hair transplant surgery

Andy Adams:
Mikey’s 3 year old son

Christine: Mikey’s wife

Regular Show Callers:

Brian from New Brunswick: With a thick Canadian accent Brian is heard often on the Planet Mikey Show but very rarely adds any insight or information to the program

Matt from Lawrence: this Planet Mikey caller loves to talk Tennis with Mikey and the crew. Matt often feuds with Lenny Megliola and Christina the Email Female. Matt defeated John Ryder in dominant fashion at the Planet Mikey Tennis Open.

Bill from NH: Bill is a strong opponent of the current front office of the Boston Red Sox, especially Larry Luchino. Bill supports Manny Ramirez and often argues with Mikey about the value of the former Sox LF

Danny from Quincy: Danny loves to bash Mikey about Mikey’s Manny bashing. Danny rants and raves his opinions usually disagreeing with any points Mikey makes during the show.

Craig from Rockland: Craig calls often to the show but never seems to be able to reach his point. He often mispronounces many names in the world of sports. Craig edited the Planet Mikey Show’s Wikipedia page and added himself as a famous caller of the show.

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