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Mike Mutnansky @MutWEEI | 1 day 22 hours ago | Red Sox trade rumors buzzing on Twitter > The actual Red Sox team playing right now in Tampa. 0-7 RISP, 8 LOB.
Mikey Adams @MikeyAdamsWEEI | 2 days 2 hours ago | For the record, if the #RedSox win 20 games in a row, it changes everything, including my choice of hallucinogens
Mikey Adams @MikeyAdamsWEEI | 2 days 2 hours ago | I am now rooting for @danduquette and his @Orioles to play those amazing @OaklandAs in the ALCS. Both teams deserve a lot of credit. @WEEI
Mikey Adams @MikeyAdamsWEEI | 2 days 10 hours ago | Join me and @WEEI and @jiffylube today 11am in Norwell as every NE Jiffy Lube donates $1 per oil change to Muscular Dystrophy all weekend