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Mike Mutnansky @MutWEEI | 8 hours 8 min ago | So who ya got on Sunday? Superbowl calls till midnight @WEEI. @footballfacts 1030. @cpriceNFL 1130. @tomecurran's NFL commish takedown
Mikey Adams @MikeyAdamsWEEI | 8 hours 27 min ago | RT @SeanOShea15: @MikeyAdamsWEEI
Mikey Adams @MikeyAdamsWEEI | 8 hours 36 min ago | RT @pmccoy004: @MikeyAdamsWEEI you are no longer virtual.
Mikey Adams @MikeyAdamsWEEI | 9 hours 34 min ago | RT @WEEI: .@MikeyAdamsWEEI's hit song "Tommy B. Goode" now has a music video! Watch here: