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Monday - We'll discuss Bill Belichick's latest Deflategate comments and preview the Super Bowl.

Tuesday - We're in Arizona for Super Bowl Media Day! We'll let you know how all the interviews are going.

Wednesday - We'll talk to Rodney Harrison and former Seahawk Michael Robinson. Call the show at 617-779-7937.

Thursday - Archie Manning and Marshall Faulk join the show live from Radio Row. Is Faulk still bitter over 2001?

Friday - Just two more days until the Super Bowl! We'll give you our final thoughts and talk to Devin McCourty.

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Lou Merloni @LouMerloni | 3 hours 7 min ago | RT @BenVolin: Last note: Blandino said the footballs were not "logged" during the pre-game check, and that will be discussed moving forward
Lou Merloni @LouMerloni | 3 hours 9 min ago | RT @BartHubbuch: Blandino to me: "I don't know where that (idea of a sting) came from. This was a problem that came up in the first half."
Lou Merloni @LouMerloni | 3 hours 21 min ago | RT @stoolpresidente: Barstool Sports does NFL Media Day #NFL #DKTV
Tim Benz @TimBenzWEEI | 5 hours 38 min ago | Former Patriot O-lineman Matt Light goes on quite the anti-deflategate rant!: