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Monday - We're talking Red Sox-Astros and Women's World Cup among other topics. Call in at 617-779-7937.

Tuesday - We'll continue to discuss all things Red Sox and we'll check in on the Bruins' and Celtics' offseasons as well.

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Lou Merloni @LouMerloni | 25 min 37 sec ago | I know. Bottom line. They need help in the bullpen. I think we can agree
Lou Merloni @LouMerloni | 33 min ago | You two are my boys. Take it easy on each other
Lou Merloni @LouMerloni | 42 min 14 sec ago | RT @BrockStar4Lyf: Tip of the cap to everyone who has reached out to me. Humbled by the selection to my first All-Star……
Lou Merloni @LouMerloni | 55 min 35 sec ago | And apparently not getting anyone out in AAA lately