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Monday - Butch Stearns is on until 1:25, followed by Red Sox-Twins.

Tuesday - We're talking Red Sox, Patriots and more. Give the show a call at 617-779-7937.

Wednesday - We're talking all things Sox leading up to today's game against the Twins.

Thursday - The Red Sox got swept by the Twins. We'll discuss that and look at what's next. Text us at 37937.

Friday - We'll discuss last night's Red Sox-Rangers game and David Ortiz getting a few days off.

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Lou Merloni @LouMerloni | 12 hours 36 min ago | Breslow should never come in with a guy in scoring position. 1st batters are now 8-15 off him. Inherited runners score all day
christian fauria @christianfauria | 12 hours 54 min ago | I should of kept my Mohawk.
christian fauria @christianfauria | 13 hours 16 min ago | Man! A lot has changed in 10 years! Thanks to @bestbuddies for a great event @WEEI @TimBenzWEEI @LouMerloni
Lou Merloni @LouMerloni | 14 hours 4 min ago | Scoring position. Opposite field RBI...again. A lot of steaks the other way