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Monday - We'll discuss Bill Belichick's latest Deflategate comments and preview the Super Bowl.

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Tim Benz @TimBenzWEEI | 8 hours 1 min ago | Brady during his halftime pro bowl int- still no contact from NFL, will likely contact him after super bowl
Lou Merloni @LouMerloni | 11 hours 4 min ago | Chris Carter needs to go read a little more. He seemed more upset about this than he did over AP.
Lou Merloni @LouMerloni | 13 hours 52 min ago | RT @Edelman11: #onemoreweek
Lou Merloni @LouMerloni | 13 hours 55 min ago | RT @SportsCenter: THIS JUST IN: Browns WR Josh Gordon fails another drug test, will be subject to 1-yr suspension. (via @AdamSchefter) http…