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Tim's Daily Links, 08-28-14


Tom Brady reportedly 'very upset' with Logan Mankins trade


USC's Josh Shaw admits he lied about saving nephew


Does the NHL expanding to Las Vegas make sense?


NFL wants schools to teach kids fantasy football


The Madden 15 flying man play


John Rocker and his girlfriend will be on Survivor



Tim's Daily Links, 08-18-14


Tom Werner's suggestions to help baseball


Official definition of MLB's neighborhood play


Hey Christian, a baseball player requested a mental health day!


Joe Maddon is mad at Rays fans for cheering Derek Jeter


Lou almost gets killed by a crashing light


WNBA opponents get engaged



Tim and Christian take the Ice Bucket Challenge


Tim Benz and Christian Fauria took the Ice Bucket Challenge together after getting challenged by Lou Merloni. If you want to help strike out ALS, visit to donate.




Tim's Daily Links, 08-14-14


A hockey player may have pulled off the best ice bucket challenge yet.


Rex Ryan gives a shot at the PLAYBOOK CONTROVERSY after taking the ice bucket challenge.


This is what happens when you slap that ass w/ a dead fish.


Kevin Ward Sr. is talking about his son’s death. And he is calling for prison time for Tony Stewart.


The Black Hawks cave when it comes to "The Stripper".


Tim's Daily Links, 08-13-14


Gronk 50/50 for Week 1


Tony Stewart investigation could last at least two weeks


Props to ESPN's Mike Massaro for telling the story right, but check out how ESPN buries the lead


Chandler Jones' brother has to postpone fight with Cormier


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Tuesday - It's Patriots Monday on a Tuesday! Julian Edelman and Chandler Jones join us from Gillette.

Wednesday - We'll continue to preview the Patriots' season opener. Chris Price joins us at 1 p.m.

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