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Tim Benz announces he is leaving WEEI to return to Pittsburgh

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Monday - We'll discuss Pedro's Hall of Fame induction, Red Sox-Tigers and trade news and rumors.

Tuesday - We'll discuss the end of the Boston 2024 Olympic bid and look ahead to the start of Pats training camp.

Wednesday - We're reacting to the NFL's decision to uphold Brady's suspension.

Thursday - It's Tim's last day. We'll send him out with plenty of Deflategate talk. Text in at 37937.

Friday - We're talking Patriots training camp and MLB trade deadline. Give us a call at 617-779-7937.

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Lou Merloni @LouMerloni | 3 hours 15 min ago | His chin is obvious, but it was always the glove. And still is
Lou Merloni @LouMerloni | 3 hours 17 min ago | Never. Not once. He's had a bad year, but nobody ever said this year was all mike napoli's fault
Lou Merloni @LouMerloni | 3 hours 55 min ago | Every single pitch. FB or off speed.
Lou Merloni @LouMerloni | 3 hours 57 min ago | Name one person that has EVER uttered those words