A Tiger Holiday Card?

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This Week on Dennis & Callahan

Monday - We'll discuss the Bruins' big moves and the Red Sox' series against the Rays. Call in at 617-779-7937.

Tuesday - We'll continue to talk about the Bruins, Red Sox and Celtics, none of whom are in a great place right now.

Wednesday - Curt Schilling joins at 8:05 to talk everything Red Sox. Text the show at 37937.

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Kirk Minihane @kirkmin | 45 min 55 sec ago | Heard some of it. I mean, Dino seems happier without us. And who doesn't love Katrina and the Waves? https://t.co/WWwQyiEXK3
Gerry Callahan @GerryCallahan | 7 hours 28 min ago | RT @PeteAbe: Q: Playing tomorrow? Hanley: "I don’t know.” Q: Manager said you would. Hanley: “He plays for me now?” Q: So will you? Hanley…
Gerry Callahan @GerryCallahan | 11 hours 28 min ago | Whiner. Where's your Olympic spirit? https://t.co/z4RifkVUsM
Gerry Callahan @GerryCallahan | 14 hours 28 min ago | Literally special lanes on 93 for third world despots while taxpayers grow old in traffic. This is insanity https://t.co/Ac6nP7If5w