The Lying King

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This Week on Dennis & Callahan

Monday - We're still in Fort Myers! Dustin Pedroia joins us, and Curt Schilling is on at 9:05.

Tuesday - We'll react to the Bruins' trade deadline as well as the latest Schilling/Twitter trolls fallout.

Wednesday - It's our last day in Fort Myers. Tune in for our annual Red Sox Roundtable!

Thursday - We're back in Boston. Don't miss Kirk's Headlines at 7:30. Give us a call at 617-779-7937.

Friday - Free Form Friday! We'll discuss Vince Wilfork, the Tsarnaev trial and more. Text us at 37937.

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Gerry Callahan @GerryCallahan | 1 hour 36 min ago | . @MistressCarrie How does she sleep? The fluffy pillows at Four Seasons help. A venal, soulless woman who is taking taxpapers for a ride
Kirk Minihane @kirkmin | 2 hours 14 sec ago | Fuck Rolling Stone.
Gerry Callahan @GerryCallahan | 2 hours 6 min ago | RT @MistressCarrie: I don't know how Judy Clarke sleeps at night. Her client list is something out of nightmares. #Tsarnaev #deathpenalty h…
Gerry Callahan @GerryCallahan | 2 hours 8 min ago | If only mom and dad had attended his wrestling matches. Right, Rolling Stone?