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This Week on Dennis & Callahan

Monday - Tom Brady and Tim Hasselbeck join us on a Patriots Monday! We'll discuss yesterday's big games as well.

Tuesday - Kirk is back! We'll continue to talk Patriots, and don't miss Headlines at 7:30 a.m. Call us at 617-779-7937.

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Gerry Callahan @GerryCallahan | 2 hours 11 min ago | RT @ZeppieriTony: @GerryCallahan if Fitzpatrick is still in how bad must Mallet be?
Gerry Callahan @GerryCallahan | 2 hours 15 min ago | If he could, Bill O'Brien would trade Clowney for Brady at halftime. #fitzpatricksucks
John Dennis @JohnDennisWEEI | 2 hours 48 min ago | Lawrence Timmons and the Steelers puking all over their shoes, literally & figuratively. 13-0 Houston
Gerry Callahan @GerryCallahan | 3 hours 54 min ago | Great job by @ReillyRick introducing us to 12-year-old Jack O'Brien, Bill and Colleen's son who wasn't supposed to live past 2. Go Texans Videos