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This Week on Dennis & Callahan

Monday - We're breaking down Pats-Cowboys on a Patriots Monday. Tom Brady joins us at 8 a.m.

Tuesday - We'll discuss Tom Brady's defense of Alex Guerrero and continue to look at everything else Patriots.

Wednesday - We'll look ahead to Patriots-Colts and discuss the Colts' role in Deflategate. Call in at 617-779-7937.

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Gerry Callahan @GerryCallahan | 43 min 20 sec ago | RT : Okay, Webb just lost my vote. He "wouldn't have a problem" with illegals getting free health care. GO TRUMP, GO!
Gerry Callahan @GerryCallahan | 49 min 17 sec ago | RT : I wouldn't vote for any of these clowns for dog catcher. How did any of them win a real election.
Gerry Callahan @GerryCallahan | 1 hour 1 min ago | RT : Huh? --> Clinton: "I never took a position on Keystone until I took a position on Keystone" #DemDebate
Gerry Callahan @GerryCallahan | 1 hour 6 min ago | RT : She also says the economy does better with a Dem in the WH. Tell that to 94 million unemployed.