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Gerry Callahan
Gerry Callahan was named co-host of the Dennis & Callahan show back in October of 1997.  Callahan, a Boston native began his career at the Lowell Sun in 1983. After over six years of service at the Lowell Sun, Callahan went to the Boston Herald for another five years before accepting a Senior Writer position at Sports Illustrated.  Gerry is now back at the Herald as a contributing columnist. 

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Monday - We're breaking down Super Bowl 50. Give us a call at 617-779-7937.

Tuesday - We'll continue talking Super Bowl and Patriots offseason. Don't miss Headlines at 7:30.

Wednesday - We'll discuss last night's New Hampshire primary and much more. Text us at 37937.

Thursday - We'll talk some Celtics and we'll continue to discuss the presidential race as well.

Friday - We'll discuss the debut episode of Kirk's new podcast. We'll also continue to talk some Celtics.

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