Dennis & Callahan Glossary
Glossary Term Definition
Bedford's Tom Glavine This is a play on a former host who used to get towns of players (local) wrong all the time
deadbeat The term that Gerry uses (and gov.) for those who failed on mortgages
chimps The term given to the producers, because we look like chimps behind the glass
Angry Bill Bill from Allston, a regular caller who carved out a niche for himself
Butch from the Cape The most infamous caller in WEEI Sports Radio history. RIP.
Butchypalooza An event that was put on by the show, where Butch from the Cape arrived on a boat to the barking crab
Dino John Dennis' nickname from his days at Channel 7
moon bat A term used to define left wing loonies from Massachusetts
baseball is ephemeral Lasting only one day or short period of day
interactive flash A sports flash done at the bottom of the hour. It is longer then the top of the hour flash and John and Gerry are involved.
buzzer beaters A segment at the end of the show where the boys read a story on something we haven't touched on during the show -- similar to Last Call but we actually put thought into it
Walk on the Beach During D and C's contract "situation" George Reagan commented to the Herald that John and Gerry's time off from the show would be a good time to "take a walk on the beach" and reflect.
Reverend Michael Pfleger A Chicago based pastor who is friendly with Barack Obama and made fiery remarks about race and the election at Obama's church
Reverend Wright Barack Obama's pastor for over 20 years who became popular on YouTube with his anti-America speech during a mass
Reverend Manning A NY based Reverend who lashed out at Obama and the media for their treatment of Sarah Palin -- his video is onYouTube and it looked like an SNL skit
Harlen Coban One of Gerry's favorite authors and frequent guest on the show -- Some of his books: Hold Tight, The Woods and Promise Me
Michael Chiklis Andover homie and friend of D&C.  He was the star of The Shield and has appeared in many movies including Fantastic Four
The Shield One of the best cop shows ever -- starred good friend Michael Chiklis
24 Another D&C favorite show -- Kiefer Sutherland stars as CTU agent Jack Bauer
Matty Ice Another nickname Meter gave Matt Ryan
Everett in Brighton & Jermaine in a car Two callers who got a shot at doing a few live show here at WEEI. Good quality callers
Frank from Gloucester We all know Frank, 80 year old man, no front teeth has no life other than to listen to WEEI
Gustin Our very talented Bit guy, the man behind our funny comedy bits coming out of breaks.
Nelson de la Wolfie A play on our bosses height, with the help of Pedro's former friend who stood at 2 feet 4 inches
Mike O'Malley The Rick, Mike O'Malley show, Yes Dear and a bunch of Movies, a star actor from New Hampshire
Announcer Boy The booming voice you hear on our opens and shotguns into breaks
Tommie Taxes Nickname for Tom Finneran (good guy who brings us scones every Wednesday)
Ann Coulter Gerry's favorite political commentator
Bobby from Chelmsford Gerry's high school buddy who has come upon hard times,
Sid Diamond (Eddie's old bookie guy) We call him Sid Zercon who used to be on with a former host. He is now an oddsmaker in Vegas
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