Crazy Houses

 Tiger's House?!??!?!?!?

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Monday - We'll discuss the Red Sox' series against the Astros and the Women's World Cup. Call in at 617-779-7937.

Tuesday - Kirk's back! We'll continue to discuss whatever's on your mind. Don't miss Headlines at 7:30.

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Kirk Minihane @kirkmin | 7 min 34 sec ago | Christ, I actually agree with this asshole? That hurts.
Kirk Minihane @kirkmin | 14 min 12 sec ago | RT @swelker111: @kirkmin I think I'd rather hear about Brock Holts dog than a 3 way podcast about July 4th foods again. Boy that was brutal.
Kirk Minihane @kirkmin | 18 min 45 sec ago | RT @JayQuarantello: @kirkmin jesus, listened to the Curtis/Sausage Podcast. Half of the show was about what Sausage didn't eat. Belongs on …
Kirk Minihane @kirkmin | 44 min 2 sec ago | RT @GerryCallahan: Eight years cancer free today. To celebrate I'm going to yell at any kid I see smoking cigarettes. Or dipping