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D&C's laugh out loud guarantee applies to these People of Walmart:

Well if the Cowboys want to call themselves “America’s Team”, they need to have a true American cheerleader. I think we have found her.

Should some states increase the driving age? Ask the mother who sent this gem of her daughter’s escapades, only 1 hour after receiving her license.

Either that lady has a tail, or Barney is stuck somewhere he may not want to be.

Do you have any idea how tiring it can be putting on purple sweatpants like this? I’m going to take a nap right now just from thinking about it.

For my own sanity, I have to assume that she is shoplifting pork roasts in her shirt. Simply because there is no possible way those are what you think they are. They can’t be!

You ever wonder what would happen if you microwaved one of those tubes of Pillsbury rolls?

I’m not sure if hiring a stylist from Whoville is the best career move, but who really knows?

What in the world? Who dyed this bear green and who taught it to push a shopping cart?

Not quite sure what all is going on here, but I can tell you this, none of its good.

Dear PoWM, how could a woman dressed like a cow and carrying a cow purse be funnier? That’s an odd question, but since you asked, what if she was buying hamburger buns? That would certainly have to make it funnier.

See if you can spot who in this picture is slowly being scarred for life.

Now go on! Get up there and get me my damn Fanta!

What is black and white and red all over? Whatever the answer is, the joke is still on us.

Let’s all hope there is only one.

Well I do have to say that the gold boots probably throw a wrench into any plans those camouflage shorts had of NOT being noticed.

Only the Mad Hatter could pull off a shirt that looks like a bunch of bulls trying to mount one another.

You kidding me? Honestly, are you kidding me? I mean really, you couldn’t find pink gloves? The lack of effort is noted.

Ughhh, it looks like you got into a fight with a stubborn octopus like 12 years ago that wouldn’t let go. Knock him off already will ya?

Does she have on a single piece of clothing that screams, “Put me on, I look good”?

Well, only one tail on those jean booty shorts would have looked ridiculous.

The real question is this: how many fraternity guys are gonna freak out when they see this picture because they know they brought this lady home from a bar one night after someone thought it would be a good idea to bust out the tequila?

Just because your back is burning doesn’t make it okay to make our eyes burn! I’d feel sorry for you if they didn’t make a product to prevent that which only costs like $2.99. Sooooooo, someone should slap your sunburn.

I’m not sure if that’s a really good Geisha mask, or really bad make-up. Either way, that sweater looks soft and comfortable.

I want to see the rest of the biker gang this dude rolls with. Intimidating!

Oh, it’s so violent and angry!! It looks like everything is trying to get as far away from the top of his head as possible.

Just because you put a name on it and hang it up for everyone to see doesn’t make it a Christmas stocking, okay?

Wow! You in no way shape or form exactly resemble a blowup sex doll. Not at all. Not even the shocked look on your face.  Nope, no sex doll resemblance.


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