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This Week on Dennis & Callahan

Monday - We'll discuss the Sox' underwhelming trade deadline and Pats training camp. Text us at 37937.

Tuesday - Mort finally talked. We'll discuss his comments. David Portnoy joins us in studio at 9 a.m.

Wednesday - We'll continue to discuss the latest Deflategate and Pats news, and Curt Schilling joins us at 8:05 to talk Sox.

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John Dennis @JohnDennisWEEI | 3 hours 15 min ago | Gnite all. Smell ya later.
John Dennis @JohnDennisWEEI | 3 hours 16 min ago | “@Rodsockan: @JohnDennisWEEI WELL your Swedish fan (despite not looking like Elin) is still hangin in there and watching, MIDDLE OF NITE?
John Dennis @JohnDennisWEEI | 3 hours 17 min ago | “@3spot: @JohnDennisWEEI I think it's time for blanket bay.” I THINK YOURE RIGHT
John Dennis @JohnDennisWEEI | 3 hours 18 min ago | Swihart misplays foul pop. This is bordering on embarrassing. Hope Dumbrowski isn't watching this crap. #nothanksjohnhenry