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Monday - We'll break down this weekend's Red Sox-Twins series. Call in at 617-779-7937.

Tuesday - We'll discuss Drew Pomeranz's second start with the Red Sox. Text us at 37937.

Wednesday - We'll be on after today's Red Sox-Tigers game to break it down.

Thursday - We'll discuss the start of Patriots training camp and the Red Sox' recent struggles.


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Michael Holley @MichaelSHolley | 1 hour 23 min ago | I'm not offended. That's my quarterback, . Guy is great at what he does.
Jerry Thornton @jerrythornton1 | 1 hour 31 min ago | RT :
Jerry Thornton @jerrythornton1 | 1 hour 58 min ago | [Musberger voice] You are looking LIVE at . Taking you up to 6 following the Sox game.
Dale Arnold @DaleEArnold | 2 hours 24 min ago | We start a "big moan" postgame edition of at about 4:50 PM. Get your motors running.