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Green Men in Boston

June 9, 2011
WEEI - Green Men in Boston

Daniel Nava Interview

March 21, 2011
Red Sox outfielder Daniel Nava speaks with's Rob Bradford about the strange phenomenon surrounding his home-run swing.

Merloni-ism: The Quest For Baseball Nirvana

March 11, 2011
Lou Merloni talks with Red Sox infielder Lars Anderson about the founding of Merloni-ism and its early growth throughout the United States.

Jim Leyland Exclusive

February 18, 2011's Alex Speier interviews Tigers manager Jim Leyland in Ft. Myers. But not really.

Iggy At Red Sox Truck Day

February 8, 2011
The Dennis and Callahan Show's Iggy interviews fans at Fenway for the Red Sox Truck Day.

Athletes' Performance Walkthrough

February 3, 2011
Walkthrough of Athletes' Performance in Arizona

Dustin Pedroia's Physical Training

January 25, 2011
Trainer Keith Poole and Dustin Pedroia talk about his offseason physical training program.

Dustin Pedroia Offseason Workout

January 19, 2011
Rob Bradford joins Dustin Pedroia and Andre Ethier for an offseason workout at Keith Poole's Training Zone in Chandler Arizona.