Why on Earth Did the NFL Owners Give Goodell an Extension? 8-22-17

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Tuesday, August 22nd

Hour 2 of Late Night starts with a bit more talk on the Red Sox collapse against the Indians and then shifts to the NFL where Christian gives you his thoughts on kneeling for the anthem, franchise players playing in preseason and Roger Goodell's ridiculous 5 year extension as Commissioner of the NFL.  Lastly, Christian ends the night with another hilarious Late Night Low Light, this time about The President of our United States.


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Well our lawyers were traded WEEI embarrass Christian argue nice to have you this year this evening the only show in town stays up this clay target here with you it's 61777979837. Texted 379837. In your tweets at Christian are canned Red Sox and we've been talking about the entire first there are going back all the way to our it's our view it John Ryder. Tough loss tonight we can continue the conversation with that if you bite you wanna call it I just before we jump off that. Train completely year. A win like this win tonight the loss first the balls bad for the reds are obviously you know wanna lose at all you certainly don't wanna lose to this team but for the Indians. They've now won two straight against you. They wanna I wanna say nine have their last eleven games. They had that big win streak going where they won the six in a RO. Against the rays at twins and you in between their two. Alone they took two or three from the royals. And now here they are. Hosting the Red Sox which after. After here's finance their next that's the next. Guy up for them in terms of their. Rivals and potential playoff opponent. And this. An image or bad at the end of this game. They got outplayed now managed. Probably in reverse order there it would set. And the only good thing to happen and aid to say it is to than ever really considered a good thing when someone gets injured is Andrew Miller. Com injury lawyer on the pitch that we walked to move he bets. Said he felt something. And that he wasn't doing himself any favors staying in the game after he felt that this is our comforts got bloggers so. He just come off the deal was an ankle. That is the that is deal did his injury he just came back for there was some leg related thank. And knee injury that it was excuse me re aggravated his right knee injury that put him on the I think it was on the offer about two weeks. Just got back. On that's bad news for Cleveland. But even without their best reliever which is what Miller is. That's still a very very good team. And adding Jay Bruce at the deadline like they did Leonard Little after the deadline since I. Was a huge and big time move for them. That that's the sort of power in in. Explosiveness in the middle of the lineup that the Red Sox were looking for and I'm not saying that they didn't do anything in the deadline they absolutely did Nunez is carried them offensively for. Weeks and weeks now although he is starting to cool off in the immediate. And in short term here these last two games mind overnight. But I'll believe he's completely cooled off once we see that going you know once we see you're really struggle it's two games is now march. And can't think he was getting multiple hits and like every single game since he got here. So. I can live with that for now unless that becomes a thing and unless he you know jokes in the leadoff spot here there as these three games. Of this Cleveland series is a series is I I've said this before but I'll reiterated now they think it's important. In this series. Probably the most important series this team has left. This Red Sox thing. This is a series that could very well be your first round playoff series. This exacts what we're seeing right now. On after this that the Baltimore Toronto the Yankees again and yet they could play the Yankees. It's a big series obviously. Then it's Toronto Tampa Oakland Tampa Baltimore Cincinnati Toronto and in Houston the close out the season in Houston by then probably won't be planned to start. So. Yeah I mean the month of September. It's tough to look at that schedule and not feel we've put it this way. If they have if they have a lead in the division of you know four and a half five games something like that going ended. After that that yankees' series to start September. If it September 4 they still have a four or five game lead. And somehow that evaporates over the course of their sick he's against Toronto in Tampa and Oakland dampened Baltimore in the Cincinnati Reds were like a third worst team in the nationally. That would be a massive joked yeah. So a lot of things have to happen before we get there. Buy it. In terms playoff atmosphere in terms of potential post season opponents this is it. And this was a bad start that series. And also win like this that you routinely Cleveland a lot of confidence. Parity or playing with some confidence. In the poll win at their ass like this tonight which they did I mean that was it. Silly went. On a sacrifice bunt but at. By you know. That's rampant. It's probably a playoff rematch. With that being said I wanna move from the Cleveland Indians. The Cleveland Browns. Pretty eventful. Pre season game here between the browns in the giant. If you missed it. Eleven Cleveland Browns players. Knelt in a circle during the National Anthem. I believe and let me see if I have this right. This shouldn't be such a big story but it is. On Seth Deval. Beef really receptive Al scripture and I can't stand. I think it's a pronounced hey Mike can really tell a let's see here. He is there are even though positioning place. Through Christa Ralph place. Are set the well excuse me. OK's it tight end set the valve. Is the first white football player. To kneel for the National Anthem. There are also in ten black guys and going through over for some reason white guy doing it like was the lead story here. I don't know I tend to think the whole. Eleven guys and healing is a pretty big deal. Jamie Collins one of the guys kneeling. And I don't know if this is going to be. Something that happens a lot over the course of the regular season. Maybe maybe not. I think some guys will do it. And some guys probably won't. And there's going to be people who talk about the guys who do and it's gonna be this raging debate and people are gonna say well that's not the time or not the place in the ocean. Use that platform to do something hurts disrespectful little -- at her this perfect disrespect globally whatever it is whatever it is people politicize this pretty much anywhere they want to. In now people project so much of their own crap on to this thing make it's it's pretty ridiculous and everybody does. I personally have not ever had a problem with someone the only for the anthem. And I made. Just. Of all the different ways it you know people can protest in the different things that people do in. In our eyes and this past weekend for example. I went down to. Down of the common for a little bit wanted to see had a couple minutes in the afternoon I went down to check it out. And I saw a large I didn't really I don't see anything violent happened where I was standing. I noted in other videos and stuff there's they're grown got that that all of them woman who. Some guy grabbed a flag in your people thrown bottles full of urine. In a sort of beef with police went gaga punched himself like an I was that bad and obviously known to do that now don't think that there's. Any real excuse for it when you know. When you're a situation like that but it you know I'll get debt Alec of people getting upset at that end some of those same people getting really upset at this. And it's it will which is it in is. Is being loud and angry and violent is that is that the where is kneeling first on the worst thing is you can't have both been the worst thing. Those both can't be on the same level and I feel like people treated that way. And you know I personally relate. Kneeling first song is about is. Nonviolent and unobtrusive a protest is there it is that a little sort of look at me Agassi this. But he's a football players. If you know become a football player we don't want people look at you at least a little bit. And as a lot of these guys your your own maybe at the Cleveland Browns might be a bit of an exaggeration here. But a lot of these football players you know kids look up to them. And guys am on the fantasy team again not the Cleveland Browns but you know other teams with good players. And the easy thing you know it's just that you can look at the influence that it might have been in what kids my eight byte think about it or adults and and they're sort of political views and perspectives on und. All of that but that's kind of what I mean here just sort of act is the sting that everybody's projects their own personal stuff on it. And it's weird you know I mean football in general I think a lot of people project just forget political stuff that's in mount. Football season's call whatever happened during your week. Patriots doesn't have quite as often but I mean listen it's. Part of what sports are. Buy it in down I think when it comes to something like this. I don't know exactly why all of those Cleveland Browns players decided to do what I haven't heard from any of them haven't heard them speak and say why they dinner why they felt it was necessary. I didn't know they're planning on doing and I have no idea. Byte in am Diebler very sort of quick to dismiss all of the stuff out and knowledge four dollars but it what do they know about how things really work girl Megan has money in the only. In it's just it's sort of like OK well if you just don't want it and see anyone protest anything ever in any way than just say so. To satellite people protesting I don't care what method they use I just only area space leased to being honest. Invite Don Don started and without his right way and a wrong way of every way to you ever seen is the wrong way like OK well then. You know I just say you don't like it is just. It made it's not for you that's fine you don't have to like protesters don't have to like him at all he gonna hate them too right is an American is stalled free country. Buy it announces stop acting like it's one of the you know it's it's solid feel like all of its sailing well. 61777979837. Also in a game. After the anthem was over and there's a football game to go played after the national in the you can believe that O'Dell Beckham junior. Was playing in a pre season game because why not the and then this happens. And for Cleveland 42 for. At least dark wells was the tailback commanding why. In fact gunmen shot down VoIP giant fans have to take a deep breath when they see that it and Beckham didn't like it he spun the ball a brilliant body count moon. After that shock to the needs. For the controversial way they don't want these safeties going in high when they go in low. It's a real problem and let's hold our breath and hope many of his okay. With a very least it has to be scary. No he is limping as he gets back. On his feet. Eighteen yard gain on that play. At a skating means the average there. He would suggest you've probably seen the video on Twitter right now. Beckham on a throw the throw from Manning and he has the stop and his route jumped kind of spin around. And make the catch and as he's catching the volley turns upfield any plants is Foyt. And as one foot goes down in comes this guy a from the browns name Brian body Calhoun. Coleman. And he just goes in like a torpedo right in the Beckham's life. And get some sort of in between machine in the knee made no more need in ship Lago is it was ugly it was a bad it was a tough play and don't don't get Aaron. And that's the thing about a guy like Beckham is most guys can't go up and get a ball like that so they don't leave themselves is open to getting. Rung up on the knees on the way down. Com it. But this is sort of to me anyway. I'm just I don't understand I don't understand why any of these teams. Played their starters in a pre season game anymore I honestly don't. I have no idea what Tom Brady still plays and these things Rob Gronkowski are adamant or anybody that you really care about especially someone who's like a franchise. In down play. Auto Beckham junior was that whole team last year. He almost took into the playoffs single Indiana that a good defense but I mean offensively he was it he was the whole team. And he's out there in the second quarter of pre season game going up and get the ball like that against some schmo on the Cleveland Browns who's probably just look at these you know get his name in the paper. Who's gonna be and I don't know this guy may be he's gonna make the team but you know this second order also might be. I'm pumping gas next week. And you're oil and Beckham go out there and make catches like that just seems like so unnecessary and I just watch this and I think man. Now Roger Goodell got an extension. To give Dell wants that in our run he wants to make a regular season eighteen games you wants to do you sit in their talent everybody. Did this thing it kills me the most about all this and forget about Beckham in the browns and all that for just the second you should see the video back from after though when he gets taken off. And he just collapses to the ground there we have a video can you hear in my pound on the ground like Nancy Kerrigan GTs and it's. It was a little dramatic what even even for back from. You live any yet quite quiet his slot receiver depth for him. Let's look good it make you feel locker room now is down his knees no members of the medical staff here fine. Actually amazingly he does he was walking damaged by himself for some reason. No no medical staff know trainers just him in the cameraman. And any just falls to Disney's late you know. But the holy ghost was enormous exodus. From the ground. And and who knows maybe you'll be fine maybe you won't be it was definitely not some sort of wheat it. Was it illegal it though. In round there's nothing illegal about it when you watch in Selma to that doesn't look like there's body parts moving in the wrong direction reliever is good. Yes. Ian Selig the knee bends backwards or something like a member one Rodney Harrison once he gets hidden and mean you can see is in the unique. Move equipment it was like that's not supposed to do beat NCA Rebecca. By you know we'll see if he's okay aired it'd probably will be. It's just seems like such as unnecessary risk the put amount there in the first place that being said. Roger Goodell today. Got a contract extension six years. Five years. Whatever inch. As a matter doesn't. All you need to know. Is that this last year two years three or whatever power along expense since it really seems like that train and then. Roger Goodell trains are left off the tracks and is now just sort of flying indiscriminately through the desert. You know knocking over practices and stuff and I think it's it's been off the tracks for years now. I say. He goes back in pre dates this but I say really start to me was Ray Rice. It's just been this crazy downward spiral ever since then. In our NET's. Even in the middle of another one right now existing with the with the deal Elliott is ridiculous. He's right in the middle of this thought botching another one these things right now and they get on the ice here extension. It was not even watch through three months ago. Then he looked reporter in the eye and said that football players are healthy and they're gonna live longer than you would all I mean late. War. I heard that and I almost like I was disgusted when I heard it and most football thing. You know even if you haven't seen the Will Smith movie if you just sort of noted. You know concussion you're real and did head dramas better real problem and that the NFL wasn't taking care of their players that all and then. Now they're trying to crow about how it is there is taking such good care of them and they're gonna live longer than you know all this stuff it's just. It's ridiculous. It's big news is what it is. In the owners all agreed yet that's that's that's our guy that's our guy. Then you see that see that money were vacant. I just wonder really. Why are they so convinced that only he could make them money. What is it they'll see in him. What is it about Roger Goodell the L freaking love so much I just I'll never understand. I'll never understand he is a PR. He is a walking PR disaster. With every single thing he touches it's like the reverse Midas touch. It all turns did extra honestly every single thing. Breast cancer awareness in domestic violence in. All of these that I mean he just he can't get any of the right he screws up every single one of them. He's so incredibly bad. Ed Ed punishing people for things I mean it's just the long list of things that he subset. I can fill a whole show I get old or our troll on a Tuesday with all of that. And he gets five and five more years. The owners all decide they want five more years in craft it was six owners rate who voted present one of them I don't know how he voted. But I'm pretty sure he voted. He meant. I'd be surprised if he'd voted otherwise I guess we'll see I can't I can't get out of today yet because it hasn't happened. But what do you think. Think Kraft voted for or against this guy think Kraft help higher by the way. And we said all along throughout this is doing it through adjourn re right she says he's doing a great job. I think you did a great job with prairie said that. This guy. Roger Goodell who. On apologetic like. Put your team. Didn't punish your team in such a ridiculous way. And it you know. All of this stuff happens with the courts and everything else in the article 46 in. Bright you know you look at that now on what really was accomplished. In the patriots want us to rule. But it Roger Goodell won the war folks. He's doing what those owners want him to do. And that's. Probably the most terrifying part of all this. According to these owners. Roger Goodell. Has done a good job these last couple years. They're impressed with what he's done with the way that he is presented this Lee. They've looked at all of these various things. And thought yup. Not this is good keep it up you grow brighter. I just can't I can't believe that. These are all very wealthy man. Who have build great companies and some of them of inherited great company B don't emulate Peter these are guys who have. Either. Themselves or through the family business or whatever it is. Haven't. Done very well for themselves. How could they possibly. All agree. That that guy's a good implore you just don't understand. I'll never understand it. But you know owns a lot of things and understand here W he had hit it 6177797937. Let's go to Jeff and up and I just. It just. Yes what's up. So much could build like. Electoral College system would be owners. He's like what now. Electoral College system is like the Electoral College system ICO and I was like Electoral College system. Only owners they need support a great but Pete population behind them the masses kinda NFL don't. Or say you're saying gradually they'll lose the popular vote but still win the Electoral College. I understand. As a pretty good analogy Jeff Wellington. At all. I thanks Jeff appreciate it. But hey you know I need Jamie any gave his gave his banality got out. I maybe had a follow up do it. Some about concussions I saw there under the moon the Aggie yell a lot more at the lot and took. It happens I guess people you know you think. You get your collier take already you get and the air and frees up from time. It was -- the first thing any camera there. Or something else washes over you and you just need to get off your chest that could very well be it through we have to take a break those 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. You're number on tech's quick break a great pick after this. The average NFL player who is five years longer than you. An average so they're lifespan that's actually longer and healthier. And I think because of all the advancements including the medical care that number's gonna even increased. So I think we've just got to make sure wish they would do real better possession of that. By the way. OK you can if you don't typically get. Israel that you guys it veterans and eggs they. Non doctors. Roger Goodell and you know what this means right away five years his contract's up after 2019 so the new deal goes through 20/20 four. And oh yeah Emmerich collective bargaining agreement. But that big article 46 senate. That's up after 2020s that would mean Roger Goodell. And not that it matters whoever the commissioner is is get it and put the players over their blue need just like they do every time there's a new CBA. It's gonna be your Duval again and he's gonna kill me now he is I mean it's justices. But it seems like. It seems like there's more to it than just that. You know I think whoever he had an ad in that position. Would probably. Be making the same kind of money you're making anyway. It's not Roger Goodell he didn't invent the game in now. He didn't invent Monday night football league eat any event Thursday night football dating up before him. Maybe it was right maybe the inventors and apple whatever okay so we have editors in football usually sucks anyway. I think he just made it more frequent maybe that threaten. There's gonna football I'm not I was on last season after every single authors in a football game. Some of the worst football groups in ethnic unloading its so bad social net. Was that one gives a Seahawks in the cardinals were like three nothing and 66 rate in half tied. It became was three nothing for like three quarters. And then there was the big comeback because it's Ecstasy. God. Alone. TV ratings were down 8% last year. But NFL revenues have been steadily on the rise. At last report thirteen billion. New stadiums with public contributions. Opening across the week. I'm reading the Associated Press here and answers. They'll conflict has surfaced at times with individual owners notably. New England's Bob Kraft in response the discipline for patriots quarterback Tom Brady for the deflated football scandal. Good as the one held a sentence Goodell has clearly overseen enough success to gain the trust of clubs. The move toward this extension signaled as much there's another way refute looming. With the potential for a locker stricken point when he won owners want faith in their leadership while to Dell's job comes with a natural dose of divisiveness. He has become the face of player discontent with the league's discipline system Goodell came under heavy criticism and 2014. For decisions in the Ray Rice case. With other high profile incidents involving. Adrian Peterson and Kevin McCarty. A minority eight. Drawing the league negative headlines throughout the season that exacerbated tension between owners and players Greg Hardy good that's okay the rest and that's all true. I wonder what. I wonder if DeMaurice Smith knew about it. Because you'll remember about what 34 days ago. Smith came out and said we're gonna have either a lock that are striking point when he won. A guarantee. They did he should call the virtual certainty. Maybe knew about it. Maybe is the union in this is just spit balling here. Maybe Smith and the union said listen. Obviously there's some problems here. We're willing to shortest start fresh. And in around that cut the BS attic. Because obviously. We're veering towards something they can be very bad for all of us and believe me. A lockout would be very bad a strike would be. Horrific. And the reason why I believe that is because yet football in the NFL still run the show they're still number one. But think about how many football teams right now. Are just hopeless. And have these fans. Today in down every single year Woody Johnson in that New York Jets team fields. Asked bag group of players. They go out there and embarrass themselves. Or you know the Buffalo Bills are just pick a team in the AFC east. Big team and if she south. Lot of fan bases I think are fed up with their teams right now. And now we're talking straight guy knows is years away but not that many years. 34 seasons. It could happen amount I'm not saying it will just think there is a there's a real chance here. Today at some thing. Some sort of work stoppage. Could grow into something more than it. And I also think that in a lot of cases. Fans. Not really signed with the owner. In the way and we right side with the crash maybe he's Brady will be gone by then maybe won't I don't know actually McChrystal out there playing quarterback and point when he want. He said he said he wants there's so don't buy it in patriots. Fans around here. We all like Kraft during. Some may have there issues and overall. Mean how can you complain about what craft in the crash of Don here in what they've. Delivered to their fans over the last fifteen years it's unprecedented. Bite. Many other fan base is really really love their owner. About it Blake. Can you name anyway news Seattle do you think the cowboys love Jerry Jones. I think yet MIP one I think they love him just as he's their guy in knowing. It's been around forever he's completely insane. End he drives around in a party boss of strippers I mean acting not panel like Erica Hattie how you hollow Mark Davis for hate Mark Davis. Think raiders fans and Mark Davis unity is sat well I mean he's moving the team from Oakland that they their raised. It's that forgot about it. If Vegas fans there are demanding loyalty to him. Other rams and LA in the charger there are gonna have any real loyalty Green Bay packer fans seeing if they don't. They own the team themselves in the south during the city as a team so there there's two OKC get Dallas today New England. Minnesota. May be reeling. If they halfway decent they got a brand new stadium. I guess. They are halfway decent. Vikings owners are the Ziggy will you wolf rate. This kid. Moon unit wolf and well the burglars. Birdies mare's. The giants. Pittsburgh donors gag gash. They're sold they've been embedded so Long Beach just you know. I feel like there is the amount of good fan bases that won't have the owners back probably gonna outnumber the ones that don't follow by far by a lot. Oh easily a lot probably name all the and basis that like their owners on what to Hanson and the rest just. Couldn't careless Cleveland. Nude Jacksonville Jaguars the box the chargers and it. Who were not gonna have any loyalty of those fans are Grammy loyalty to the owners they just got there he keeps in order they care parents of screw you guys. The bills would be wouldn't it be funny though after all this time LA finally gets a team based finally gets the team and and but the point straight and mineral livable again. Finally we did in now OK dollar. The iron is to do that would be kind of goofy sort of in like a weird kind of way it would be pretty amusing the US show ball lawyers. Idea of how do you what do you think about Paula I enjoyed it I. Ten to give me you know I with any show yes. You know leave a little bit that this belief but I enjoyed very much so yeah. I'm a huge fan Barack yes tough not to like the rock. I like the shots of Iraq egregious walks of the along the sidewalk in the middle strategist crushing bottles of pills. Hit just in its in authorized daylight to sit around any doesn't like drink water with the meet this car yelling choose a mop. Our grabbed right where it okay. Think that's not how people do bad but a little aggressive there with the bills are. I would I would think you but I you know hang. In there on that you know take you know take painkillers like some wind. Now when you're the rock Dwayne the rock Johnson now right away when you think the last time the rock really took a painkiller like as such and freaky good shape weights I doubt he. Has taken it since probably he was in a young in the Debian beauty yeah. Probably your ever since he's been at a wrestling and that he has not even come close to those. Jury about his diet what he eats no but I can only imagine that it's ten times worse than Tom Brady and stuff he needs he's like a stack of fish. Like if pieces that fit it's like a mile high. It he stacks up late at that of mountain of fishers calls himself the need to. Early to an IKEA the old Rocky Balboa thing Phelan an entire glass full ankle awry again and chugging it down. Ever do it when you're kidnap her that there of these security chairman rocky camera. I still love the real. And it was dues bad. Pointed that it cute. Birthday party. 61777979837. As the phone number 379837. Entry number on tech's quick break we're back with your late night Lola. Okay joking government its last year's time for your late night Lowell played in this one comes to us from former White House director of communications. The move each Anthony scare machine I knew we weren't quite done with the Moochie yet. I had a feeling that the mood was gonna make a return our lives and our consciousness and he's done that today. Had the Moochie. Her senses and spotlight I'll tell you how to move which returned to the spotlight. The don't know. The mood likes following people back on Twitter you follow him will probably follow use one of those that against when I first started and where it was one of those barriers that. And I had to stop it. A lot of people in and of anyway and moved draws people back in one of the people they follows bank is an account called our slash patriots which I guess is already paying our slash whatever. On who asked about Robert I don't know if he is has like a road rated major at a really know how to read it works the Rihanna through the like I read through it but I don't know how to sign up and how to post working anything else I am just am sort of as they added that another rated stuff. A month what are alive and are at it anyway. Are slashed patriots. DM the routes wouldn't emerge as the ams. And senator you guys are close anymore became US trump to ask prudent to give Robert Kraft to super roaring back bench. And promotes responded. Here's what the coach said. He said we are still clubs in the drop. Bob Kraft who withdrew apps. Just gave the president the ring for last year's game the cornering is long gone. To which are slashed patriots responded. Damn I thought I'd give it a shot I didn't know that about last year's game our UA patriots fan my church. And moved says. Ahmet Kraft family fan but a lifelong jets fan. In case you forgot who. Robert Kraft visited Russia in 2005. And had an audience with Vladimir Putin at which point. NASA to see either rain here he showed the race something happened important got the rain and obviously. When prudent against the rain you don't get the ring back. Once Putin's hold the ring. No one's no one else is hold their ethics. But. It's the united advance. And now they trump says the other one I can say that putting has to those hearings. There's all voted as the though is called Donald to say Donald I want that ring and download until. This. Well I guess that clears that up there. You don't give a guy super boring unless you're really like him you know late you know just do it then again a big one the food and I don't know if you're really like food music. Could this have been another one of those situations where trump was like hanging out. What do proven do in this situation he stole the ring I'm gonna take their re engineering. And grabs are prayers during that is they tasted. Trying to copy the alpha status of boat which by the way if you're gonna copy any. Alpha guys that's probably him. So I guess craft only has three of his rings man. Was it his ring. Was it his ring it's as Bob draft order was it like a special one majors for trump I would assume it's his thing you think I mean. He really natural and made just for trump think he really did that I don't know. And again apparently Bill Belichick sent a letter so anything's possible at this point 72 letters. Cinema letter in a so adamant that letter was not good enough no days off against and you know there were. Think. Well you know it's his ringing get into everyone's. I guess. A pattern had listened at a price get eaten gathering to who every one to give during two folks I don't like the oval room landed a solid rob Bradford there. It's I'm not I I obviously don't like the president put on that are a problem with Kraft giving him his brain. Gathering there were everywhere give it to cheering giving which is actually tell the truth. Yes I ditto. This would be a weird thing to lie about when it. I mean he lied before. The president he's the most competitive person I've ever met OK I seen this guy through thoroughly dead spiral through entire he's never saw us as where Gordon. You never at no one has ever seen Donald Trump. Are a perfect spiral to retire not even a robbery trained in for an entire week not even if he'd like traded bodies with Tom Brady in the late. In eight there's no other like it was a situation like in the movie big religious switch to make it even then Donald Trump can do it. You're right he did lie about that but that lady's. That was when he was on the podium trick doing you know duo in the White House think this is an ADM to some random Twitter account. I guess he could lie and I might be a guy like that makes stuff up all the time. With some of your practice brings is true to me I don't know lack act I believe me all I don't know why but I do. I believe the mood. To see the mood shine down on TV I did not he was done col Baer and it was actually really good. I really enjoyed him I really enjoy the coach. I think coach here's I think we should there. Wonder which like you can't tour for Conan has code has got Andy Richter but I don't think any any other late night guys have a sidekick by getting director actor and fitting good which would be the perfect late night psychic. He really would he be great that he's funny. He's. In never really off like he's always sign. And I think the public really demands more of him now. Which showed you go to that's the question like you can't really go to Jimmy Fallon I don't think you work on that show balanced too much of the you know. Cold air out on around col Baer I feel like needs to be able lewd. Do respect you know we begin with his Jimmy Kimmel. Of her film which with Kimmel. That I that ABC studios at that I think that would really work I think the mood she Kimmel would be a really good team. I don't know if Kimmel wanna work with him every night but it. I would watch. And you know I like cold bears winning in the ratings rate in Fallon was when he before evident col Baer sort of took over. If Kimmel wants to become the number one guy in the ninth in the night or promotion that show and that will happen. I believe it. Anyways that's my time I'll be back tomorrow night after reds are interview. Trish I'm great job tonight thank you always a pleasure they saw the colors textures and Twitter followers are Matta here tonight.