When can disgraced Sox players like Manny and Roger "come home"?

Dale & Keefe
Friday, June 16th

We discuss Roger Clemens in the booth this weekend and it turns into a discussion about when can former players who fans don't necessarily like as much be brought back in to the mix over at Fenway.


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Our number three dale and Holley with keeps Sports Radio WEEI desirable program brought you by AT&T. As you heard rich say just moments go on trending now soccer in Houston tonight opening game three game weekend series all three nice gains by the way. Fox took the Saturday games ESPN the Sunday game so all three night games all at like 8 o'clock 8:10 or something that eastern time. Is this going to be a lost weekend for the Red Sox given that they are facing the juggernaut in Major League Baseball not just the American League. That juggernaut major league baseball league the mighty Houston Astro. So it's supposed to be they're supposed to be right there with them. So are a I hope. If they win this series. We don't hear guys saying why houses of the great chance to measure ourselves against the top team league you're supposed to be one of the top team just was beat these top team. In the American League and I know Houston has gotten off to a great start and really and it's legit they've got some legit. Terrific players young players more young players we thought you get it right out baseball. Guys that you could market but the fact is the red foxes are supposed to be. In this conversation. The Red Sox have the killer p.s. On the mound without to a peace nice thing I don't like their chances though that's not ideal pot the way pom rants or sell low and price have gone. That I should sound pretty good that should be in early advantage Red Sox but I I don't know if it is based on the good season pour solos that. Then the last few outings from or at least the last one from price. And that comrades after out you know put together a few good ones in a row. Those guys all all could use bounce back start. And we know one of the people are doing the game tonight is Roger Clemens and set it and Arnold you mentioned the Dillard or keep you didn't there was an article. Where guys said Roger Clemens is that one of the most hated people. And in the other Red Sox hate Roger Clemens I think when they when they announced that he was gonna be going to game there was an article about how he's one of the most hated people in New England. And now we were talking about that that to people still don't think so. For just over in left the whole big to be closer to home thing was after the 1996. Season. So twenty years ago and oriental it was after Dan Duquette basically said he was done there. So I don't think people he's you know. Hate Roger Clemens it's it's if you do good for you out of the garage on call for a hundred say I don't I don't know if they do now the Red Sox had never won the three World Series and you see him pitch in for the Yankees and all that that may be still hate him but. I feel lucky. He would not be number one analysts yet. So I think that the combination just mentioned when government think the combination of time. And championships. Canada issued. Maurer wreckage of perspective enemies problems solved if you miss Tia and well me and I'm so emotional. We'll help her out there it's okay. There really walk without you there there was a a piece that I was looking at and anti Anderson from WEEI dot com was talking about this. He was talking about. They should retire number twenty. I'm nobody's won it since anyway I don't problem with that. That they should retire debt problem of Clemens numbered games are especially when he goes to golf hall of fame in two years. Is number keeps going his the voters. Particular item or more favorably and does things a little ways ago. Yet those numbers one and when I don't buy our long ways. Right. But even if he doesn't make all payments or mr. of your franchise you can make any rule you want that that paid for your number to be retired. Got to be hall of Famer Dave Roberts he's brought his number retired. He's not a hall of Famer yet may never be halt and who knows some of those 54 point 1% and run shot 35. Today has been a hike but 54 from where it was a year before 45 point two iPad. This first year yours 37 point and then you pick but that's that's taken some some giants that young. Up almost one ABS to go another 21. Another twenties and what you thought about ten years now yes he's in the Red Sox hall of fame. Now whether he makes it Cooperstown I don't know if those numbers will will get wearing Dana he's in the Red Sox hall of fame already. No he's won 21 since he laughed I mean in effect it's been retired. And given out to anybody Disco and retire the number. Now they've got the rules so they can break the rules but he technically doesn't abide by their rules right. At begin and end your career hall of fame. I mean they they broke the rules for Johnny Pesky but we all knew why. And you know that nobody had an issue that. They broke their annually for Carlton says what do I know they gave him some phony baloney job fair to say that he technically ended his career here would be ironic to bring. The rules for Roger Clements. Who now nice well played guys about. Ever but it was to rule on on Ortiz he's not a Red Sox hall of fame yet he will be. I'm a Baseball Hall of Fame is one of those things where again today Diller says yeah it's up to you do whatever you want so if you want my input these ridiculous guidelines on. If there's a westernized what it was it all for it take away the venom. Yeah are hourly for Clemens or me or 07. Oh and because nomination pick it up like it was probably 07 because I felt like the whole the whole. And I hear talk about the pass from McGwire that was all five frank that was an O five. And then. Clemens that this whole thing not that I think it's just all the cumulative effect because Clemens after that makes sense instead and and do any thing and he was out there and used to going to court with his. His lawyer Rusty Hardin. Rusty rusty. And so. The combination of honesty most who is he with recently. Rough start I'm rusty yeah it was a plastic build a case was it your Peterson that's a he had just enough. You know like head coach of New England says on the Cincinnati. As soon rusty. And as you pointed out though retiring number a week from tonight. And showed Leno is let nobody out technically. He breaks the rules right so. The brick and they may is broken for pesky for different reasons we know that we understand they're breaking them for Ortiz got no issues with a you could break them for Clements if you decided you wanted to do that. I probably wouldn't even mind if they did that this put a different energy about the numbers authorities was like secretly retired just publicly retire them. It's also the harm. He's the second best Red Sox pitcher of my of my life a demo emotions of ever seen. Yeah and it was really good trait but he was second to pay. Who put you know and I have I've always said that because I saw. I saw Pedro and and I was I was studying Pedro amused is echoes of SaaS with them so I always say Pedro is the best team but. Watching be doing that same exercise of Roger Clemens. It's a good numbers profits yeah not interject goofy and they have an 88. Was that the MV IP of the league in 8680 C 86889. They Bobby Welch won a lot of games always thirty game but it Arab and is ERA it was significantly higher than. Clemens ERA instead all they that the modern baseball writer would have said Roger Clemens was better. Now the ninety. And Bob Welch had an ERA over or run higher than Clement the director. Over our Ronnie went 27 was my seven wins for what is 27 and six Clemens was 21 insects. Clemens at one point 93 year day. Well skills and he also more strikeouts. 19 created a RN what do you do and roughly half of this starts in Fenway Park. We don't you agree is a hitters park. And out Welch is out there and Oakland where everything is found little doors that led war though or is it good for an Oscar for this argument for Clemens ten point six that year. Welch was three. While for it. Welch might not have you gotten votes it is in the modern voters they broke the rules for Wade Boggs to right. Their retired he has yet because the it is finish his career here. It sounds almost one day deal not a techno contains two teams removed from here or there are three. Unofficially retired numbers for the Red Sox three numbers that have not been given out at a given out Tim Wakefield number 49. And and he will add it was last used in 2011. They haven't given out Jason Varitek number 33 last used in 2011. Having given how Roger Clemens number 21 last used in 1996. 21 years ago the last time somebody wore number twenty they get paid to. Well paid roses retire until it started out of the they've already given up minis which I think is insane. Put any in there. I thought and I wouldn't absolutely output no I'm not there there would retire. He's done was suspended twice in camps I I know you don't care about the Red Sox wasn't. These are the Red Sox. Clemens look there I I think Clements at least has a chance of of getting hall of fame election. Many has not 20. Great hitter but no chance direct it'll never happen for him. He Jemima and don't have a silent Manning. Anyway had a vote may have hoped soon it emails yeah. Probably a whole new batch of new batch of voters coming in here last few years that's why those numbers on the right about baseball or Clemens. Let's talk about I talk about baseball or go to our. I got to back a flood of Broward out of two negative. Recklessness or leaving united get one before I felt Bradford first things that you follow me on Twitter is like yeah he's a thing Jessica instead of 6177797937. Danson playing they'll play again I don't. I'm well you guys on there was. I never ever call but I hesitate centered because I still can not and Roger Clemens I'm 52 you're able. And I live through that old nonsense of him. The reason it is morally or not about the money or equal to a homeowner wanna go to when he took the most money. He moved further from home and went to a terrible team. Sounds like a modern athletes me. And and and and then you will acknowledge right that Dan Duquette ran him out of town to. I I I do acknowledge that and and and you know ferret out there which went about it yet but I had the guys. He's. Anyway at this point it's still so much hatred I I can't stand the guy. I have not gotten over night I I wept and I'll all right well the most seven tonight I was kind of I guess finally matured and thirteen but I still hang on of that anger right I saw little hang out of that anger for a long long. Respect and I really do but I'm not asking and all of that did it Gloria if it a little sad but that's not so you're not retire number 21 camp let's say. Not known Els and retiring bought it would reject that was totally reject. Erica okay you can say. F Boggs got it at that that's a good argument say and I should retire Wade Boggs never talked. Roger Clemens Roger well fox is in the hall and noise and hall of fame but if you wanna say. Significant guy significance of the franchise I didn't hawks vs clemens' ego Clemens absolute so every time. And they haven't given the number. I'm right you're you're doing that gave out c'mon they gave a bugs numbered aluminum only. Does lose number retired. Yes I don't know how that how works yet the name up there is right number Luke goes out there. Tells us on these that there you're dead for a number nobody else can act whereas. There's only one Red Sox retired number. For someone who is not a whole thing. And obviously that's pesky and not everybody else Bobby door Joseph Cronin Carl Yastrzemski Ted Williams Jim Rice Carlton Fisk Pedro Martinez Wade Boggs. All in the hall of fame. So that I you know the and and look they they've broken the rules on a number of occasions for various reasons technically they broke it would bought. Technically the broken with Pedro what are the response to be at Fenway if if they did retire Clements went when he was inducted into the Red Sox hall of fame he got a very warm response at Fenway. It was it was actually. Very positive aren't there you waiting for. As far as than the numbers conservatives are not gonna give it our good all are my number there at such that are put him in your hall of fame. He got a dual and the radio broadcast here tonight. Read talk to an hour to me what. I don't think deeper into all my job on him now Dan called then I'm sure he's not alone I think more often than not people would put him at. And sought out and it seems like it's been forever they are they worried about. You know the steroid stuff because at the only reason and if that really was the case he probably would have given up the number one now. 6177797937. Marks in Somerville they mark Tatum. They've got other got the mark. I'd really love this show I really go on and usually. I've reached chief is someone I agree with on the show but I'll I'll I'll I'll they got the job I get a pick number it wouldn't today. You really would want me America is 24 up in that. We tried number yes absolutely all the other others out of absolute dog loves a great player but you view the dark rich c'mon. It did you win a couple of World Series for the team and they've won the World Series without him was a World Series MVP was he an MVP candidate every single year he was on the team. This is the best right handed hitter. I think I've ever seen you put in A-Rod and they can put pulls in their Cabrera I think Manny is the best right handed hitter ever and the combination of Manny and Ortiz. Is. Off like I don't know having people compared to Gary in Babe Ruth like I think that. For this generation that is as good as it's gotten so I would absolutely put many up there. Well I don't get a lot I agree with what they're getting I'd love them in the batter's box I thought he was tremendous. But terrible real terrible teammate. Meets any questions about the game you left the plays that they answer all the questions. He pushed out old guy he is you know one point that would give away if you remember playful wit. A couple times that after our solid all all all tickets hitting a way it's hitting and those numbers in the winning and and break in the cars were every wants out put all of that. Over if he answered questions after the team or he wasn't a great left fielder good gravy. I did it not not a huge deal if you're that good I don't think it's the biggest deal are Needham rule that I dig in and out of first base that he's gonna hit 320 to thirty bombs and 120 RBIs or forty. Forty years I sort of tanned sorry if he's going to be in the mix for Triple Crown I don't need a break a little place in our mark. It it it pains me to say it and it pains me to say that's. Because. Inevitably some analysts say what do I tell my kid when I see me when we received many were merits he's a little later you see Manny not hustling. It's what you tell your kid sometimes. It's not fair. So and a guy adults did on this stuff when I don't know I wouldn't say that. It's tumble real message I don't CIA had an adult do dumb things here's a real message kid learned alerted at this age. You can get away with certain things on in sports yet if you could and your thoughts and. And I'll bet that not a lot I don't wanna I don't know I teach my end I I don't want to primary out I'll I think I think Richard will you said your in Ottawa teach my kid the true you know what you're really good you can get away with quite as is that true when Manning was better I don't make kids think that you know much you know what you can overture. No lol not that's not what all of our other truthfully you can hit 350 at the big league yards you don't need to run out of foul ball. You don't you tell the truth you don't have to celebrated and say hey all my god hey I hope you get it up what data get away with things other you can get away with to say that the fact is. Other guys have to hustle to stay in the league other guys have to hustle earned their way into lineup Manny Ramirez. Is it hit his talent is such. That he's doing things that I would recommend you do. But he's so good. That the coach every manager that he had no love to talk to them all now sit down have a town hall discussion with all of them. Mike Hargrove and and Terry Francona. And Grady Little all of this get together. Say OK what did you just have to hold your nose to do man. And all of them did and they did and what they had and they all that why did it and you do it again. That's a good record as the retirement issue was handled it really not worth it that it Tito's case it did finally reach the tilt. Essentially wasn't gonna hold his nose anymore after they pay off but he did. The payoff up until that point where he said you know what he can't stay in. But he still do it. Are any what they had to they had to get him out but I. They but he but he stayed but he got him like three weeks later. It's like he Giuliani did it was not a cotton club that they had to work on a train and it's not like he benched and you're knocked down Jack McCormick and now and Manny you know what that's it. We're done you're you're. You'll be out of here by the end of the week now at work that way I thought that I snuck out check my math in this. I checked the dates are believed that was June. I got a public those early June McCormick and elements there was a great idea sounds originate your daughter's July but I would update us it was our roads at let's say a July. But I thought it was your. Interim until the deadline. So looks like at least three weeks maybe even a remote past. Before they moved from the guy so he even did that he goes after a traveling secretary. Who is at Manny Ramirez knocks down a senior citizen. And they still put him in the lineup discussed it. Well again there were other things. In other words you could invention. Because then you kill his trade value you'd eat eat you don't want my new team anymore and Tito did not want him on the team anymore. Which you gotta do what's best for business to borrow wrestling term here you wanna get the most you can get returned forum. So they really did have can be conflicting things going year to date he was gone. All we gotta do the best we can do to get him out. Here. Was have been and while I'm not among argued that they are guards are men out but I think. Think you back on the what is seven plus seasons with the Red Sox and the two World Series titles it was off the charts how good he was I. That's Red Sox since 2000 I think it's it's Pedro Ortiz Manny. It is a lot of great ones but those are my three. That ended June on that incidentally of McCormick. They traded him a month later. Are awful Jason Day or month. But a ball at the time at the time it was the best you can do I agree to delegate. And have a lot of options they had to get him out there and in Jason Bay. Well it was actually pretty and it was pretty good but not many know I don't manage the Dodgers that year and I. They traded to win that's it may have betrayed. That incident may have cost them may have cost him another World Series. Because as good as Jason Bay was. May neighbor mayor to secure at that point and I put the number of can't match that production one quick baseball out by the way out Pablo is out of the lineup tonight. Josh for a college back at third base so Mitch Moreland back at first base and obviously. Your DH position. Now CN said that. And minds and there are no. Now I'm looking at a look at the red sox' PR lineup they don't have a DH. I got in him. They forget that Houston is in the American League is now I've switched leagues so they. They'll they'll add a DH early at about nine B Handley mark Scotland and I'm not tired for the Astros 6177797937. Roger Clemens will join us about fifteen minutes from now Sports Radio W media. 6177797937. Text like 37937. We'll talk to Roger Clemens 515. He will be calling the game tonight in Houston along with a Tim never on the Red Sox radio network. And will pay in in many ways I wish he had last night's game. I'd like to see Roger comment break down Chris sales are less so pom rants less of bombers but yeah. Wanna hear him talk about a great pitcher and I've I would much rather hear him. Say talk about David Price. And tolerance guys were kind of compounding you know he does that depends on what's going on why is David Price pitching like this in Boston win. He was this way in Tampa and Detroit Toronto and Palmer as you see him as a starter Z. He doing something wrong is the fact that he didn't have enough pitches to get reliable. What what is it how I'd love to hear Clemens talk about guys that I don't understand as opposed to. Chris Elliott Chris failure and you don't know anything about baseball and say OK I got pretty good serious. But I I'd rather hear him talk about other guys. Actually called side Joe's in Providence major item. The joke. Joseph you know. Hey John. Giorgio I don't hear right do irony moment. Well here come out of which usually about the most when you hear them on the other line you know don't forsee has been a force in against the Washington. Know that we'll have that right circle that on I let me and just the general answer okay well now. The manipulative or there there's audio now on where medics. 6177797932. Secretary okay. There's still a job that Littlejohn. End and he let me when I would prefer to hear him force. Lieberman is coming to the far forward. That hey I'm back for the week keeper candidates for the week Johnson multiple hey John I don't. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I'm actually result I encourage their sides relatively well. Why do you Roger Clinton and so. You left the inning he took money. The Atlantic district or out I think it should be ought there any plan will soon. You can like so actually make it this much at this. I can't understand it being a modern sports and tightly shall all the the big you know in the it was a. Well especially in in clemens' particular case because the general manager want him gone. That it that the general manager didn't but he didn't give him an offer. The offered a contract sort of via I mean it is added it was it was an undervalued offer. He himself said that Clemens was in the twilight and it's a rare. You know I'd been a 500 pitcher for the four previous seasons or whatever was leading up to. To the departure. It it's not as though Clemens in a shot his way out of town. Indicate I want him. There are so it's where it's wearing when it you know there's the common it's always been held against him months ago closer to home goes to Toronto. What technically is that it intently at forty did in Toronto too was yet the 500 seasons. And any of the Toronto he wins back to back cy young's for a series in the division A is the best pitcher in the league. That goes to new York and he got to remember what it was like. That the caller he's 42. Sierra remember what it was like before the Red Sox have won any World Series and to see Roger Clemens one of the greatest red sock of all time. Go to the Yankees and win two World Series with the Yankees. That's just why there and there's so much and hate to open up to. And the other thing you know at that time. Every move was at every Red Sox move was attached to some some version of this. And this is why whenever when the World Series history and this is what Roger Clemens they and that's why whenever we're in a World Series bad trade yankees do something else yankees. You know they get they get mussina when you're fighting for mussina. Here ego. And this is why whenever when. On and on. That's I think the winning changes it significantly. You're you're at a point and in that 199697. Where it every year. Odd man another year the Red Sox and when grocers and Shaughnessy to do that at the end of every year. Of course if Kerry had this column. And Carrie are here to your baseball team northerners coming home to die. Another here there'll be no championship and it was it was just that that misery. And you've got you've gotten three since Roger Clemens left town. I would think that would change everything for a lot of people who were who were former villains Red Sox don't care about Bucky Dent and more care bottom might not gonna get. Upset yeah right okay now. I get upset about Grady Little. Introductory later they had a great he's still have these still awake or your own Nokia this clinched. Now I'd be degrading that's other things but aired your own. It's on love and other would be weaker. I to have nightmares up on us right. Mr. it hasn't gotten any better. No I don't know what it was last night Bible quotes and you look at screaming I say part of it I think was my dog usually comes to bed at the same time as I'd of added to this time he was taking his sweet time so we got in the middle of the night now have some concrete agreement and he jumped on my leg. And that companies are not good what kind of dog we have here is like a a Border Collie mix rescued. You're Smart dog he's very Smart you know line wasn't as a dog sleeps in a room with him is it in the bed with his six and a bit yeah the dog's an event he's in the bed Giuliani's call more comfortable and I am if if our dogs or got their rights at the bit. We wake up we'd wake up would things that are really where are you. But it's. Now a. That I've done the right where you basically general. Now down street. I think it's just a bit with neighbors South Africa. Cambridge if you. A stick to what 77797. Eddie threesome by the way there's an updated line about. Others are nine there's a DA throughout. An edge now that Chris young's duties on it Ramirez. Although it's nonsense so it's best that right Pedroia at second Bogart's last year amounts and Moreland at first. Banning candy with young Bradley Rutledge baskets marching for the Astros. Went fires. Elected. Effort and I know he's given up a lot of home runs well. It would make sense of is he's a lefty and he's got Chris Young is in there is DH that makes sense. He is a righty is writing OK I don't know. All right okay. Now we can't get can we can't give you guys there Chris Johnson run Brian in Quincy Brian Qaeda. And gone guy. What's LeBron. Not the market by buoyant Michael you it is aimed at all you know when he changed everything out that they cannot hold daylight the difference in the attic. The end and everything fell like that Red Sox that year audit it. But it would be the end of the world. Maybe a couple and you know all of a couple bad Eden it's okay. They enjoy and Ed Bryant to add to that you know what the Red Sox and their three the whole atmosphere everybody else winning two. Not only are to sail medicines. This place is pretty great I mean I still remember when that the day Gerry Callahan came out with a column great column on Jerry's part. He and everybody got kind of latched onto what he called this place loser Ville is a wild animals of all our teams suck. You know so I thought early patriots the Red Sox and it theocracy the 21 century. While it ain't my point on though keep the and I agree with you keep view that greater rate and it you know all let him block and way too much really I mean. It caught on in. LA important. On audit yeah. And then they'd be like I'll walk out birds basically. Only played a game become. Yeah but. Did he three for you he or did Harry did have a I have it and yes okay so trot is sort of lack confidence in Trot Nixon tried his ass off but I brother of Manny Ramirez and Trot Nixon. And I agree with you I'm not disagreeing without what I've become I eat dog yeah been a boy and I mean it won't be without it this attitude like. It could have been a little bit bad and acne is out of Atlanta on the they got it would be uphill all the question. If you hustle to more than might have won four World Series and senate to. On why don't I don't try hard out there that's not the biggest thing I did the guy is huge and he's the best right handed hitter on the team being the best right handed hitter in the last twenty years in baseball. But I didn't even sprint down the line. Great. While my knuckle heads straight up dude. Okay do you set that dude you tell me why common knuckle heads straight up dude. What's because you wanna run on the line real hard so deities and on the line a little bit and I. 999 old PS in Boston I needed he needed to spread more. All right and we don't like Darren Graham who's your favorite player. Y was a better player Darren Bragg. I know lot O'Leary for oil they're okay which are Troy O'Leary the Manny Ramirez. Out our would you rather have Troy O'Leary the mayor mayor has. Like yeah brawl I am gonna ask that question dude I mostly what you walk I disagree I. Massey that is that the lowest blow off. Ever heard I just told you that I thought doc has inside information. Gets fired I edit five minutes ago load due to. Terrible call I think on each aren't there royally pissed electorally it's I don't know I think he was being tongue in chunk it or. Terrible they're when they're called it looks terrible on over the other horse collar worker at worst there. A clown no calls then it says yeah he's the best writer editor ever but he didn't hustle enough I don't know broad and hostile Duma do. We're becoming was in the growth that are saudis that I mater. I'm no no I just at straight out to two months straight or take them off. News parity forgotten car very memorable elect and listen to the table and if so we can run through Albany easy call you later on those are the dog. A dog it's comforting isn't without. I don't know tiger gone like a Smart dog a Smart on the dog at that point in the contract that's how strained through that enough that I don't know I've. Davis Love it happened in the room for cycles are yeah we thought bad. It is like is dominant in that human actor says this guy's so bombed he can't punch you. There's a great they've gotten that out of about how. Happily at a time and it is such a it was such a Boston doctorate I don't like it. Of this great. Let's pretty you know it was Aaron I'll be on a Saturday night upon first sort of like an argument your case. And dog. Several avid avid 979 decrease of about half an hour I was not director Clements it back to the calls that you just a couple of minutes here on Sports Radio W media. 177797937. Is telephone numbers. I can get that mad at Michael. Because he picnic Cleveland Browns this time day jobs here is this I. If I don't get that game roster that NASA would it matter yeah that's obviously I have added Jim Brown years on. A Mac. Ernest viner but I had like a Mac finer combination. Who's the quarterback and where there's slaughter Webster slaughter was Webster may have been with this or is there at that point here is that Bernie Bernie now. Yahoo! and Patrick moan with my third grade teacher you know we're in terms of the school. I feel and I chipped you don't bring your two boys to school and don't then this is Ben's toy that brought it is better for the workplace. Just update you on that first game of the twenty to seven with the fox waited seven. Our turnovers I only giants Redskins keep Andris holly I wish I had Phil sands of modern day fills them to do commentary on the my fills deal available. Because he threw about seven picks. In that game yeah it was. Immediate defense and whose record written ms. mark written thereabouts expects he also struggled. I expect if you value that is and that aren't old days struggle a struggle strong run on your game and gave it. 6177797. ID 37 Roberts on the cell phone hey Robert how you don't. Payroll broader. Repair Robert Bobby again not there Bob just not there Robbie. Not there the most of watching us on the Bravo on knuckle head desperate by the witness this yeah it was knuckle headed straight up not true knucklehead dude straight out. But you're done Barack the ultimate bird there sick Bernard by the way both of the touchdown that holly gave up two key were on FaceBook line. Where they really only a good idea all from the couple bombs. Yeah I thought I had it says it. Nobody thought about it then and that at that nobody Obama turned up on back there. Nobody in the area and nobody nobody on this reads I don't think I picked the wrong yeah Cleveland Browns team that didn't representatives of big brightly on around us back in those teams that you know. On the verge of going to the Super Bowl. On the verge. LP graduates in the game of the drive you there's gonna be that a tentative okay unbelievable right now that game Johnson Quinn's. John I don't. We know you're the don't. I don't I don't I won't leader reached electrocuted and follow the laws and that is suitable opponent integral to this is okay about it put. Thank you very much John appreciate that. That's your misses he agrees but that's what you do John out orbits too late now or both that's what evidence. Another deadly artillery gone so it's issues and Sweden my good loans between good whites should have been dogged in just. Which would military address you remember that beyond the administration. Has assert that what's your split. They would like call eight civilians that I'm trying to win aboard the restless situation I think. And then go to drastic action in world classic. Actions like it the so it's it's lovely place on the world to reduce I don't think I couldn't believe your resume their last night of in the ninth inning and it wasn't too since well before that that that let you got messed up it's an attribute it took us a more run to. That I that the regular wasn't his fault Andrew Rubin intensity was supposed to look at the re like guy who wasn't Pavel Sandoval. That that partly to blame him for a lot of things and I hated his at bat the ninth inning I'm with yet. But the relay that's in Rubin intend to do so overmatched and is it that. Final at bat of the game because that I mean and you think about it too just yeah let him hit the ninth inning when he got Hanley or merits of their on the bench. And now he's not playing tonight. But neither Hanley. With a right handed pitcher on the mound so it's a symbol knowledge annaly shoulder. Skip out of balance and how long did that ebb and flow I'm just warming up my. DHD. And I'm not available to be a pinch hitter. Alan firm as it apparently not available to be at the these days not even that. Mr. nice non tonight. That's because there's two nights off firm does that mean there's an arrival and an amount you have older as there are low. They did add that I can because that ebb and flow thing had me a little confused after violent stuff on that it's Evan Evan. That's evident that's right at him yes he's straight I've knucklehead they Jesse's up in Maine hey Jesse Aidan who. Hey guys and let's go to great. Yeah I think is saying that that I talked to Chile. Gay pride that Evan Longoria public debt. I don't I don't think so now. And you're sort of stock or David Price David Price is our Tampa Bay made that contract they would. Gather at a David David Price is going to be here the rest of his. The length of his contract he will not opt out of the right now it's not. Because devise a plan that. My dad but what if he continues if he continues to pitch like he has here what's not been terrible but not elite stuff. So you're paying him a lead money and I don't know baseball's going to be such that you know into it to really can't be bad number's going to be. I thought after this year is after next year there DiCasmirro this year pitches well next year opts out worth the cardinals are the Dodgers or somebody like that offer room. Similar deal or give one extra year maybe it's a few million last maybe it's not thirty but it's. You know five years two point seven per. I just stuck already he has announced. And that team is announced there's a unique double situation he missed the start doesn't he need all of Andy's over 33 over thirty unique elbow. And not pitching well. Okay. Other than that down it struck 6177797937. We'll talk to Roger Clemens coming up about death by fifteen. To back to your calls as well and Jacki for madness for final drive today about 545 we will go through the best. And outs of rest of the week on the station not just our show other because I feel obligated to say that is Owen met that'll trouble understanding now. So other shows week we place to promote the problem there was a product didn't quite understand the whole you know they thought we that you were stealing. From their show when you played stuff from their show last Friday. Stealing her man I was at stealing stealing from so our fellow players these guys know that when their when it on the radio it's recorded. Apparently not have that play stuff from Marshall yes. But just let them as a their upset. I think John Barrymore and show guys are better we don't play the Mitt officials upset when we do play it's I can't make heads or tails I don't know I don't know what we're that is in station just a knucklehead. Use the radar no straight as an item knucklehead and elitist nationwide technical term amid everybody can everybody just sleuths. For the lunch at each other strong lacks is that your house leading up to the avenue I'm right if I don't I'm not in my house but a feel let down out of my house that the break out the old vibrating electric football for now that he's ever putts and then on whenever the I don't know where you're on odd. I break out I was intrigued and I am I scored fewer bad. 677797937. Dale and Ali with Keith Sports Radio W media.