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Saturday, July 15th

Trenni and Tomase switch gears and talk about the Celtics officially introducing Gordon Hayward as the newest member of the green. The two also discuss Isaiah Thomas, and his contract situation.


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Music for any and tomorrow's a new ones boards radio WEEI he's dreading this and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything without packs the Bruins and all new England sports. So it. It's trillion Tomas plus Sports Radio WEEI. And. It's. Yeah I feel like an exasperated look I was crazy. Your eyes if you. But I didn't. If it's if I mean it's it's hard work here and everybody else is back in right. Communication uneasy the Internet problems today hit it balls buried just. Today. Really are lighter and numbness on them like it's nine Meena in exchange for me. Must we care. The Celtics have finally officially signed Gordon Hayward yesterday. Two weeks almost after my appendix ten days actors and agreeing of course on July the fourth. To be a member of the Boston Celtics sort of anti climactic. Sort of thrown together press conference by Danny Ainge out of there while Pam. They're all fun fact about them while they. I'll camps for it it your. While Pam practice facility currently. While. I. Hit for it now that Edmund yeah for five years and pre get a that I know being in an ounce of like we know it's not PP. You know it's not Quincy queen. I mean I've I've. I had my biggest like faux pas in terms calling something Iran impact of this eerie and Xavier. I asked Greg my first year. Yeah that's you know my grandmother competition. Of who it. The blue green and I know why. Accidents like those guys just forgot what does my brother went there and this year are you to marry my I went for when you're on public school my brother. I went there for four years and my grandmother once. If things go on and that would. Was it bishops of lubricant. As of jewelry purchases of bootleg and I like movie with like she acts like it very much knowledge -- ocean and legend is issues the Nazis now against. Mr. I am competent group and from now on. So I say yes sir anticlimactic yesterday gaining stocks. Gordon Hayward does Foner. I guess he's easily tired maybe he's at his house in California with Chris Sale to a I understand he was evident maybe that's different but it. Lot of these guys in front of a camera I bring him out here right there needs. You know. They have no not by Danica. Excuse me just as economic and not against Jesus I'm. Like. Tonight Kate hatter tweaked or something. And yes that's. And I think the reason they did it is because they happy here I think is here ready to go and he did the whole thing Torre went to the north and eat at Lister Ria with Brad Stevens out of here Qaeda north and barber and then he came to Fenway but it was for his that the trip was for haze like the court the you know when he actually signed a deal and came days later Boston mean. Q what did job saving to get to see it ain't got a haircut and got a new suit with the idea that most likely eminent go ahead and probably have a press conference here and get up and everybody. And make the grand announcement but I think. That Celtics probably also I. And were under the impression. That they were going to maybe make that sign and trade. With the tides and Jake powder there I think it just took longer to clear that salary and it would indeed vacancies here you got a good you know pretty young little baby and young daughter and you're pretty young kids. Snow. And he lives in Paris and economy and leave it there for its. Just just being laid there for what you have to come back out here a place to do without that. I think just logistically it took longer than me back to make you deal with another team. To Kleenex that salary space and from what Danny's playing yesterday that the reason it took a little clinic for. Avery Bradley is that he had Q passed his physical deal had to go through he had to be announced there and sign there before they can announce. Cord yeah I mean it makes sense you have to move Avery Bradley before you can even afford Gordon Hayward and you haven't officially moved Avery Bradley. Until he passes physical and you'd dot I's and crossed season on that stuff with Detroit so. Yea Gordon Hayward is here it's official. We still haven't seen him hold up his number twenty Jersey or anything but that's coming. Any problems getting a number. I mean retiring around I mean I rented out his teammates don't like him. Thank you to retire as number no one would show up be leant but it's not about light and me. I'd actually like Ray Allen I happen to me you don't you don't. Retired number. Ireland and I know you're at Atlanta and and I that they lost as the heat lately so. After he had a record setting. I just it's like this idea how surprised. I was surprised by how many numbers the Celtics tie that's there I mean you have so much. A historic. Any historically good for us hi this idea that you have like hundred numbers like WellPoint is it going to be like. You know number nineteen. It's like it's when he won retired members and 21. And really had I mean obvious this minute past players to. Ever take the heartland played toward the Boston Celtics so. I understand retire in the great numbers but it's not like the hall of fame make a look at sort of loses its luster if you're retiring. Ray Allen's number. Yes I am totally with you and you don't need to be retired every guy who won knoller acted to belittle opus you know like that's. That's the problem a team that actually gets news there and the patriots have seven retired. It gathered more than the Packers the Packers have six or tied numbers the patriots at seven. And the patriots Everett and then back to include rate a year and after retire Brady yeah you know so they have. Too many and in football you can't afford to retire numbers as you need the law rosters so you'd. Guys like Bruce arms to basically I'm strong arm the patriots and are iron number. When he retired music you know he's very good left tackle. But to Robles. He's now. Steve Nelson god bless them love them Nellie I mean you grow up here and eighties you love Steve Nelson number 57. Tired you know probably nine McCain's right he's in the hall of fame I get that. And gently on the mean guys in the sixties Bob the year I think he's ones you don't even necessarily know who they are by. That was when the patriots didn't really have much in the way. Any kind of great history that they were tired. I'm looking up how many red powdery bright fax numbers are retired. Yet there but the thing I feel like it's nine but I've Philly it should be easier to. Easier to find Anke to entice people direct act IT department who had fixed our intern at a nine Nazi I think they have a. I think they have ten I think they have ten retired numbers may be low plus Jackie Robinson. So every everybody in baseball retired 42 I think the Red Sox have like ten other numbers. Right that's. I like connects. About manage all yeah right I mean basketball. Twelve guys on the team fifteen guys in the roster time you can afford to retirement numbers basketball football you can't like. Football you almost have to do the ring of honor kinda thing and not take any numbers out of circulation and just do is that the cowboys and of the ring of honor you. At eleven retired numbers if you include David RT optional you only give her teeth this year if we take Jackie Robinson now and they've they've retired ten actual rights. I think that's exactly. So quick to extract. You asked exactly did I am listening to you I emergency and knees and I think they have tents I weigh how different exact number not yet. Sheets. Yeah our Gerri this is a very sensitive aren't you worried spoofable it ain't no you name it we're only gonna have you on a sixty console for now because when Johnny tell mossy doesn't get enough sleep boys he you know I arraignment at. You added it would gone home last vote there but it's yours to. And welcome this morning counsel tired old cranky you know and I help us that it now. With the freaking IT people for their it like. I have to live borrowing under our microphones trying to like ninety in using the argument there I hear because idea I new culture and it. Or I am not an Oscar and optical screen turn off the screen worked real hard on yankees to be right back IT department for helping Nancy and John is it's got great people and on grace he serves children out there would you have liked a better attitude. Pretty inspiration where in front of me. Which make you happy make Russia great again. Never gonna get to that raw and die with children early on so no they need to hear this they need to hear as much any need to know the future president's old yes which is hope. Now this is yes we have gone off the rails off the rails. To me yesterday the stuff about Gordon Hayward. How bad news the newest come Maine only thing I Peter two things that stuck out about the Gordon Hayward. Why in the Danny Ainge tried I tried his hardest. To insist that he did not know Gordon Hayward was coming to Boston. Until the agent called mere seconds before the player Tribune article. Ole leak. Absolutely and it's not behind. Really really. You're telling me that they com on you you're telling me that they didn't call Danny Ainge while they were right just just just stop stop the charade. That you didn't know the first report came out on sick at the pool like 1230. You know you didn't we were. Old man out there as they can funny now. You've had here year arms up as you react in your point and he walked right up to the window and let's go let's say I am getting so weird day I forget and him being troll you were to stroll by like seven Euro. How they are from home and how not. Body you're in the middle of a good point too so I didn't mean to do that but he came right up to the end. The exact. Wanna come back and do that may be yet I am not. It's consonant it's it's ridiculous like it's absurd that they. Danny Ainge and that he'd try to tell Tom Giles hadn't kicked didn't buy Sudanese gifted I haven't let me be. But I'm sorry I'm not. Buying in my top tanner that picture yeah I'm not buying me years you know that you didn't find out until right when the rest of Palestinian. Adam. Bursts are also dumped by his other thing that. Brad Stevens he feared could have been alive ability effectively in me negotiation because of they had they didn't they wouldn't want to mess up their relationship with slight. Brad Stevens is the reason is guys here. Or it big reasons guys here. Let's not pretend otherwise. I mean. I would say he's. If not the number one reason number two reason easier yes. What I did find interesting note about that portion of the press conference with Dick credit that he gave to Bret Stephens not just for Gordon Hayward coming here. But for he he really gave him credit for. Kevin Durant even be willing to consider the Boston Celtics and he gave them credit as the reason why Atlantic Al Horford. I don't know that's a good thing or bad thing because I've long heard in the we've you know we've long heard the narratives and basketball back. You your draw have to be a superstar the reason I should come to your town is not because. The coach and that's the reason you're in trouble. Like I don't know but the bad thing is I think I'll go to San Antonio Clifford Gregg Popovich if they know it's a winning program. Yeah it's all I mean to me it's also are wrapped up together. The Celtics have a good team may have good ownership they have been good GM and the Iranians they haven't good coach in Brad Stevens and you add all and they have. Draft picks coming up so it's a great situation it's in Eastern Conference which is clearly the weaker conference at this point. So there's an opportunity potentially get to the finals and it isn't just doesn't exist. In the west as long as Golden State is out there I think all of these things go together what I will say. When you when Danny started rebuilding mess with Brad Stevens and they have the playoff run a couple three years ago now where. They got Isiah Thomas and me had what seemed like a pretty flawed roster I mean nobody looked at that team that was a playoff team. And then they caught fire and there was all that enthusiasm. And that to me that was about great coaching that team because there wasn't a lot of them that team you know Jae Crowder was young guys who haven't had a chance to do anything yet. And Isaiah completely blossomed. And not son Brad Stevens of Brad Stevens coaching. Gets them into the playoffs makes them a winning team the winds are what. Make them a destination you know and that more good players you add to that. Great coaching now suddenly you have a potential finalists team I think that's what's attractive to players and that's what Stephen started. They started a winning culture and started a culture I think that is very. You know a very unselfish in terms of coaching I think a lot of not a lot but some basketball coaches and certainly guys. Nine to thirteen I missed that TC. And so how you are really off today. Channing need them to. Well it's not it's not you guys I don't even louder honey yeah Rick Pitino was about himself. You know he it was about his his tee it was about him Brad Stevens is I think such career in professional sports where. It's not about him he makes it about the players in the most out of the most out of his players. Aunts and letting them be who they need to be on the floor. I think that's really attractive to a free agent who's looking and thinking you know we're right on where I wanna go where I wanna play where am I going to feet. Brad is it. It's a big part of why we're able to. Here's. I think all three of not just corn and I think all three. That is you can. They're very. And I I think it's really hard to dispute that and I you know I I know I've heard some. Yeah Talking Heads in this market say met Brad Stevens is the best thing that opt for this team is in trouble. Say he's the best thing you have to offer but I think he is a big piece to the puzzle who helps you get those pieces that are the best. And to offer yet and I don't think for a second bat when LeBron James repeatedly talked about how well coached the Celtics are. And that's a hallmark of Brad stevens' team in the Celtics they're they're the toughest team and out of bounds plays in the NBA and that's a tribute to their coach. When he says all that stuff I don't think that's lip service for a sec now I think he believes all that. And if LeBron is saying that then there's probably that's probably eight prevailing thought around Amelie. It's also very clear is very clear yesterday that this team is not dot I don't know if they're gonna make another move this year. I don't mean not this year but yeah this nominee and there's no money left in it just goes at its summit at trade and just not sure who at this point would be worth trading for you certainly. I don't know that there's any when it's available right now it's worth giving up those Brooklyn the LA slash Sacramento picks or. But you get the idea from both wick grows back and Danny games that they know this is better but it's not regain custody. Not if but it's closer it's one step closer and they've got that you know beautiful thing going on where they can continue to try to add better pieces they can decide. Today wanna Max out Isiah next year today wanna move in a different direction and the whole time they're gonna have these high draft picks you know party scene Tatum and brown. They're gonna add two more guys probably to back group. Players of similar caliber. You could be building a title winning team through the draft right now and all this other stuff. Gordon Hayward and Isiah Thomas and Al Horford that's just making them entertaining and in even borderline contending in the interim that's a pretty good place to be. Yet it is I just speaking on Danny was asked about this yesterday he was asked about whether or not. What a what he thought about the fact that he was able to build this team without giving up those those top picks any sort of skirted the issue a little daddy didn't need it I I thought he was gonna glow about him like wow. It's pretty lucky you got to do that that's so hard to do this and you know in this NBA and people are obviously trying to come after the pixie I did you know press hard bargain. Are. Pushing hard bargain. Over working its. Union and that my brain hemorrhage. It's yeah. It's it's one thing yeah I don't know yet what expectations. I salaries and in sports traditionally. In that thing there's a lot of people that are there are still living in that world. Very good to acquire players without having to give up assets it's certainly willing to pay him more money. In. So we feel very fortunate to require Al Horford and Gordon Hayward was money. And opportunities for it to win in the way it's supposed to be happy to give up multiple graphics. Potentially huge stars. Which finally I answered a question you don't need to tactics you don't have to get a draft picks to acquire free and you're not answering the question ads attachments that cash money. But it's it's like you know the wheels are turning anti gang tonight how do you like what what do I use these picks for who gaggle actor again to push this team already acts. Yes and you know in May be it would have been called swords I mean. I think we saw from the difficulty of just merely fitting Gordon Hayward Ankara's. I don't think he was getting used those to go after college art in. I don't think that those I don't think he would I don't think Danny from him willing to part with that big of an asset for rental player. And lets you had some kind of assurances that he wouldn't and that being rent a player that you need to me. Stern handshake and nine. Am I gentlemen's agreement if you don't have it in this business if you don't have it in writing someone's going to I would add Dane. The areas that the Celtics that they would have treated one of those picks for Paul George. I don't. We are having the weirdest weirdest weirdest feeling that's not. And distract it is and how can add anti text and relic to sequence and I talk to the apparently robs like on you can't go under and now my share Alec rostrum or people. Probably brought to take up take on the old guy out there and rob Bradford Barry Rand today. And I energy levels well I normally out at your back but those. It. It'll be couples it's pretty bad. Mental side of fines. That direct or the right parts. Just visited 96 for me sometimes I'm on the days sick sometimes it's cool. But today are so many strange things going on between I keep people text messages and outlines of people outside that night. Kind of like curtains and drops hits I thought if he can't pick and like oops yes we're a shiny objects exit distracting today. The Celtics. Are gonna have some tough decisions to make speaking of money spent forget about trades. X you know and Anthony Davis that can hinge on somebody else. But a decision that is solely in the hands of the Celtics is what to do with Isiah Thomas. Danny Ainge had some interesting comments about backing up the Brinks truck for Isiah Thomas we'll hear those comments next on turning into Osce. You're locked into training because Merrick and John Tomas talking perhaps freeze any more on Sports Radio WEEI. No. 130 chick I'm trying to into Nazi. A lot from Fenway Park. Red Sox and yankees this afternoon at four or five and our coverage begins at its audience size. UE Red Sox radio network. Couple of Celtic basketball here down yesterday Danny Ainge now the pride top press conference in Waltham. To talk about the. Official signing a Gordon Hayward you know Kyle went over the logistics of it at pins and needles and didn't know whether or not he's SI fanatic and I believe because he outbid the Celtics visit was sandwiched in between. The Miami Heat visit and his you know. I'm not mean I hate they visit with Utah series they're for sale on these meetings discussions at the top. So maybe he didn't give an indication that part I believe I don't for 12. That eighty trying to second before the players are that's just not. Since I have really really hard time. So most of the press conference that Danny Ainge out yesterday it was in regards. To Gordon Hayward. They was also asked. About. I they Thomas. He was asked in the big press conference he was only asked about his. And he said that I see is at his hip looked at again in a month and they haven't entirely ruled out surgery. Isaiah told that I think is sharp lately you know last week in Vegas this answer. The fact that they had not completely rule out surgery yet and they're gonna reevaluate the hip again in a month as it really get that it will do any basketball activities yet. That's that's that's concerning that's concerning thing. Yet because we're not that far away for turning out and if you. Imagine what it will do in the celtics' season if Isiah Thomas needs surgery August. And you know you'll have been ads on and they tell me about your iPod missing them the entire first half and sees it would seem that way right and so. And then that would lead to some really significant second guesses in terms of use shut him down and and and you waited months you know mania knee surgery anyway so hopefully it doesn't come. But certainly liked the interview that he did mr. rod where. He didn't sound as confident as you slide you know it's like well Gannett octave doctors again in a week or whatever lies and go from there and we hope to avoid surges that she's I feel like I've heard this kind of language coming up a Red Sox players went missing in tires seasons now. Like when no Mars researcher at the job he's out you know at any history. Of markets mark time. And I shines Jack that'll make you sell me. I'm nice yes so this is and civil we talk about is Isiah Max player. When should they address this hip maybe above anything else that's like you'd certainly don't think if there's no there's no. Based regulating out anyway but in terms of even you know broaching the subject with him. Thank you player this year NC rear. So surprisingly in the larger group setting no one to Vanessa Alex men and I remember hearing yesterday no one asked a question to Danny Ainge. About icing his comments to Asia or publicly which wise similar to the exact same comments he made a year ago back up the brakes track. I am gonna get paid I know my time is coming I am worthy of getting this kind of money blah blah blah blah block. Well Tom tiles I didn't wanna moment Danny Ainge yesterday Allen his group availability. And here's Danny Ainge had to say about backing up that brings shark. Set Isiah Thomas told a month before against another valuation on the hit. He spoke to Lawrie shot lately. Last week out status. Sending these and explain to you like here in the confidence and one of your guys when when you hear something like well we don't have to worry about his news conference ago. Listen I I I I get it changed in all that. You know time will tell all that we're just were really right now our focus. Is this. You recognizing about it on the core human sense of him. Have a year like he had last year. All right senate definitely not it's. Committee. Hussein. Again you have to be careful and I'm glad we don't know you you don't know but there's seem to be a level of hesitation. I feel like would to any change to. To make any sort of ice is denies ever I say is that I had made part of my key was extra carefully and John to. Not say anything that would back him into a corner once they get to Contra negotiate yeah I mean that's that that's bad negotiating to say the times it seemed that. We see. It's a general managers say it about a manager of a baseball team or out I should say got a coach your order should say how much they love how surged four. Player acts to stay here and be apart of our future problem lie and then they trade them. You know I mean how can we heard about Jon Lester. The basic Jenny you hear a lot in for him just to be so careful as you. Not to say anything about him. Tell us that they're not sure whether or not you're going to move forward and build rising top. And honestly they shouldn't be you know I mean as great as he's been he's been the on court symbol of this whole Renaissance they've had this whole resurgence. But you have to be you have to be called bloody it to be patriots like about it you know you have to look at it and say. I emotionally yes we want we would love we give Isiah a ten year contract if we could but it's been hit vote. Is he holding up physically it is you know how to we project him into his early thirties because that's what this contract is gonna take them you have to ask yourself all of these questions and the fact that you signed him to such a great deal to begin with that six million dollar deal that has allowed you mean if I treated connecting. It will if if I sale or make bank if Isiah or making more than now. You would not have been in a position to sign you know Regis you are would've required other other other moves off your roster and so. You took advantage of that you took advantage of the deal that you had already. Money's a Max guy everything changes because that's limiting what you can do with the rest of the roster. And you have to be sure and Eugenia engineer not show are one of the tough decisions and have to make we've already seen a trade Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett franchise icon. Particularly pierce. He'll move on from Isiah. I what do you guys think Isiah Thomas is worth do you think he's worth a Max deal 617779798376177797937. You know. I think the trendy thing to say the middle of last season toward the and a lack of last season for the Celtics when they secured that number one seed like yeah absolutely and uses a Mac guy I mean even you know. Huge should not be named to cross the street. Came around and sent I was at now on offense but I think Isiah Thomas Mac guy. I'm wondering now people are coming back around and saying looking out the way what this team needs. And looking and understanding that they're still one really big time player away from probably being a legitimate championship contender. You know up there with the Golden State's and the Cleveland's of the world. Maybe he's not back sky maybe he's eight Kyle how Marie carrier acts. Years but not not not maximum concert might Max. Annual salary and nymex years Seattle hours 303. In a hot date I get three of one of four yet thank. So maybe I mean if I'm I say I don't see why except the three year deal Kyle hours and disparities right and I immunized there will be 28 or 29. And you're gonna get a four year offer for for Max money from somebody cause everybody gets paid in the NBA right now everybody and I say it just averaged 29 game. If you hit free agency having averaged 29 in game someone is gonna give you what Gordon Hayward just got themselves. Possibly. I mean for the pot and me for goodness gracious seek. Kelly a clinic for years and fifty million what did what it Tim Hardaway junior like seventy million dollars from India amid steep grade so of course he's gonna get the offer some of the question is going to be. Whether or not the Celtics. Think that he needs. And he's worth. Yeah I'd have what what the Celtics William hold up and also I think wanted to question it's him it's OK now you have a legitimate score Gordon Hayward. I have a guy where it's not gonna be on your shoulders every time you know comes down to the fourth quarter of a playoff game. Can you still be as effective a player. RT still shrink in those big moments speak his theoretically. He should be able to shy more in those big moment right. Our and he was great in those already I mean he is there and of game assassin you know I mean paid a post season. And I mean the 53 point game against Washington as pretty you know I think. This was the first post season where we've seen him and that's not an entirely too because he really took over two games against Atlanta a year before the two games they won. But this is the first post season where it felt like he was not taken out of the game as much as he had been in the. I wasn't taken at that game that he still his effectiveness wise limited you know again based on size you double team him. And keep ego to drive to the basket and and draw a foul play he. He's not a guy that's gonna put up a shot over a extended defender. You know from fifteen out like that's just not noisy Thomas hits. And that does he become more back. I didn't you can't double team because he double team him and you're leading Al Horford open or you're leading Jalen brown or you're leaving Jae Crowder or Gordon Hayward. That activity is mark. Smart market. Turns ahead. Not allowed really doesn't and you love market Smart yes you know again just so we want him doing kicking to market Smart for one of the seven threes in night and write it stays in a mix yet. And 881 lucky yet. But that certainly pass that should make him which should play him a better position. Yes I did he take advantage. Yeah I think he will match I don't think Gordon Hayward is gonna hurt Isiah thomas' game at all it's gonna hurt his numbers it'll hurt is. 29 games probably in that's gonna dial back because it's not going to be all on him. Just look at it this way all of those corner threes that take router is taking in the play those and be Gordon Hayward shot. Feel a lot better coordinate about it what happens when it's too with Jimmy Carter I think he's still has a useful I mean he's still useful piece for that like grit and intensity and if you wanna go small which everybody does now. He's like to me the perfect. Small ball for you know he can scrap the balance yet out of a couple of the bench he came via a a power forward in a small lineup he can be a small forward in a regular lineup. If you if you wanted to go beat you could put Hayward at the shooting argument in at small forward so he gives you some options and he has agree toughness player. I'd like to see him ideally get off the floor again which and of those days are gone by after Abbott is ankles yet but he still to me he's the policies. Aaron let's go we ever we ever are a cost street up this is exciting let's see if it works. Let's go to you Alex on a Sally wants to talk about Isiah thomas' contract out slug and the show. Yeah pick Karina are. However from black. Don't like any good I think a lot of people get caught up. The whole net contact. I really know any site. If I. More or be in the week you know put to backstop. Mote in immediate rematch. They. Equal a lot of Mac players. Don't Hammond. You don't. One time he got them back later it is whether or not stop in and they them. And welcome them available then and how that it played well this is the. Yeah I think the bigger the bigger question is is he Amax guy that the Celtics want to build around and is that enough does that hamper you in bringing someone else and who might pushing them yet Jack. And you go into areas in Arafat's. I think it although it's gonna you gonna you know what it how deeply that they were there other team. If you know if you look at new players and everything else that kind of back into whether or not keep him around all well. Yet another as I mean if this this is a big year if there's no doubt that this is a huge year. For Isaiah Tom. CNN and I I agree with the collared the idea of this debate about Izzy and Max player now looks like let's just put that aside yes the answer is yes because. Everyone in the NBA as a Max player every team can have two or three guys like you said. And that's just how the league works now. And so. You start breaking down some of the players who have gotten big money contracts. And what you're really asking yourself as the question you asked can you get Isaiah on something less than Macs years. You're you're gonna pay him thirty million a year that. Goes without saying can you do it for three can you do it for four or do you have to go all the way to five and given that 200 million dollars now that's that's a real question. Mac is a question that then. It will be difficult for the Celtics to answer beat highs out of it all be made made it this hip injury and it is a real sort of nagging issue. And maybe Isiah Thomas is cancer force that hand is forced where. He knows that what that history he's probably not gonna get five years in 209 dollars somewhere because that might be concern for other teams. And he'd rather stay with the team that is on the rise and says. You know what I'll take. The reef for one aisle five Mike Lowrie did because at least not here yet maybe ME ILL. Back from anyone other than this right is the biggest pork. He had that Gordon Hayward for you get four for 12130. That is. Car Ricky. C I we. You'll. This is self there are some. How I don't know what team is switched its without with down the stunts I'm impact that the pot that is nice and Wear shorts and nothing. Experts on Toobin sports and athletes. Chilly today it is chilly days you leniency and sees pumping chilling in the northeast today. Parent evil relies on that topic they wanted to talk about Santa ball and Todd Frazier so. Post it here and look at actor exact sentiments.