TNT Trenni and Tomase - The Celtics' ceiling; We're all going to die

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Saturday, July 8th

Hour 4. TNT discuss this new look Celtics team, and debate how far they can go, and what they still need to do. They also talk about the Red Sox third base issue and what they can do to rid themselves of Pablo Sandoval.

Also a brand new segment entitled "We're all going to die" is debuted to much fanfare.


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Music training and tomorrow's a new ones boards radio WEEI he's dreading this and Eric and John's a -- break down everything without packs the Bruins and all that we'd win sports so. It's trendy until moxie plus Sports Radio WEEI. And. Carter Ford here on teens EL a bonus trying to Osce will be with each of. The twenty inch. It's did you read up to that side to the pirates archery and network coverage pre game beginning at 325 taking on Tampa. We will be handing off of the time you know I'd not like the US in the Olympics which they seemed to drop as it before I flyers know dropping an area rushing out of high gas. Someone's gonna and it hailed by the big Saturn plants classic yet neighbors going to be ours year. You a lot of cool neighbor parties we get to hear from a year I don't want my neighbor remembers our. Now it's it's it's not a bad neighborhood although we've sort of the the linchpin to our neighbors just moved to DC it's such there's. A soldier. Oh me I would like to send you an invitation. Of the passport. I don't let it popped out here you talkers like yes sure. I asked that we are talking about the celtics' training really is actually leaving the studio to go get yourself a tough which of street here on the inner. But this is what happens and yet the to a forum our show right. Things start. Diet and AM when you act. I'm sort of wonder my tiny dot like go to mass pioneer amateur checked out. And I did slimming last week. In Indianapolis and I only had two. I wasn't coughing I was and sneezing and throat didn't bother me the minute I got back concerned and radio and TV on Monday. I'll find Tuesday Rick. NC radio and TV on Wednesday TV Thursday TV Friday radio. And throw is next. To face and hazards. It sound like Miley Cyrus got a lot like I don't know if I'm not like. For eating correctly or if there's something like I should be speaking more for mites diaphragm and I am from Heathrow I don't know what's going on bags nominated as special and needed tock more hours because I feel like taco too much wiretap of Q is that tiny offer got it right here. So cost seems it's to suit it. On through the items like show wannabes. The sparkling water the Paul and sprinkle in spring wolf it is. And that's an anemic and you go to sparkling water I don't know enough isn't it there's an ET doctor listening right now. I treated me act writing me know what might be going on here Gary thinks is Paraguay had acid reflux too he's talking too much. I don't touch it and called me yesterday. Answered and should that surprise you answer that your work a night I'm surprising answer atomic phone rings on a no I want to anyone else know what I saw and I am tired of speaking. This is reflex could hurt your throat and I mean that would that would reactor at. Can't really to have me though I can't get a never once in awhile Sam unfortunately it. It's not a to Omaha it's not a tumor but this is what we do for our craft. And Felicia for the show and I don't exactly nice is I don't mean to be Ager to endless two months not a tumor honest and positive. Our listeners who like to Colin NTELOS that they liked the show which it preaching line you know obviously appreciate that but I know as a listener when I'm driving around. I don't really am as I'm sitting there listening to them like you want a pleasant to get to the point just gets the point and so. We know that where awesome. AW ES though yes he awesome awesome to Celine and yet and so we know that's why we went out in 1994000. Present volume for appreciate the sentiment. Feel free to just jump right in gets your points you're gonna Bobby came out let's test it out just lets us on appearing out of Cambridge without. Great thank you guys. To he would actually made mutiny and nurture good. While it's speaking about athletic ability I think Jason chased him. Or type in. And brown I hope they trade. Our Carter think he's very overrated defensively. Offensively though he does is when you should treat forty yards I know that's a position little. Position. Less content. Format that goatee and accuses them that I still think remembered to Karachi the issue indoor I think case and take it. It is what it what I don't understand is I like markets more. A lot of people think market sport never developed into. A good shooter or an offensive player why don't they apply that same yardstick to Jalen. Round what makes people think he's going to devote it to Christian leader I know he's got athletic ability each State's projected defense. Actually played two minutes on. LeBron James in the fourth quarter when each games and to get targets that are important content which got the great. But look into what kind of the defensive please he's going to be I guess what I'm saying is I think. Jason take him at a higher upside. Would I worry about that coach Stevens not playing him very much this year who wouldn't think. So I do not think that I mean I do think there's a chance that Tatum doesn't play time because you got to earn your minutes and he's young and his style of play I don't know physically he's able he's going to be able to score. In those areas of the floor this early in his career where he's taking guys off the dribble in the media imposed that kind of thing. As far as that let this is and goes. That's what potentially makes a guy great defensive play and I agree that you don't need to lead athletic schism in the score and handed me kind of due to be a defender. And what was the other things I've ever. They get a pay Jalen brown why do we think he'll be about a sheet of America Smart and my argument ran out right off the bat would be that we saw Jason Jalen brown. Develop a better shot develop into a better shooter as the season wore out monster and she saw progression where with mark a Smart. I want to read seem natural progression we've seen. Feast or famine either goes out there an ax down twelve threes mostly mostly camera headsets on offense and and exit was and I need to do what makes a good player is his he's a great player and a defensive side of the ball. He can run the DNC run the point. Okay is always a good pick and roll player and I think he'll derailment that can now say he's sorry he's a great musical brain literal player I would and I would like to see him become a better finish here. On the McEnroe he's still not a guy he's not exactly explosives at the rim he's a little bit to me like a smaller Jae Crowder and that. He gets into traffic in your waiting for it this some explosion that's not quite there. And in terms of finishing can you grant. And that yes his. Best offenses when they put him in the post again and it's his little lighter or a long shot and yes. And he can act down guards in uses this Audi. And German eat there obviously it's harder for any carts. The postal signed by. When they go to that Heath Eagles score and really no I don't go to more often with him. Yeah and may I mean we side against Cleveland to when they had to change at the offensive that Isiah and they ran a lot of stuff through markets Smart in the post. And Al Horford on the post and that was a passing position as much as. A scoring one for them and that's kind of like Golden State does a lot of that too. Which is why you see them scoring by backdoor basket at will against Cleveland in the finals. I could see the Celtics as their personnel gets better being able to similar kind of thing. I and then I look at what Tom's house of islets slightly distracted and my MySpace and it's because I got this tax message that said. Literally every Saturday he sounds like he has what sounds like an amazing neighborhood party in town that's she's never drinking again how hot that the tax thing out of you remove. I'm not gonna tell you okay. That's a and a Red Sox beat obvious that's kind and then I was so distracted I was like well here we are having these parties all the time and then you get super hammered out I'm and I can't I'm not I don't know and I don't. It is but it usually Saturday Panama Sunday so. Stops and never coming here after those believe. Where can he shows little hanger it's cool I am I did it once with Dickerson I did one show with a hangover not very professional and a sign it happens. I was in Texas site you're playing her. Four hours remotely with not. Not feeling great and set can Edwards. I ask you Steve I'm not as confident as you are the the passing the American have a lot of respect for Texas they'll still love Jason but that you manufacture runs. Eddie third down the third worst record in based played let's now. Did you real loyal that debt to we know like OK so I was obviously from a remote in his at a remote at my Tony c.s or something. So do we know all diabetics I've coach appreciate it. Did was he having how else do you know. He's only have photos somewhere like that be are being gassed used in order landmark. Has not done that never I've never been in a spot where. I guess I've done a couple of remotes and they offered a beer or something miles on I said no by an odd beer and thumb on the remote back Eddie area near her carrier under Herb Chambers on a pregame show. So that's as it advances to the ads come on yeah that's in the pregame show. Don't know which now's the time thousand. EA he wrote in here and happy. Click on he worked he we're worked he worked last night so my gases that he didn't get out liquor out after that they'll be constantly. But maybe what's called a story about his trips in national. Well Nancy I will say one other thing about Jalen brown a market Smart Jalen brown already looks like a better shoot markets that's the other late. Even from the start of training camp last year to the end of last season to what we've seen of just a little bit. In the summer league. His shot looks more like a real NBA's shot Marcus Smart looks like he's fighting his perhaps his body all the time and let the ball go. I will never get their lawns I will never forget yeah well but why does add ons that are accurate I mean lines are shot it's hideous and I can it last night. OK in one summer league game he was not accurate the markets are never shoot you know 40% on threes in college now. You know so. Now Alonso is at least accurate and I looked he was that was it. And instead I know is your guys Janet no laser primark Smart I will always keep going back to you watching him because you're always at the arena this year. By the guardian. Before games before play have to plan and to be read to you early edition live from us we watch these I mean come out and watch a two dollar warmup shots hours of for the game. I timing and timeout I would see Marcus mark him out there and shoot three pointers is over and over and over again in a bit like. Claimed them. And them playing poem Swedish and boom Clinton and clamping clank clank clank clank clank so it. And it was like unbelievable that he kept shooting and Annie get your gaming to keep shooting and I was like you can't take and then. In practice when there's nobody else on the court he's a process table stools sent out in your not making three bouts sap. But even what is his works harness the graph that is need guidance range in his mid range like his twelve to fifteen foot Dirk was actually pretty good and the why don't you take more of those shot. He sat 29%. In college on theories and he shooting 29% and India countries. And yet there's still this belief I know kind of our warriors guys for years and his MBA career. I he's this will be his or the year yet. I know there are guys who were terrible shooters become good shooters in the NBA but. 2929. Tony ninth Tony nine a lot of 29. You are you newly normally loquacious chat has nothing to stated that. There's more being the player in the mean I talked I prayed I see any good I ever tell tell me that he is. That he's going to be a good shooter is announcing. I think he can still improve his shooting I don't know if he'll ever be and knocked down three point shooter but you can still be very effective even borderline calls Arctic air without shooting threes even and the guard position. Sure you can't McCain you do it in his prospects in this offense is built around. The three bow out right there and asking to do that though they either have to do. He has to now so hopefully as you add guys like Gordon Hayward and whatever may be you couldn't let Steve last year. Whole leak what he took seven threes a game so I mean he takes too many theories. Yeah that's that's part of a product of the Bret Stephens yet which is an attorney is saying so it's the same as crowd that yet a crowd or at least was 40% last year so I mean he made as the most. Ridiculous porn site even prouder and miss thing every average like five a game in out and Smart is taking seven game because teams know they can let out. Maybe it's because Smart Felix hits momentum three cents and let's via pager and let's be honest that the problem with mark as Smart taking so many threes and only should making 29% of them. Is that the the Celtics are not a good rebounding team so every time he's he's going up court. Any stopping and popping in here and and clinking out a three point shot that goes it's just like it's a shall we sit out on my breath and desperate knack. In my my whole point with Marcus mark is. The other stuff yet the intangible things you gain far outweighed the port three point shooting it deep and that gripped the winning plays the steals. I think that's. Really terrible part of having basketball team that's competing efforts can't reach. Hey listen guys like there's a reason he's on the floor at the end of everything I mean. Crunch time you click your son is on the I feel it here yeah. I have acknowledged that what he does well I just heard I don't think this market I don't think he's he's not as good as you think he has. And the shooting will always. If he say he never improves which I think is a distinct possibility. That will always limit him to a nothing more than complementary player is not a foundational player the current. Static in markets Smart as he stands now is not a foundational player and the second that he gets a big offer sheet from someone next summer as an RFA. The Celtics won't keep. That's protection and that will that will be the answer your question of how important is he to what the Celtics during he's important to appoint and for the right cost. I think the Celtics value him more than a year thinking and I think they could've. Obviously. Traded and instead of Bradley we know that some teen drinkers say we read the report at the knicks being interested. And if you go back and look at things Bret Stephens Dayne said about market Smart. You can see how much they value what he brings to table in terms of intensity enter. I get out any place else I wouldn't and he's I know it needs more thorough he's more durable than Avery Bradley I think if both of those guys. All things being equal to or ability were of the same then there's the possibility of a Smart ago but when your. Look at that you're definitely gonna lose Bradley whereas there's a chance he keeps our beyond this year. I think that makes that made the decision. Also on taking a look at just curious who was drafted are around him that year as a terrible it was a terrible draft I think you can argue that he had. Actually right where he shouldn't. Yeah and he actually I would argue outside of injury Wiggins. Has probably Ben. The most are productive early out of the most. The most influential to his team growing out I think that described Arthurs and Sergio Allenby has been hurt. Aaron Gordon. Now he's not as Donte' accent there. Julius ran our league Jackson. Juli is Reynolds take one after him. And he's been her. Extracts. Stock this. House disastrous. They're treated as though in his first year and it is no love the label it what it was we know of on land mean not so you have like guy you know pitches go antsy he's probably in you could debate in Norway inches in the past. Us and he was the second I 98 years ago. It's it's it's it's an unbelievably. Backtrack and that and the draft that all the depot go to win and it got out of the year that was the year before us when he they're out of that could liberal yes mark I searched on thirteen and that is really terrible threats I knew there. Acts acts. Really had a lot of injuries to. Yes I think the Celtics did as well as I can with Smart that doesn't make him this look like for coming back flared as he's about that a bad bonds. All right we introduce a new segment. Coming up we'll set it up we get back before and I think you and I think in I think going to be your confidence. You're locked into training because and Eric and John's a mossy talking perhaps reason more on Sports Radio WEEI. So it's not seeing. And I know attacks back and forth on Friday nights it's it's just stops we might want to talk about on the. Radio. And I turned pretty good idea. He says I'm on all done so I don't give away the idea just yet. Okay I'll let I'll let you take out as ours is is your idea I have a little preamble to this so. It's 230 in a Saturday. It is and there's more to the world than just sports we stick to sports mostly on the show but every once in awhile as the little diversion or whatever it's. OK I think to acknowledge that there is a world out there S ands we have to face facts these are trying times these are. Scary times the world is a scary place right now you know earth is overheating and North Korea's pompano missiles like every day to Alaska. Vick reach Alaska already which we don't care about let's be honest or like Alaska that's fine you can now ask I don't know what I hear it's really beautiful autumn what I mean by target practice and Alaska that's fine to stay away from the continental US. I you know the NRA wants to start a civil war. Lavalas lefties. Fans trump is trumping making America great again so everything is tariff. Right that's kind of the world is right now but. The opposite of everything is awesome it is very much job is that everything is terrifying everything is cool when you're in a bunker hiding to spring for audience but. Turning to last year here and let you know that. The world doesn't have to be terrifying everything maybe everything's going to be okay. And that's why we're here to introduce our new weekly segment. We're all gonna die. It's time for Chinese Hamas. Is there are all good. Well it's not jet. Yet nmap morale as men either it's an mat for a analog I president and now Matt Matt he needs to button. So yes the idea of we're all gonna die is this so much terrible crap going on in the world and greet me I don't know about or an Italian about it. And we're gonna start. We start with this week with iron. Fearless leader our commander in chief. Finally. Did what we've all been waiting for and took rush time and time. Well I guess here today for the first time that Obama knew about Russia. A long time before the election and he did nothing about it but nobody wants to talk about that. To CAA gave him information. On ration. A long time before they even you know before the election. And I hardly see it. It's an amazing thing to me you know whether it's a question is if he had the information why didn't he do something about he should've done something about it. Well I. Most likely because if he would have tried he would have gotten apps will be crucified by the right he said he would be trying to throw the election and that. You tried to throwing doubt into the democratic process. Yes so how does trump feel about the whole election thing now. Let us Russia and I think and other people in other countries. A lot of Q as sanitary as editors. If could very well happen Russian. I want these this. A lot of people. You have it is happening all along. How I have to imagine is that Barack Obama when it was us and got out of this. We'll question. In August. So I. So what happens is. Our. Russia hate being rushed so loving what is the leader sits down with Vladimir who's president of Russia. For two and a half of the thirty minute thing that's two and a half hours online each had a break in and hitting me in me joked afterwards yeah hot. It's stunning and out here the guys made their way yes so. Just think of the the logical inconsistency here so on the one hand Obama knew about this and did nothing which I think it's a fair. That's a fair point to make it. There assessment and you could say that Obama was cowardly to worry more about the political optics of him trying to sway an election in. In the direction of his party by claiming he. Involvement by the Russian gas that's that's that's what he is explained that's why he was careful with what he was and yet and so. You have him sit down prudent and this comes up and according to the Russians trump says now we believe you. Basically. Don't worry about it yet don't worry about an 88 out. We are gonna form a joint cyber security task force with Russia. As I say that's a big agreed a day. We should do we should give Russia. More access to art insert at our security airs cyber security they should know more about how we are securing. How are injured wide. Just yet that seems like I mean such a good idea yet and why so we think of why didn't we think of that and so you have. This president who claims of the last president to do enough. Apparently forgets that he is president and now can do anything and everything that he thinks and nuns. But now we're gonna get our house is back in July so that is part one of why we are going to diamonds. Part two. Which one was part two. What do we got next. Ali gas so now we move on this is still trump. Modesto. He's the guy the DNC not even the DNC guys Hillary's campaign person. Who trump claimed in a tweet that everyone at the G-20 summit was talking about why didn't give his computer room. Like everybody was talking about packed. He adds that he needs money and her bed hair. May be the intelligence agencies who knows. Maybe maybe maybe no one lives meaning no one was talking about John Podesta. Yet nobody clearly no one was except for try. Which is insane so there's not a lot to say about that except that the death at a great response in the Washington Post like will you please stop tweeting about me and we start leading our country. He teed downtown when your sense of someone you need to you have that need to make that person look bad. You just buy it. These class yet so embarrassing but that that's just embarrassing there are bigger problems and of course there is also North Korea. President do it and I followed all nations to confront this global threat. And publicly demonstrate to North Korea. That there are consequences for there very very bad. Behavior Paul enjoys the Security Council at a very critical time. It's a critical time frankly for the world because she see what's going on not only must we secure our nation's from the threat of terrorism but we must also confront. The threat. From North Korea and that's what it is is say threat and we will confronted very strong. I love his language elevenths is that you need now. At using Romney's. Very very flimsy grasp of the English language yes and of any underlying policy that would that he'd be discussed. So what does he really milk Korea I don't even want it I I wonder if you took the names. Of the country's. Off of a math if he could write an in I don't think it. Like even though it's very obvious which raised mill or IMAP. I don't think he could find North Korea and out. Definitely not even not even a question and so the thing is apparently when you read about like decrease the North Korean government and Eric and now. They do things they Parse. Every word that is uttered by American officials trying to read between the lines and figure out and they've been doing this since Obama and bush and that. And you'd then have trump tweeting stuff. And they are reading all of these sinister things into it when the fact of the matter is he has no leaping idea but you know we can just the last. But here's my theory on this hopefully here's my. And I've been watching probably tutelage home. He's the United States is actually funding North Korea announced it on its hands on a lot of our. Guys. That up with a us that did the defense contractor. In the United States wanna have this threat. So they keep keep the jobs going so they keep keep. The threat that it's good for the economy at the time even years ice this isn't another standing war now tragically war is good for the economy. Isn't any response that's your partner. I mean Gary. Really we've read you really think that like black water. Aids funding North Korea he had nothing that is just another lunatic dictator. Who wants to flex his political muscles and showed I could be king in the world. Awful and let's be honest a president who does all his diplomacy over that Twitter machine. Only adds to the problem terrifying we're gonna take the next subtle smaller this is yours this is that something was this Atlanta and others in Atlanta and a and this is more a sign of cultural that this is yes this is a sign of the world is ending I sent rice said to John this from this their minds me of the this week's sign of the apocalypse and Sports Illustrated which ceased in 2012 and for the segment. During a two game series between Houston Astros at suntrust park that's the Atlanta Braves newpark. A woman was really upset by a new forum quote sign. In the outfield. McCain is that daily down for the strikeouts. Sunny Kate treated really disappointed with the cited the new brave stadium definitely not okay. Keeping a lady seared going to be based on. And you honestly think this is what makes liberals like. We wonder why there is a why this lunatic is in office he's office because of women like sun UK. Who don't understand. That we put pays. Down one after the other to mark and strike out because the case is the symbol that you use your scorecard. What I also liked about it is so you went to a park you thought that there was a kkk sign hanging your responses. I'm disappointed. Shouldn't be outraged ranked like talk about hey I mean she doesn't have. She put it bogeys on the tweets. Where she's bringing thug life teacher and things serious plane struck out. Re here this is these are. Examples to me. Of the world's decay and the end of times just like we saw in the movie. Yet. Yeah thank you America and speaking America. That residents of theocracy. We I think it's fair to say we both love mud on the show but there are times. That might takes positions that I just buying completely indefensible one of them. Was yesterday in regards to climate science scientific consensus Earth's climate is warming is stupid or even arguing about this is from NASA Colette. Multiple studies published in peer reviewed scientific journal show that 97% or more actively publishing climate scientists. So on time about climate scientists the people who study this. Who Wear the acolytes so there their job is climate science yes so they don't have jobs they don't have a job. If the climate is not be of significantly changing the point where they need to have. A scientist working on that's correct. There are no chairs the head and hands had is in her hands are. Much as I do know that I love you. And I I appreciate that not actually asks questions about the other side if he's open to listening an explanation. Kind of but no climate scientists don't just have a job is to climate changes you need to track the climate you need to track. Weather patterns hurricanes. Volcano. Is. Ocean temperatures. Why healed life all of those are part of the climate. We need to track their their migratory patterns we need to track whether or not animals are. It's extinct are they becoming more plentiful why this happened with rainfall I don't know why are you different the world is getting warmer either way so they're gonna say they have. They have the they have they have jobs before anyone thought that there was climate change. They are just scientists to study the earth that's the big dude to keep track of every things whether it's getting warmer or colder staying this game. They have jobs. You want more people we got knocks her fuel is made my blood pressure and all this ties back in two. The president who is it the PG twining. And I just said outlined mocked that they were actually worried about climate science that if Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump and talk about climate changeable things. And you and I have different opinion now how important this is to our country. And just is a response you I would read from the open source systems signs and solutions website oh and tell us that OSS foundation dot US what is that it points out. I acumen right now and I've just read and I don't care just read whatever then what is what is there counterpoint the count I'll tell you that this is a valid. 97%. Of climate scientists yes surveyed believe that global average temperature is increased. 31000. Times scientists say. There is quote no convincing evidence and quote that humans can or will cause it's catastrophic heating. Of the atmosphere. So 97%. Of your of these scientists who study it yes 31000. Scientists in general saying yeah it's not that the yet men how many of those 31000 more for acts like c'mon c'mon my ex. Yeah I don't know where these detract that's the thing you wanna talk about climate scientists keeping their job is only the climate is warming. I wanna know who these scientists who are detractors from it. Where there income cut comes from I want to know. Who is employing men and whether or not they have a job as we stopped drilling for oil or mining for coal are making huge massive that's why it's. Yes diets. But you know what. When it comes to science and deflated footballs. I bet they add that. You really want to believe in science. And we actually got to come I was the first colleague and after that segment was apparently liked Agassi. Europe's for somebody who's supposedly believes in science what do you think could be ideal gas lines at play now yeah I don't ask what does exist absolutely. Exists and if you think it exonerates Tom Brady well wild and that's you problem that I mean problem. Is that it that's sick. That they ego and at times I called in a diets Homer Simpson it's your chance to talk and that we sports with trillions mossy. Sports Radio WEEI. Who rarity apple outside so there their job is climate science yes so they don't have job they don't have a job. If the climate is not new if significantly change the point where they need to have. A scientist working on this cracked. Hello mines. Let's my gag we just happen to disagree on whether it hurts her and loved ones what's not to love about him. People love that segment by the way I thought so you know I'll say before. We get to the actual reaction. I noticed that when we have our calls her in front of us the numbers appear as people call and the minutes up to Jack whoever's producing side of the worth putting on the air. And basically these numbers appear in an Oregon and they appear and then they're got which means they're not worth putting on the air. And jet came into inform us about I think guy I wanna make sure accurately quote this the response was so overwhelmingly positive. There there is no point threat. You know I was Rihanna and organize how has greatly there. Early in the show he says you know get to the poignant poem called just delete as love and that's basically well so they skip the priorities at a much they loved us and just got to whatever their point knows what it was that they loved the stagnant. Please do it can they say can make it four hours we can do it Yassin I mean spirited what did the two I'm at a text and it's tax line I'd go bleep yourself. Almighty god who how cares shut up you dumb check day don't call me a check and now we're. One people dead one billion people one billion dead people changes everything I hope you 21. I thank god your not running this country so twisted Welch's. Welch's and I that I and selling right now. They show is pathetic to people about it. Clue pontificating. Their limited world view pathetic yes my world view is real limited by you want to get out a Quincy for a few minutes. How many countries have you been to yeah I gamma condescending prick right now I don't care I can guarantee you. Phone number whenever you island on out US CR Sullivan I put Aggies I's named him a nice Sierra Solomon. I can tear into you. My world views far broader than yours so that's ever really Lasik are us odds let's break and we'll do it again student every week or longer next I know is that you turned texting away from you mean I know man early this question I. I mean honestly I'm not in the complete. And not trying to do aged to be like a jerk about it but it's distracting it's sort of like Twitter like. I can't have two Arab we're talking because Nike and that's not listening to a giants saying I'm not listening to what's going on. We can tailor everything we talk about the people complain about it is there's a small percentage of the population actually gets on. Attacks machine to complain about a radio station that they're listening to. It does questionable look at the tax fine yet no good can come of that thing yeah it's. That's what I we have a new most years the first thing now it is still look at the Texas is this is. No announcing the biggest again please call in your you have to you. Your voice is being heard that there might be someone else is listening who says how that's jolt from the office. You know that's Sally from the gym. You've taxed it's just like tweeting behind some anonymous thing it's the most cowardly they. Who limited be a big men are the big man or woman amnesties have been real nasty training to mosques and Tex lines. Hey you can't find out land. I congratulations. You Wallace. Yeah I'll hearsay I this is how I feel about people who troll I'm I'm computer generated things yet you're such. If you're such an I asked him I hate that term. If you are such a parade human being. They still don't don't put a picture of Tom Brady and your Twitter account don't tax to and give me your name and where your frowning pollen out. Why is. It to me it's not trolling at. You believe what you are saying. You're nothing. I just I recognize that. Via Africa. Missing you likely says the release are other puts his name to absolutely and likes you know same thing with. Any of the people on these on the station you know feel like American talent at least you know where they stand out because it's Kurt and Callahan and you know who they are and you know where you know what they're about because they put their name in their face to it otherwise. Now I will say whenever I get the worst stuff that I get on Twitter you know when you look through dimensions or whatever. It's funny you mention pitcher Tom Brady because probably the worst like 10% of things I gat. 90% of those have like Brady would wind and rain emissary app. Or Brady Jersey all our you know semi anti deflate gate thing or whatever that area. Mine have a lot of our Bible verses are Bible verses and father or father of three girls you know I make highlighted dirty see you next Tuesday or somebody. Father your girls are angrier as great hands and I thought so. I hope I I hope I'm glad you don't have children I hope you can never have children people Tommy let's that's a nice super brain. I haven't produce this show before maybe once so is your team both the when you get in. Sit down you know it is just earned the text screen completely away. I am never I went on in that chair for whatever reason the first thing I do is look for the power button see if I can turn it off which for whatever reason I don't think it's as obvious is that should be. And then I just say out how it just turner every day. Come and I turn the biggest again there's ache there is a Dale Arnold text line. Account because dale is a horse like glued to the decks line and I don't want to be influenced by what people think yet what my opinion is whether you agree with it or not is still my opinion and I know how I work if I start looking and I see that there's a lot of negativity. I might back off a little better I might think about it too much and might lack that that those people's opinions get in my head and neck doesn't that doesn't make me a good. Radio I was tag had no interest in that and I know but Padilla out sex line Twitter account makes me laugh and does its name back out that's scary funny I've been accused of running that account which is. Unequivocally on through. Why were you accused that does not even like what the best path declared that it thought I was dreading it when it first came on style and no was no he was he like accusatory and I was like is you. Interesting note is that analysts say for the record it is 100% not me which is fake Twitter account is you I don't have later yet. Marcus mark fans unite yet. It would add to its. Headed out with a battle you or is valued did you reach reach semi and or is that your original thing with the 2013 roster I retreats and that was it bad you see that night and I these Celtics 2013 roster and it is just axes there everybody the only player left is Avery Bradley. Right. Yes yes it's Smart of the longest tenured guy on the team now. He's in now since when he fourteen by. That's what an hour everybody wanted to I write. Luminaries like Colton Iverson and then Gerald lawless yeah I'll recognize Gerald Wallace even though I don't think he had been here and he didn't seem to have been dreads in that picture of someone's watch every Celtics game at the past ten years I was still stumped them yeah I couldn't I couldn't pick out most of them Chadwick Randolph. Am. So anyway the good players Chris Joseph. That was a good team trying to purge how many games they went. Didn't lose enough games is in the six day yet and answer this Shavlik Randolph Bill Simmons has that thing it's like he calls it the Reggie Cleveland whatever. Shavlik Randolph as white. And because of the trail leery all stars Israeli aerial stairs yes that guys with names that sounds like one out as an act. There Reggie Cleveland. Was wait and true leaders black in Shavlik Randolph whose very way. I backed I'm pants and that's present. All right we get put aside today returning to Los seesawing like yeah I managed in hires like he for you now we're gonna get back to writes from Red Sox talks at BG and you. The size WBI Red Sox radio never pregame show which begins at 325. Dave Dombrowski is addressing reporters in Tampa. Well take a look at the old Twitter verse and that she has some of the things that he said he is talking about trade possibilities and there's one position. And he stated he is not going after we'll tell you it that is coming up next. I loved thought Christine Sierra with you about so laugh about another twelve minutes so much why after 21 after three you know gets you over to Red Sox coverage they'll take on the greatest. For ten or break for a cell oh on the hill get some help once again by the way from India from here Milwaukee Brewers. Who at last check or beating the Yankees 301 I think going to be 32 now it's a close game there and the seventh inning Yankee Stadium. I'm on the dot com at 32. And the seventh on the eighth inning so. Cross your fingers Bieber stammering now how Jan against the Orioles last week Ted T want to know its crew. Is he says the Yankees the also are races two more games the Yankees could be two games over 500 at the break after that. Tremendous storage start that they had I'm tenancy what their best record was at one point they were term. Let's say 382315. Teams are and they're going to be potentially two games over. It comeback done they've come back to under not even a month later that's insane. Where is the Red Sox our thirteen games over 500 they have a four and a half game lead. Could pushed to five and a half for the win today. And a loss by the Yankees easily they've gone back down there put Aaron Jackson. The averages is like every other day Yates home run to mean not not just armor on just more sure yet he has like the four hardest hit Cameron severe or something like that. It is Jason realized at Yankee record yes this is the homer review home runs and think it's thirty already. That I see that summer is that excelled user that I can you know I'm happy with satellites when he ate so it wouldn't surprise I yet he has thirty ask a thirty homers in the first half. Is he the runaway MVP right now down near me. Definitely rookie of the year. Yeah he'd be the day I mean he would be repeated this points I didn't. I'm a close eye on ovals it would be here could strive Chara hadn't gotten hurt we'd still be time about stroke he was having crazy I. While I will say I wonder smokey can sneak back in there if he has a really great second half. And the Red Sox. And that beating the Yankees handily in the AL east. And they make a real push for a World Series run again I can't help but wonder if that's will be a huge part of that may be so quietly put together another great season. And baseball writers well known as maybe average fans have noticed quite yet but rookies staffer get back on track out yet but you also have. To really again monster years from Koran now Tuesday in Houston's. I was gas they are doubting he had they're running away with it you know they're nine games and Red Sox though. One of those guys could I think it steams ahead of the Red Sox tigers the second get 59 wins it's only I would you know it is 56 wins out 59 to sponsor fifty out of my near right it'll happen twice in baseball history rookie is an MVP so friendly and. Fans Ichiro yes. The next eight days. About a speaking of the Red Sox down browse to talk to everyone or if maybe Bradford just kind got him out of her eyes a prisoner camp. Let's give Brad for credit Brad oh this is Brad doesn't yes this is yet while Lisa's is breakfast treat that I am reading. Dan Brodsky said. That following the Red Sox rotation coming out of the break will be pom rants sale Marcelo slashed price for the double Haider. EA rod in Fister is how that will go. To rescue also said quote we're not looking for starting pitching at this point our stock. That and quote says standing pat at deadline is a possibility is as they may do nothing at the debt and he's been which you BO Canada. Actually what I mean because there at third base is the one position but I don't know how big an upgrade. You're really talking about like Todd Frazier whoever you're talking about marginal upgrade so I don't really have a problem with. If Flynn and Guerrero if you make it that work. And you know that you have devers. Hanging out there have as a brake and Rachel last in case of memory yeah exactly exactly and you don't have a long term need at third base because devers is your guy I mean technically still Pablo as rob said looming at a mine. Four hours ago it feels like in fact that he doesn't think palace and play another game and Red Sox uniform kind of with him on map I just LC. I don't see the point because like he said at Denver's as your guide next year you know were home for Pablo anyway so cut the cord now cut later. What's the difference in that sense getting rid him sends a message to to the rest of the team that this is about winning now and this is about the best team now and he's not that. Now I just think that they have to DS and at at this point you're not going to. No one's taking on salary and you're not trading him and he I mean maybe if there's teen act so desperate for a third baseman. And they think that maybe they can squeeze the last bit of juice no pun intended by the way I needed a fat side or this or inside there and loads up on tiger I have triple entendre. Ice I just I don't see anyone taking on that contracts completely jets you did trade and if they offer. 99% of I mean that's on the go now there's so many yesterday I said something about. That hand and the zoo I don't know what I said that it apparently. Cedric Maxwell was like not gonna really have been misinterpret it and I was like man I meant like their I said the only. The only panda is worth something or at the zoo where this can does not at the zoo and I just really match like pandas at the zoo in Washington because he's fat and that's a panda and he's called band is called panda more I think there's no. There's no ill intent apparently I have my lefty card right here also attend a show it to you would never and I didn't even growth in. I just find them IDF am. Does any passes through waivers. I don't know and I snow inciting and any semi Manning's gone and I sign it and then I guess suppose. If anything maybe he accepts an assignment. Two triple A topic is he could do that you could be DF aides say final principal at the target and then again you have a break clack break glass in case of emergency guy. You act I can't imagine but I can't imagine he's gonna do either ran just think that at some point and no it's a tough pill to swallow. It's a lot of money left on the table it was a huge mistake and you're being a huge mistake signing. That you have to eat it eat just John Henry and Tom Warner just have to say get rid of this guy there's nothing else we can do it. Yeah it's sunk costs at this point and it's probably even worse than that because if you cut him he can't do he can do no harm. If you keep him we talked about earlier. You saw how bad he was defensively and forget about the fact that he can't hit you know right handed anymore any of that. He's so bad defensively he's costing Iran sees cost you games so yours you you lose out by putting him out there it's not like. He bring some value but not enough to justify nineteen million a year it's no he he hurts you and if that's the case and you've got a good thing Rowland now. Would lend him Guerrero why mess that up. For you know chance number six or whatever it is for Pablo to reclaim his job you know he lost it in spring training last year. He couldn't hold that when he was unfortunately popping his belts during the season. He did because there's no such and carried an illness sir Fred app but he came in the spring training good shape and seemed like he was greater role had a great spring. And washed it wants to quickly and it's just been straight downhill ever cents. Looking to see if there's any there. I'm not a lot of other nuggets coming out of right now. And seeing coming out of the. Dave Dombrowski pressed for other thing you mentioned about starting pitching that backs up what we had set earlier in a neck that just can't be a priority still have Brian Johnson if you need to sixth guy. I'm not even counting Fister am assuming that this is going to be the odd man out eventually you know once he could go to did he could maybe go to the bullpen they were talking. I don't know what role they would play at all I mean nine gas I mean he doesn't wrote to me doesn't throw hard enough in today's bullpen and he's like an upper eighties lower ninety's guy. Either starts are you just don't now for. I'm one dinner. I'm just I'm curious. With Fister. What his contractual situation. Was coming over can they send it to the minors. I have no idea but he was just he was out varies as a free agents though. I don't think that's that's a semi July Jhonny Peralta. He can just to. Yeah I mean it eight it's probably half and if he wants says if he wants to accept that are not like he could try to find another job at. Where do you keep Doug Fister or not that's kind of beside the point and I don't think he's so they only need and the Austin and even for his his double had in six starters coming out of the break and that's it and making a batch of five man rotation guy and he's probably the odd man out and you can let him go I mean number rest is history with them so maybe not a I had no idea that. Doug Fister is not a make or break guy for this team known as he is your trouble yet in use east of Kyle Kendrick who grants it was terrible and has been terrible in the minors well. But more the poignant Brian Johnson has pitched OK you have. Starting pitching depth if you have limited resources both in terms of prospects to trade in money and take time. Starting pitching depth should not be at the top of their priority is it necessary to god gave ample are particularly another lefty yeah I don't. It's not necessary but it would be nice and I would take lefty or righty I don't care just give me another dependable bullpen because you still feel like. You know the other shoe could drop a little bit on he Embry or even Barnes or even you know Joseph Kelly has been great this year. Now he's got one of those guys that you sort of you walked on pins and needles. Wondering per watt agony and on pins and needles wondering. Whether when he. Whether or not he's going to implode because there have been times where he's got so much velocity to back control for what ever reason just goes out the window. Yes and and so the the thing for me would be third base you know you come back to third base and if you wanna marginally upgrade third. I think you can probably live without Marie aero is not much of a header Lin has showed you enough that may be he becomes a utility guy or whatever so. That would be the only area found them browse the that'll be that that area that I would look at first for obvious reasons because it has been a black all our own. Do you take on the Tampa Bay Rays this afternoon at 410 just a couple of minutes against Eugenia. Size WEEI Red Sox radio network pregame show the rain out yeah it's gone I'm wearing here for all these hours and it's sirens aren't as an Alice again might rain. By the way I get to lasso did bucket attacks fine actress and we never look at the tech sign. And senator one's eyes don't have an op and Constance yet and someone said all why you know why you get is the text number you know check the tax line. I can say with 100%. Certainty I have never once in any of the shows that I hosted ever given out the tax like number. Ever and I thought and you can search the archives. Of cute outfits I don't even know what it is. 79373793793. Cabinet it is did you do this now Texas now I barely even now rerouting line for the month of may I. I'm Tyler Tyler another hour and read every single Texan Thompson. I did someone print put matter who put their name their first name and nice and I it detects plan is so easy because you condone up but your name on it. So when did put their first and last name. And their phone number in and destroy angels after but he didn't take the he added are not eating there's no abbreviation. Good response act bank credit Greg let's just answering your memories of the game I'm not is name's William. He easily and we side. I think if you liked I think if you met not a time and it's real name how are not right we cannot and it's around him but I I'm I'm guessing that you're not a name yet. If you Matta said he accidentally cast I'd hate William enabling. It's like you and ask them at the age of I think I think these stats and I get a pack tell us. You might guess I'd hate him that's clear probably aren't we are back next week up next reds. Facts rains. Oh and how. Which chief we come back here on Monday I'm sure the Celtics may have made another move I just feels like that they pretty busy just kind of massage their roster and.