The three Boston Media Stars of the Week with Rob Bradford and Evan Drellich -- 7-16-17

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Sunday, July 16th

Here it is .. the segment everyone is talking about...The three media stars of the week ! We have a good variety of winners this week for a variety of reasons and even get to hear from one of the winners. 


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Those. Iris down during go these guards. We have stars. It's moved 1140. This way. Please please. Can work. At the very real for them to be. Are right at 1145. Days when you are bad. People should beyond the people who are Mickey. Our industry parade again. We'd like to acknowledge some with the number one you start getting 100 dollar gift cards to school system to clothing. But number three while to settle for number three big guy the guy. Who. Was right in the heart of the biggest battle of the week. Dog lane engineer executive producer. Whatever else well done well what's on news sports technical support tactical the wreck that is what I heard from yesterday. All starting gate in an ugly. And it dog dog was right in the heart of the rain in martial rule hop. On the Kirk in talents. No role for it right now that's OK dog. Since you're here regulations are being number three you start target anything you get a pat on the back and you get to be on the radio for a few seconds okay. I tell us about from your perspective that everyone knows about this and if people vote no. Turkey Callahan and but we're down the Mohegan Sun golf slowed the golf tournament doing their thing interviewing Brady. Mark you we've been to Houston in which it accused in the past hour. Created on the go together it's about the apparent consensus is certain things in the questions. Throws toughness there. Now doctor on the mafia number one no number two. You know he didn't like the fact that we're gonna have to ask questions guys and have those questions they have to ask the questions okay that's whatever it was somber. Right well. That's your urgent. Anyway what happened was he had his coffee in one hand he's looking over his PR people in this handlers he has coffee in one handy when tickets headphones off. As he took his headphones off. He had his coffee in one of the audience that was Brittany your phone in his head on and went to put him down the tunnel he was apologetic. Yeah apologized. He apologized to me. The yeah. It was all of walking away and apologies he turned to me innings and only let me turn to me off fare is put headphones. And he says. Almighty. Give me tile and it's a story about it he sentence you've been around a long time yes. You know we're one immediate start before congratulation and an ugly. But I will say this one ask you this before you go before we move one and number two you've been part of it lot of confrontations a lot of and situations. Does this this doesn't seem like you might cracker top five it was and it was great radio that I did a great job. What is the what the situation at the moment which you felt most comfortable. The on. Was there one. The a lot of the times around the Reggie Lewis situation. That was really ten speakers. The owner was all over go an award way. Chris Ford as a coach wooden didn't wanna answer questions. Dave Gavin was being pinned down at times and we were trying to get all these different guys in the air. I went to Chris beforehand you know commute to all the games together and I secrets were gonna have to ask the question. And he should know you can ask me and said we have to ask you question he's one of my good friends. And he said I don't want to do it and this was even before we get on the air and I should plan has to ask you the question you don't have to answer. But that was probably the most since he was not happy. Well OK doctor isolation thanks thank you for stopping by on advertising and to accept this award that. Number two. Another old radio guy. Two for two. Seems to reform bill. But don't just world. He might in the mad dog thirty for thirty came out this week it is pretty yet September 051989. Has been the first show now. He and I never do in practice so together we never oh won't show. We barely had a meeting. I don't care how lucky dogs said he didn't want to give back that's immediately that I talk resentment cats don't want change actually expressed I don't care you give a reason for the fans they. They can or that are ready to go that's. This is going to close. It won't be quite honest it didn't turn to what I can understand what Chris is saying it might just step all over. They're not really they're not smashing. You wanna say that saw injury I mean unless you notice that this is not a whole lot of spare time I talk. It was a two person show with one man trying to dominate Putin's princesses. I never thought that at that time. That dog. Could stand. Up to me in this once argument I never looked good I walked out of there are exceptions I mean it's different from. This is going to be thinking hard. So uncomfortable at all right now wait a little less. Showed no respect for resources not good candidate barrack for today. I got home that night in my and my wife what to do she said it had picked up. I said. Turtle. Beach what do you mean if I've listened to what it's fast you spin this it do you think so she says. I've never heard of them want to. There you know there you go Mike and the mad dog with 3035. New York guy every relic you grew up on Mike and the mad doc right well you haven't seen a thirty for third in an idea to show Pratt. But but the person who was getting the number two media start because we have to relate this back the Boston sports media. We do this every week and we did national media. It wouldn't have the same effect for try to make the Boston sports media better so the only guy I could see that entire thing. Who are from Boston was at the moment. So Eddie Andelman congratulations. You're the number two media start of the week. The front yet today. Number one he knew the road Udoh. You used to deploy the trumpets you don't. You winner of the teams to close and 100 dollars and it is the guy. Who won an old. Put himself on the line. He put himself out there. Producer. Of the curtain Callahan show this card. Kirk you recently discussed the passing of your parents of a very open podcast that filters and an element of what I've been dealing with. And who like him but what stopped the show because I was afraid of judgment and how people would perceive that I'm an alcohol. And last April it came to a head I had the intervention so to speak with my family blessed Christmas. I hit this almost entirely from people very close to me mom and I like my family about how I was doing with it I went to show what we and you guys. So people like quickly show I thought the urban development back. My drinking increased last April in that I had alcoholic hepatitis last April 25. I cut myself shaving before going assault scheme of what didn't stop. All my patch it up for that I woke up in pool what does it kept leaving what went to bed. Went to the icu for two nights. And from there. Went to a rehab facility through McClain in Boston. For a month last minute got a last June and then over the though those settlements from June until August when I came back. Have been just doing my anxiety my depression and other things that popped up in my life over the years and Lester 25 of this year was when you're sober from alcohol so. That was my big. Congratulations. Not that great. Now religious sisters it's over but you get to hundred dollar gift card to schools need to close. If there's nobody better motivation that's. While yet heard that if I had at. We'll read Todd Reid. Doug lane and right in the middle of the parade Marshal who. And be able to edit 12 appearance. I could match dot thirty to thirty. And most importantly the number one guy Chris Harris ever drought best friend the guy that has pinned him average relic from her. I think so it's Kirk I think it's a combination has herdsmen. We he's just mad at whatever Kirk's back so there you go your mail at the can was pop. Well I'll tell us look at the men's team Jordan were accepted Jerry crow with a par that he knew he tried really hard in Monday and Tuesday show. The one. It's yeah. Welcome an air ball Xperia arc all next segment. Erik Boland going to be joining us news yankees beat writer and you gonna tell us a great embarrassing story for Everett Ehrlich. Along with giving you some yankees in foe and also the top the hour and Eric you can be part of this. Our men micro Dowell went man on the street. Asked people. You know who average relatives and showed Olympics is your ideal what I want listeners and it's like I did not ask if you told me the other day you were so excited last week you went to a bar and someone recognized right. Correct well that's sure I'm just excited we're very excited as I should they be so I wanna go out there in Europe Comcast now all the time now your part of this show and in a there innate 20% sort of way. And I want the people I don't final of the people know whoever wrote it is Norman went sport. The teacher he's. It's part of the deal the deal. Are able get to all that big big finale leading up to the Red Sox pregame Shaw's. Red Sox radio network pregame show all of that right activists.