Sox get blown out, should we start panicking? 9-4-17

Boston Baseball
Tuesday, September 5th

Following a horrible blow out, Patrick Gilroy breaks down the terrible slide that Red Sox been on as they lose again to the Toronto Blue Jays 10-4.  Porcello let up 3 home runs and the offense got nothing going; is this an indicator of how the playoffs will go?


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He's Red Sox review the Red Sox review is brought you to my town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town feared tires nobody. I did big turnaround I backed off both gay locking up fan there's always the and his one time here deep to left center field and instantly back on track. It looks opportunity is gone there's that drive this big right by laws that that is. By the bullpen had gone he's a recap of the Red Sox and the blue jeans he's playing in events like her. I don't know. Would send a person can't stand on the pull. 06177797937. Red Sox rookie on Sports Radio WEEI. Welcome and everybody is Red Sox review. Right here Sports Radio WB EI I am Patrick Gilroy. Number to join us here in the program this evening 617. 7797. And 937. As always the Red Sox review brought to you by. Count of spare tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody. So what is the story with a are schizophrenic the Boston Red Sox lose tonight. To the last place Toronto Blue Jays your final score ten to four at Fenway Park report sell your Cy Young award winner continues. To struggle his way through the 2017. Season here. And you know every time I mean here it's either hot or cold with a Red Sox and in Europe out. Once a week or so sometimes I'll go as it is 88 NB ten days two weeks and other times I'm here two or three times in a week. So it's tough to get really read. On where the Red Sox rat went on in here it seems like it's either very high or very low which this team and right now the Red Sox have lost. Four out of their last five games and looked their lead in the dailies the shrinking once again. Down to two and a half games and that's something that's troubling here you know this is the Red Sox team that. We know their flawed rate and and it's something that the there is no man it's gonna get called up as he's rosters expand to forty that's going to solve the Red Sox problems here there isn't some instant fix. It's gonna coming here and make Rick pour cell pitched like he did last year. There isn't you know it in instant fix it's gonna commit here make David Price return to Cy Young for so. This team is what it isn't the question really becomes is this team good enough to win. In October is Red Sox review it is Sports Radio WEEI it's Patrick Gilroy taking you guys up until midnight with residents review. And then at midnight to two with a Sports Radio WEEI late night we'll be joined by former Celtic all star. Antoine Walker coming up in the first hour of late night. So stay tuned for that until then the number to join us here 6177797. In 937. You text the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter. Adds Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. On hoops. So tonight's one of these games where you know things didn't go well for the Red Sox you know against the Yankees this weekend and they come home against the last place team. You have report so we've struggled this year on the mound but it's still a home game with Rick or sell low end the Red Sox have been pretty damn good at home. Great deeds and good at all you feel pretty good when the Red Sox make their way back to Fenway Park. Any you had to feel good about their chances tonight going into tonight's game and from jump they're down three nothing. From jump this team doesn't give themselves an opportunity. To win and that's what's so frustrating about watching this team because it feels to me like they're always playing catch up and without that big bat. In the lineup. Without that consistent threat. If we get a couple of guys on base he had that big threat that you know is gonna go in and at least give your team an opportunity. If he hits one out to tie the game to take a lead without that threat in the middle their lineup it really doesn't strike fear. In opposing pitchers and that's the one thing gonna keep coming back to and I hate to make it so elementary but as I watched this game this team all season long. It it's it's affected. Each and every one of their players up and down their batting order because you're not getting maximum effectiveness from. Batters 1234. You don't get that with without. Big copy without a big poppy like tight later in there you just don't have that threat without that threat it's had a real trickle down effect. On everybody else on their roster and I hate to make it so simple. But this team had an opportunity to trading deadline to go up there and look for an extra bat look for somebody who provide some pop and instead. You know it's like the Chris Young experiment continues and it just it pisses me off and it's something that I'm not having fun watching this team again. And here we are it's September baseball your team is two and a half up in the AL east you you should feel pretty good about this team. But there's just something like I said before your WEEI there is something missing and I guess instill this team either. Proves me wrong in wins multiple playoff series this October or proves me right and bows out battery early in the playoffs. We're not really gonna know because I'm sorry you guys can call the program is 6177797937. And you guys can tell me but don't worry about it Gilroy the Red Sox going to be just fine they're pitching staff is great idea yacht. But a bit watching baseball long enough to know when something is missing. And right now having a hard time putting my finger exactly what's missing from the steam but there is some thing. That has gone awry there is some thing terribly wrong at least offensively with this team and what's troubling about me saying that is you look at their stats offensively they're just fight if you just look at it black and white. And you look at runs scored the team despite. They are fine they're better than fine. But there's something missing in the middle that order something that strikes fear in opposing pitchers not something that I dig. Matters especially as you make your way through September. And into October it is read such review it is Sports Radio. W yeah let's go right to the phones go to Fred Fred is in Boston and Fred Europe first you're on Sports Radio WEEI. Hey don't sleep in the game and I looked. At you have every right to be read. What appealed all the and they'd put. More blatant Archie BJ at the end and Pedroia. Artists that the deal is. I honestly trying to look into. 08 again this goes back to John Farrell right and look John Farrell somebody we've complained about for years here but the thing is spread. Each and every time the Red Sox look like it's about time the fire John Farrell what happens they get red hot and you can't fire John Farrell it happened again this year. But I feel like this team is returned back to that form that they'll rat earlier in the season when they just with. They weren't capable of winning baseball games there talented enough to rest their best players the way they did tonight and expect to win baseball games I don't care Toronto's in last place or not. I had to feel I saw that that pretzel brighten dull normal and it. And I get a sinking feeling they don't have the home run at us like you stand a little earlier. They need somebody who can put the bulky clearance center field and to all came in to a dot. Yes atlas and Brett I I don't yeah I appreciate the phone call Fred in. In a drive safely going home from the game a Sports Radio WEEI. Eight is Red Sox review the number join us here 617. 77979. B 37 detects the program at 37937. Like red. You're driving home from the game you're angry Europe's that you don't understand why John Farrell continues. Two I have let's just call them unorthodox lineups. It's frustrating especially when this team is. I think holding on for dear life in the elites that they were the phones go to John. John is in Idaho so I'm pretty sure John is not driving home from the game. What's on your mind John. Actually not John Money and his son shot you know so. Anyway thank certain solid and Patrick current site review are very discussed with the log on it. Others seriously regrets not all the way up also yeah. And Twitter and are ready plane about 1011. I hope that they're not all about in the clubhouse for you know we all know that crap was that where what what happened a while and we're mature and in the year but you know it's not that I would not browse what is sit around for even thought about it for. That there's one guy out there a particular I think would've been interpreted to steer a tree jetliner hit you a few weeks ago. That would have been mr. Wong Carlos. I think it would have been perfect. Come and they are looked at what he's doing with violence or power yet at red spot on for years that. Go out there and yet the I'd have that up with the screen there's no that's not the other and a little about our talent. They need to get a life. Yelled out and order it quite well quite a against the twins angels at mariners now and there's just retarded statement there at another stop where when the Mets scored in the efforts to right and crazy just by every red dot. Just one in this crap. And you wouldn't bet I mean I mean that's that's and it's in play and no effort and ninth advance going to hurt and now. When it comes at a couple we went that way except when meant for and. But John you know this as well as I knew from watching baseball for as long as you have that big hit is what it's contagious so without having that big power hitter in the lineup for the last fifteen years it's been David Ortiz without that guy the you can rely on. There's such a trickle down effect to everybody else in that lineup and before you know it you have what you had tonight and that's guys in scoring position but you almost know inherently that there's no shots. At somebody getting those guys home. Yeah that's true and you know it's just so that's a point and having the three run shot that don't have like let us Juan night but apparently that holds it up one. And ports alone you know is there at that about sports well think about it now night in this year. You know there have been aimed at used pepper Red Sox and oh what what other means you're just went in and performed last year where else are out. This dirt you know is now up and down your career sale you know a lot of horse and you know our -- are all about that much. There and not Ferrell deserves a lot of before that though he's not. You know he haven't players on offense I'd like more weapons are you got a cup. Players. In a wipeout. I mean that's why we did so well what are here for the pennant race won by itself. It's a beautiful white and white as an upper rents are all part of it together. He dug out right organ that a about it not that you like France like the patriots are all of the really hot and of itself for about a month ago. Alyssa John we certainly appreciate the phone call them be a stranger to the program it is Red Sox review. It is Sports Radio WEEI the Red Sox lose at home tonight. The last place Toronto Blue Jays you final score ten to four Rick ports LO takes the loss he is now. An abysmal nine and sixteen on the season let's stay with the phone calls let's go to Paul Paul's in Westfield Paul Europe next here on Red Sox review. Don't believe Barnes and I'll tell you embody. Your on the air after. But. What's I I added seriously about the war games like it is. A bit ridiculous that there's something that we have what you mean the biggest we is ability to. About a week ago we have one gains at home run and when the pigeons that is not found beaten to dominate so at any point we would you relate to actually work. We'll so what do you think though it is as we sort of make our way through the last few weeks of the regular season here you your lead in the AL least now Paulus down to two and a half games that's something that you start to worry about morale or you completely comfortable. Thinking once the pitching turns it back around again like we've seen three or four times this season. As quickly as things have gone wrong the been able to right the ship each and every time. Right in and law or probably about four wrote two games and are comfortable are those of course album. We're in particular. And repair what the pitching coach are Republicans and as well of course I was a little tired doesn't get an extension and let. In casinos motion to get engine torque and velocity it. Sit in the Bill Buckley get show. So that summed up the work on the PG tired and just don't let them that would be great or not agree with. I got to right Paul listen we appreciate the phone call don't be a stranger to the program it is Red Sox review let's get a now one more call here before the break. Let's go to rob rob is in Charleston robbed drug next here on Red Sox review. You know occur on or simple. They also pick up there in their apartment right now I pick up a Red Sox would be getting what are. I capsule what we think would be cut maker Deere. And what they're angry and I don't Wear out there and back back in the world and a guy like failure to. All every continent. Adamant that ticket coming all the Cy Young winner in blocked yet. With the took a wrong but still only got a picture I'd be the bat the bat directors. And not be on the idea he couldn't Oprah a real war I got. Not taller no ever beat out you are you a little bit like everybody back together at all. Operators you know. Randy can get out there on the record you can't allow the dollar would not like Olympic and they need to get rid of our Olympic ought to I. Ought are we are quickly. Rob before he got here real with you really think that this ownership has got the stones to fire barrel in September to come on the had multiple opportunities over the years the fire Farrell makes you do it now. Note you don't like a bit too worried are you. And Gloria a no matter what it all chronicled. Everything out here at all. There won't repeat not. I portable but I have no. You know a lot about prayer that pandemonium. On the amount of money and better product on the field. In the air treatment that they get back you know now what I expect the battle got Natalie. How many and it got solid Gloria. Oh well no pain at all baseball golf ball. A listener rob we appreciate the phone call don't be stranger to the program it is Red Sox review right here you can hear it in the voice the Red Sox fans. Throughout New England all the way to Idaho tonight Red Sox fans are frustrated. As they lose to the last place blue jays at Fenway Park your final score. Ten deport Patrick gill re taking your phone calls right here on Sports Radio W yeah I Red Sox review will take you to midnight. That midnight to two week and continued to take you are frustrated Red Sox calls. As well as mix in some Celtics and of course the patriots open up their season this week. And it couldn't come soon enough considering the way things have gone here for the Red Sox get a feeling. A lot of people will be sort of focusing their attention elsewhere come Thursday of this week when the patriots kick off their regular season. And it's a regular season that is that lets just call it hyped up and we'll get into that a little bit later I am glad that some of the sixty you know tock is sort of settled a little bit that angered me a couple weeks back I hate counting your your chickens and all that. But we are excited for the start of the patriots season in the meantime the Red Sox had an opportunity to really capture. Capture the market here they really did. The Celtics went out. And they made some big name acquisitions people are excited for the Celtics season but the fact is this. They're still a good six weeks away the patriots struggled throughout their exhibition season and let's face it exhibition football is exhibition football. The Red Sox had an opportunity to really capture New England again as they make their way through September and into October and instead of capturing New England. I mean I'm reading the tax line here and people are ready to bury this team saying the Red Sox are done Gilroy cult like it is. This season is over I. Really is that really you guys think is this season over because they've lost four out of five and they've looked abysmal for the last five games. Because I'm ready to go there yet. You know there's been too much good this season to call this season over because of a tough week but. I don't think it's too premature to call troubling. Because this is the trend that has continued here throughout the season where the Red Sox are so hot and cold. I mean there really is no middle ground here for this Red Sox team brother playing very well. Like the previous caller said they went 22 games without a home run and managed to win most of those games. But that's not gonna do come playoff time. Mean how if there's any market in the country that understands how big a power hitter is having that guy in your lineup. Eat in October. It's got to beat New England right it's got to be the fans the Boston Red Sox how many. James how many series what were saved. By David Ortiz and going all the way back to Manny Ramirez I mean let's be serious here but let's be real. Having the guys in the lineup matters especially this time a year when the nights get a little bit colder. In the games matter that much more. And this Red Sox team they just don't have that clutch gene they don't have that died at strikes fear in the opposing pitcher. And they certainly don't have a leader. They don't have a guy that you can lean on and say that's our leader looks like we get sample one more let's cut Erick Erickson Rhode Island. Eric you're next up here on Red Sox review. Yeah I think it's what's done a lot of main point I mean one thing I got deathly agree with you line is the fact that. It's red not line up does not. They tackled by you know they'll draw here at all. I'll that the game that night the blue. Lucky to get a lot of old Bryan. On you look at the Red Sox they got pregame every arrow at the at second thought wonder what the public thought the adroit. Well we've competed as far as what his his injuries or as far as is his mental make up for me he he's having. He he doesn't look like Dustin Pedroia this year neither on or off the field right Eric. I would agree with you I mean he'd be healthy and up to be a lot about it getting activated. Yeah I don't think so he doesn't look right he looks uncomfortable by the emea media it's just me but watching him out there watching him even at the plate he doesn't look comfortable out there. Audit on I'm not all was that this team has done a surprise Erica appreciate the cold call. I thought they had but David Wright. Julie that that they're from the week are you look like crap and it gives broad out. But there's the the early scouting report on David Price has come back don't. I think they did not get back in the added that the army lol I don't laugh riot is ridiculous. By lap but I think it's like. We'll get rob Bradford on the phone to outed them short. Update us on the up progression here the progress is not unprecedented situation a is that it yeah it is what it is I hate to say that the Bill Belichick says and I'll say about this team. Because this this Red Sox team. When things are going well they were pretty damn good. On paper they've got they certainly can score enough runs in a paper they've got a dominant. Starting lineup I did it is do I mean they're pitching staff is as good as it gets on paper but they do need a shot in the arm and you know we've heard some suggestions here in the first segment is that fire Farrell is it waiting for David Price to come back is there something that this team can do to inject some life. In the line up here or is this going to be because. What I saw tonight with a team that. Had this. Hoisted. A team that part of it looked like they didn't Harold much. And another party be lifted limits of their too nervous that they just don't they look look like they're they're not confident. In their ability to go up there and drive in runners we got guys out there. We'll keep that Sander Bogart's these guys are guys that we've counted on year reading Euro. End there just aren't able to go out there and get a big hit and I'm sorry big hits are contagious. When your team gets going and you've got that guy to get your team going. It's contagious but just like big hits are contagious. The inability to drive in a big hit is also contagious because it forces everybody else in the lineup to think about it that much more. In baseball players as we know are these guys are mental creatures when they start peaking too much and they're thinking about it too much. It generally doesn't end well a specially when we're talking about a city like Boston where all of the pressures are coming down in the steam right now. Their lead in the sale lease has been cut in half over the weekend and things just aren't going well. We've been here before this Red Sox team so I think all of those things combined. It's sort of collapsing inward. On this Red Sox team but they could one day tomorrow and beat Toronto twelve the two and everybody will be feeling that much better about this Red Sox team and I think they need a game like that. We need to go up there and and pound the Toronto Blue Jays and show Toronto who is boss it is last place. Vs first place and tonight it didn't look like that if this Red Sox team means business. And wants to do some damage come October they need to get to October 1. And playing games like they haven't last week is not gonna get this team into October is Red Sox street view it is Sports Radio WEI. Sports Radio. WEEI. Threads on treatment. They can you guys up until midnight with it's electric use and midnight to 20 with a late night. Hawks and Celtics of Calgary some Gordon Hayward. Did the patriots and they're opening up their seasons to get into that after midnight until then. Will continue to take your phone calls on the slumping Boston Red Sox as they lose at Fenway tonight to the last place Toronto blue taster final score. Ten to four or just another poor performance by reports LO who is now. Nine and sixteen on the season for your rise Cy Young award winner Rick ports LO. So if you wanna commiserate with us the number to join us here 6177797. 937 keep the text coming at 37937. Of course you guys can find me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops ads Gilroy on hoops and you know reading this text line. It it's clear that and I know the sex line is generally a harbinger for a list is Colin negative activity. But people. People are not happy with the Red Sox team you know you sometimes. When things aren't going well be it with the Red Sox Celtics you know you can get over a top weaker to. But this has been all season long witty yet these ebbs and flows these ups and downs and when things aren't going well for the Red Sox team there really is no middle ground. It's incredibly frustrating because you can't look at it and say well least this is going well for the team so you've you've got confidence that they'll get a pack. Or with the Celtics if things are going well and things don't look right at least you can say well you know what. They're led by Brad Stevens so you've got confidence that Brad is gonna get things right. And the patriots happen to go up there in dropped back you know back to back football game something they very rarely do but if they don't look good for a couple weeks. Ultimately. You've got confidence in their leadership and their ownership in Bill Belichick of course in Tom Brady and Bill Belichick that they will get things right. Would this Red Sox team who he legal and who who what do you say you know like. I've got beaten. Number rusty Dave Dombrowski somebody that I've got all this they'd been because. He's got a track record of do now you know he's gonna track record of of cashing in Gypsies that are everywhere that he's gone. In cash and all the young chips in and bring in veteran players and hope for the best. John Farrell somebody let's just say that he's. He has it exactly right out the best in our fan base here a you know ease ease maddening in A somebody it's found a way to hold onto a job and you know god bless them for that but. He doesn't exactly bring about confidence he doesn't exude competency a look at John Ferrell so you know what I know that John is gonna turn things around so I feel great. In China and Ripa that matter you know he'll he'll look at Red Sox ownership and say. You know but John Henry is gonna allow lower the boom and make sure that that this Red Sox team. It's the shake up that it needs so badly he just comes off as a passive old man at this point. It's troubling. So you look at this Red Sox team and you would hate to say here we are. For squeak through September and they're in first place you should be headed to October baseball you should feel pretty good about this team but instead. I'm already thinking about a potential first round match up. With the Indians and and how bad that's gonna go because I just feel like the Indians are better team and yes I've got confidence. In Terry Francona or don't have confidence in John Farrell so maybe you guys can talk me up the lynch because again most of you guys that know me in a note we over the years know me as an NBA guy so I can lean on the last fifteen years saying you know what. Celtics are are down in the playoffs but you of their led by Doc Rivers or they get bounced out early. You know I know which grossed that's gonna blow out there because he's told the multiple occasions that if he feels like his team is close he will pay the luxury tax money is no object. So the confidence in wick. And in docket now when Brad Stevens. I don't have that guy that I can lean on in the Red Sox organization and say you know what I've got faith in that guy. To make sure things get better and things go well it is a Red Sox review it is Sports Radio. WE yeah ID number to join us here 6177797. And 937 to go back out to the phones. Let's go to nick in nick is in bright in the nick Europe next Euro Red Sox review. They had gone with the Dick. Yes so I'd just wanted to know apartment tied game I think Turkey excuse. Or a league pitchers in a little bit too long especially pawns. You know it's I don't know want Terrel seems to lean on bonds so much excellent book on this terrible. Well you all participated in all fairness Barnes has been pretty good at home he's terrible on the road. But he's been pretty good at all. Tonight mr. it's as you know she has all these options expense forty processor and aren't coming up yeah outside Markakis got him. And it is that it could therefore not let that gas. At this kind of mediocre lineup. And then you these Corso and a little bit too long moments like you know it's like are not aware that your. Only you know to Afghan articulate this game so I'm not I'm not ready and it. But I guess the biggest question mark site however the rotation going forward. Especially in the policies like how do you trot out I'd like record sellout. That's sixteen losses and you know like this guys and starts and not an apology for east inconsistently. So over the plate like. What do you mean I'd wager that. Nick only all you need to know really about that this Red Sox rotation at how far it's fallen since the beginning of the season in April. It looks like Doug Fister is somebody that you're gonna have to lean on come playoff time so to make in wins starts for you that. If you had told me I would ever uttered that sentence for 56 months ago I would if I were crazy. But Doug history somebody that this team is now completely dependent on. To go up there and win baseball games and that's crazy. Right now we appreciate the pogo and I was look at her response redneck and I could I could hear breathing I news there but yet I may be the Doug Fister comment to scared straight I don't know it's. It's Sports Radio. W yeah I'd WEEI. Late night it's Red Sox reviewed take it you guys up until midnight the number to join us here's 617. 779793. Sevens go back out to the phones go to Le Andrew. Andrew is in Long Island injury Europe next year on Red Sox review. I'd better tolerated and all I am living Lehman's results. Not a good that there's what's on your mind that. Well I've been soc and since 1974. And I gotta say this team. This team right now looks like that they're just collapsing. And I think people are missing the bigger point I know that the people of mentioned Dave Dombrowski and you know. Different trades that could have been possibly made but. The real problem with this team is John Henry John Henry. Last offseason gave the directive to Dave Dombrowski. Not to go over the salary cap. It's been well documented it's been in The Herald and in the globe that he was told not to go with salary cap that's a leading in current arsenal. Bright and aggressive on we he was somebody that that David Ortiz was out they're sort of advocating for he was somebody that debt Big Papi city know what. Edwin Encarnacion is somebody that could handle playing in Boston and as we've learned here not everybody can do it but to get somebody like David Ortiz to advocate for you I think that's a big deal. And he's somebody that the Red Sox certainly he should have been could have gone out there and use this season. You look at their lack of pop in their lineup and you you wonder how things change if you put a legitimate thirty home run guy in the middle of the lineup. Right and our car because you don't want it to come to Boston he was gonna take less money to come the ball security laws sitting at Fenway Park. And John Henry Hyde gave them brought his hands and did the same thing at the trade deadline. The director was given that they've done throughout skewed by John Henry. Not to go over the salary cap. So John Henry has basically told. The Red Sox fans who who packed Fenway Park every single night. That he really doesn't care about winning the World Series. He's just worried about money and there was a great article by FitzGerald I think it was in the know Boston Herald today. About what John Henry is all about he's more worried about renaming. Yawkey way opinions about your winning the World Series and it's really disgusting. And I think Red Sox fans should be outraged at what John Henry has done this year. Lewis and Andrew we certainly appreciate the phone call this a lot to talk about there you know look John Henry is somebody that lets not forget. John Henry comes in with a is ownership group. What happens. This team wins multiple World Series so let's not let's not completely. I forget what John Henry is brought to this team brought to this city this team was unable to breakthrough. For how many years 86 years and then John Henry's ownership group comes in. And they're able to Gault they're not win one World Series but win multiple. World Series win three of them under his ownership so. Yeah you know John Henry's become a bit of I don't want to call problem. But I've seen a shift in his attitude over the last ten years or so and I know in the last ten years they won the 07 World Series and is certainly one. In 2013. They stumbled and about 12. But. There's definitely been a ship in his attitude and I don't know it's because the he's a bit older now or he's more wrapped up. In the soccer team that he's got. In Europe or fees just got too much on his plate and he just doesn't care that much about winning. Because he's already brought home three World Series right so the winning has been done and now it's time to cash in before you sell the team. I'm not sure what his motivation news. But you would think that. After how many years 1516 years here in Boston he's been here since the early two thousands he would think that he under which he should understand better than anybody. They yanked you do have to pay a little bit more. Right yes pay into luxury tax pay a little bit more to put a winning product on the field. But when you do that the fans come out in droves mean John Henry artificially kept that ridiculous. Home sellout streak going. Well that home sellout streak didn't start out as a ridiculous laughable home sellout streak. It ended that way but it started out and 99% of it was legitimate. Because fans here love the Boston Red Sox when things are going well. And when they're a team that fans can rally behind you get behind and can identify which. This Red Sox team under this Red Sox leadership has been very difficult to identify with because you know the ball there and see that fight that that. I hate to say it sounds so cliche but Ed dirt dog mentality this team just doesn't give it to you. And I think it starts at the top. John Farrell's not that guy and unfortunately the leader the leadership on the field this year has been sorely lacking and it and it opens because of a lack of accountability. He you know you lose David Ortiz in the clubhouse and suddenly guys like Dustin Pedroia don't have somebody to be accountable to. Because what's happened to Dustin Pedroia this year and maybe is just because he hasn't been as good on the field so when you're not as good on the field you're not as likely to lead off the field may be that it's as simple as that. But that was the guy we all look that when David Ortiz finally walked away from the game we said okay next man up. To be a leader on in on this team for this team. Is gonna be Dustin Pedroia and I he has been the most disappointing leader. That I could have ever imagine him being. Because he seemed like such a natural feet. In that position he seemed like somebody that would take over that role in the clubhouse so easily so naturally and I couldn't have been more wrong is Sports Radio. WEEI IE eight is Red Sox review the Red Sox to lose tonight. The last place Toronto Blue Jays the final score from Fenway. Ten before we come back more of your phone calls right here a Sports Radio WEEI. Radio. WBAI. Red Sox review. Patrick Gilroy thinking you guys up until midnight with the Red Sox review than midnight to. With the late night. Talk about the other Celtics. The fireworks that took place over at the garden on Friday we will talk about the patriots as they get ready to open their season this Thursday. Until then more of your phone calls on the east stumbling and struggling Red Sox series 617. 7797. At 937 the Red Sox lose at home. The Toronto Blue Jays the last place blue jays your final score from Fenway. Ten before reports LO takes the loss he is now nine and sixteen on the season. And look things just are getting better for the Red Sox specifically offensively and that has become such a problem for this team is the season's gone along and it's. It's troubling. Mainly because you have guys like Hanley Ramirez rookie Ben Zander Bogart's guys they should. Be legitimate. They should cause legitimate fear to opposing pitchers at least in years past they have. This year and it opened because of the lack of the super big bat in between those guys in David Ortiz. Or. It is having a bad year but they're all trending backwards right now when you look at their numbers and you look at their numbers month over month over month. All the guys the Red Sox depend on offensively are trending in the wrong direction at the same time so because of that. There are enabled to sort of get any sustain runs sustain rallies and you know. In baseball it's probably the most contagious support of the mall. Outside of teams. Sort of firing away from three in the NBA and once once one starts going in the whole team can sort of get hot. Baseball is a team where feel matters and work competence really matters. When things are going well things can go incredibly well and things are going badly things go very very badly very very quickly. This Red Sox team just doesn't have that steady guy in their lineup that you canceled the lead on and know that regardless of how things are going. A motions not to get in the way. It. How his teammates are doing is not going to get in the way what day of the week or where they are in the line up is not going to get in the way because they're gonna give you steady production game inning game out sees it in. And season out. The guys that you thought you could depend on. For that sort of production from the Red Sox team your hand there are Mary's removed he bets Zander Bogart's those guys that you thought were really coming into their own. As legitimate stars. And would have the ability to carry a team not only on their own but as a collective group. These guys have all started to trend backwards. And I think that has been the cause of so many of these ups and downs and ebbs and flows as Red Sox team has had this season unfortunately there are latest low here their latest lull. Is happening. At exactly the wrong time as the lead in the AL east has now shrunk down to two and a half games it is Red Sox review it is Sports Radio. WEEI the number to join us here in the program 6177797. 937 back to the phones we go let's go to Jimmy Jimmy is in Brockton and Jimmy Europe next year run Red Sox review. Africa is 1 I am do you. Were you frustrated outside without ever reunited for a young guys you know you step up and ounces Ted Williams. I was I was up the city's seven game when I wanna turn on the last day of the year and also many other games and yet. In this he does just fired up this team here at epic. They helped sites. The proliferation of large that this team is about we the world leaving men on base and embassy area like in my life threatening. Don't have any political clutch moments like you know good they'll probably clutches of this team and potentially. I almost can't stand when all got gets up and protect guys like one emotions will play has ever seen. That's is that gonna get that to get together for that Rome also. And I just handle it yes if you're welcome you to pick and pop up. Patrick absolutely wipe you make electorate cast the only way apparently. Goes one of the competitors equate Libyans and as a result he won a couple games against Sunni Shia and the guy that we flash area aren't. That was similar or at least he would go out and get on it almost a hundred some I mean I understand his team. You look ano if you if John Henry really and truly Jimmy did don't wanna go out there and pay. And wouldn't currency on because of all the dead weight contracts that he's already got on this team. Was really frustrating to me is here's a kid in AAA not really TDs twenty years old. Bryce brands he's thirty -- at 31 home runs for the for the pos aux at 28 years old he's not your your prototypical. Sort of prospect you know like he led the International League in home runs and he's on your AAA roster your team is struggling did on runs so during the September columns and you can expand your roster would really kill this team to bring up this guy may be eighty -- lightning in a bottle. The deputy district reported on the puppy only got forty well in doubt that twenty Schmidt at what point but the point is made as far as. The beam of the Red Sox. Trying to have read you know upgrade to the web to repeat bubble because you get parental yep it was profitable for getting run bike for opted lesser extent. The first baseman hit that the largest that was that comes out also. Get. Okay ironically. Do you look at the ball in the passing Mikhail rob who was that was it just. A crap that got me hate the united even as saying. Shroud is is. Place. Not a model that not really want to play you me and about happened completely this team. They cut and you know I I think he. It was all audio problems. And what that's about what he'll wall to be eligible to come out like. The victims that epidemic weapon Capcom amassing on the right like I I guess there's not I just feel politely. We help you one out there. Is that I want this team and listen Jimmy I appreciate the phone call. They'll be history of the program there's always room for Jimmy Brockton. On this program because of two words or is that one alerted hyphenated in my shoe Robert Kraft bag that's an under used term favor where we're gonna use it quite a bit here for the crowd groan complain that Obama I'm you can bet on I'd do it again is it to separate words or is it one word hyphenated I want to know the correct way to use crap I don't think it there's a high I think I just think it's one it's one word bowler okay. Aren't I got some friends and elegant English major I would've figured I was I was an English major in college so that's how to trust you that crack bank is one word to call right now at 1149. That crap bag as one word and Jimmy in Brockton you brought that award to the table up put it in the books I appreciate that would get that. Give you brought that you are going to become famous by 2 in the morning I promise you that could Edwin Encarnacion to sort answer your question. He's somebody that not only want to become the Boston he somebody that. David Ortiz advocated for him but look the Red Sox you have a tremendous amount of dead. Money on this roster but the policy and the ball how much money they're gonna pay that guy and how long that they're going to pay him for. You know your your paying top dollar to guys like David Price who got the biggest pitching contract in the history of baseball. And look what he's giving you he's giving you next to nothing. So there are really only so many of these contracts each and dole out unfortunately. For the Red Sox and John Henry they've doled out these big dollar contracts to. What appeared to be the wrong players because it would take eight comeback of historic proportion to ever get close to sort of the value. From David Price that you paid out. It's it's impossible at this point two years into his deal. I would be shocked if he came back he gave this team any sort of positive contributions this year. It's entirely possible that sometime in the offseason he decides to get elbow surgery which means that he misses the entire season next season I mean this guy. Is it crept back right what it called David Price to grab bag oh yeah you gotta do you got to do so. Rob what was what was it just. I crap. A cup profit as a grab bag David Price is a crap bag. It is it is what is I think a lot of that plays into why this team wasn't able to go out there indeed Edwin. That he went out and got from Cleveland it's it it's that simple. This team is giving big money contracts to the wrong guys and therefore. They were hamstrung when it come when it came to possibly going out there in getting the right guy it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is a Red Sox review back to the phones to go let's go to Jeff Jeff is it up did Jeff Europe next here on Red Sox review. What's up man. And it is not just it is nuts and why. I would no no no not nuts. I wanted him on your wallet not he should. It's fair. It's Farrell it's south OK it is barrel so 100% of the blame in your mind get it goes to John barrel. Jeff and certainly we appreciate it oh golly it's Jeff Jeff is at one too many I. Thought let it go its I think Jeff's point. Had it then coherent. Was that he wanted to blame this knowledge on end. I don't disagree John Farrell certainly does deserve a bulk of the blame here but I can't blame him 100%. He's not the guy out there that's. Unable to get big hits he's not the guy out there trending backwards like Hanley Ramirez is. And Sandra Bogart's is look can you blame John Farrell for leading pitchers in too long. Choosing the wrong guy at the bullpen consistently year in and year route Sri can't do that cost this team wins. It absolutely does but is that the crux in the bulk of this teams problem it absolutely is not. John Ferrell is not responsible for for guys going out there and just leaving that the bat on their shoulders. Or giving it sort of an old lay try it just it doesn't work it's not John Farrell's fault John Farrell. Could take a lot of the blame. But I am not currently in John barrel on a loss like tonight I can't do it big guys in scoring position all night long a what happens. They're unable to even try to drive the men. Meet some of their attempts when guys in scoring position were absolutely putrid. So as much as a wanna sit here and blame John Farrell for all the wrongs at this Red Sox team has got I can't blame him for 100% of them. What's itemize on. I just wanted to talk about I that security ought to respect that it's really the lineup that that's the issue that we were bank a lot of guys move he. Bogart's Ramirez hadn't seen in the they had last year and that's really the problem in the do enact. John Henry a couple of college back. Got a lot of the blame I think he's kind of a weird dude but I I don't blame him at all. But he's been here have been one of the top era and lead the way. If I'm wrong correct me here actually the larger cat works is every year you roll over it get more are expected to be your. So they want they wanna get under the luxury tax this year. So that they're not pain in double and triple. When Nate winner over again in the future. Well yeah I'll get you know it it does multiply it and I'm not gonna get into the intricacies but it does multiplied that it does there are repeater penalties and things of that nature. Right and and Erie. Eccentric and. Not a baseball he would put his money out there acting you get we have you have to put it on layers there smoky. MVP caliber he's in last year's shipment to sixteen now. I think that's a lot. The blame needs to go on the lineup but you expect in the really. Carry a team we're not carrying the team right now and and that's the issue I is it weird guys on and he would put his money out there. And it it I think it's a Smart move to get back on there at luxury tax credit reached at bad people or future. That you're back. But doesn't tell you shut genre doesn't that tell you. That he doesn't truly believe in this this particular condition of the Red Sox his ability to go out there. And win a World Series if he's unwilling to put more capital into this year's team. I think. No like into account and think you go on for years we have a pretty bad contracts are written. You sign in turn up he owned to a five year hundred million dollar deal. Three years from now. What he's doing the same thing and he's doing now everybody's gonna give them crap because all he overpaid if you know and that's. Now you're right it's tough situation right he's that's a tough situation child was and I appreciate the phone call Sports Radio WEEI look. You know he's right is John is right and this Red Sox team was counting on in the Ramirez moved he beds in a Bogart's these guys to go up there. And have season's similar to what they had. In years past it you're just not getting them. And what's even more troubling is. The problems are compounded because if you look at their numbers month over month over month. They're getting worse instead of better. And for a team hopefully headed into October you ought to see guys trending in the right direction and instead these guys at least offensively have been trending. In the wrong. To ratchet up a bit of crap bag team for the last five games or so geared Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review there's still time for one or two more Neil let's go to Otto. Ottawa's in Melrose auto Europe next here on a Red Sox review. And it didn't come here that Major League scouts and pretty much syrup in them every battered and pictures weaknesses. And I wouldn't be surprised that they even in New York Yankees get have been helping Toronto you know with their information about the Red Sox players that's. That goes on all the time but no whenever talks about it. Yeah but that goes on for each and every team does it it's a would have the Red Sox then have. An advantage because they are scouts have been zeroing in on Toronto's players on the Red Sox players the same way the Red Sox. Our players have been zeroed in but on by other teams scouts breaks so it's not just like the Red Sox are out there are saying. Well other teams are scouting us but you hold on wheat kids go to anybody so we're not we're not a bad position year I don't think that's the case. Did the Yankees had a press gathering system and in Major League Baseball. And I wouldn't do it again I think they've been maybe helping Toronto. It's possible mediate tees are certainly that they're chasing the Red Sox in every Red Sox Los auto means something to this Yankee team. I was I appreciate the focal thanks for shedding some light on. These scouting in September and October that's something we don't get into much here on Sports Radio W yet. And that this doubting certainly goes unnoticed but but not to auto auto knows about scouting in baseball and -- thinks that the Yankees and the blue jays are colluding with one another. To try and bury the Boston Red Sox what say you it's her it's a review your Sports Radio. WE yeah I a time one more is gonna John John does it remain at John Europe next year on a Red Sox review. You're like what's up. So despite the lack of leadership. Despite the fact that people think Errol is. Not the greatest manager in game manager despite the fact that some call it staying that Henry is pinching them doubt he. I think there is a lot of positives it's still focused on I think that brought he's made some great deals which has there was new he has. Pick up Raj you gave it on Bradley went down I think that Bradley would really pick it up before it went down Pedroia went at. That's there on the scene before he went down and and hopefully they're coming back before postseason start. I think that could be that our court once they get to the post is that they're better attendees hitting out. I mean I know that a lot of big sluggers being left on base rate Al all of these factors are being considered I think vacate. Go into the playoffs and you that. They may be aggravating to lock screen now. The Linear and that you know feel good team that you know the way that Bennett and the knowledge calculus goes celebrate bout against around. How aggravating is that other team when you're eating. Not you. Can we just look at ours for the phone calls that you were the first optimistic call we took so probably John listen up. I feel as we go to break now I feel much better I feel so much better at topping you so we appreciate the phone call John. Hope it's. Danger to the program at great I doubled to in the morning up the docket did Jon Sasser has passed absolutely. Italian big smile on my baseball plagues the John. In Maine it is Sports Radio WEEI this has been Red Sox review coming up next it's Sports Radio WEEI late night. And former Celtic all star former Celtic tested. Antoine Walker we'll talk to aunts one about why he called Danny Ainge a liar it's Sports Radio WE yeah.